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PDA is a female contestant in BFTPITS. She was taken by YoshiFanon who also has taken Kitchen Sink.


PDA is the most intelligent contestant (even smarter than Battery). She is good at almost everything (maths, science etc.). This makes her very good at most challenges and to help others. Despite this, she is mostly dislike by the other contestants because of they are jealous of her intelligence and they think that she is "too good". She is also disliked because of her treatment of certain contestants (like thinking that Clapboard is more sinister than she looks or that Kitchen Sink is nicer on the inside which almost nobody agrees with). Even one of her few friends that she has doesn't really agree with her theories. She is gentle and nice and respectful to almost everyone. Despite her intelligence, her research is sometimes faulty and can result into weird stuff. She wanted to be the host of the show before it was taken by Two and Seven. She can become really mad if she is pushed to far and she doesn't want this to happen. She likes to think on the bright side of things and believes in almost everyone's abilities. She only has four friends (Battery, Snare Drum, Sotp Sign and VHSy) and only three of them mostly believes in her theories (the one that doesn't believe her most of the time is Sotp Sign). She is curious and wants to know a lot of things. She is afraid of death (Thanatophobia). PDA is also called Personal Digital Assistant but she prefers to be called by her shorter name. PDA also feels a little bit of anxiety inside of her. PDA will still be pretty happy if anyone wins the palace in the sky (except for a few contestants). She always holds a stylus with her and it is used for better communications with the other contestants and for other things. She has some plans to do if she wins the palace in the sky. PDA will always believe that Kitchen Sink is a better person on the inside no matter what happens.


  • She is one of the three team captains, the other two are Discy and Shampoo.