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NOTE: This fanfic was once completely different, but was changed. Older comments may not be relevant to the current content on this page. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion. Also, note that is is merely a fanfic - none of its events are canon, either to the real world or the shows that any cameo characerss originate from.

Once in a Blue Moon is a fanfic by MATT DB. It features sixteen original* contestants battling for a unique prize - a small sphere made entirely of diamond nicknamed the "blue moon". Its worth is estimated at $1,200,000 and is roughly 50 carats.

NOTE*: A few of the characters in the story are also present in "Object Chaos 2"; this is a coincidence. These characters were created less than a week before OC2's characters were revealed, and were never released publicly until this article was revamped.

The voting system is very similar to that of BFDI's spiritual predecessor, "Total Firey Island".


Contestant Banners


Episode 1: "You'll Literally Break the Bunk"

Sun: Good evening! Tonight, sixteen objects from around the world will arrive at the base of this mountain to begin a brand new competition. The prize? A shiny, durable, and beautiful 50-carat diamond sphere called the "Blue Moon". The sixteen contestants will compete in challenges, socialize with each other, and vote each other off one by one until just three remain. Once only three competitors are left, they will face off in two more competitions: one deciding the third-place finisher, and the other deciding the winner of a prize worth more than $1,200,000.

Sun: The competitors only know that they are competing for the Blue Moon. They do not know what the competitonn entails, how many competitors there are, or even where they are headed. They should be arriving shortly.

<Sun waits for a short while before the first two contestants arrive>

Sun: Ah. Here are our first two competitors, Folder and Dorito!

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): When I saw that I had a chance of winning a very valuable prize, I was on board immediately. I've seen other objects win outstanding prizes, but they have yet to be this substantial. I plan on using my brains to get myself through this game. It won't be easy.

DORITO (CONFESSIONAL): I really want to win the prize. Over a million dollars worth of pure diamonds! Sign me up! I'm a bit reluctant due to me being somewhat antisocial, but I hope I'm liked enough to get far into the competition.

Sun: Hello. Folder, Dorito, please stand in between the two doors.

<The two notice two doors that lead into a large building near the base of the mountain. They stand between the two doors.>

Sun: Next, we have Log and Flashlight.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): I have no idea what this competition entails. To be honest, I get nervous around new people. I really hope I can clique well with the other competitors. I've been a runner for a long time now, and I'm getting quite good at it. If this competition involves a race, I'm set.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): I love to lead. Being a leader is one of my passions in life. However, I never rule with an iron fist. I always let others have a say in decisions. Teamwork is my strong suit. I love people and social interactions, and I have trouble getting annoyed. Hopefully these qualities help me out as much in this competition as they do in my real life.

Sun: Welcome, guys. Please stand with Folder and Dorito.

<Flashlight and Log follow Sun's request>

Sun: Next up, we have Acid and Sword.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): I'm pretty well-rounded. I'm fairly smart, pretty good at physical challenges, and am a moderately social guy. I can act like the "tough guy" on occasion, which is both good and bad. I'm not a fan of annoying people.

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): People will view me as the tough guy. I don't doubt it for a second. They'll think "oh, it's Sword. He's just a dumb jock." While I may be athletic, I'm rather sharp for a jock.

Sun: Welcome Acid. Sword. Please stand with the others.

<Acid and Sword stand between the two doors>

Sun: The last of the male contestants are arriving - Football and Candy Bar.

FOOTBALL (CONFESSIONAL): I love competition. It's what I strive for. Winning is definitely one of my favorite things out there. I'm very good at physical competitions, if you couldn't tell. I may not be the sharpest ball on the field, my brute strength should be enough for me to crush the opposition.

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): I joined this competition to prove myself. I'm constantly picked on by other guys. They say that I'm too feminine or that I'm just another girl. I want to prove that masculinity does not correlate with success, and that I'm not as feminine as others might think.

Sun: Alright, Football and Candy Bar. Stand with the rest of the group.

<Football and Candy Bar hurry to where the other guys are standing>

Sun: It appears all of our male contestants have arrived. The girls should be here shortly.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): Some of these guys look threatening. I really hope I don't have to compete against Acid, Sword, or Football any time soon. Yikes.

FOOTBALL (CONFESSIONAL): I'm looking around, and all I see are a bunch of pussies. There's no way Log, Folder, or Candy Bar stand a chance in a physical competition.

Sun: Ah, here they are! Our first two female contestants are Frame and Bag.

FRAME (CONFESSIONAL): I'm not sure how well I'm going to do. I'm hoping this competition is mostly individual, as I'm far too shy to talk to new people. I just hope the other contestants are nice.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I love pink. And rainbows. And unicorns. And ponies. At least, that's what I tell people. The more underestimated I am, the better I'm going to perform >:)

Sun: Frame and Bag, please stand with the crowd.

<Frame walks slowly to the crowd, while Bag skips with fake jubilation>

Sun: Next up, we have Candy and Door.

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): I am a social butterfly. I love to talk to people, to play sports with my friends, and to just have a good time. I find it hard to be mean to other people, because why be mean when you can be friends?

DOOR (CONFESSIONAL): I came here to prove my detractors wrong. I'm a curvy girl, but other girls always call me "fat", "worthless", you name it, they've called me it. I wanted to prove that all girls are beautiful and that size doesn't matter, inside a competition or outside of it.

Sun: Candy. Door. Stand with the crowd, please.

<The two girls stand with the ten other contestants and wait>

Sun: It appears as if Colored Pencil and Spoon have arrived.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I'm extremely competitive. There's always a stereotype that girls are fluffier and less physical than the guys. I want to prove this idea wrong. I'm going to crush the girls and the guys, both physically and mentally. I'm going to do so with class, of course. I will fight against the opposition at all costs.

SPOON (CONFESSIONAL): I don't let others get in my way. My motto is "move it or lose it." I'm of a higher precedence than these other piles of rubbish. Some will call me cliquey, but I just know how to get what I want.

Sun: Welcome, ladies. Please join the crowd over there.

<Colored Pencil and Spoon walk confidently to the steadily growing crowd of objects standing between the doors>

Sun: Our final contestants to arrive are Grape and Chalk.

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): I'm a huge geek. I love to spend my time researching Eastern European culture, politics, and history. I spend my time studying some of the lesser known elements of the Periodic Table. I find joy in learning new things and performing well intellectually. I believe I have the smarts to win a competition, though I may be a physical weak link.

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): OMG! I can't believe I'm here! This is, like, super surreal. I am, like, totally glad to be here! I really hope I win. I will literally die if I win over a million dollars. I just hope that there aren't too many ugly guys here. Gross!

Sun: Welcome. Please stand with the others.

<Grape and Chalk join the other contestants>

Sun: Alright! Everyone is here.

Sun: Welcome, guys and girls, to "Once in a Blue Moon", where the sixteen of you will battle long and hard for ownership of the "Blue Moon". I guess I should explain the rules.

Sun: This competition is divided into 17 different challenges, one per round. For the first several challenges, two different teams will face off. The winning team will be guaranteed safe until the next challenge. The losing team will then be forced to vote on of their own out of the game. However, the voting is slightly unconventional.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Here we go...

Sun: In a team of eight, each member of the team will cast three votes against three different members of the team. Once only five members remain on a losing team, each team member will vote out only two other members. Finally, once the losing team is down to four members, each member will cast just a single vote against a team member.

Sun: After a set amount of competitions, the teams will merge and two previously eliminated competitors will get a chance to re-enter the game. Then, the same rules will continue, except that just a single person will win immunity - that person can still vote in the elimination. For groups of nine or higher, each contestant will cast four votes, and the rest of the votes will be the same as in the team stage.

Sun: Finally, once fifteen competitions and eliminations have taken place, only three competitors will remain in the game. They will face off in a penultimate challenge, where the loser is eliminated. Then, the last two will battle it out for the $1,200,000+ prize.

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): Seems simple enough.

FOOTBALL (CONFESSIONAL): That was confusing...

Sun: Now, I must divide you guys into teams. If I call your name, please enter the door on the left.

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): I'm, like, looking around, and I really hope C.P. and C.B. are on my team. They, like, seem super, like, awesome!

Sun: Candy Bar. Folder. Dorito. Flashlight. You may enter the left door.

<The four guys disappear into the large building>

Sun: Going into the right door, we have Log, Sword, Acid, and Football.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): Thank GOD I'm on the same team as the jocks. That should make this game a whole lot easier.

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Acid and Football definitely look like strong guys to me. Log also looks like he's pretty fast. So far, we have a solid team.

<The other four guys enter the right door, all of them excited. Meanwhile, in the left room...>

Candy Bar: Wow, this is amazing!

Flashlight: This is where we're sleeping, I'm guessing.

Dorito: Do you guys mind if I take a bottom bunk?

Flashlight: Not at all. Go crazy.

Folder: Ooh! Can I have one, too?

<Flashlight pauses for a moment>

Flashlight: Uhh... sure...

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): I kind of wished I had gotten a bottom bunk, too. I guess I was too late.

Flashlight: Well, it looks like Candy Bar and I will take the top bunks. Okay with that?

Candy Bar: It's fine. They asked first.


Log: Hey, this is a lot nicer than i expected.

Sword: Yeah, I agree.

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Log definitely feels... different than the rest of us. He's obviously not as athletic as Football, Acid, or me. I think he could be a good asset to our team, though. He looks kind of smart.

Football: Bottom bunk!

Log: I call the top bunk.

Sword: Bottom bunk for me.

Acid: I got the top, then.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): The four of us are getting along pretty well. Although Log is clearly the "which one is not like the others?" in the room, he seems to like us enough to where it isn't a big deal.

<Meanwhile, with the girls...>

Sun: If I call your name, you are on the left door on the back of the building, right behind the left room the guys went into. Colored Pencil, Candy, Chalk, and Door.

<The four girls head behind the building and enter the door behind the front's left door>

Sun: That means that Bag, Spoon, Frame, and Grape are going into the right door behind the building.

<The last four girls head into the door directly behind the right of the building's front. Meanwhile, in the girls' left room...>

Candy: Cool! This is neat!

Colored Pencil: I'm surprised. I thought this was going to be a dump.

Chalk: OMG! That would, like, literally suck.

Colored Pencil: I, like, want to be on the bottom.

Door: I want to be on the top!

Chalk: LMAO. You're, like, kidding, right? You'll literally break the bunk. Go on the bottom, Miss Piggy.

Candy: Chalk!

Chalk: LOL. JK. You can totally go on the top. I call bottom.

DOOR (CONFESSIONAL): I don't think Chalk was kidding. Honestly, I bet she only said "JK" so she could sleep where she wanted to, or that she didn't want Candy to be pissed at her. What a jerk.

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): That was a terrible thing for Chalk to say. Door didn't even do anything to her beforehand, either! I don't think she understands how much words can hurt.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I'm not going to lie, Chalk is pretty funny, but it wasn't very smart of her to say something like that in the first five minutes. Door probably won't let that go.

Candy: Well, it looks like I've got the top bunk.


Bag: It's gorgeous!

Grape: This looks like it costed a considerable sum of funds.

Frame: Grape!

Grape: Yeah?

Frame: Want to take a top bunk? I have mine set up.

Grape: Wow! Really? Okay!

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): I'm happy that Frame is being so charitable. She could make a really good acquaintance down the line.

Bag: This works out great! I wanted a bottom bunk, anyways.

Spoon: Yeah.

SPOON (CONFESSIONAL): Those girls should count their lucky stars that they chose the top bunks. If they had chosen the bottom bunks... it wouldn't be very pretty for them.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Spoon scares me.

<Just then, the guys walk in>

Football: Hey, girls!

Bag: You must be the second half of our team.

Log: Yeah.

Spoon: Wow, we're pretty loaded in the strength department. I doubt we'll be losing any time soon.

SPOON (CONFESSIONAL): I'm not fearing for our team's success, not one bit. We've got my strength, Acid, Football, and Sword's strength, Log's speed, and Grape's brains. Where can we go wrong?

Frame: Hey...

Bag: So, guys... introduce yourselves.

Football: Alright. As you can tell, I'm Football. <The girls giggle a little bit.> I'm not super smart, but I'm very athletic. I love to play football.

Acid: I'm Acid. I'm also athletic. My sport of choice is basketball.

Sword: I'm Sword. I'm athletic, too, though my favorite sport would have to be soccer.

Log: I'm Log. I'm definitely less athletic than those guys, believe it or not... <The girls laugh> ..., but I'm an avid runner. I've practiced quite a lot and I'm actually not that slow for my height.

Bag: Well, I'm Bag, and I love the color pink.

FOOTBALL (CONFESSIONAL): The color pink!? Seriously!? Is that the most interesting thing she could come up with?

Frame: I'm... Frame. I'm... kind of... shy. I do like people, but... I can get a bit anxious.

Bag: Oh, that's okay, Frame! We all have things we're afraid of!

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I really hope I come off as innocent as I'm pretending to be. They won't know what hit them. >:)

SPOON (CONFESSIONAL): Bag's cheeriness is awfully annoying. She's almost like a cartoon character.

FRAME (CONFESSIONAL): Wow. I didn't think Bag would stand up for me like that.

Grape: Hey. I'm Grape. Shocker, I know. <Bag chuckles for a moment before awkwardly going silent.> I love learning and excelling. Mental challenges are my calling, though I'm not completely awful at physical things, either.

Spoon: I'm Spoon. I'm very competitive, perhaps dangerously so. I will destroy the other team even if it kills me.

<Meanwhile, on the other side of the lodging facility...>

Candy: Come on in, guys!

Candy Bar: Hey, girls! What's up!

Candy: Oh, not much...

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): I could tell how tense the atmosphere was. I imagine an argument of some sort had unfolded, as only Candy and Chalk were talking to me.

Chalk: Candy Bar! What's up!

Candy Bar: It's been great so far. I mean, I have to sleep on a top bunk, but the guys are really nice.

Chalk: That's great! Say, like, where are they?


Dorito: Ugh. Candy Bar is super annoying.

Flashlight: You think so? He seemed nice to me...

Dorito: I think he's on the wrong side of the cabin, you know what I mean?

Flashlight: No, Dorito, I don't. Please enlighten me.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): Dorito has been less than pleasant so far. He hasn't been a total jerkoff, but he's not exactly the biggest fan of Candy Bar. I don't really get it, either.

Folder: This conversation isn't ever going to go anywhere good. Shouldn't we go meet the girls?

Dorito: Ugh, fine...

<The three of them head into the girls' room>

Candy Bar: Oh, there they are!

Dorito: Yeah, here we are...

Candy Bar: Where were you guys?

Folder: We were a bit tired from the trip here. We were just resting a little.

Candy: Hey! You must be Flashlight, right?

Flashlight: You got me!

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Candy and I... we really clicked, you know? She was chatting with all of us. She seemed like a genuinely nice person. We talked for a good half hour before I decided to meet the other girls.

CANDY (FLASHLIGHT): I can't lie... Flashlight's kind of cute. He's a bit of dork, but a super social and nice one. He had a constant smile on his face, and never said anything bad about his bunkmates.

Candy: Well, I grew up in a small, rural area. My parents always taught me that nice girls never finish last. I guess it's in my blood.

Flashlight: My parents where like that, too. I grew up in a big city, so I've always been collaborating with others. I'm a people person.

Candy: Me, too.

Flashlight: Say, I hate to be nosy, but... why isn't Door talking to anyone? Is she shy?

Candy: She's a bit upset. Chalk was joking around with her, but she didn't take it very kindly.

Flashlight: Ah, I see. I hope Chalk apologized to her.

Candy: I wish she would.

<After another hour of getting to know each other, Sun calls the two teams outside>

Sun: All right. I assume you all got to know each other. As you can probably guess, it's time for the first of the seventeen challenge. No one wants to leave on Day 1, but for one of you, this is the harsh reality.

Sun: The first challenge is the quintessential camping challenge: Dodgeball. All of you know the rules, right?

<Everyone nods>

Sun: Good. You also know your teams already. Please head to the gym down the path.

<The contestants walk to the nearby gym>

Sun: Excellent. Now, when I say "GO!", you are allowed to move. Last person standing wins for their team. Ready...

<The contestants brace themselves for a sprint to get a ball>

Sun: GO!

<Spoon and Log jolt to the group of eight balls in the center. Each picks one up and lobs it full speed at the opposition.>

Sun: Ooh! Folder has been hit! Colored Pencil managed to block the ball.

<Colored Pencil retaliates, striking Frame>

Sun: Frame is out. The game is still tied.

<Grape cleverly throws her ball at a precise angle, causing it to bounce off of Flashlight and hit Candy>

Sun: Flashlight and Candy are out!

<Acid throws a ball straight towards Candy Bar. He catches it. Folder re-enters the game>

Sun: Candy Bar ties the game up!

<Football tries to break the tie. His ball is caught by Chalk. Flashlight re-enters the game>

Sun: Out of the blue, the Right Side is losing!

<In desperation, Spoon pegs Chalk. She crumbles into dust>

Sun: That can't be good. She has to go to the infirmary. The Left Side is still winning!

<Folder hits Bag>

Sun: Bag is out! The Right Side has four competitors remaining, while the Left Side has six!

<Grape hits another bouncing shot, which hits Folder, Colored Pencil, and Door>

Sun: Grape regains the lead for the Right Side, 4-3!

<Dorito hits Log, knocking him over>

Sun: It's a tie once again! We have Dorito, Candy Bar, and Flashlight against Sword, Spoon, and Grape!

<Flashlight throws the ball at Spoon. She catches it>

Sun: Things aren't looking good for the Left Side. Frame has re-entered the game!

<Candy Bar hits Frame almost instantaneously>

Sun: Aaaand Frame is out again!

<Dorito barely manages to hit Grape, who tries her hardest to dodge the ball>

Sun: Grape put up a valiant effort, but she's out now! It's Dorito and Candy Bar against Sword and Spoon. Which side will pull off the victory?

<Spoon and Sword throw several balls at Candy Bar. He dodges all of them>


Candy Bar: It's called Dodgeball. I'm dodging the balls.

Dorito: CATCH THEM, YOU <expletive>!

<The gym goes silent. Everyone stops in their tracks>

Colored Pencil: Excuse me? What was that?

<Spoon, Colored Pencil, and Candy glare at Dorito in legitimate horror and anger>

Dorito: You heard me!

<Murmurs can be heard in the background>

Sun: Dorito, we don't tolerate words like that. This is your only warning. Play can continue.

<Candy Bar, still in shock, fails to dodge a ball thrown by Sword.>

Dorito: What is WRONG with you!?

<Spoon slams Dorito with the ball with the intention to cause pain. Dorito slams into the wall>

Spoon: You deserved that, f*ckface. Good luck not getting voted out tonight.

Sun: The Left Side has lost the challenge. One of them will be voted off tonight.

DORITO (CONFESSIONAL): It's Candy Bar's fault we lost the challenge. Why is everyone mad at me?

