Previously on BFSOBA, Team Awesome Foxes were trying to figure out what to do in Burger Queen, Umbrella and Forky were both tied at 1 vote, Forky got eliminated. Now let's go back to BFSOBA.

Sticky: OK, so today's challenge is to discover another place. Whichever team is the first, second, and third is safe. Fourth will be up for elimination. GO- Oh yeah, you have 1 hour. Begin.

Stethoscope: We just got to find a place where it's JUUUUUUUUUUST right.

Berry: Something that might enlighten myself.

Bathing Suit: Something I can swim in.

Broccoli: Maybe we should find........ OBJECTOO!!!!!

Everyone: Yay

Balloon: Hop one everyone!

*everyone in the Awesome Foxes gets on Balloon, and Balloon explodes*

Balloon: Not to worry, I can inflate myself. If you get on me, you'll be there.

Announcer: Awesome Foxes are safe.

Coiny: Oh no, they're safe already. Just like [eight names at once] does. We need t-

Megaphone: Another Name is safe, L'equipe is safe. Looks like Best Team is not the best after all.

There is another way of voting

[A] for Coiny

[B] for Teardrop

[C] for Ice Cube

[D] for Rake

[E] for Snowball

[F] for Bubble

[G] for Lemony

[H] for Bushy

[I] for Ropey

You can also recommend a character

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