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Onigiri is a female contestant in BFTPITS. She was taken by Bfdi camp2.


Onigiri is the absolute dumbest contestant. She is annoying, loud, oblivious and can't read or write anything. Unlike Clapboard however, she is capable to sense danger (but only a little bit). Most contestants don't seem to know if she even has a brain in the first place. She is so dumb that almost all of the contestants on her team don't trust her with anything which sounds like a good idea. But she is still capable to a lot of things and can somewhat be useful in certain challenges. Onigiri just wants to be friends with others but she is too annoying to even make some (with the only true friend that she has being Snare Drum). Onigiri doesn't seem to feel pain whatsoever. When she doesn't speak, she doesn't show much emotions and just has a happy blank face. Despite being sometimes useful, she can still cause a lot of trouble for the other contestants (and even sometimes the hosts). She is super happy but can still be mad or sad on some occasions. Onigiri seems to be a fan of round things (like balls and spheres). Onigiri sometimes screams when she is happy and her scream can break glass. PDA thinks that she is not sinister unlike Clapboard. Onigiri (just like Mangosteen) can sometimes mistake the other contestant's genders. She is almost incapable at learning things. Onigiri still wants to make others happy. She is considered adorable by a few contestants. She is one of the three members of The Anti-Death Alliance.