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): Goodbye, Dorito. You won't be missed. :)

<After a small amount of discussion, the Left Side heads to the voting area for the elimination>

Sun: Okay. Each of you will vote for three people you want gone. Once I count the votes, whoever has the most will be eliminated. Flashlight, you're up first.

Flashlight (voting): <holds up a vote for Chalk, Dorito, and Colored Pencil> Dorito, you're a jerk and you caused us to lose. Chalk, I heard you made Door upset. Colored Pencil, we haven't really talked.

Dorito (voting): <holds up a vote for Candy Bar, Colored Pencil, and Chalk> Candy Bar, you're annoying, effeminate, and can't play dodgeball for your life. Colored Pencil and Chalk, you stood up for Candy Bar and aren't that nice by yourself anyways.

Candy Bar (voting): <holds up a vote for Dorito, Door, and Folder> Dorito, I suggest you listen to the song "F*ck You" by Lily Allen. As for Door and Folder, I don't really know you guys well enough yet for me to save you over the other guys. Nothing personal.

Sun: The votes have been tallied.

Sun: With no votes at all, Flashlight is safe.

<Flashlight is ecstatic that he didn't get a single vote>

Sun: The remaining seven of you have twenty-four votes distributed between you. At one vote...

Sun: Candy is safe. Also...

<dramatic pause>

Sun: Candy Bar is safe.

Dorito: WHAT!?

Colored Pencil: Kindly shut up, a**hole.

Sun: With two votes...

Sun: Folder is safe.

Folder: Phew!

Sun: The rest of you guys got at least four votes, which means half of your team wanted you gone.

Sun: Colored Pencil got only four votes.

<Colored Pencil breathes a sigh of relief>

Sun: Same with Door.

Door: Thank god!

Sun: That leaves Chalk and Dorito. Twelve votes are left. One of you got five votes, while the other got a unanimous seven. The person eliminated, unsurprisingly, is...

<The other contestants glare at Dorito while Chalk is sure of her safety>

Sun: Dorito.

Dorito: Why me? I was the last one left!

Colored Pencil: We all hate you. Sun, make his departure as boring or painful as possible.

Sun: Gladly. We'll send him home via dogsled.

<Dorito is forcefully carried to the onto a dogsled, where a pack of wolves begin the 1,000-mile trek back to Dorito's home>

Sun: With Dorito eliminated, fifteen contestants remain. Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on Once in a Blue Moon!

DORITO (FINAL WORDS): This is ridiculous. How did I get eliminated over that pansy? My teammates were complete idiots. I hope they lose, although the other team isn't much better. I hope Candy Bar is eliminated in the most embarrassing fashion possible. Bye, bitches!

Episode 2: "I'm Going to Try My Hardest to Come Out on Top"

Sun: Welcome back to Once in a Blue Moon!

Sun: Last time, thanks to Dorito and Candy Bar getting in an argument, the Right Side won the dodgeball challenge.

Sun: At elimination, the entire Left Side found Dorito's comments regarding Candy Bar to be offensive, and eliminated him unanimously.

Sun: Will the Right Side win immunity again? Who will be sent home? Find out right now, on Once in a Blue Moon!

<The intro plays.>

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): Things seem a bit more... peaceful now that Dorito's gone. There's been a lot less arguing over the past week. For the most part, people are getting along.

Door: Hey, Colored Pencil, do you know where my stuff went? I can't seem to find it.

Colored Pencil: Oh, um...

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I saw Chalk take it. I honestly have no idea why Chalk is being so mean to Door. Door hasn't even done anytrhing to her. I want to say something, but my friendship with her is what's keeping me here.

Colored Pencil: To be honest, Door... Chalk took your stuff. I don't know where she put it. I'm sorry for not saying anything.



Bag: Agh! What was that?

Grape: You mean the yelling?

Frame: Huh. I bet there's some sort of argument going on on the other side of the cabin.

Bag: Argument?

Grape: Sounds more like a murderous brawl than an argument to me.

<In the boys' room...>

Log: What the hell was that?

Acid: Shh! I'm trying to sleep!

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Believe it or not, I like getting SOME sleep every night. I guess the Left Side thinks differently.

<The noises get louder and turn into screaming>

Football: Ugh! That's it! I'm going to see what's going on over there!

Sword: I'll go, too. I really need to sleep.

Acid: Count me in!

<The three head over to the Left Side>

Flashlight: Hey guys! What's up?

Football: What's up? Can you NOT hear the screaming coming from the room right next to you?

Flashlight: Oh, that...

Folder: Door and Chalk don't get along very well.

Sword: Yeah, clearly.

Folder: I take it you guys can't fall asleep, huh?

Acid: Ugh.

<A loud bang sounds on the wall>

Sword: Dude! Someone's going to die in there if you don't do something!

<The five of them walk into the other room, where Chalk and Door are fighting viciously. Candy, Colored Pencil, and Candy Bar try to break them up>

Flaslight: Guys!

<No one listens>

Folder: Guys...

Flashlight: GUYS!!!

<The room goes silent>

Flashlight: What is going on here? You guys are keeping the other team awake!

Door: Well, it's just that CHALK here--

Folder: WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT. Settle out your differences instead of going insane! We're going to bed. Come on, Candy Bar.

<The six guys leave the girls' room. Acid, Sword, and Football head back to their side of the lodge.>

Log: What happened?

Sword: Chalk and Door weren't getting along very well.

Log: Not getting along well? That sounded like attempted murder!

Acid: Well, we get to sleep now.

Log: Hooray for that.

<Eventually, everyone falls asleep. In the morning...>

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): I'm a bit scared that someone on the other side of the lodge got killed last night, based on the sounds I was hearing.

Frame: Last night was... weird.

Grape: Yeah, you said it.

Frame: Grape, did you read Harry Potter?

Grape: Yeah! I thought it was awesome!

Frame: Me too! I liked the fourth one the most.

Grape: Yeah, the fourth book was easily the best of the bunch.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): '''I've been thinking to myself lately. The guys on our team are very close. Frame and Grape are also very close. Spoon is strong in challenges. Basically, I'm going to be the first to go once we lose. Since I want our team to be strong and I want to stay in the game, I have to break Frame and Grape up.

<After a while, Frame leaves the room. Spoon takes a nap not long afterwards.>

Bag: Psst. Grape.

Grape: What's up, Bag?

Bag: I have to tell you something. Please promise that you won't tell anyone else.

Grape: Affirmative. What do you have to inform me with?

Bag: This... <fake gulp> is really hard to say. Please don't tell anyone unless you absolutely have to.

Grape: Bag, your secret's safe with me. You can confide in me whatever you desire.

Bag: Frame... she... she said that...

Grape: Huh?

Bag: Frame wants you out.

Grape: WHAT!?

Bag: I...I'm sorry. I had to tell you. I... couldn't live with myself if you got betrayed. Please don't tell Frame about this.

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): Everything I confided with Frame. The personal stories I shared with her. They were all for nothing. I... I can't believe Frame would do this. I'm beyond livid. As soon as we lose a challenge, I'll make sure she's gone. I...

<Grape begins to cry.>

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I'll admit it. What I did was evil. However, this is a competition, so of course I'm going to try my hardest to come out on top. I could tell Grape believed everything I told her. Honestly, this was almost too easy. That's Part 1 of my plan complete. Part 2, you ask? Get a sidekick.


LOG (CONFESSIONAL): I'm starting to get a little worried about my position in this game. The other three guys are a lot closer to each other than they are to me. Spoon is a lot stronger than me in challenges. As far as I can tell, Frame and Grape have a close friendship. I might talk to Bag to see what she's thinking.

<Log walks over to the girls' room>

Log: Bag! Can we talk?

Bag: Sure, Loggy! What's up?

Log: I'm not sure. The other guys are nice to me, but... they seem a lot closer to each other.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Log is the PERFECT sidekick. I mean, come on! He's the least suspecting person out of the group. He also seems desperate enough to tag along with me.

Bag: Log. We need to form an alliance. We're both outcasts in a way. We'll click well together.

Log: Wow! You read my mind! I'd love to be in an alliance with you.

Bag: That's peachy! Thanks!

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): If Log was anyone else, well... I'd throw them on the wayside whenever I got the chance. Log, though? He's a keeper. We make a perfect team.

<After a while...>

Sun: Contestants! It's time for your second competition. Please come outside.

<The contestants head outside>

Sun: All right. Your second challenge is Tennis. There will be three different matches: two doubles matches and one triples match. Each match will only consist of one game, though. Since this challenge requires an equal amount of players on each team, the Right Side will sit someone out.

Bag: I'll sit out. I'm not very good at tennis.

Sun: Okay. Our first game is Acid & Spoon against Folder & Colored Pencil.

<The four head to the tennis court and prepare for the game>

Sun: Since the Right Side won the last challenge, they will serve first.

Sun: You may begin.

<Spoon hits the ball as hard as she can. It flies past Colored Pencil.>

Sun: 15-0!

<Acid serves. Folder hits it back. Spoon hits it back. Colored Pencil returns. Acid misses>

Sun: 15-15!

<Colored Pencil serves. Acid hits it back very quickly. Folder misses.>

Sun: 30-15!

<Spoon hits the tennis ball with tremendous force. Colored Pencil is unable to hit it>

Sun: 40-15!

<Acid serves again. Folder hits it back. Spoon returns the ball. Colored Pencil returns again. Acid returns successfully. Folder hits the ball, but the ball hits the net.>

Sun: The Right Side has won the first match!

Acid: YEA!

Spoon: Pfft. Too easy.

Sun: Next, we have Sword & Frame against Flashlight & Candy.

<The next group of four head to the tennis court and get ready to begin.>

Sun: Since the Right Side won the last set, the Left Side will serve first.

Sun: GO!

<Flashlight serves. Sword manages to hit it back. Candy misses>

Sun: 15-0!

<Frame serves unsuccessfully. She tries again, this time managing to serve successfully. Flashlight hits the ball out.>

Sun: 30-0!

Candy: We're going to lose again!

Flaslight: Don't give up now, Candy! We've still got a chance!

<Sword serves. Candy barely manages to hit the ball. Frame misses.>

Sun: 30-15!

<Candy serves. Frame hits the ball back. Flashlight hits it out again.>

Sun: 40-15!

<Sword serves. He pegs Candy on accident>

Sun: Since Sword hit Candy with the ball, the score is now 40-30.

<Flashlight serves as hard as he can. Sword hits the ball, but it hits the net.>


<Candy serves. Frame misses.>

Sun: Advantage to the Left Side!

<Flashlight serves. Sword fails to return.>

Sun: The Left Side has won the second match!

Candy: We did it, Flashlight!

Flashlight: You did awesome, Candy. Really, you did.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): I'm really starting to like Candy more and more. She's an honest person and she really tries her best. She isn't bad looking, either.

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): Flashlight is a true gentleman. I want to keep him here as long as I can.

Sun: For our final match, we have Log & Football & Grape against Candy Bar & Chalk & Door.

<The six contestants head to the tennis court>

Sun: Since the Left Side won the last match, the Right Side will serve.

Sun: Go!

<Candy Bar serves. Football hits the ball back forcefully. Door misses.>

Sun: 15-0!

Chalk: Door! Like, hit the ball!

Door: I'm trying!

DOOR (CONFESSIONAL): I really don't need Chalk to berate me while we're competing in a challenge.

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): Door is totally, like, useless.

<Grape serves unsuccessfully twice in a row.>

Sun: 15-15!

<Chalk serves. Log hits the ball out.>

Sun: 15-30!

<Candy Bar serves. Football hits the ball back very hard. Door hits the ball, but it hits the net.>

Chalk: OMFG, Door. You suck.

Door: Chalk. Focus. I'm trying my best!

Chalk: That obviously, like, isn't good enough. Psh.

<Grape serves. Chalk hits the ball back, but it goes out.>

Sun: With that, the Right Side has won again! Left Side, you will be voting someone out of the game once again.

Chalk: Door! You, like, ruined us! Good luck, like, not getting eliminated, elephant.

<Door smacks Chalk with the tennis racket>

Sun: Door. Never do that again.

DOOR (CONFESSIONAL): Chalk was pissing me off to no end. I just did what I thought I had to. I was probably getting voted out anyway.

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): Door is, like, a huge jerk. She needs to get out of here, like, RN.

<After a bit of discussion, the Left Side reports to the elimination area.>

Sun: Alright, guys. Each of you will vote for three people you want to get eliminated from the game.

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): <holds up votes for Door, Folder, and Colored Pencil> Door, seriously, you, like, suck. Folder, I, like, have never even talked to you. Colored Pencil, why did you tell Door about, like, what I did to her supply of Twinkies?

DOOR (CONFESSIONAL): <holds up votes for Chalk, Candy Bar, and Candy> Chalk, you deserved everything you got today. As for CB and Candy, you guys didn't really do much to stand up for me.

Sun: The votes have been tallied. With no votes...

<dramatic pause>

Sun: Flashlight is safe again.

<Flashlight excitedly takes a deep breath>

Sun: The rest of you have 21 votes distributed amongst you all. With just two votes...

<dramatic pause once again>

Sun: Candy is safe. Also with two votes...

<short pause>

Sun: Candy Bar and Colored Pencil are safe.

<The two of them graciously accept their safety>

Sun: There are just three of you left, but there are also 15 votes left. With just three votes...

<longer pause>

Sun: Folder is safe.

Folder: Thank God!

Sun: That leaves just Door and Chalk. The person safe is...

<very long dramatic pause>

Sun: Well, actually, it's a tie. Both of you got the maximum six votes. To settle the tie, three members from the other team will vote.

<Sword, Grape, and Spoon are summoned>

Sun: Sword, who do you vote for - Chalk or Door?

Sword: Door hit Chalk with a tennis racket. I vote for Door.

Sun: Grape, how about you?

Grape: Chalk is stronger in challenges, so she poses a bigger threat. I vote for Chalk.

Sun: Spoon, your vote will decide the fate of both Chalk and Door. Vote carefully.

Spoon: Well...


Spoon: What Door did to Chalk was reprehensible. I vote for Door.

Sun: Sorry, Door, but you've been eliminated. Goodbye.

<Door is sent off via a truck>

Sun: Find out which contestant will leave next on the next episode of Once in a Blue Moon! Until then, goodbye!

DOOR (FINAL WORDS): It sucks that I've been eliminated so early. Really it does. However, Chalk was making me slowly lose my sanity. I would be lying if I said I wasn't glad to no longer be a part of her company. She really is vile. Good luck to Flashlight, Folder, and especially Colored Pencil. Win for me, girl!

Episode 3: "She's Only Calming Down to Stay in the Game"

Sun: Last time, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Bag began to pull the strings on her team, pitting Grape against Frame and forming a pact with Log.

Sun: Meanwhile, a feud between Door and Chalk escalated into violence.

Sun: In the end, Door was eliminated in a tiebreaker vote after hitting Chalk in the face with a tennis racket.

Sun: 14 contestants remain in the battle for the Blue Moon. Will the Left Side finally win a challenge? Who will be eliminated? Find out right now, on Once in a Blue Moon!

<The intro plays.>

<On the Right Side...>

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): My mind is still reeling over what Bag told me a few days ago. I can't fathom how Frame would reach out to me only to stab me in the back! I'm going to make sure she's out of here... when the time is right.

FRAME (CONFESSIONAL): Grape hasn't been talking to me at all recently. I want to start a conversation with her, which is a HUGE step for me, but she won't even acknowledge me. There's something wrong with her.

Frame: Grape...

<Grape ignores her>

Frame: Grape, what's wrong?

Grape: Stop, Frame. You're not fooling me. Do you think I'm stupid?

Frame: Huh?

Grape: Ugh. Don't play stupid with me, Frame!

Frame: What are you talking about?

Grape: Just go AWAY!

FRAME (CONFESSIONAL): Grape's pissed at me, definitely. I honestly have no idea why, though.


Sword: Nice win yesterday, guys! We're on a roll!

Football: Yeah, you said it.

Acid: It's almost too easy, don't you think?

Football: Yeah, kind of.

Log: What do you guys think the next challenge is?

Acid: Hmm...

Sword: We had two sports-related challenges in a row. I bet the next challenge isn't a physical challenge.

Football: Ugh, really?

Log: Well, we're pretty smart, right?

Sword: It might not be a 'smart' challenge, though. Could be an art kind of thing.

Football: That's even worse!

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Things are really going great for us. We have two wins under our belt, and we've got the strength and even the brains to keep the train going strong!


Candy Bar: It's pretty peaceful without all of the fighting, dontcha think?

Candy: It's serene.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): We only lost the last two challenges due to discord amongst our team members. Now that Dorito and Door are gone, we should perform better than earlier. Plus, we've got Candy on our team. Candy...

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): I've been thinking for too long about Flashlight. We'd make the ideal final two... and couple. <Candy pauses in horror> I didn't say that out loud, did I?

Colored Pencil: Chalk, are you feeling better?

Chalk: I've calmed down a lot. I'm, like, literally so embarrased about my fighting with, like, Door. I'll, like, bite my tongue when I, like, get annoyed.

Colored Pencil: That's good.

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): My, like, criticisms of others have, like, almost gotten me voted out, like, twice! I'm like, going to try to pipe down about, like, things that bother me. I, like, want to stay here. Bad.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): It's increasingly hard to be friends with Chalk. Her own ego gets in the way of her ability to function in any task whatsoever. It's obvious she's only calming down to stay in the game. Ugh.


FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): I feel like the odd one out on my team. I mean, I'm friends with Flashlight and all, but he spends more of his time with Candy than with me. I sometimes find myself sitting alone in the boys' room in the lodge. I guess I never got over my social awkwardice.

Flashlight: Guys, where's Folder?

Candy: Umm... I don't know!

Candy Bar: He's sitting alone in our room. You guys think he's shy or something?

Flashlight: I don't know. I should go talk to him. I'll be back in a bit.

<Flashlight walks to the room where Folder is sitting on his lonesome>

Flashlight: Folder, what are you doing? Come hang out with the others!

Folder: Oh, sorry. I was just... thinking, you know?

Flashlight: We won't have as much fun without you, Folder. Remember that. It's fine to be shy, but you have to try to mix with others after a while.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): Flashlight is awesome. He really is. Most people just ignore me when I sit alone. Flashlight, though... he's always there for me when I feel awkward. He's truly a great friend.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Folder really is a smart fellow. He's just feels too awkward to mingle with others. I'm planning on taking him, Candy, and Candy Bar far through the game. We'd make an amazing final four!

Sun: Guys! Time for the next challenge!

<The fourteen remaining contestants head outside for the next challenge>

Sun: Alright. Since the last two challenges were physical, we're taking a shift into a mental challenge.

<Sword has an "I called it" look on his face. Grape smiles with excitement for the challenge, while Football looks distressed.>

Sun: This next challenge is a Geography Bee. You will all be asked questions. Get it right, and you stay in the challenge. Get the question wrong, and you're eliminated. Logically, the questions get progressively harder. Since the Left Side has only six players, two players from the Right Side will sit out.

