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Fades to gigantic Skynet space station, Skynetation.

Narrator: 3 billion Terminators mission their plans on July 29th, 2029..

Fades to Solar System.

Narrator: The world near invasion called the Skynet Invasion..

Fades to marching of Terminators and other robots.

Narrator: They lived only to face a new nightmare..

Fades to Earth.

Narrator: The war against, the Machines...

Fades to white. Then cut to Los Angeles in California being invasion by Skynet Mothership.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, North America

Cut to the two of T-800 using a plasma guns while parents and their children closes door quickly. One of two T-800 burst out of the door and kills parents and children with plasma gun.

Cut to two policemen runs away from the Spider Tank and it usually shoot down at two policemen very quick.

Tilt up, revealing Skynet Mothership which it sending machines, Terminators and other Hunter Killers for 5 seconds.

Cut to HK-Hanger Ship released two Harvesters on abandoned-ruined store and capturing two workers.


  • Previous Scene: None
  • Next Scene: TBA
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