Onion Ringy is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Since Donut is his brother, Onion Ringy looks a lot like him. He has the same hole mouth as him (the hole in his body moves like a mouth, and lets him talk somehow without a tongue or anything like that). He nearly is the same colour, with Donut being yellow and Onion Ringy being orange. However, Onion Ringy only has legs instead of both arms and legs.


Onion Ringy was once a self-centred comedian who liked playing tricks on the other objects. Life was fun for him back then. However, when people stopping laughing at his tricks, he stopped doing them. When he stopped his pranks, he turned into a lazy and grouchy person. He lives inside most of the time, watching TV. When anyone tells him why he changed to this life, he says it wasn’t his fault, and that he did what he needed to do.


  • Donut said he would make him a robotic arm, but only if he was nice to him.
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