<The Right Side discusses who to sit out>

Sword: We are sitting out Acid and Football.

Sun: Alright. First question goes to Bag. Bag, in which country are the Rocky Mountains.

Bag: Easy! The United States.

Sun: Correct!

Sun: Next, we've got Candy. Candy, which continent is the most populated?

Candy: Asia.

Sun: Right! Candy Bar, name a country located entirely on an island.

Candy Bar: The UK.

Sun: That's right!

Sun: Chalk, which country is home to the Outback?

Chalk: Uhm... uh... like... Austria?

Sun: Wow. You somehow managed to get that one wrong. Shame.

<After a long series of increasingly difficult questions...>

Sun: We've been at this for hours. The last two left are Grape and Colored Pencil.

Sun: Colored Pencil, name every single country that borders Russia.

Colored Pencil: WHAT? EVERY country?

Sun: Yeah.

Colored Pencil: Thank God I learned a mneumonic device about this.

Grape: How many mneumonic devides have you learned? You've used them for EVERY question!

Colored Pencil: China... Mongolia... Kazakhstan... North Korea... Azerbaijan... Georgia... Ukraine... Belarus... Lithuania... Poland... Latvia... Estonia... Finland... and Norway.

Sun: That's correct. How you know that is beyond me.

Sun: Grape. Name every country bordering the Caribbean Sea.

Grape: Easy! Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Reublic, Barbados, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, the United States, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, France, and Trinidad and Tobago!

Sun: That is...


Grape: W... what!?

Sun: You forgot about the Netherlands!


Sun: Netherlands Antilles is in the Caribbean. Sorry, but your team loses.

Grape: Baloney!

<Grape dejectedly leads her team to their side of the lodge to discuss the elimination.>

Sun: For once, the Left Side has won a challenge! Good job!

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): Colored Pencil rocked that challenge! She hasn't really made a name for herself before now. She could be very useful later on.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I thought mneumonic devices were stupid, but they ended up actually serving a purpose! I can't believe I beat Grape in a knowledge-based challenge!

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): Colored Pencil is, like, super smart. I never, like, expected that! I'm, like, really dumb, though. Seriously. *sigh*

<On the Right Side>

Grape: Bag, people are probably going to vote me out. I feel like I should tell the others about what Frame did.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Part 1 of my master plan is wrapping up so efficiently... sorry, Frame, but things happen.

Bag: You're an asset, Grape. I don't think you'll get voted out!

Grape: Trust me, Bag. I'm the reason why we lost. I'm done for!

Bag: I don't think I could live with myself if I got someone out of the game! That'd be terrible!

Grape: Please, Bag. I'm going to leave if I don't tell.

Bag: Umm... I feel awful for this, but I guess you can tell. I know I'll regret letting you, but if you really think you'll leave, I can't stop you!

Grape: Okay. Thanks for tipping me off!

Bag: Hm...

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Oh, silly Grape... you seem to forget that your actions can backfire... especially if you lie to everyone to get someone out... but, if you REALLY want to tell everyone, I can't stop you! >:)

Grape: Spoon. I have to tell you something.

Spoon: What? Don't you dare waste my time! You're the reason we lost, too!

Grape: Spoon... I heard that Frame wanted to get me out earlier. She could easily betray you afterwards! We have to get rid of her.

Spoon: Wait... she did? That seems so out of character for her...

Grape: That's what I thought, but apparently she is out to get me...

Spoon: Hmm...

SPOON (CONFESSIONAL): What Grape is telling me sounds... fishy. She's smart, so she knows how to get herself out of hot water. However, she didn't seem like she was lying... strange...

<Grape tells everyone else about Frame. After a few minutes...>

Sun: Right Side! Time for elimination!

Sun: Each of you will vote three people out of the game. Once the votes are tallied, whoever has the most votes will be eliminated from the game. You guys can vote now.

BAG (VOTING): <holds up votes for Frame, Grape, and Football> Oh, Frame, it's a shame. Your game is over. That might seem lame, but you'll probably take it tame enough. I had to get one step closer to fame. That's the name of the game.

GRAPE (VOTING): <holds up votes for Frame, Spoon, and Log> Frame, get out of here. I can't believe you'd betray me like that. I hate you.

SPOON (VOTING): <holds up votes for Bag, Grape, and Frame> Bag and Grape feel so fishy to me. Bag's personality seems almost fake. Grape's story is hard to believe. However, I'll be on the safe side and vote for Frame, too.

Sun: The votes have been counted. With no votes...

<dramatic pause>

Sun: Sword, you're safe.

Sword: Really? Awesome!

Sun: The seven of you have twenty-four votes distributed amongst you. Two people got just one vote. They are...

<dramatic pause>

Sun: Football and Acid.

Sword: You guys are safe, too! SWEET!

Sun: There are five of you left, and twenty-two votes. With two votes...

Sun: Log, you're safe.

Log: Phew!

Sun: Which means that the four girls on the team are the last four to be safe. With four votes...

<dramatic pause>

Sun: Bag. You're safe.

Bag: Yay!

Sun: Same with Grape, even though she lost the challenge for you guys.

Sun: Frame. Spoon. You guys have twelve votes combined. One got five, the other got seven. The last person safe is...

<long suspenseful pause>

Sun: Spoon. Frame, you've been eliminated.

Frame: Huh? Why?

Grape: You know why, Frame.

Frame: No, I really don't.

Grape: You told Bag you wanted me out!

Bag: What? No, she didn't!

Frame: GRAPE! You lied to everyone to get me out!? I thought I could trust you!! I'm... how could you?

Grape: I didn't lie! Bag told me you told her to get me out!

Bag: Grape, it isn't nice to spread lies about others! This is troubling...

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Phase 3 of the plan has been launched. It wasn't a good idea for you to tell everyone about Frame, Grape... it's too late now, though.

Frame: I can't believe you, Grape. You are a hideous person.

Grape: W-w-what!? No! This is a misunderstanding! I swear!

Frame: To think I trusted you! Sun, get me out of here. I can't stand her!

Sun: Very well, Frame. Goodbye.

<Frame is escorted from the game>

Sun: With Frame gone, thirteen contestants remain. Who will be eliminated next? Find out next episode! Until then, goodbye!

FRAME (FINAL WORDS): I can't believe Grape tried to get me out like that, then tried to blame Bag for it! Of all people! Bag has been nothing but nice, but Grape had to try to throw her under the bus. I'm appalled. I wish good luck to everyone, except Grape, of course. Ugh.

Episode 4: "I Don't Blame You for Not Believing Me"

Sun: Last time, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Folder felt alone on his team, and Colored Pencil grew increasingly annoyed with Chalk.

Sun: Meanwhile, Grape tried to convince her team that Frame was campaigning to get her out based on Bag's lie.

Sun: In the end, the Right Side lost their first challenge, and Frame was sent home unanimously due to Bag's deceit.

Sun: Will the Left Side win twice in a row? Who will be sent home? Find out right now, on Once in a Blue Moon!

<the intro plays>

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): This game has been a real struggle for me. I'm, like, terrible at making friends. No one, like, likes me, and can I, like, really blame them? I, like, suck as a person anyways. <Chalk sighs and looks down in defeat.>

Candy Bar: ...Guys, what's wrong with Chalk?

Candy: I don't know! Someone should talk to her, don't you think?

Candy Bar: I... I don't know. She's caused a lot of damage to our morale.

Flashlight: True. She HAS kind of destroyed our team's peace.

Folder: Don't you almost feel bad for her, though? She probably can't interact with people in any other way...

Colored Pencil: I'm going to talk to her. Hopefully this isn't another act.

<Colored Pencil strolls into the girls' room, where Chalk lay, alone and pensive.>

Colored Pencil: ...Chalk... we want you to talk to us...

Chalk: ...

Colored Pencil: Please, Chalk. It's not the same when you're all alone...

Chalk: ...

Colored Pencil: Chalk, the morale is down when you lock yourself away from us. Please, Chalk. We need you...

Chalk: ...

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Oh... my... I've been such a horrible person. I... she... it isn't an act. She really is sorry.

Colored Pencil: I need you to be happy, Chalk. Just talk to me. Please.

Chalk: ...Colored Pencil. Please, listen to me. I need to tell you something. Something... I've never said before...

Colored Pencil: What...?

Chalk: I... I may have seemed... confident with myself when this game started. Like I was better than everyone else. But really... I... I hate myself. When I was a little girl, when everyone else played with Barbies, I liked to play with dinosaurs. Other girls... they made fun of me. THey called me a tomboy, a lesbian. For years I was constantly harassed, until... my self-esteem was gone. I had nothing left inside of me, no self-value. I tried to... forget that feeling by making fun of others... I was a jerk. A hypocrite. I made other people feel just as horrible as I felt when I was younger. Eventually, I pretended to be super girly in order to make friends. I started adding "like" to every single thing I said. I was fake, broken, and broke others at the same time. I've caused... so much pain. When Door fought back during the tennis challenge, I realized something. I realized that I was being just as evil to her as those girls were to me all those years ago.

<Chalk exhales deeply and pauses for a moment before continuing.>

Chalk: Colored Pencil, I know you thought my apologies were fake. I really mean it this time. I am truly sorry for all of the discord and damage I've caused to you, to Door, to everyone. I can't take it back. I have to live with it, though I hope you can forgive me someday.

<Colored Pencil struggles to hold back tears>

Colored Pencil: Chalk... was all of that true? I... I never knew. I don't know if I can forgive you for what you did to Door, but... I wish you luck. Not just here, but in life. I'm... so sorry for not believing you before.

Chalk: Thank you, Colored Pencil... I knew I could trust you. And I don't blame you for not believing me earlier. I didn't ever deserve your trust.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I never knew Chalk had gone through so much throughout her life. She really does feel bad for what she's done... maybe our relationship isn't quite broken yet.

Colored Pencil: Let's go back to talk with the others... okay?

Chalk: Yeah... let's go.

<Colored Pencil and Chalk walk back into the boys' room, and begin to chat with the others.>


BAG (CONFESSIONAL): So, Grape is trying to convince everyone else on the team that I'm some evil hyper-snake. Honestly? They won't buy it. No chance.

Grape: Guys...

Football: What do you want, Grape? A new person to trick?

Sword: Grape, we know you lied. I know you're trying to do some sort of damage control, and it's not going to work.

Grape: Bag told me that Frame was trying to get me out... Bag can't be trusted. She's a snake.

Log: Bag? A snake? As if! She's the LAST person out of everyone that would be an 'evil mastermind'.

Grape: Exactly! She pretends to be super nice and innocent in order to trick everyone! That's her PLAN!

Acid: Hmm... not buying it, sorry.

Grape: Please. I'm telling the truth!

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): If Grape wanted to lie about someone tricking her, why would she pick BAG out of all people? Grape's not a very good liar...

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): Are people REALLY this dumb? If I wanted to lie about someone tricking, me, why would I pick BAG of all people? This is simple logic! If I wanted to lie, I would have said Spoon or Sword or Log was an evil mastermind! Not Bag.

<Grape heads outside the cabin, where Spoon is taking a walk.>

Grape: Spoon, I have to tell you something. You might not believe me, but hear me out. Please.

SPOON (CONFESSIONAL): I knew there was something fishy about the whole Grape-Frame fiasco. That IS what this is about, right?

Grape: Bag told a lie to me that Frame was trying to get me out. That's why I tried to get Frame out last week.

Grape: I... I bet you don't believe me. No one has yet.

Spoon: Grape, I believe you. I always thought Frame wanting you out and you wanting Frame out was beyond weird. Bag's personality seemed super fake anyways.

Grape: You... you do!? Thank God!

SPOON (CONFESSIONAL): I definitely had a feeling about this... Bag is going DOWN. At the right time, of course... heheheh.


Log: Bag, Grape told me something... weird.

Bag: Oh, really? What is it, Log? I hope nothing bad happened!

Log: She told me that you lied to her about Frame, and that you're trying to get her out.

Bag: Oh, she did? I would never do anything like that! I can't believe she's lying about me... it... hurts...

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I almost feel like Log knows that I'm not as nice as I come off, but he doesn't even care. He might have a little evil in him too... >:)

Log: To be perfectly honest... I actually believe her. If you're the mastermind behind the eliminations... who am I to not want a part in that?

Bag: Oh... delightful. <Bag lowers her voice to a whisper> She is telling the truth. I guess I am evil, after all. Hey, we'd make a killer final two, don'tcha think? c:

Log: Yes... yes we would. >:)

Sun: CONTESTANTS! Come outside!

<The thirteen contestants head outside>

Sun: It's time for the fourth challenge. For this challenge, each team will be given a small flag. The Left Side gets a cyan flag, while the Right Side gets a yellow flag. To win the challenge, your team must gain possession of the other team's flag. You don't necessarily need to have both flags, you just need to have the other team's flag. However, each player will also get a paintball gun. If you get shot with paint, you're out of the challenge, but you can only shoot from your side of the field. Does everyone understand?

Everyone: Yeah!

Sun: Good. The Right Side must sit out one member. Who do you guys sit out?

<After some brief discussion...>

Log: We choose to sit out Bag.

Sun: Alright. We'll head out to the field, where each team will get one minute to strategize before the challenge begins.

<The twelve competing in the challenge walk to the paintball field>

Sun: Strategizing begins... now!

Flashlight: I say five of us charge at the beginning, and one of us keeps the flag safe.

Candy Bar: Who should guard the flag, then?

Folder: I kind of want to charge. I can't really hide behind these blocks. They're too small.

Flashlight: Candy, you should charge with me.

Candy: Hehe. Will do!

Candy Bar: Well, since you guys are all charging, shouldn't I go, too?

Colored Pencil: Chalk... what do you want to do?

Chalk: Huh? Oh, I'll... guard, I guess.

Colored Pencil: Then it's settled. The five of us will be on the offense, and Chalk will be our defense. Agreed?

Flashlight, Candy, Folder: Agreed!

<At the same time...>

Football: So... what's the plan, Grape? You're smart...

Grape: Honestly, we should all go defense. Eventually, they'll have to charge us, and we'll pick all of them off. Once they're all out of commission, we'll steal the flag easy-peasy!

Sword: Wow... that's actually not a bad plan!

Spoon: Let's do it!

Log: We've got this in the bag.

Sun: The challenge starts in 10... 9... 8... 7...

<The Left Side braces themselves. The Right Side finds ideal places to hide and fire>

Sun: 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... GO!

<The Left Side charges. Once they cross the line into the Right Side's territory, a barrage of paintballs begins to fire>

Sun: Folder's been hit! So has Candy Bar... and Colored Pencil...

<Flashlight and Candy seek cover, waiting for the barrage to clear. After a minute, the firing stops.>

Flashlight: Damn! We're screwed!

Candy: Flashlight... can I get something off of my chest?

Flashlight: What is it?

Candy: I... I have a huge crush on you... sorry if this is a bad time to tell you...

Flashlight: You... you do? It's really brave of you to tell me that. And... to be honest... I have a crush on you, too.

Candy: You do!? This... this is amazing!

<Just then, Football finds the two and shoots them.>

Sun: Flashlight and Candy have been hit!

<Chalk hides next to her flag. She is completely hidden from the Right Side's view.>

Football: I think we've gotten them all!

Acid: This was almost too easy!

Grape: Alright, guys, let's all get the flag together!

<The entire Right Side walks gingerly to the Left Side's flag, not aware of Chalk's presence>

Sword: Wait... guys?

Grape: Not now, Sword...

Sword: I only remember Sun calling out the names of five of the Left Side's members.

Grape: What are you talking about? They're all gone, Sword. Don't you think the last member of the team would have done something by now?

<Just then, Chalk rapid fires directly at the Right Side>

Sun: Grape has been hit! So has Sword... and Football... and Acid... and Log... and Spoon!

<Chalk solemnly yet confidently walks to the Right Side's section of the field, slowly grabs the yellow flag, and brings it back to the Left Side's section of the field.>

Sun: Thanks to Chalk, the Left Side has won another challenge! However, that means that the Right Side faces elimination for the second time in a row...

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Okay, really, Grape? I point-blank told you, in clear English, that Sun only called out five names, and you completely ignore me. You just dismiss my complaint, and we end up losing in the most humiliating fashion possible. Oh, and you blatantly lie about Bag just to gain one more position in the game. You made my voting a lot easier. Ugh.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I don't even think I needed to lie to Grape about Frame. She's pretty much destroying her own game, almost on purpose. Isn't she supposed to be smart?

Grape: Guys... I'm sorry... I screwed up.

Football: You didn't screw up. You are screwed up.

Sun: Congratulations again to the Left Side! You guys are immune from elimination tonight.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): I can't believe Candy has a crush on me... I was sure it was just me, that I was going insane.

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): I thought telling Flashlight about my crush would be a stupid idea... but he has a crush on me, too! <Candy blushes>

<After some discussion on the Right Side>

Sun: Right Side! It's time for elimination!

<The Right Side angrily heads to the elimination area.>

Sun: Alright, guys, you know the drill. Vote for three people you want to leave the game. Whoever has the most total votes is eliminated. You may vote... now.

SPOON (VOTING): <holds up votes for Bag, Log, and Grape> Grape, I wasn't going to vote for you because I felt bad for your situation, but you've screwed us over in challenges twice. You're a huge liability, and it's time for you to get out of here.

BAG (VOTING): <holds up votes for Grape, Spoon, and Acid> This is too easy, Grape. Too easy. It's almost like you want to get eliminated. You lost us two challenges, so I would have voted for you even IF I wasn't gunning for you.

SWORD (VOTING): <holds up votes for Grape, Spoon, and Log> I honestly don't think Bag deserves to be voted for this time. She hasn't done anything wrong, yet Grape is gunning for her. Sorry, Log, but my third vote had to go to you because of that.

Sun: The votes have been tallied. All of you got a combined number of 21 votes. Three people got one vote. They are...

Sun: Acid, Football, and Sword.

<The three friends all accept safety, yet obviously expected to be safe.>

Sun: There are four of you left, and 18 votes left, too. With four votes...

Sun: Spoon and Log are safe.

Sun: Bag. Grape. The two of you have 10 votes distributed amongst you. One got four votes, while the other got six. The last person safe, unsurprisingly, is...

<not-so-dramatic pause>

Sun: Bag. Grape, you've been eliminated unanimously. Shocker, I know.

Grape: Spoon? You voted for me?

Spoon: Grape, no matter how much I trust you, you screwed us over twice in a row. You kind of deserve to be eliminated.

Grape: Ugh! Trust me, guys, I'm right! Bag is a snake! Don't trust her, no matter what.

Sword: Yeah, okay, sure. Totally.

Sun: Grape, it's time for you to go! Bye!

<Grape is escorted from the game.>

GRAPE (FINAL WORDS): I want to be avenged. I want Bag OUT of this competition, the sooner, the better. It's a shame that I can't get her out myself. I guess I did sort of cause my elimination, too, but it's mostly her fault I'm out. I could have rocked this competition! Ah, well. Good luck to Spoon and the Left Side.

