On August 9, 2012, Pearce opened a YouTube Channel called PDDRMAnimationPro. But back then, the name was pearceddrmaster. The first video he uploaded was I think it was a sneak peek of Episode 1 of his Object Show (Shape Battle). On November 23, 2012, Pearce uploaded Episode 1 for everyone to watch. 3 Episodes go by and he uploads Episode 4 before he disappeared. His last video was a video of Hexagon uploaded around November 9, 2014. He suddenly disappeared due to being sick. After over 2 years of inactivity on his channel he suddenly came back and deleted all of his videos and wiped out his channel on April 2017. His last comment he posted was "Hello everyone, this is a comment (or announcement) to make you all fully aware that Shape Battle is officially cancelled. I thought about this for a long time and I've also lost motivation in animation. I also apologize if this may bring surprise to a lot of people by the way, I hope you understand and thank you for reading." So he cancelled Shape Battle. After that, no other traces of him are online.


  • He animated in Challenge To Win & Last Object Standing.
  • He tried doing 2 Auditions for Inanimate Insanity, but both have failed.
  • He plays the most characters on Shape Battle, possibly because he's the creator.
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