Orange Lambda is a kind, good-natured, yet very brave and intelligent theoretical physicist created by ColaColaMan. He is a 27-year old theoretical physicist who graduated from MIT with a Ph.D degree in theoretical physics. His love interest is PowerPoint, the former main OC of PowerPointninja (now Florence100-Sylveon).

Oorange Lambda newest.png


OL is kind and good-natured. He tries his best to be nice to people, but he may sometimes get serious on things. He is also a hard working scientist, and gets easily distracted when things become way too out of hand. He might get angry sometimes, even sometimes to the point where he becomes green and wears purple shorts, becoming Green Lambda, an objectified parody of the Incredible Hulk from the Marvel Comics. Nonetheless, he's a very skilled tactician and strategist, often uses advanced tactics to keep the forces of the Galactic Empire at bay.


  • He is the symbol of the Half-Life series of first-person shooter games.
  • His age and perfection is based off of Gordon Freeman's
  • Although his age was 27, Half-Life was actually made 30 years ago; released on November 1998.
  • He was one of the few objects that have never appeared in any of the Object Shows.
  • He originated from the Half-Life box art.
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