Episode 5: "Thinking Ahead"

Sun: Last time, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Grape tried to inform her team about Bag's lie.

Sun: Log believed her, and ended up joining Bag's side.

Sun: Meanwhile, Chalk opened up to Colored Pencil about her past, and Candy and Flashlight confessed their love for each other.

Sun: In the end, Grape was eliminated for trying to get Bag caught.

Sun: Will the Right Side's losing streak continue? Who will be the fifth person eliminated from Once in a Blue Moon? Find out right now!

<The intro plays.>

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): I've been having fun for the past four weeks and all, but... I'm in a competition! I haven't really gotten into the game quite yet. It's time that I started thinking ahead.

<Sword looks for Log.>

Sword: Hey, Log.

Log: What?

Sword: I've been thinking lately... I want to really start playing the game, you know? I was wondering if we could make a pact. You're obviously smart enough to get through the game.

Log: Funny that you ask me, Sword... I have a pretty good alliance going already, and we definitely wouldn't mind another member.

Sword: You have an alliance? With whom?

Log: Follow me.

<Log leads Sword into the cabin's bathroom, where Bag is sitting patiently.>

Sword: B...Bag? You're Log's alliance?

Bag: Hello, Sword. I see you want to team up with Log, am I wrong?

Sword: Yeah, I do...

Bag: Well, Sword, I have an extensive plan to get through this game. Step 1 was tricking Grape and making her think Frame wanted her out. Step 2 was to get a sidekick, which you can see I've done as well. Step 3 was to send Grape packing by acting as innocent as possible.

Sword: So... Grape wasn't lying...

Bag: Yeah. She was telling the truth. So, do you want to join the winning team?

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): This is almost too good to be true. Bag's an evil mastermind? AND she's succeeding? Who am I to not want a part of that?

Sword: Pfft... of course I do.

Log: This is great! We almost have a majority!

Bag: Yeah... I'm not liking the 'almost'. We need to get rid of someone else. Let's prove Sword's worth. Sword, if we lose this next challenge, your task is to get Spoon out of here. I can tell she's on to me. If we win, well... just lay low. Don't raise any suspicion, especially amongst Acid and Football. They won't vote you out, so you're secure for quite a while.

Sword: I'll try to get that done, Bag. Thanks for the opportunity!

Log: Thank YOU for joining up with us, Sword. We would be screwed without you.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): What a stroke of luck! Sword is one of the last people anyone would suspect, maybe even less than Bag... this is just too perfect.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Ah... the pieces of the puzzle are all falling perfectly into place...


SPOON (CONFESSIONAL): I know FOR A FACT that Bag is up to no good. I have no doubt in my mind. 

Spoon: Football! Acid!

Acid: What do you want?

Spoon: Uh... where's Sword?

Football: I think he went for a walk.

Spoon: Oh, well, it's not important. Guys, I have to tell you something you might not believe.

Acid: This again, huh...

Spoon: I'm serious! Bag's up to no good! We need to get rid of her.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Hmm... I think it's too weird that two people are saying the same thing about the same person... maybe Bag IS evil.

Acid: Spoon... I believe you. It's just too weird that two people have reported the same exact thing.

Spoon: You.. you do!? Really!?

Football: I believe you, too. Acid has a point.

Spoon: Thank God!

<Spoon gleefully leaves the room. Football tries to find his deodorant.>

Football: Hey! Acid, did you borrow by Axe?

Acid: No...? Maybe you just lost it again.

Football: I already looked in the bathroom about an hour ago, and it wasn't in my luggage.

Acid: Uh... go check the other cabin.

Football: Why would it be there?

Acid: Dude, just check. It could be there, you never know.

Football: Fine...

<Football stumbles his way into the Left cabin. He sees Candy sitting on the bed.>

FOOTBALL (CONFESSIONAL): Why did I even go here? There's no chance of my Axe being here...

Football: Excuse me...

Candy: Huh? What do you want, Football?

<Football looks into Candy's eyes and begins to get nervous.>

Football: Uh... well... hmm...

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): Football just stood there, fumbling with his words as if he... oh god...

Candy: ...Football?

<Football awkwardly stumbles to the bed where Candy is sitting, and sits beside her.>

Football: Well, I was looking for something.

<Football stares longingly at Candy, who is getting increasingly uncomfortable.>

Candy: Hold on a second, please.

<Candy heads into the boys' room and gets Flashlight, Candy Bar, and Folder.>

Flashlight: What're you doing here, punk?

Football: Oh... I was just looking for my deodorant... I can't find it.

Flashlight: Don't lie to me. What are you doing here?

Football: I'm just looking-

Candy Bar: PLEASE get out of here, you <expletive>. Stop harrassing Candy!

Football: I'm not-

Flashlight: We don't appreciate what you're doing, Football.


Candy Bar: Well, it's not here. You might as well go <expletive> while you're ahead.



Folder: Guys... now's not the time.


Candy: Umm... I didn't want you guys to fight...

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): So, Chalk and I are hanging out, and we hear insane yelling from the girls' room. I can tell it's Candy Bar yelling. I don't know what happened to him, but he feels so.. entitled. He never talks to Chalk and usually pushes me to the side when I try to talk to him. I'm honestly getting tired of it, and Chalk is near her breaking point.

Chalk: CP, what's Candy Bar's problem? He used to be chill, then he went of the rails.

Colored Pencil: I have no idea, but I'm about as tired of it as you are.

Folder: GUYS, STOP!

<Candy Bar and Football go silent.>

Folder: Football, can I talk to you outside really quick? For your own safety?

Football: Ugh, okay...

<Folder and Football head outside.>

Folder: Apparently, you were getting too close to Candy.

Football: Well, she's really pretty. I wasn't trying to be creepy, I'm just a little awkward.

Folder: Well, I guess I should tell you that Candy and Flashlight are in a relationship already. That's why he was angry.

Football: Why was Candy Bar angry?

Folder: Uh... he hasn't been in a good mood lately, I don't think. I think the game's gotten to his head, you'll have to forgive him.

Football: Well... thanks for telling me instead of trying to rip my throat out. I'll leave. Sorry about that.

Folder: No problem. Have a nice day!

<Football heads back to his cabin empty-handed.>

Acid: I see you didn't find the Axe.

Football: It's a long story. I'll tell you later.

Sun: Attention! It's time for the next challenge, guys!

<The twelve remaining contestants assemble outside the cabins.>

Sun: Today's challenge is a tough one. Since the teams are equal, all twelve of you will be racing in a 5k race.

Football: 5..k?

Sun: Football, that's roughly 3.1 miles.

Sun: This is how the challenge works. When I say "GO!", all twelve of you will begin the race. Once you guys finish, you will all get times. Whoever is the last person to finish will lose for their team, so you better go as fast as you can. READY...

<The contestants begin to get nervous, and brace themselves for the race.>

Sun: SET...

<The contestants get ready to sprint>

Sun: GO!

<Log immediately sprints ahead of the pack. Folder trails behind.>

<After a while, contestants begin to make it to the 1-mile mark.>

Sun: After 5:02, Log has finished the first mile! That's fast!

Sun: Not far behind him are Sword [5:20] and Colored Pencil! [5:23]

<More time passes.>

Sun: Folder is currently in last, having finished the first mile after 8:52.

<After a few minutes...>

Sun: Wow! Log is already two miles in at the 11:05 mark! Now that's fast!

Sun: Flashlight isn't too far behind, with a time of 11:36.

Sun: Here comes Chalk, at 11:46! Sword is at 11:52!

<After some time...>

Sun: Football is passing the two-mile mark at 13:59.

<More time passes.>

Sun: Candy has passed the two-mile mark at 15:47! Folder and Bag have yet to pass the mark.

<A minute or so later...>

Sun: This is incredible! Log is approaching the finish line!

Sun: Log! You've finished first with a time of 17:10! Amazing job!

Sun: At the same time, Folder and Bag have passed the second mile mark. Everyone is on the last mile now!

<After a minute>

Sun: Here comes Flashlight!

Sun: With a time of 18:06, you are second.

Sun: As I speak, Chalk and Colored Pencil are approaching the finish line!

<The two finish.>

Sun: Colored Pencil, you finished in 18:26. Chalk, you finished in 18:30. You guys are third and fourth, respectively.

Sun: Congrats, Sword. You are fifth with a time of 18:47.

<Some time passes.>

Sun: Oh my! Acid is almost done!

<Acid finishes.>

Sun: Acid, you are sixth with a time of 19:23. 3 people on each team have finished; 3 people on each team remain.

<Spoon finishes after a while.>

Sun: Spoon, you finished seventh with a time of 20:02. Congratulations.

<A minute passes before Candy Bar finishes.>

Sun: Congrats, Candy Bar. You're eighth with a time of 20:53.

Sun: The Right Side still has Bag and Football racing, while Candy and Folder remain for the Left.

Sun: Here comes Football!

<Football finishes.>

Sun: Football, you got ninth with a time of 21:18.

<After several minutes of no one finishing...>

Sun: Candy! You got tenth with a time of 24:37. Only Folder and Bag remain. Whichever one finishes first wins for their team.

<After three minutes...>

Sun: Here they come, neck-and-neck! I can't tell who will win!

<In the last 100 meters, Folder manages to barely overcome Bag.>

Sun: Folder, with a time of 27:30, you win for the Left Side! Bag, your time of 27:32 is the slowest, so the Right Side loses for the third time in a row.

<The entire Right Side looks disappointed as the Left celebrates their third victory>

Sun: Congratulations, Left Side, you are safe for yet another week. You guys must be tired after that long race, so please head to your cabins and get some rest.

Sun: As for the Right, one of them will be eliminated later tonight. You guys have a few hours to discuss who that will be.

<The contestants all head to their respective cabins.>

Football: Sword, you're finally here! Acid and I know something that you should know, too.

Sword: Really? What is it?

Acid: Spoon told us that Bag's evil. Don't you think that, if both Spoon and Grape reported it, it has to be true?

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Damn! Spoon told them already! I have to convince them otherwise before it's too late.

Sword: Guys... Spoon told me about that. She said she had a plan to get Bag out to stay in the game. I didn't say anything because I thought it was cool to be in the know. She's lying to you.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Seriously? She was LYING the whole time? This is getting ridiculous.

FOOTBALL (CONFESSIONAL): Gah, I should have known! There's no way Bag could be evil!

Acid: Ugh, that really grinds my gears. Thanks for saying something before I made a bad choice.

Sword: So... you guys are going to vote Spoon, too?

Football: Yeah. I don't want any liars on my team. They all need to fall! Did you tell Bag and Log about this?

Sword: They didn't even believe her in the first place. They knew she was lying.

Acid: Good.

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Okay, I didn't think it would be THAT easy. Are they really that dumb?


SPOON (CONFESSIONAL): I've told everyone about Bag. Since she's leaving, I need to confront her one last time, just out of satisfaction.

Spoon: Bag.

Bag: What's up, Spoon?

Spoon: Bag, I know you're a liar. A snake. I've told everyone already. It's about time you left for good, Bag.

Bag: Oh, Spoon, you're so hysterically naive. Do honestly think I don't have spies? I'm not working alone, and my help is making sure that no one believes your outlandish story. Your time is up, Spoon. You should have kept quiet while you had the chance.

Spoon: Ugh... ugh... I... I hate you! You're so... vile! You're a <expletive>!

Bag: Thank you. I pride myself on that, actually.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Ah, the idiots. They will all fall spectacularly. The smart fellows, though... they will survive. We live in a world where wits trump all. The witless have no chance. Frame. Grape. Spoon. They weren't wise enough. They didn't join me. Log. Sword. They're the ones that survive in the real world. Life isn't about being nice, it's about succeeding.

Sun: It's time to vote!

<The Right Side heads outside and begins to vote.>

ACID (VOTING): <holds up votes for Log, Bag, and Spoon> Spoon, lying won't get you anywhere in this game. Well, if you get caught, anyways. You got caught. Goodbye!

SWORD (VOTING): <holds up a vote for Acid, among others> You're starting to scare me, honestly. You've began to think for yourself, and it's making you dangerous. You aren't going tonight, but be wary. The lines are being drawn.

BAG (VOTING): <holds up a vote for Spoon, among others> Ah, Spoon. How quaint. The sooner you realize that the good guys don't always win, the better off you'll be. It's too late for you now, though. You should have joined me, but you didn't.

<The votes are tallied.>

Sun: Okay. Only one person didn't get any votes. That person is...

<Momentary pause.>

Sun: Sword.

Sun: All of the rest of you got at least three votes. The first person safe with three votes is...

<Dramatic pause...>

Sun: Log. The next person safe with three votes is...

<Another dramatic pause...>

Sun: Acid!

Sun: Bag. Football. Spoon. One of you got three votes, one got four votes, and another got five. The last two people safe, with three and four votes respectively, are...

<Very dramatic pause...>

Sun: Bag and Football! Spoon, you've been eliminated.

Spoon: WHAT?

Acid: That's what you get for lying, Spoon. 

Spoon: LYING? You said you believed me earlier!

Football: Well, we learned that you were, in fact, lying after the fact.

Acid: Yeah. Someone told us that you were planning on getting Bag out just to further your game.

Spoon: WHAT? WHO!?

Acid: It doesn't matter.

Sun: Spoon, it's time for you to leave.

<Spoon is escorted from the game.>

SPOON (FINAL WORDS): Are you kidding me!? Bag managed to trick them all into getting me out! Even then, she has accomplices on her own team, so she's not going to leave any time soon. UGH! I at least know Acid isn't one of them. Good luck, Acid. I'll be rooting for you.

Episode 6: "Discourse is Golden"

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Chalk and I have been discussing the family of elephants in the room: the "Big Four", as they call themselves. If we don't do anything about them, we'll both be eliminated just like <she snaps her fingers> that.

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): CP and I decided to head to the Right and try to work something out. Honestly, I'm getting really sick of the Big Four. They never even make the effort to talk to me anymore. Folder's the only one who really tries to seek out a friendship with CP and I.

<CP and Chalk head to the Right, and find Log.>

Colored Pencil: Hey, Log...

Log: Huh? Oh... hey, Colored Pencil.

Colored Pencil: You can call me CP... if you want to.

Log: Oh... okay, CP. What's up?

Chalk: We just thought there's something you might want to know.

Colored Pencil: Earlier this week, Football, Candy, Flashlight, and Candy Bar got in a huge fight. Apparently, Football was getting a bit too close to Candy, if you know what I mean.

<Log begins taking mental notes of the information to tell Bag later.>

Log: Huh... why were Flashlight and Candy Bar involved?

Chalk: Well... Candy, Flashlight, Candy Bar, and Folder are in an alliance. They're unbreakably tight. In fact, three of them never even talk to us...

<Chalk looks downwards in a defeated way.>

Log: Alright... good to know! Thanks. Why did you want to tell me this?

Colored Pencil: We know you're smart. We bet you could figure out something for us to do about it.

Log: I'll try to think of something. Thanks for telling me, though.

Chalk: Yeah, no problem...

<Chalk and Colored Pencil leave. Chalk noticeably walks with her head hung down.>

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): Wow... I honestly don't know what to say. There's a huge alliance on the other side, an alliance bigger than even Bag's alliance is. They completely ostracize the two non-members of the alliance, to the point where one of them is visibly depressed. Who am I to not do something about that?

<Log visits Bag.>

Log: Bag... I learned something very... interesting today.

Bag: Ooh... is it the kind of interesting that I like to hear?

Log: Even better. You see... there's a definitive hierarchy on the other side of the cabin. There's a four person alliance of Candy, Candy Bar, Folder, and Flashlight-

Bag: FOUR!?

Log: It gets better. Since there's six members on the side, that means that two of them, CP and Chalk, aren't in the alliance. Apparently, three of the four members completely ignore or even berate them constantly. Chalk is visibly depressed about it, and CP looks ready to shoot up the entire campground.

Bag: Oh my god, Log... this is perfect!

Log: It gets even better, Bag! Football went over there a few days ago, and he sat next to Candy. She got uncomfortable, got Flashlight and Candy Bar, and the four of them got into a vocal fight! It got to the point where Football had to leave for his own safety.

Bag: This is the best news I've heard since the game has started, Log!

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Log just spilled out a '''gold mine of juicy information. There's animosity between everyone in the Left. There's animosity between half of the Left and Football. There's a huge alliance that's playing this game horribly. There are so many ways to exploit this! We... we've got this in the bag.

Bag: Discourse is golden, Log. We need to exploit this...

Log: I have an idea, Bag... in my honest opinion, it's genius.

Bag: Spit it out, Log!

<Bag is extremely excited.>

Log: Well, first things first, on our side, we need to get rid of Football.

Bag: W... why? Discourse is golden, Log!

Log: We need to trick the Left. They won't want to trust us as much if we keep Football any longer.

Bag: Okay... and?

Log: We need to win this next challenge. It's imperative.

Bag: I thought we wanted to get rid of Football?

Log: Trust me, Bag. If we win...

<Log describes his entire plan to Bag, who begins to understand and gets giddy.>

Bag: That is genius, Log! You, Sword, and I are going to be the final three. No doubt.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): I'm really excited about my plan. It's practically foolproof, and it's so... diabolical. I feel like an evil genius...!

<Bag fills Sword in on Log's plan.>

Sword: Oh my... how did he come up with that? It's brilliant! There's no way we can lose!

Bag: Yes... we just need to wait for all of the pieces of the puzzle to fall perfectly into place...

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): I was skeptical about Log being in the alliance at first, because he hadn't really proved his worth. However, with this plan... he deserves to win over any of us. It's the most diabolical plan I've heard in my life.


FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Even days after the event, I'm still royally ticked off at Football. He's a total douche.

Flashlight: Honestly, I want him out. ASAP.

Candy Bar: Yeah, totally. He's honestly the biggest jerk in the entire game.

Flashlight: Did you forget about Chalk? He's close, though.

Candy Bar: Ugh. When will she leave already? She's the biggest <expletive> I've ever met, and then some.

<Chalk overhears this discussion.>

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): I... I've been nothing but nice to them for weeks, and they still... still... treat me like garbage. I... I'm getting sick... of it. <Chalk begins to cry.>

Folder: Umm... Chalk's actually been really kind lately. Have you guys bothered to talk to her?

Candy Bar: Why would we want to talk to her?

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): When did you become so nasty? Why is she the "<expletive>" when all you ever do is make fun of her? She's changed for the better, and I couldn't be happier.

Folder: Personally, I like to know how everyone on the team is thinking. We're a team, after all.

Flashlight: Yeah, you have a point there, Folder, but Chalk's done nothing but hurt our team.

Folder: She won a challenge for us. She did extremely well in the race, too. So what if her first two weeks were a little rocky? She changed her attitude, and we've won three times in a row.

Flashlight: Hmm... I don't know. She has helped us out, true. I'm not sure if I can forgive her just yet, though.

