Orange Blocky Is A Variant Of Blocky.

Obviously Obvious Appearance

It's Obviously Obvious About What He Obviously Looks Like,Because Of The Obviously Visible Image.(Obviously,As If It Couldn't Get Any More Obviously Obvious to where it would be too Obviously Obvious.)


Orange Blocky Is A Troublemaker,And Loves Pranking Others,And Causing Trouble. His Hobbies Include:

Breaking Obviously Fragile Things,Setting Up Traps For Anyone Gullible Enough To Fall For,Pranks,And Using An Airhorn When His Pranks Are Successful.


"Sometimes A Trap Is So Obviously Obvious That People Will Obviously Take Notice Of Its Obviously Obvious Existence."

(Something That Is A Very Obviously Obvious Earful That Would Obviously Take Too Long To Type)

"People Are Obviously Annoyed By My Obviously Long Speeches,As If That Weren't Obviously Obvious Enough,In Which It Obviously Is!"

"Obvious Is Obviously My New Obviously Obvious Catchphrase,As If It Weren't Obviously Obvious Enough. You Can Call Me Captain Super Obviously Obvious!"

"Pranks Are Obviously Meant To Be Funny,As If That Weren't Obviously Obvious Enough!"

Obviously Obvious Trivia

  • He Uses The Word Obvious In Almost Everything He Says.
  • When He Successfully Pranks Someone,An Airhorn Sound Will Play,Followed By The Seinfeld Theme.
  • Sometimes The People He Pranks Find The Pranks Funny.
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