P Head's Christmas Movie (or P Head's Christmas Special) was an 2018 holiday film that appeared on The Suitcase Network on Sunday, December 23. It featured Suitcase as P Head, B, and S, Fawncomedian as screen gems, and TehBlackberrian as Viacom.


It was Christmas Eve, and B, S, and screen gems were playing Pictionary together, and P Head was busy tracking Santa, and told them that he was visiting terrorist countries. Everyone was scared. But they were far away from them. And their mom, NET, interrupted their session and told them they have to go to church. Viacom refused to go, so he threw a tantrum, and yes, he ended up going to church. During church, the orchestra played "A Mighty Fortress is our god". And then, preacher Motown, read sections from the bible. At the end, they gave everyone Santa hats and christmas necklaces for them to wear. And then, they got home and ate ham for christmas eve dinner. And they all tracked Santa together, They looked and they were at West Africa, Screen Gems said that is where the slaves came from. At 11:00 PM, the kids went to bed, but P Head wanted to stay up all night to see Santa. His mom, NET said that he won't come if he's awake. P Head said Aw man, and then he fell asleep. He woke up at 1:00 AM and snuk downstairs without his parents even noticing, and he put his phone over there to catch Santa. After, he got his phone and snuk quietly back to bed. He went back to sleep and uploaded it to the internet. It gained over 100,000 views in the past 3 hours. He woke up at 6:00 AM to see what was under the tree. And he woke everyone up, and everyone looked at the sky, and it was snowing. After, they opened the christmas presents from under the tree. P Head got an otamatone, B got a drawing pad for his computer, S got a new TV, Screen gems a new phone, and Viacom, he got... a lump of coal. PBS and Screen Gems laughed at him. Viacom told the both of them to shut up, and NPR pushed him to his room. It all ended with a group picture.


It was produced by P Head films and Suitcase studios. And it was produced and directed by Suitcase.


Suitcase as P Head, B, and S

FawnComedian as Screen Gems

Selenthecutie as NET


TehBlackBerrian as Viacom

SonicandKirby2008 as Motown

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