Candy Bar: Snap out of it, Flashlight! This is Chalk we're talking about!

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Folder does bring up some good points about Chalk, and it would be detrimental to the team if we didn't acknowledge her. Still, she caused so much pain earlier on... I'm not sure if she's ready to truly be part of the team just yet.

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): Is Folder high? Is Flashlight high? Since when did Chalk deserve credit for anything? She was my friend for a good few days before I realized how annoying she was. How does CP still interact with her? I honestly think everyone's gone mad.

Folder: By the way, I don't really think Football is a creep. He's just a little... dumb, you know?

<Just then, Candy walks into the room.>

Candy: I... kind of agree, Folder. He was just making me uncomfortable. I didn't think there would be a fight about it.


COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I was eavesdropping on the "Big Four"s conversation, and... it made me feel a bit left out. Generally speaking, they were bashing Chalk and, by proxy, me. I feel as if I have to do something big to stay in the game, but I don't really know what to do quite yet.

Chalk: CP... what will happen if we lose?

Colored Pencil: Let's not worry about that, Chalk. We have to win this next challenge.

Chalk: I want to talk to the Big Four. I want them to know that I'm not a psycho. Should I go?

Colored Pencil: Hey, it won't hurt anybody. Go ahead.

<Chalk heads to the boys' room, where the Big Four are talking and having fun.>

Chalk: Hey guys! What're you playing?

Flashlight: Uhh...

Folder: We're playing BS. Wanna join?

<Candy Bar glares at Folder and shakes his head, trying to get Folder to not let her play.>

Chalk: Oh... sure...

<Chalk joins, and Flashlight redeals. The five of them get through half of the game without anyone saying anything.>

Chalk: So... how's it going?

Folder: It's going well. It's been pretty peaceful here.

<Candy is down to her last card.>

Candy: One "6"! I win!

Chalk: BS!

<Candy shows Chalk the "6", and does a victory dance.>

Candy Bar: Haha.

Chalk: ...Good game, guys.

<No one says anything for a while.>

Folder: Yeah, you too.

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): Oh my god... they hate me! Only Folder talked to me, and Candy Bar laughed at me when I called the BS wrong... I... I'm just about done with this game... I can't stay here much longer...

<Chalk heads back to the girls' room, where CP is sitting alone.>

Colored Pencil: It was pretty quiet... what happened?

Chalk: No one talked to me except Folder... I'm getting really sick of this game, CP. I don't know how much longer I can hang in here.

Colored Pencil: You can't quit, Chalk. You have to keep going until the bitter end. Do it for your own dignity. If you quit, Candy Bar and Flashlight win. Don't let them win, Chalk. You can't.

Chalk: You... you know what? You're right. I can't just quit! I have to keep going. Thanks, Colored Pencil.

Colored Pencil: No... thank you, Chalk. You're the bravest person I know.

<Chalk and Colored Pencil momentarily embrace.>

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): I was about ready to quit... but CP convinced me not to. She's the only true friend I've ever had, and I couldn't be more thankful.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Chalk has gone through so much, yet she still manages to stay strong. She's inspirational. I can't believe that Candy Bar could treat her like that, though... he's got a tough road ahead of him. I'll make sure of that... >:)

Sun: Alright, guys! It's time for your sixth challenge!

<The eleven remaining contestants head outside to the challenge area.>

Sun: Alright. This challenge is a bit different than the other challenges we've had so far. In this challenge, five people from each team will paint a painting. After an hour, I will score each painting out of ten. Whichever team has more points at the end of the challenge will win. Since the Left has one more member than the Right, one of them will sit out today.

<The Left breifly discusses who should sit out.>

Folder: I'm sitting out, Sun.

Sun: Alrighty, then. Your hour begins... now!

<The contestants paint. Chalk struggles, while Candy seems to excel.>

Sun: Your hour is up! Acid, you're first. Let me see your painting.

<Sun judges Acid's painting.>

Sun: Acid... you did rather poorly. You obviously aren't the best artist. 3/10.

Sun: Next up... Bag!

<Sun judges Bag's painting.>

Sun: Bag... you did well! You definitely have artistic talent. 8/10.

<Sun judges Candy's painting.>

Sun: Candy... you did amazingly! Your painting is beautiful, but not perfect. 9/10.

Sun: Next up is Candy Bar.

<Sun judges Candy Bar's painting.>

Sun: Candy Bar... it's okay. You may have some artistic talent, but you didn't "wow" me. 6/10.

Sun: After two paintings from each team, the Left leads 15-11. Next up is Chalk.

<As Chalk is bringing her painting up, she drops it in the mud.>

Sun: Chalk... your painting wasn't very good before, but, with it covered in mud, I can't even see it. Sorry, but you get a 0/10.

<Chalk walks dejectedly back to her easel.>

Sun: Next up is Colored Pencil.

<Colored Pencil's painting is judged.>

Sun: Colored Pencil... it's not good, but it's not bad, either. 5/10.

Sun: Flashlight, you're up!

<Flashlight's painting is judged.>

Sun: Flashlight... you didn't do very well. It's mediocre at best. 4/10.

Sun: With that, the Left has a final score of 24! To beat that, the next three people need to get a total of 14 points.

Sun: Football, you're next!

<Sun judges Football's "painting".>

Sun: Football... this is simply awful. Unlike Chalk, I can actually see your painting, though. 1/10.

Sun: With that, the next two people need to get a total of 13 points to win! That isn't easy...

Sun: Log! Hand me your painting!

<Log's painting is judged.>

Sun: Log... you did okay. 6/10.

Sun: Sword, you have to get 7/10 or better to beat the Left. Let's see what you have!

<Sun carefully inspects Sword's painting.>

Sun: Sword... you did...





Sun: Well! You get an 8/10! By a score of 26-24, the Right finally wins after a three-week drought!


Football: Nice job, guys.

Acid: I can't believe you're good at painting, Sword! This is amazing!

Sword: Thanks, guys!

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Our win today was an absolute must, and I'm honored that my painting brought the team to victory. I feel like a champ!

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): The only variable in my plan was winning this challenge, and we did it. Nothing stands in our way. We're going to take this competition by storm, and no one will stop us.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Sword proved he was smart with the trivia challenge, that he's fast with the 5k challenge, and now he's proven that he's artistic!? Dude's got talent, definitely. Next thing you know, he can sing!

FOOTBALL (CONFESSIONAL): I hated how we got smashed in so many challenges, and I was scared we would lose this one, too! We really lucked out, though. Hopefully the five of us will all make the merge together! That would be awesome!

Sun: Unfortunately for the Left, after three weeks, one of you guys will be leaving the game tonight. Now's the time to decide just who that will be.

<Both teams head to their respective cabins.>

CHALK (CONFESSIONAL): I... I'm not going to be able to go through the berating that Candy Bar's going to give me. Had I not been clumsy, we could have won the challenge. It's my fault this happened... I'm going to ask them to vote me out.

<Chalk heads to the boys' room.>

Chalk: Guys... I feel really bad about today. I've been responsible for so much loss on our team... you guys should vote me out. I can't take the pressure any more.

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): She wants to leave? Well, goodbye then! We won't miss you, sweetie.

<Candy Bar, Candy, and Flashlight go outside to discuss strategy.>

Folder: Chalk, are you sure about this? Everyone makes mistakes.

Chalk: I'm going to get voted out anyways! No one likes me, Folder.

Folder: Chalk... like you. I like you... I like you a lot.

Chalk: W...what? You... you do!?

Folder: Yeah... ever since I first saw you... I thought you were beautiful. I never said anything, not even in a confessional. I was too nervous to let anyone know...

Chalk: Folder... besides CP, you're the only person here that really cares about me. I don't know if I'm ready for... a relationship just yet, but... here's my number. Call me when this is all over, okay?

<Chalk hands Folder a small piece of paper before heading to the girls' room.>

Folder: I will, Chalk.

<After thinking for a while, Folder rushes into the girls' room. CP is sitting on a bunk; Chalk isn't in the room.>

Folder: Where's Chalk?

Colored Pencil: She's in the bathroom... why?

Folder: I'm not sure what to do... CP... I like her. She knows this already. She told me to vote her out. I don't want her to go, but I don't want to force her to stay, either. What should I do?

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): UGH... Candy Bar did this, didn't he? He guilt-tripped her into quitting. I can't stop her now. I know her too well - she's stubborn.

Colored Pencil: We... we have to do... the unthinkable. She's not safe here any more, emotionally-speaking. She's about to breakdown, and I can't do that to her. It's time... to pull the plug.

Folder: I understand. I feel so horrible about it... but it's for the best. She isn't happy here. I want her to be happy.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): Everything's happening so fast... I can't bear her leaving, but it would be selfish of me to force her to stay. I'm... I'm sorry about this, Chalk.

Sun: It's time to vote, guys!

<The Left heads to the elimination area and begins voting.>

FOLDER (VOTING): <holds up votes for Chalk, Candy Bar, and Flashlight> Chalk, I'm really sorry about this. I won't forget to call you once this is all over. I hope we can meet again someday...

COLORED PENCIL (VOTING): <holds up votes for Candy Bar, among others> Candy Bar, you're the most vile creature I've ever met. I hope you and your alliance, minus Folder, all fall one-by-one... spectacularly. In fact, I'll make sure of it.

Sun: Alright. The votes have been tallied. Everybody got at least one vote. With one vote...

<Dramatic pause>

Sun: Candy and Folder are safe. Congratulations, guys!

<The two of them are glad to be safe first.>

Sun: The rest of you all got at least three votes. With three votes...

<Dramatic pause>

Sun: Colored Pencil, you're safe. Congrats!

Candy Bar: WHAT? Which one of you guys didn't vote for her?

Colored Pencil: Come off it, Candy Bar.

Sun: We don't really have time for this, guys... anyways, there are three of you left. Two of you guys got four votes, while the other got five and is eliminated. The first person safe with four votes is...

<Very dramatic pause>

Sun: Flashlight! That leaves Candy Bar and Chalk. The last person safe is...







Sun: Candy Bar! Chalk, I'm sorry, but you've been eliminated with five votes. It's time for you to go.

Chalk: Thank you, Colored Pencil. I was scared you would pull something to keep me here. I honestly wouldn't have been able to last another week. Folder, I have to tell you something.

Folder: What?

Chalk: I... I like you, too. Please call me once you've been eliminated. We need to catch up. Hopefully, we can even meet up outside of the game sometime. Thanks for being so understanding.

Folder: I... I don't know what to say, Chalk... I will never forget to call you. We can talk every day if you want.

Chalk: I would love that, Folder...

Chalk: As for the rest of you... you guys are sanctimonious <expletive> and I hope life treats you horribly. You guys treated me like I was a wild animal, not another person. Hasta la vista!

Colored Pencil: Chalk, wait... here's my number. We need to hang out someday. Maybe you, Folder, and I could all meet up someday. Don't forget to call me.

Chalk: You think I wouldn't call you? Here's my number. Call me once you get eliminated, CP. Hopefully that's not for a long while. I want you to tell me everything that happens once I'm gone. Don't leave out a single detail.

Colored Pencil: I won't.

Folder: Me, either.

Chalk: Alright. Bye, guys! Rot in hell, Candy Bar!

Candy Bar: You're funny. I hope you do, too!

<Chalk is sent off in a Ferrari.>

Sun: With the teams equalized once again, which team will come out on top? Who will be the seventh contestant eliminated? Find out next week!

CHALK (FINAL WORDS): I'm honestly very glad to be out of this hellhole, though I did meet a few really good people during my journey. I never knew how it felt to be cared about, but Colored Pencil and Folder cared about me relentlessly. I really can't thank them enough for changing who I am as a person for the better. I can't wait to get in touch with them again. Until then, though... good luck, guys! Not sure if you'll last very long, but I'll be rooting for you almost as much as you guys rooted for me. Love you!



Episode 7: "The Tables Have Turned"

Sun: Earlier, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Sixteen contestants from around the world came to compete for a $1,200,000-equivalent prize.

Sun: Bag vowed to trick the competition by acting innocent and pure.

Sun: Dorito, however, grew very vocal in his distaste in Candy Bar.

Sun: In that same vein, Chalk and Door were quick to get at each other's throats.

Sun: After an embarrassing loss, Dorito was sent off due to his derogatory remarks directed at Candy Bar.

Sun: Very early on, Candy and Flashlight began to hit it off.

Sun: Grape and Frame also formed a very close friendship, as did Acid, Sword, and Football.

Sun: Bag noticed the growing friendships around her, and decided to break them apart while forming her own.

Sun: Bag lied to Grape, saying that Frame was gunning for her. Meanwhile, she befriended Log, who was secretly aware of Bag's antics.

Sun: Meanwhile, Door and Chalk resorted to physical violence, which eventually lead to Door's exit in a tiebreaker vote.

Sun: Flashlight began to form a strong four-person alliance of himself, Candy, Candy Bar, and Folder, leaving Chalk and Colored Pencil in the dust.

Sun: Meanwhile, Grape spread the news of Frame's apparent betrayal, resulting in Frame's elimination.

Sun: However, Bag claimed to have never told Grape that Frame wanted to get her out, causing the rest of her team to lose trust in Grape.

Sun: During the fourth challenge, Flashlight and Candy confessed their love for each other, leading to a seemingly-strong relationship.

Sun: At the same time, Chalk came clean to Colored Pencil about her troubled past and vowed to change for the better, leading to their repaired friendship.

Sun: Grape's untrustworthiness and horrible challenge performance lead to her elimination.

Sun: Spoon, however, believed Grape's story. She convinced Acid and Football that Bag was, in fact, an evil mastermind.

Sun: However, thanks to Sword seeking out and joining Bag's alliance, Acid and Football were quickly convinced otherwise and helped eliminate Spoon from the competition.

Sun: Due to not attending elimination for three weeks in a row, tensions grew on the left. Chalk felt very disconnected from the main alliance on the team.

Sun: Colored Pencil tried to comfort Chalk and tried to get the others to talk with her, but she had little success.

Sun: Folder, however, had a crush on Chalk and was growing tired of his alliance's treatment of her.

Sun: Despite the support for her, Chalk ended up asking to be voted out, and was eliminated. Colored Pencil vowed to get vengeance on the Left's main alliance.

Sun: What plans will surface throughout the game? Which pacts will be formed, and which will be broken? Find out in Part II: Deceit and Disorder!

<The intro plays.>

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): I had heard earlier in the week that Chalk had left the competition, exactly as planned. Unless I made a grave error, the rest of the plan will complete itself.

<Colored Pencil storms into the girls' room on the Right.>

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Most people would say that I should get over Chalk and fight fair-and-square until the bitter end. That's not my plan. I want revenge. I want to see Candy Bar and The World's Most Nauseating Couple annihilated from this game, the more forceful the better.

Bag: Uhh... CP? What happened? You look upset!

Colored Pencil: Bag?

Bag: ...What?

Colored Pencil: Where would I find... oh, I don't know... Log, maybe?

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Oh... my... GOD! Log's plan... it's working! He said that Colored Pencil would eventually seek him out to help with dirty work. Based on her facial expressions, she's never been this angry in her life...

Bag: CP... I know what you want.

Colored Pencil: Huh...?

Bag: Flashlight and his clique forced Chalk out of the game, didn't they? They did it without class, without empathy... right?

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): How does Bag know how I'm feeling? Why is she acting... different?

Bag: CP. I'm not a fluffy sheltered pushover. It's an act. Trust me, though... I know exactly what you should do. Who do you want out?

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): She's... she's a mastermind? HER!?

Colored Pencil: Hmm...

Bag: Let me help you out. Who was the rudest to you and to Chalk?

Colored Pencil: Candy Bar, definitely.

Bag: Well, you can't go for him, then.

Colored Pencil: Why?

Bag: I want to take him out myself. Or, at the very least, be there when he's taken out.

Bag: You see, you want to dig deeper. You want to destroy everyone's morale. Who could you get rid of that would negatively affect everyone's happiness except your own?

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): She wants me to leave a wound. She wants me to deal damage to my Side. The person who comes to mind right away is Folder... but he really doesn't deserve it. He's my only friend on my side.

Colored Pencil: Flashlight's the leader of the alliance. Without him, there'd certainly be chaos.

<Log and Sword walk into the room. Log almost gets giddy by seeing Colored Pencil and Bag talking, but he stops himself.>

Sword: You want to get Flashlight out. Without him... Candy Bar and Candy won't have a common tie. They could drift apart. Even if they don't... getting rid of Candy has no chance of hurting Candy Bar and Flashlight's friendship. They'll still be friends.

Log: I agree with him. Flashlight's friends with Candy Bar and is dating Candy. He's what ties the three of them together. He's the leader of the alliance.

Colored Pencil: But... how do I get him out of the game?

Bag: I know what might work...

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Wow... Log's plan is working perfectly. I knew it was a very good plan, but it's almost uncanny how spot-on his thinking actually was.

Colored Pencil: Wait... Sword? Log? Do you know about Bag?

Sword: We're in Bag's alliance, silly.

Log: Yep. We've only got three members, though... unless...

Bag: We want you to join us. Three members? Sure, that's formidable, but four? That's unstoppable! What do you say, CP?

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Oh, wow... I've only been talking to Bag for ten minutes, and I'm already being offered a huge alliance deal? It looks like the tables have turned.

Colored Pencil: I... I accept. I'll join your alliance.

Bag: Awesome!

Log: Anyways, as Bag was saying, getting Flashlight out is very simple. Say, do you have any personal items back in your cabin?

Colored Pencil: Yeah. I've got my makeup. I don't use it much, but-

Log: When no one else is in the cabin, take your makeup and hide it under Flashlight's bunk. Simple.

Colored Pencil: Um... Flashlight has a top bunk, though.

Sword: Hide it under his pillow?

Colored Pencil: Oh, yes... of course. How could I forget?

Bag: After you do that, try your best to throw the challenge without making it look like you did.

Colored Pencil: W...why?

Bag: Shh. Now, if your team still wins, take the makeup back when no one's looking. If you lose, though...

<Bag tells Colored Pencil exactly what to do. After a bit of explaining, she's on board.>

Colored Pencil: Wow, that's actually very genius... and very evil, too. Nice job, Bag!

Bag: Thank you, but it was actually Log's idea.

Log: Guilty as charged!

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Log's plan, huh... it's weird that they call it "Bag's" alliance when Log does the dirty work... interesting...

Colored Pencil: Thank you guys so much. If everything goes to plan, I'll be here next week to thank you guys again!

Sword: Hopefully. Have a great week, Colored Pencil. I'm sure it won't be great for Flashlight.

Colored Pencil: Hahah, it won't at all, will it? I'll see you guys around.

<Colored Pencil leaves, returning to her home. Meanwhile..>

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Sword's been... different ever since Grape checked out. He hasn't been hanging around with us much. He spends all of his time on "walks" or talking to Log. I kinda miss when he hung out with us more...

Acid: Say, Football... why isn't Sword around as much as he used to be?

Football: Huh? Oh, I don't know. You think he's spending more time alone because he had a crush on Grape?

Acid: No. He doesn't seem to be very into girls, you know?

Football: True. Can you believe he's never had a girlfriend?

Acid: Oh, come off it, Football! I'm the only one on our entire side who's had one.

Football: So?

Acid: So, don't be a hypocrite! Anyways, that's not really important. Doesn't it seem, you know... fishy that he suddenly stopped hanging out with us at week five?

Football: He's been living with us 24/7 for over a month now. Maybe he just got a bit tired of us.

Acid: I guess that makes sense, but... it just happened so suddenly. He didn't gradually drift away, he just decided one day to pay us less attention. I almost think that something... greater than us is going on. Something out of our control.

Football: Well, if it really bothers you so much, why not talk to him? I kinda miss him, too.

Acid: Hm... I'll try. Hold on a minute.

<Acid presses his head against the door between the boys' and girls' rooms on the Right. He hears Sword talking inside. Slowly, he opens the door.>

Acid: Sword...?

<Sword quickly turns around in fear.>

Sword: Acid? You scared me!

Acid: Why are you talking to Bag and Log instead of Football and me? We miss when you hung out with us more...

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): <expletive>! Is he on to us!?

Sword: Oh... you do? I'm really sorry, Acid. <He turns to Log and Bag.> Do you guys mind if I head to the other room?

<Log and Bag look at each other in fear for a second.>

Bag: It's fine.

Log: Yeah, dude. They're your friends. Go ahead.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Acid's getting dangerous. Real dangerous. We need to get Football out first, but... I'm starting to worry that he might discover our alliance.

<Sword leaves the girls' room.>

Acid: Sword... why were you hanging out with Bag instead of us?

<Football notices their entrance. Sword tries to think of something to say.>

Sword: I was just... talking about the challenge with them. We were trying to plan ahead.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): I can kind of tell that Sword isn't being 100% truthful. He's been acting really suspicious lately... why Bag?

Football: Oh... what do you think the challenge will be?

Sword: Your guess is as good as mine, though it might be a physical challenge.

Acid: I hope it's basketball. A nice 5 on 5 match would really hit the spot after that horrible art challenge last week.

Football: No, dude, it's going to be football.

Sword: Yeah, it will be football. Not the American kind, though.

Football: What if it's a combination of the three!?

<Acid and Sword look disapprovingly at Football for a second before continuing their discussion. They talk for hours, catching up on what Sword missed. Meanwhile...>

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): I haven't seen Colored Pencil all day. I'm not really sure where she went, but... she's not in the cabin.

Candy Bar: Flashlight, have you seen Colored Pencil?

Flashlight: Nope. Why? You think she ran off?

Candy Bar: I don't know... she might be upset about Chalk or something. Good riddance, by the way.

Candy: Yeah... it's been super quiet ever since Chalk left.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): Who knew that trying to be nice to sanctimonious sociopaths could be so hard? Oh... wait - everyone knows that. These three make a perfect trio of jealousy and pointless spite. Poor Colored Pencil probably ran into the woods after what they did to Chalk. She knows she's next... I wish I could do something about it.

<Folder moves from the packed boys' room to the empty girls' room. Just then, Colored Pencil calmly yet angrily enters.>

Folder: Colored Pencil? Where have you been?

Colored Pencil: Folder, I have a plan to keep myself, and you, in this game.

Folder: What're you going to do?

Colored Pencil: I'm going to hide my makeup under Flashlight's pillow.

Folder: Why, exactly?

Colored Pencil: When we lose this next challenge, I'm going to ensure his elimination. I'll frame him of stealing my makeup, and he'll be sent packing in moments.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): So that's what she was doing! She was devising a way to get revenge on the Big Three. I'd normally try to stop her from making a rash decision, but... he really deserves it. I can't wait to see the look on his face...!

Folder: Please, for the sake of all things good... make sure Candy and Candy Bar give him hell before he leaves.

Colored Pencil: Oh, that's gonna happen all right.

Folder: Great. If only I had popcorn to watch the show...

<Colored Pencil waits quietly for the Big Three to leave the room, makeup in hand.>

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): At this point, I'm scared CP won't be back in time for the challenge today. She's just... gone. I didn't see her once today. Did we go too far with Chalk last week?

Candy: Guys, I'm starting to worry about CP. She's been missing for hours.

Candy Bar: What're we supposed to do about it?

Flashlight: Yeah?

Candy: Oh, I don't know, look for her? You guys obviously didn't get enough sleep last night.

Flashlight: Good idea. We don't have much of a chance in this next challenge without her. Let's go, guys.

<Flashlight pauses for a second.>

Flashlight: Folder? Are you coming with us?

<Folder casually walks into the boys' room.>

Folder: Huh?

Candy Bar: We're looking for CP.

Folder: Oh, okay. Let's go.

<The four of them leave the cabin, leaving Colored Pencil completely alone. She silently and gently tucks her makeup under Flashlight's pillow, then heads into the bathroom. After a while...>

Candy: Where could she be? We looked everywhere! Should we report her missing?

<Colored Pencil yells from inside the bathroom.>

Colored Pencil: Where could who be?

Candy: Oh, thank God! We couldn't find you anywhere!

Colored Pencil: I've been in the bathroom for the past half an hour... did you not see me go in?

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): She was? Weird... I should have seen her come into the bathroom. Whatever.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Boy, am I glad she showed up. Now we have extra challenge assistance and designated cannon fodder if we lose.

<Just then...>

Sun: Contestants! It's challenge time! Head outside immediately!

<The ten remaining contestants excitedly head outside, eager to get the challenge over with.>

Sun: This challenge is simple. Each team will get a map of the camp. Each map depicts a location where a treasure is located. Whichever team unearths the  treasure and brings it back first will win immunity. The other team will send someone home. Understand?

<The contestants nod in understanding.>

Sun: All right. Here are your treasure maps.

<Sun hands each team a map at random, as well as a compass.>

Sun: You may begin.

<Log quickly studies the map before figuring out where to go.>

Log: Guys... where we have to go is really far away. It'll take us half an hour to walk there.

Sword: Oh, well. Nothing we can do about that except not stopping.

Acid: Log, you're sure that you're going the right way?

Log: Trust me, Acid. I know what I'm doing,

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Well, that was a bit patronizing...

<Meanwhile, the Left struggles.>

Candy Bar: So... does anyone know how to use a compass?

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Ah... this is the perfect opportunity to mess us up.

Colored Pencil: I do. What you want to do is tilt the compass until the arrow faces the direction you want to go. Then, you just walk in that direction!

Flaslight: Like this?

<Flashlight does exactly as Colored Pencil says.>

Colored Pencil: No, no, you're doing it wrong!

Flashlight: This is exactly what you told me to do!

Colored Pencil: Fine... but if we go the wrong direction, it's your fault.

Flashlight: We're not going to go the wrong direction, CP. Stop being dramatic.

<Flashlight confidently follows the map's instructions. After twenty minutes of walking goes by...>

Flashlight: Guys! The treasure should be right under our feet!

<They dig for a long while, finding nothing.>

Candy: Huh... the treasure sure is buried deep...

Colored Pencil: No it isn't! We went the wrong direction! East is <Colored Pencil points East> 'that way!

Candy Bar: Why in God's name did you decide not to tell us!?

Colored Pencil: I tried, but Flashlight insisted that he was right.

<The team angrily glances at Flashlight.>

Flashlight: I did what she told me to do!

Colored Pencil: Boloney!

Folder: We don't have time for this, guys! We have to run to get to where the treasure is in time!

<The team sprints Southeast, desperate to claim victory. Meanwhile...>

Log: We're finally here! Start digging, guys!

<Log throws a shovel towards Sword, who starts digging frantically.>

Sword: I... I think I hit something! Help me get it!

Acid: Will do!

<Everyone except Log and Bag jump into Sword's hole and try to pry the treasure out of the ground. Meanwhile...>

Folder: Ugh... we-we're here.

<Out of breath after running a mile and a half, the team rests for a second.>

'''Flashlight: We don't have time to rest, guys! Let's dig!

<Slowly but surely, the Left eventually hits something solid.>

Candy Bar: This is the treasure, guys! Everyone, pull!

<As the Left pulls out their treasure, the Right has already walked halfway back with their treasure.>

Bag: This is awesome, guys! Do you think the other team has finished already?

Football: Nah. We made great time.

Sword: Mhm.

Log: I say we run this last mile just to be sure.

Sword: Good idea.

Acid: Okay. Log and Sword'll carry the treasure.

<Football and Acid hand the large chest to the team's quickest runners. The team begins racing to the finish. The Left does the same.>

Colored Pencil: Guys, I don't think we're gonna win. We went the complete wrong direction!

Flashlight: Don't get us down, CP. We ran most of the way, so we should be able to beat them out.

<The Right reaches the starting point a few minutes before the Left.>

Sun: It looks like the Right has won their second challenge in a row! Congrats yet again, guys!

<The Right cheers and heads back into their cabin.>

Sun: Sorry, Left, but, four the fourth time this game, you will have to vote one of your own out of the game. You have some time to decide who that'll be. Until then, good luck!

<The Left dejectedly returns to their cabin.>

Flashlight: So... Colored Pencil, right?

Candy: Well, yes, but... you kind of screwed us over, Flashlight.

Flashlight: Me? She gave me bogus directions and refused to correct me!

Candy Bar: Actually, you kind of rejected her correction. Plus, without her, we never would've even found our treasure to begin with.

<Just then, Colored Pencil enters the room, feigning confusion.>

Colored Pencil: Have any of you guys seen my makeup? I can't find it in the bathroom, and it was there before I left for the challenge.

Flashlight: Go look harder, then.

Colored Pencil: I thought you were nice, Flashlight, but you've treated me horribly today! I bet you took it.

Flashlight: Why would I do that?

Colored Pencil: You just want to spite me before you eliminate me tonight. I know I'm done for this week, for your information. No need to hide that.

Flashlight: I didn't take your makeup, CP.

Colored Pencil: Oh, really? Let me check your bunk, then!

Flashlight: Gladly! Go ahead!

<Colored Pencil sifts through Flashlight's bunk.>

Flashlight: See? Nothing!

<Colored Pencil checks under the pillow where she hid the makeup and retrieves it.>

Colored Pencil: Aha! You did take it!

Flashlight: Wait... what!?

Candy: F-flashlight? Why would you do that?

Flashlight: I didn't do anything!

Candy: Yeah, right. You know what? We're done.

Flashlight: You... what? Can't we talk this out?

<Candy Bar, Folder, and Colored Pencil awkwardly watch the breakup unfold.>?

Candy: I don't want to talk to you, Flashlight. What's gotten in to you? You've been a raging douchecanoe to Colored Pencil this past week, to the point where I feared for her safety! If you're going to be such an inconsiderate <expletive>, you can kiss me and this game goodbye.

Flashlight: Candy, I-

Candy: I don't want to hear it, Flashlight. I can't believe I felt something for you. You're cold. You're heartless.

Flashlight: Fine! We're over!

<Flashlight rushes into the unoccupied bathroom and slams the door.>

Candy Bar: Candy... are you okay?

Candy: Yeah, I'm fine. It's just funny how someone you trusted so much could be such a jerk.

Colored Pencil: I'm so sorry about this, Candy. I caused all this.

Candy: Don't kid yourself, CP. This isn't your fault. It's his fault.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): That went even better than I'd hoped! They hate each other now. This is simply amazing.

Sun: Contestants! It's time to vote! Remember that, due to your guys' size, you can only vote for two people instead of three. Get voting!

FLASHLIGHT (VOTING): <holds up votes for Candy and Colored Pencil> Candy, I can't believe you didn't believe me. I thought you trusted me. I guess I was wrong.

CANDY (VOTING): <holds up votes for Flashlight and Folder> CP, I would feel awful for voting you, so I transfered my vote to Folder instead. Folder, you're a rad dude, so don't take offense to this.

Sun: The votes have been tallied! Let's cut to the chase.

Sun: Everyone got at least one vote this time. With just a single vote...

<Not-so-dramatic pause...>

Sun: Candy and Folder are safe.

<The two, though expecting safety, are still grateful to be declared safe.>

Sun: That leaves Flashlight, Colored Pencil, and Candy Bar. Safe with two votes is...

<Slightly more dramatic pause...>

Sun: Candy Bar!

Sun: The moment of truth. Flashlight or Colored Pencil, which will be safe? The contestant who is eliminated is...













Sun: Flashlight! Colored Pencil, you're safe with just two votes.

Flashlight: This is ridiculous! I didn't hide CP's makeup!

Candy Bar: Flashlight, we've all had enough of this. Colored Pencil did nothing to deserve your cruelty, but you still decided to be mean to her. That, my "friend", is the lowest of the low.

Colored Pencil: Flashlight, why can't you be honest? Why are you deluding yourself just to be the "innocent" person in the situation? Why did you hide my makeup?

Flashlight: If you guys aren't going to believe me, then... so be it. I don't want to spend time with you guys. Folder, although you voted for me, I'm still wishing you luck, dude. You're the real innocent one here. Go far for me!

Folder: Uh...

<Flashlight exits the game.>

Sun: I have important news, guys! Make sure to tell the other side, too: there will be no more team challenges! Starting next week, you all will compete in the first individual challenge in the season. Goodnight!

<The four remaining members of the Left retire into their cabins.>

Sun: With the game picking up, who will be left in the dust? Who will fluorish? Find out next week! Until then, goodnight!

FLASHLIGHT (FINAL WORDS): I'm not exactly sure what happened. Colored Pencil found my makeup hidden under my pillow. I know I didn't put it there. I feel like someone tried to frame me, but... who? I'll do my best to figure it out. I wish the best of luck to Folder, who was the only person out of everyone that truly didn't do a thing wrong, myself included. I hope you win it all, buddy! The rest can <expletive> themselves for all I care.

Episode 8: "Something Fishy"

Sun: Last time, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Colored Pencil joined an alliance with Bag, Log, and Sword; she was told to hide her makeup under Flashlight's pillow.

Sun: Meanwhile, Acid grew suspicious over Sword's asbence in the past weeks.

Sun: On the Left, Folder heard about Colored Pencil's plan, but didn't do anything about it.

Sun: After breaking up with Candy, Flashlight was sent home unanimously.

Sun: With only nine contestants left and no team challenges remaining, who will be eliminated next? Find out right now!

<The intro plays>

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): After Flashlight's dismissal, Candy's been less than a happy camper. She's been brooding constantly. I don't see how she can care so much about a guy as cruel as he is.

Candy Bar: Candy... are you okay?

Candy: I'm... fine, Candy Bar. Just leave me alone. I need to cool down.

Candy Bar: Candy... I'm your friend. If you're angry or depressed, you can tell me.

Candy: I'm fine! Go away!

<Candy sobs and locks herself in the bathroom.>

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): They all must think I've gone crazy! They don't like me any more! It's just that, when I heard about what Flashlight did... I felt so betrayed; I felt like an idiot for trusting him. He was my first ever crush and he might be my last, at least for a long, long time. Love is too painful for me.

<Colored Pencil walks in to see Candy Bar sitting by himself, upset and frustrated.>

Colored Pencil: Did Candy lock herself in the bathroom? I kinda need to go...

Candy Bar: She's been really upset, CP. I'm scared she might...

Colored Pencil: Quit?

Candy Bar: You can put it like that, yes... can you go see if she's okay? She won't talk to me.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I would applaud myself for a job well done, but... I'm not that sick. She's gone into the deep end, and I'm not sure if she'll ever come back. And it's my fault.

<Colored Pencil knocks on the bathroom door.>

Colored Pencil: Candy? Are you in there? Hello!?

<Candy responds in a muffled voice>

Candy: Go away, CP! Can't you see I want to be alone?

Colored Pencil: Candy... I know how it feels to lose someone you care about like that...

Candy: What? You do...?

Colored Pencil: When Chalk got eliminated... I felt empty. I felt like she was the only person here that really cared about me... and she was sent away. Willingly, yes, but still... I'm still not over it.

Candy: ...

Colored Pencil: Right then and there, when she left for good... I told myself to never give up in her name. So far, that mindset has worked. I managed to get through a week by my lonesome.

Candy: ...

Colored Pencil: If anything, try your best to come out on top so you can shove it in that <expletive>'s face. To be honest, I want to see his shocked face when you win if I can't.

Candy: ... Do you really mean that, CP?

<CP sighs solemnly.>

Colored Pencil: I do. I know you have it in you. You're strong. You just have to believe in yourself.

<After a few minutes, the bathroom door clicks. Meanwhile...>

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): It was nice for Sword to finally hang out with us last week and all, but... he's still not spending very much time with Football and me. I feel as if something fishy is going on.

<Sword walks into the boys' room to grab something. Acid and Football are waiting for him.>

Acid: Sword?

<Sword looks startled.>

Sword: Wha? Oh, hey, Acid... Football...

Football: Sword...

Sword: Yeah?

Acid: You're still aligned with us, right?

Sword: Of course I am! Why?

Acid: You're spending more time with Log than with us.

Sword: Oh...

Football: Why don't you hang out with us more, Sword?

<Sword prepares an explanation.>

Acid: ...Sword?

Sword: I'm just... trying to make them feel more comfortable. I don't want them to suspect that they're next on the chopping block, you know?

Football: Really?

Sword: Yeah...

Acid: Hmm... okay. But can't you spend a little more time with us? We're getting seriously bored without you, dude...

Sword: Eh... I guess I can. Not too long, though, or those two will find out about us and try to fight back.

FOOTBALL (CONFESSIONAL): Sword's explanation seemed genuine, but it kinda sucks...

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): I'm not really believing Sword. How would Bag and Log not know that us three are tight? It's kind of obvious. I feel like he's pulling our legs.

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Damn, of all the things I'm good at... acting is not one of them.


FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): One down, two to go... I feel so horrible about this, but I guess they had it coming.

Folder: CP... what's the plan this week?

Colored Pencil: Well... they did say that there aren't any more team challenges. Maybe Sun'll have us introduce ourselves to celebrate the merge? I think we should get rid of Candy Bar before anyone else.

Folder: I like that plan... the jerk deserves it.

Colored Pencil: He does, doesn't he?

<CP stops for a second>

Colored Pencil: Are you really sure about playing dirty? You don't seem the type to me.

Folder: Well... I just thought that if you left last week, I would be next. I didn't personally want to cause all the pain that-

<Folder stops himself.>

Colored Pencil: ... It's okay, Folder. I tried to make things right with Candy.

Folder: Did you tell her what you did?

<CP ponders that for a second>

Colored Pencil: No. I thought that would just make things worse for her. She'd feel guilty and depressed.

Folder: Then how did you "make things right"?

Colored Pencil: I consoled her, that's all. I actually feel really bad about what happened.

<Folder becomes suspicious of her motives.>

Folder: ...CP?

Colored Pencil: What?

Folder: Hiding your makeup... that wasn't your idea, was it?

<CP begins to panic.>

Colored Pencil: Um, uhh...

Folder: It wasn't, huh?

Colored Pencil: Ugh... yeah, it wasn't my idea. Not at all.

Folder: Who told you to do that? CP?

<Colored Pencil thinks for a minute>

Colored Pencil: It was... Football. He told me to do that.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I was about to tell Folder the truth, but... ugh, that lie was just too perfect! Football has more than enough of a reason to get Flashlight out.

Folder: What? Wh-

<Folder stops himself, realizing Football's supposed motive>

Folder: I see. He wanted Candy for himself, so he got you to do his dirty work and get Flashlight out of the picture. I didn't know he had it in him, honestly. Thought he was a nice kid, if not a bit dull.

Colored Pencil: Yeah, well... love can blind anyone. It can make people do stupid things. I think he didn't really understand the long-term effects of his actions.

<Just then, Candy walks in>

Candy: Hey, guys... Folder, can I talk to CP in private?

Folder: Oh... sure.

<As Folder leaves the room, he winks at CP.>

Candy: Colored Pencil... I can't thank you enough for your words earlier. I've gotten over it, at least a little bit. I'm ready to keep playing, but with a condition...

Colored Pencil: ...A condition?

Candy: As long as I stay in this game, CP... I'll make sure you stay in, too. You deserve to go farther into the game than I think you will...

CANDY (CONFESSIONAL): I've had hundreds of really good friends, but CP is one of the few people in my life that really helped me get out of a dark place when I needed it. I'm still not 'happy', per say, but I'm going to try my hardest to keep going.

Colored Pencil: You really mean that?

<Candy solemnly nods.>

Colored Pencil: Thank you. I'm not sure if I really deserve that, but... thanks. I'm not really sure what to say...

Candy: That's fine. And you do deserve it, CP. You also helped change Chalk for the better.

Colored Pencil: Candy... she did that herself. She just used me as an outlet to express her feelings. And, really, people can only change themselves.

<Candy reflects on that advice, smiles, and silently leaves the room. Meanwhile...>

CANDY BAR (CONFESSIONAL): Even though Flashlight's out of commission, I still have a few solid allies left. With no more team challenges, I really need a game plan with someone I can trust.

Candy Bar: Hey... Folder...

Folder: CB...

Candy Bar: I think it's about time the two of us plan the rest of this game.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): I guess I can entertain CB for a while. I'll be sure that everything he says goes straight to CP, but... my interest is piqued for now.

Folder: That's nice.

Candy Bar: I think we should start by getting CP out of here before she tries to pull something. She was pissed at Flashlight, and some of that anger could extend to me. What do you think?

Folder: Huh. Neat.

Candy Bar: Then, we go for Bag. She's completely useless, so no one's going to keep her around very long. I'm shocked she's still here, to be honest.

Folder: Sweet. Keep going, dude.

Candy Bar: Once she's gone, we can get Log to join up with you, me, and Candy. Then, we get the three jocks out of the game.

Folder: That is an idea all right.

Candy Bar: After that, we kick Log to the curb. The three of us make the final three. In the challenge, the two of us can help each other so that Candy loses.

<Candy hears her name from the room where Candy Bar and Folder are. She doesn't think anything of it.>

Folder: That's a bit evil, dude.

Candy Bar: I know, right? It's a good plan, though.

Folder: There's no way that can fail, Candy Bar! You're smart.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): His plan was complete <expletive>. The best part about it is that CP's going to hear everything. You can't gun for my closest friend without expecting some form of payback.

<Folder fills CP in on Candy Bar's plan.>

Colored Pencil: Pfft. As if that would work. Why would Log align with him?

Folder: Exactly! That and everyone else on the team is tired of him. We'll just tell the Right how much of a <expletive> he is, the he'll be sent packing.

Colored Pencil: The challenge is starting soon, I bet. I'm going to get some fresh air beforehand. You'll stay here, right?

Folder: Oh, sure. Go ahead, I understand.

<CP walks to the Right. Meanwhile...>

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): So, I've heard that our last team challenge has come and gone, which means we'll be merging shortly.

Log: So, Bag, you know the plan... right?

Bag: Yep! We take out Football, then the Left sans CP, then Acid last. Then, it'll be us four at the end.

<Just then, CP walks in.>

Colored Pencil: Guys, I know we're supposed to go for the Left, but... I have a different idea.

Log: ... What?

Colored Pencil: Well, it works out pretty well, actually. Candy's been grief-stricken due to Flashlight, so I helped console her. She's vowed to keep me in the game as best she can. Oh, and...

Log: ...And?

Colored Pencil: Well, Folder already knew about my scheme. I trust him, and he trusts me. However, he asked me who told me to hide the makeup, and... I told him that Football did.

Bag: CP... that's perfect! He figured that Football got you to get Flashlight out so that he'd be out of the picture regarding Candy, right?

Colored Pencil: Yep.

Log: Damn, you're proving your worth fast! You're a good ally, that's for sure.

Colored Pencil: No problem, dude.

<CP notices that only Bag and Log are in the room.>

Colored Pencil: Say, where's Sword?

Log: I think he's in the other room.

Bag: I bet he's trying to make Acid and Football feel safe before they get thrown out of the game.

Colored Pencil: Oh. Is he...

<Log understands what CP is asking, and quickly nods.>

Colored Pencil: Thought so.

Bag: So... it's a little weird that Sun hasn't merged the two sides yet.

Colored Pencil: Well... she never actually said "merge", though I can't imagine what else she meant...

Log: We'll find out soon enough, I bet.

<Just like clockwork, Sun orders the contestants to head outside. The nine of them do so.>

Sun: All right. Seven long weeks you guys have been battling. However, you've never been given the chance to fight individually. Every challenge so far involved teamwork, or at least had an entire team announced immune. We're changing that permanently.

Sun: However, this week, we're doing it a bit differently.

<A few contestants are confused, wondering what Sun means by that>

Sun: This week and this week only, two contestants will be sent home.

<The contestants are shocked and nervous.>

Sun: Don't fret, though: it's not really a double elimination. Instead, each side will have their own individual challenge. Whoever does the best on each side is immune. Then, each side will vote someone out. Both of those two will be eliminated, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Sun: The Right's challenge will be first. They will all have to sing a song by themselves, with the best singer being immune. On the Left, two groups of two will face off in an instrumental music-making challenge. The winning pair will then have a singing duel, with the winner getting immunity. You have an hour to prepare your songs, both vocal and instrumental.

<Everyone on the Right prepares their vocal pieces. Candy and Colored Pencil pair up, and Folder and Candy Bar pair up. The pairs prepare their instrumental pieces as well.>

Sun: Your hour is up! Acid, you're up first.

<Acid sings Thrift Shop.>

Sun: Your rapping was pretty good, but the singing was bad. I'd say... 6/10 overall. Good work.

Sun: Next, we have Bag.

<Bag sings I Will Always Love You.>

Sun: That was beautiful, Bag! I loved it. 9/10.

Sun: Next, Football.

<Football sings Centuries.>

Sun: You managed to make a horrible song even worse. That was terrible. 2/10.

Sun: Next up is Log.

<Log sings I'll Make a Man out of You.>

Sun: I love the song, and you performed it pretty well. It could be improved, though. 6/10.

<Sword heads onto the stage.>

Sun: Sword, you're up. You have to get a 10/10 to win, though a 9/10 would cause a tiebreaker.

<Sword sings Chandelier.>

Sun: That song is definitely not easy, but you sang it well! I'm kind of shocked that you can sing, though. However, you didn't do quite as well as Bag did. 8/10.

Sun: Bag has won immunity on the Right. Next up, we have Candy and Colored Pencil with their instrumental piece.

<Candy and Colored Pencil play Pachelbel's Canon in D. Candy plays the piano, while CP plays the flute.>

Sun: Nice duet. It wasn't perfect, but I liked it. I love the song choice, too. 7/10.

Sun: Our second instrumental piece is performed by Candy Bar and Folder.

<Candy Bar and Folder play Ode to Joy. Candy Bar plays the piano, while Folder plays the organ.>

Sun: That song is way too easy, guys. I know you're not professional musicians, but... choose something a bit more impressive. 4/10. Candy and Colored Pencil move on to the vocal duel! Perform your pieces, please.

<Candy sings Break Free. Colored Pencil sings All About That Bass.>

Sun: Candy, you did a good job on your song! I don't really like that song, but you sang it well. 8/10.

Sun: Colored Pencil...

<CP anxiously awaits feedback>

Sun: I hate that song, but you did it really well. I could tell you had a lot of fun doing that song. I'm honestly amazed by your performance. 9/10.

Sun: With that, Colored Pencil has won immunity on the Left! As for the other seven of you, two will be leaving tonight. The Right's elimination will be at 5:30, and the Left's will be at 5:45. You guys have a good three hours to decide who'll be eliminated, so get discussing!

<Everyone heads back to their respective cabins.>

FOOTBALL (CONFESSIONAL): I did the worst out of everybody by a lot! Ugh...

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): I need to betray those guys' trust. Thankfully, I have an idea to send one of them packing without him even having a clue.

Acid: This kind of sucks. Log is a super nice kid. I'll be sad to see him go.

Sword: I agree... he's going to be really hurt.

Football: So... we all are putting one vote on Log. Who does the other vote go to?

Sword: I know how we can distribute the votes.

<Sword explains to Acid and Football that one person votes for a second person, that second person votes for the third person, and the third person votes for the first person.>

Football: That works!

Acid: Yeah...

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): The way Sword explained the way the votes would work seemed fishy to me... he seemed adamant that his second vote goes to <name edited out>. I'm kind of nervous that he's lying to Football and me. Am I too paranoid?

<Sword heads to the girls' room, where Log and Bag are talking.>

Acid: Dude... I'm still really suspicious of Sword. Aren't you?

Football: Eh, not really. I trust him. 

Acid: Are you sure we can? He seems so distant lately. All he wants to do is talk to Log. All he cares about is Log. He doesn't care about us!

Football: You don't know that for sure, dude!

Acid: Oh, I'm pretty sure, all right. Open your eyes!

Football: My eyes are opened, Acid! Why are you acting so crazy lately!

Acid: You're being an idiot! Think for yourself! Sword isn't aligned with us any more!

Football: Then vote him out!

Acid: I want to vote you out! If I keep you around, no one's going to want to align with me! They all hate you, Football!

<Football looks deeply hurt.>

Football: Acid... I thought we were friends... how could you say that?

<Acid realizes what he has done.>

Acid: Football... I didn't mean it that way. And you're right... maybe I'm just a little too paranoid. If we stick to Sword's plan, we should be fine.

Football: Okay...


Bag: They just turned on each other! Didn't you hear that?

Sword: Yeah... but Acid's starting to get suspicious of me.

Log: Dude... after this elimination, he's gonna know you turned on him. It'll be too late for him, though. It's all part of the plan.

Sword: Is it... really? I don't remember that...

Bag: Well, not really, but it's unavoidable at this point. No matter which one of them goes, the other'll know what happened.

Sword: Ah... you're right. So... there's nothing we can do?

Log: Nope. Sorry...

Sword: It's fine... we can deal with the other later.

Bag: Yeah.

<Just then, CP walks in.>

Bag: Oh, hey, CP.

Colored Pencil: As of right now, Candy and Candy Bar are voting Folder. Folder and I are voting Candy Bar.

Log: Do you think you can get Candy to flip to your side?

Colored Pencil: Maybe... I can try. What if it's a deadlocked tie?

Bag: I don't-

Sword: A few people from the other side break the tie. Three people, usually.

Bag: Do you think anyone would vote Folder over CB?

Log: Maybe... idk. CP?

Colored Pencil: I wouldn't know if you don't.

Bag: Oh, well... we'll just hope for the best, then.

Sword: Yeah.

<CP heads back to her side of the cabin.>

Colored Pencil: Candy...

Candy: Yeah?

Colored Pencil: You said you'd do whatever it takes to keep me in the game, right?

Candy: Of course!

Colored Pencil: Well... you'll have to vote Candy Bar, then. He wants me out, I can tell.

Candy: He does?

Colored Pencil: Yeah. I overheard him talking to Folder about it. Folder wasn't on board, obviously. He wants to get you out eventually, too.

Candy: He does!?

<Candy breathes for a moment.>

Candy: I'll think about it.

Sun: RIGHT! It's time for elimination!

<The remaining members of the right head to the elimination area.>

Sun: Before you vote, keep in mind that each of you will only cast two votes. Also, you cannot vote for Bag. Get voting!

SWORD (VOTING): <shows votes for Acid and Football> You guys aren't in my alliance, so it's about time you left the game. I bet you won't see this coming... at least, I hope so.

ACID (VOTING): <shoes votes for Log, among others> Sorry, dude, but you're my only real choice. Hopefully this plan doesn't backfire.

<The votes are tallied.>

Sun: Okay. Bag, since you won immunity, you're safe.

<Bag nods in approval.>

Sun: Everyone got a vote. With just one vote...

<Not-so-dramatic pause>

Sun: Sword, you're safe. Congrats.

<Sword also accepts his safety via an approving nod.>

Sun: With two votes...





Sun: Log is safe.

Acid: WHAT!?

Football: Oh my god...

Acid: Sword! You did this, didn't you! You didn't vote for Log!

<Sword smirks at Acid.>

Acid: You snake! How could you!

Sun: Acid, we don't have time for this. I'll be setting soon, you know. Anyways, the last person safe is...
















Sun: Acid. Football, you've been eliminated with a unanimous four votes. Hasta la vista!

Football: Sword... I thought we were friends! You're nothing but a worthless <expletive>! No wonder you've never had a girlfriend!

<Football's remarks hurt Sword deeply.>

Acid: Football... as much as I hate Sword... that was uncalled for.

Football: He deserves it!

Sun: I didn't tolerate that word when Dorito said it, and I won't when you say it either, Football. It's time for you to leave.

<Football is escorted from the game.>

Sun: All right, you four, head back to your cabin.

<What remains of the Right heads back to their cabin.>

Sun: LEFT! Time for elimination!

<The four members of the Left head to the elimination area.>

Sun: Okay. Two things before I let you vote. First, you all will only vote for one person. Second, you cannot vote for Colored Pencil. Time to vote!

CANDY (VOTING): <shows an unseen vote> I really hope this is the right choice...

CANDY BAR (VOTING): <shows a vote for Folder> I know I promised you final two and everything, but it would be unfair to Candy to vote her out right after Flashlight. I don't think she can take it.

COLORED PENCIL (VOTING): <shows a vote for Candy Bar> I hate you with every fiber of my being. I'm proud of myself for putting up with you for almost eight weeks, but I can't do it any more. Please, get out of here NOW.

<The votes are tallied.>

Sun: First things first, Colored Pencil won immunity, so she's safe.

<Colored Pencil doesn't react. She's nervous about Folder.>

Sun: Also, Candy got zero votes, so she's safe, too.

<Candy is happy to be safe.>

Sun: Only Candy Bar and Folder remain. The contestant eliminated is...





















Sun: Actually, it's a tie. To break the tie, one member from the other side will vote between the two candidates.

<Colored Pencil glares at Candy with an upset facial expression. Candy looks down with guilt.>

<Acid is summoned to break the tie between the two.>

Acid: I vote for...




















Acid: Candy Bar. Sorry, dude, but I heard that you fought with my friend, and I'm not having any of that. I mean no disrespect.

Candy Bar: FOLDER! This is your fault! Why did you vote for me?

Folder: Why did you vote for me?

Candy Bar: Well... umm... uhh...

Folder: Exactly. You never meant any of the promises you made to me earlier. I could tell, too, which is why I told Colored Pencil and Candy about them.

Candy Bar: You did what!?

Colored Pencil: You're not the victim, Candy Bar. All of the problems that our side's had since Door's elimination have been your fault.

Candy Bar: How is it my fault that Flashlight stole your makeup?

Colored Pencil: Actually, Football framed him. You know why? Because he hated you and wanted you to suffer, along with the fact that he wanted Candy for himself. You caused Candy's pain. You caused Chalk's depression. You caused my makeup to go missing. It's time you left for good. Say, where's Dorito when you need him?

Candy Bar: Dorito's nothing but a close-minded idiot!

Colored Pencil: That's what I thought, too. That's what everyone thought. He may have been dumb, yes, but I understand his real motive behind wanting you out. He saw the evil inside you before anyone else could. He knew what you were capable of. He saw you as the cliquey jerk you are, and I'm embarrassed for not catching on in time.

Candy Bar: ...

Colored Pencil: Honestly, I'm sick of talking to you. Please... just leave. Your presence alone is making me sick.

Candy Bar: ... I thought you were nice!

Colored Pencil: As if! You never cared about me! You wanted me out!

Candy Bar: Just... shut up!

Candy: Sun... please take him away. I can't stand the fighting.

Folder: Yeah, Sun... seriously.

Sun: All right, all right... Candy Bar, it's time for you to go.

<Candy Bar is escorted from the game.>

Sun: By the way, guys... two contestants will return to the game next week, so prepare for them accordingly. Don't forget to tell the Right!

Sun: With Candy Bar and Football eliminated, who will rejoin the game? Who will be eliminated next? Find out next week, on Once in a Blue Moon!

FOOTBALL (FINAL WORDS): I can't believe Sword did that to me. I've been lied to before, but... he took pride in his manipulation. How am I supposed to trust anyone again? Oh, well... good luck to Acid. Get Sword out for me, please!

CANDY BAR (FINAL WORDS): This is horrible. First of all, all of them wanted me gone in one way or another. Folder blatantly lied to me and told everyone about our plan. Colored Pencil harassed me on my way out. Candy asked Sun to take me away from the game ASAP. All of this is my fault? What did I do? Football hiding Flashlight's makeup isn't my fault! It's not my fault he had a crush on Candy! How is Chalk's mental illness my fault, either? She's unstable in the mind, plain and simple. I most certainly did not cause Candy to be upset, either. That was all Flashlight... or Football... or whoever. I don't even know any more. What hurt me the most was CP's praise of Dorito. What did I do to make CP so mad at me? I haven't been mean... or... have I? Am I doing something wrong that I don't even know about? Is there something greater behind all of this? Ah... it doesn't matter at this point. My run in this game is done, and I hope everyone loses. I hate all of them.

Episode 9: "I Feel Guilty"

Sun: Last time, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Candy became upset over Flashlight's betrayal of Colored Pencil.

Sun: Colored Pencil was able to cheer her up, however.

Sun: Meanwhile, Acid became increasingly worried and suspicious of Sword.

Sun: Folder was informed of Candy Bar's "master plan" to take over the game, and told the rest of his team about it.

Sun: In the challenge, both Bag and Colored Pencil secured immunity.

Sun: On the Right, Sword sneakily eliminated Football from the game, blinsiding Acid.

Sun: On the Left, a deadlocked tie was broken, and Candy Bar's reign of terror finally ended.

Sun: With two people returning to the game and the merge finally taking place, who will be successful? Who will fall behind? Find out right now!

<The intro plays.>

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): Justice was definitely served last week. Camp has been beyond peaceful since Candy Bar finally left. I hate to sound sadistic, but the look on his face was priceless. Truly priceless.

Sun: Here's how things will work now! All male contestants will relocate to the Left with Folder. All female contestants will relocate to the Right with Bag. Begin moving your stuff!

<Everyone except for Folder and Bag moves their stuff to the opposite cabin.>

Log: Oh, wow! This sure is heavy!

<Log drops his luggage.>

Folder: Er... you need help with that?

Log: Huh? Oh... yes, please, Folder, that would be great.

<Folder helps Log move his stuff into the cabin.>

Folder: Great.

<Folder stops for a moment.>

Folder: Say... where are Acid and Sword?

Log: Oh, them? They should be here by now...

<Just then, Acid and Sword enter the room bickering>

Acid: You're a traiterous snake!

Sword: Whaaa? You were the one that screwed up the vote!

Acid: O-oh, really now? Really!? Don't play games with me, dude!

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Does Acid know what happened? Hell yeah he does. I want to wish him the best of luck at actually convincing anyone of that, but... it's hopeless. I know how to act innocent.

Sword: Acid... we used to be friends! Why did you have to betray my trust like that?

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): He did not just say that, did he? I hate him so much.

<The duo continues to argue.>

Folder: So... why are they so mad at each other?

Log: Uh... Football got eliminated last week. One of them switched their vote to get him out. Both are denying it.

Folder: Huh. Were they close?

Log: Pretty close, yeah. They were kind of having a falling off before last week, and I guess one of them snapped. Probably Acid. He's mighty contentious.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): Huh. Acid is not to be trusted, then.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): Ah, I love it when a white lie slowly becomes red... it's remarkable how well everything is falling into place... almost too well, like something needs to deviate from the plan. It's too soon for that, though...

Folder: Guys!

<Acid and Sword stop arguing.>

Folder: I'm not sure what this is about, but you could at least introduce yourselves to me before getting at each other's throats.

Sword: Oh... how silly of me. I'm Sword, as you may expect. I play soccer in my free time, but I'm pretty flexible.

Acid: <whispers under his breath> Like a snake.

<Log, Sword, and Folder stare at him for a second.>

Acid: Oh - I'm Acid. I play basketball, 'cause soccer's for pansies.

Sword: Acid... seriously... that one wasn't even good.

Acid: <mockingly> "That one wasn't even good!"

Sword: Seriously, dude! Why are you so pissed off at me!

Folder: If you're going to fight, please take it outside...

<Acid and Sword nod then head outside to argue with each other.>

Folder: Damn... Acid is super pissed.

Log: Yeah... that's why I'm not really sure who switched the vote. Acid seems like someone who would switch the votes, but he's really upset by it.

Folder: Huh. True point. I still bet it was Acid though.

Log: Mm.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): Wow... I thought that the Left had problems. Yikes! While last week stabilized the atmosphere for us, it only made it more tense for the Right. Power to whoever switched for getting rid of Football - he had it coming after the whole Flashlight incident. Sure, I was tired of Flashlight, but the problems his exit caused were not worth seeing him go.


Colored Pencil: Oh... hey, Bag!

<Candy trails behind CP, dragging her luggage into the cabin.>

Bag: Hey! You must be Colored Pencil, and you're Candy, right?

<The two of them nod. CP does so with a barely noticeable smirk.>

Bag: Well, how are things?

Candy: They're getting better.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Time to pry! I want to know everything that went down last week.

Candy: Well... you know how Flashlight left two weeks ago?

Bag: Oh... yeah. Shame. He seemed nice...

Candy: He was. We were in a pseudo-relationship for a while, but...

Bag: Oh no! What happened?

Candy: Well, Football apparently hid CP's makeup under his pillow. CP found the makeup, thought that Flashlight had stolen it, and... well... I ended things with him.

Bag: Oh... that's a horrible misunderstanding! How did you find out that Football hid it?

Candy: CP told us last week.

Bag: CP... how did you know?

Colored Pencil: Well... after Flashlight was gone, Football told me how he wanted to get Flashlight out. He had a thing for Candy, and wanted Flashlight out of the picture. It's a bit sick, really. I didn't say anything because Candy was in a slump and I thought she'd die of grief.

Bag: Oh. That's a really tricky situation.

Candy: So, after Flashlight left, I felt really horrible about being betrayed and all. Candy Bar was not helping to console me at all. He kind of seemed to give up after a short while. However, CP here was able to turn my mood around.

Bag: Really? I think it's great that CP was there to help you!

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): CP's social game is impeccable! That girl definitely has skills. I was scared she'd be done for before the merge hit, but she's pulled the strings almost as well as Log and I have.

Colored Pencil: I honestly couldn't bear to see her so sad, especially after how sad I was at Chalk's dismissal. I knew how horrible the experience was and didn't want anyone else to have to go through it.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I bet Bag thinks I was just manipulating Candy onto my side, but I will always testify that I consoled her out of my own volition. There was no alterior motive.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Hold on... could she have been honestly concerned about Candy's well-being? I don't know if she has that much soul, but if she does... power to her!

Bag: All right. After that, what happened?

Candy: I heard from Folder that Candy Bar was just using me to get further in the game. However, I felt stuck and voted for Folder instead of Candy Bar at elimination. It didn't matter, though, since Acid broke the tie and got rid of CB. I'm pretty glad he's out of the game. All of the problems I've been facing can be traced back to him.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): This Folder person sounds pretty rad to me. I don't think there's room in my alliance, but... I can keep around for a while. He's unknowingly doing the devil's work and I'm loving it.

Colored Pencil: It was a nasty plan, really. He wanted to dispose of me, then manipulate Log to get you and Sword/Acid out.

Bag: Why Sword/Acid paired up?

Colored Pencil: He says they're close. Are they?

Bag: They used to be. They stopped talking for a week or so, then one of them betrayed the other and booted Football. No idea which one it was. No one really knows besides them.

Candy: So... they don't really like each other now?

Bag: Not really, no. They've been having a lot of trouble getting along. It's a huge shame, really!

Candy: It must be. I can't deal with much more drama.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Candy fed Bag with so much information. I never had the chance to tell Bag what happened over the last week, so it was nice of her to do that for me. I would feel terrible for using her, so I'll leave the manipulation up to the Righties.

Sun: Contestants! Please head outside immediately!

<The seven remaining contestants head outside.>

Sun: As you know, two contestants are returning to the game. You guys will watch them compete in the challenge. Here are the eliminated contestants...

Sun: Dorito!

<Dorito walks to a small table set up nearby with eighteen cups. He looks disinterested.>

Sun: Door!

<Door gleefully struts and stands next to Dorito.>

Sun: Frame!

<Frame angrily walks beside Door.>

Sun: Grape!

<Even angrier than Frame, Grape stomps her way to the table.>

Sun: Spoon!

<Also filled with rage, Spoon joins the four already at the table.>

Sun: Chalk!

<Chalk calmly walks to the table.>

Sun: Flashlight!

<Flashlight walks to the table. He is slightly shaken and very angry.>

Sun: Football!

<Football heads to the table. He has two black eyes.>

Sun: And Candy Bar!

<Candy Bar glares at Dorito and at the remaining contestants with hatred as he walks to the table.>

Sun: Welcome, eliminated contestants! As you have been told, two of you will re-enter the game today. Here's how it will work.

Sun: Under each of the nine red cups in front of you is a playing card numbered 1-9. All of you will pick a random cup. Then, each of the seven contestants will pick a blue cup. Each blue cup conceals a playing card numbered 1-9. If the card you picked matches any of the cards picked by a remaining contestant, you will be eliminated from the rejoin. The last two left will rejoin. Ready... GO!

<The nine eliminated contestants each carefully select a cup.>

Sun: Alright, Dorito, reveal your card!

<Dorito reveals a seven of hearts.>

Sun: Door!

<Door uncovers a two of clubs.>

Sun: Frame!

<Frame reveals a nine of spades.>

Sun: Grape!

<Grape finds a four of hearts.>

Sun: Spoon!

<Spoon reveals an ace of diamonds.>

Sun: That will count as a one. Chalk!

<Chalk discovers a three of spades.>

Sun: Flashlight!

<Flashlight reveals an eight of clubs.>

Sun: Football!

<Football reveals a five of hearts.>

Sun: That means that Candy Bar has the six.

<To confirm, Candy Bar reveals a six of diamonds under his cup.>

Sun: All right! Remaining contestants, each of you will choose a cup. Two will not be chosen.

<The contestants all pick a cup. Two are left unpicked.>

Sun: I will randomly draw a contestant from this hat, who will reveal his or her card. If the card's number matches yours, eliminated contestants, you will be sent back home for good. The first name is...

<Sun slowly and carefully picks a name out of her hat.>

Sun: Sword! Reveal your card, please.

<Sword purposefully creates suspense by slowly lifting his cup. When he lifts it...>

Sun: It's a five of diamonds. Sorry, Football, but you're not rejoining.

Acid: Bull!

Flashlight: You lucked out on that one, Football.

Football: Ugh... seriously, dude...

Flashlight: You deserved every last one of those punches!

Sun: Flashlight... violence is not tolerated. I'm appalled to hear that you attacked Football. This is your only warning.

<Football walks off to the horizon.>

Sun: Okay. The next person revealing their card is...

<Sun, again, slowly picks a name out of the hat.>

Sun: Folder! Reveal your card.

<Folder quickly removes his cup from the table.>

Sun: It's an ace of hearts. Sorry, Spoon, but your time is up for good.

Spoon: Candy. Folder. Colored Pencil. Whatever you do, don't trust Bag! She's lying to all of you! Get rid of her ASAP!

<Candy gives Bag a puzzled look. Bag returns a look of confusion and offense.>

Sun: You can go, now.

<Spoon angrily follows Football.>

Sun: Okay! Our next name is...

<Sun picks a name out of the hat.>

Sun: Candy! Reveal your card, please.

<Candy carefully picks her cup off the table.>

Sun: That's a nine of clubs. Sorry, Frame, but you won't be rejoining either.

Frame: I figured. Oh, and Grape's gonna claim the same thing as Spoon. She's going to use it as an excuse to justify her horrible actions.

Grape: Frame! I apologized! I really didn't mean to get you out. I just thought-

Frame: It didn't convince me the first time, and it won't this time, either. Goodbye, Grape. <expletive>.

<Frame sighs angrily under her breath before following Spoon and Football.>

Sun: It's getting a little heated here, I see. Well... the next name is...

<Sun picks a name.>

Sun: Log! How fun. You know what to do.

<Log lifts the cup off the table.>

Log: It's a-

Sun: Two of spades. Door, your time is up.

Door: That's okay, really. I've met a really great friend during my stay. We'll definitely keep in touch.

<Chalk and Door exchange a glance and smile courteously at each other before Door follows the others away.>

Sun: Okay! Dorito, Grape, Chalk, Flashlight, and Candy Bar are still in the running.

<Sun picks a name out of the hat.>

Sun: Bag! Reveal your card.

<Bag does as she is told.>

Sun: It's a seven of diamonds. Dorito, I'm sorry, but your time is up.

Dorito: Hey, CP. I heard about your speech to Candy Bar, and... thank you. He really is insufferable, isn't he?

Candy Bar: Oh, blow off. You're just a jealous shrew.

Dorito: Pfft... jealous!? Yeah, okay, whatever makes you happy.

<Dorito follows Door, exiting the game.>

Sun: Next name...

<Sun picks the sixth name.>

Sun: Colored Pencil!

<CP reveals her card.>

Sun: It's a three of clubs...

Colored Pencil: You have got to be kidding me. I'm so sorry you couldn't come back, Chalk.

Chalk: CP... I've heard about what you've done since I left, and... please, hang in there. You're so close to the end, and you're doing so well without me. I really only got in your way.

Colored Pencil: No, Chalk... you helped me realize what I stand for. I wouldn't have a purpose here without you playing. It's killing me to have to watch you go. Never forget to contact me!

Chalk: I won't! See you on the other side!

Colored Pencil: Yes... yes you will.

<Colored Pencil sheds a single tear as Chalk follows Dorito into the horizon.>

Sun: Well, it's down to just Grape, Flashlight, and Candy Bar. All three are seeking some form of vengeance. However, one of them will not get to act on it. Acid, reveal your card.

<Acid reveals his card.>

Sun: Okay. Before I say which card Acid picked, I'll reveal one of the unpicked cards.

<Sun picks one of the cups not picked by anyone.>

Sun: The card is...

<The three eliminated contestants tense up, hoping desperately for their number to be called.>

Sun: An eight of spades! Flashlight, you are rejoining. Congratulations!

Flashlight: Wow... really?! Sweet!

<Folder and Colored Pencil look unhappy. Candy feels dismayed with guilt. Log frowns.>

Sun: Okay, Acid. Which number did you pick?

Acid: It's a six of hearts.

Colored Pencil: YES!

<Folder begins jumping in excitement. Bag, Log, and Sword look visibly nervous. Candy is completely apathetic, still anxious over Flashlight.>

Sun: You guys must know that Candy Bar is not rejoining, and that the second rejoinee is therefore Grape.

Grape: Really? This is a great opportunity!

Candy Bar: This is outrageous! I deserve to rejoin! I was only just eliminated! She's been out since the fourth week!

Colored Pencil: So? You have been a total jerk to everyone. You don't deserve another chance.

Candy Bar: I have not!

Folder: Candy Bar... I hope that, someday, you realize what you've done to Chalk. To Candy. To Football. You've caused nothing but trouble since day one. It's about time you got some comeuppance.

Candy Bar: Folder...? I thought we were friends?

Folder: That ended when you vowed to betray my other friends, then betrayed me on the same day.

Candy Bar: Just... ugh!

<Candy Bar leaves.>

Sun: Well, with that, nine of you remain. Only six more eliminations until the finale!

Sun: I'll give Grape and Flashlight a bit of time to get situated before starting the challenge. Grape, you're living on the Right. Flashlight, you'll be in the Left cabin.

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): After so long... I've finally returned. With a vengeance. Bag will not win this game if I have anything to do with it. Mark my words.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Now that I'm back... it's time to sort out what exactly happened a few weeks ago. Did CP know what really happened with her makeup beforehand? Did Candy know? If they did... oh, there'll be a price.

<The two returnees set up camp.>

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Grape rejoining is the worst possible outcome. Seriously. She is posing a very real threat on Log's plan. Something must be done.

Bag: Hey, Grape! What was being eliminated like? I hope it wasn't scary!

Grape: Shut up. You're the fakest shrew I know.

Bag: What? Why would you say that?

Colored Pencil: Yeah, Grape... based on what I've heard, Bag's the nicest person here! She's no fake.

Grape: CP... don't believe her lies. She's betraying everyone. You could be next!

Colored Pencil: That doesn't seem very believable. Do you have proof?

Grape: ...Proof?

Colored Pencil: That she's a traitor?

Grape: ...No.

Colored Pencil: Then I can't believe you. Don't try to trick me, Grape.

Grape: W-w-ME!? She's the trickster! What about this don't you understand!?

Colored Pencil: I understand perfectly fine, Grape! I don't even know you and you're already being a huge jerk. Go away.

Grape: Ugh. Fine. You'll regret not believing me.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I had no idea that Grape was on Bag's tail. Oh, well... it's not like she'll discover me as one of her accomplices.

<Grape leaves the room. After she's out of earshot...>

Bag: Nice performance, CP!

Colored Pencil: Bag... how did she find out about you?

Bag: Oh, that? I pulled a little trick on her. She fell for the bait, got one of her friends out, and tried to push the blame on me. Only Spoon really believed her, and she was sent packing pretty quick.

Colored Pencil: Couldn't you have tricked her without having her find you out?

Bag: Now that I look back... maybe. However, that was before I had Log on my side. I was working alone.

Colored Pencil: Ah.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): They must call it "Bag's Alliance" because she came up with it. Still, Bag seems to rely on Log too much for her to get most of the credit. Interesting.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Eh. I feel comfortable at this point to tell CP the background of my operation. She's beyond trustworthy.


Flashlight: Candy?

<Candy jumps but ignores him.>

Flashlight: Candy...?

<Candy begins to walk away from him as he unpacks his things.>

Flashlight: Candy!

<Candy reluctantly turns around to face Flashlight.>

Flashlight: Hey...

Candy: I... I...

Flashlight: Did you know about "Football"s scheme before CP found my makeup?

<Candy doesn't respond.>

Flashlight: Did you-

Candy: No! I didn't. I'm so sorry, Flashlight. I should have known better-

Flashlight: Candy, it's fine. I understand.

<After a few moments of silence.>

Flashlight: Did CP know about the plan beforehand?

<Candy shakes her head too lightly for Flashlight to see.>

Flashlight: I said, did-

Candy: I don't know. I... I hope not.

Flashlight: Hope?

Candy: I'm not in the mood for an interrogation, Flashlight.

Flashlight: What do you mean by "hope"?

Candy: Colored Pencil... she's a really good person. She cheered me up last week when I almost thought of quitting... if you know what I mean.

Flashlight: She did? Wow... that's actually really nice of her.

Candy: Yeah...

<The two pause for a moment.>

Flashlight: Is there ever a chance-

Candy: I... I don't know. I'm not sure if I'm ready. Too much has been going on. I can't really think clearly.

Flashlight: I understand. Do you know where CP is, by any chance?

Candy: She's probably in the girls' cabin, don't you think?

Flashlight: Maybe. I really want to speak with her.

<Flashlight exits the room. Seconds later, Folder and the other guys barge in.>

Folder: Is Flashlight here?

Candy: He just left. He's going to talk to CP.

<An instant shot of worry shows through Folder's eyes.>

Folder: Oh.

Acid: I want to talk with him. Badly. I'm scared.

Candy: Of what?

Acid: Didn't you see what Football looked like today?

Sword: He was definitely in pain.

Candy: Oh... that. That might be why he's talking with CP.

<Sword and Acid go to talk to Flashlight, not looking at each other the whole way.>

Log: Candy... are you okay?

Folder: Yeah, girl... you look really upset.

Candy: I'm... hanging in there, thanks.

Log: Well...

Folder: If you're ever feeling lost or alone, please talk to someone. I can't bear to see you like this.

Candy: Thank you.

<Log and Folder leave the room. Candy lay down in reflection. Meanwhile...>

Flashlight: Hey, guys.

Bag: Oh! What's happening, Flashlight?

Flashlight: I really need to talk to CP. Do you mind if you step out for a second?

Bag: What? Oh, sure. No problem!

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I have no idea what's going on, but Flashlight wanting to talk to Colored Pencil is more than dangerous. I'm praying that it's not about what I think it's about.

<Bag leaves the room, leaving the two alone.>

Flashlight: CP... I have no words, really. I'm not sure how to put how I'm feeling.

Colored Pencil: Well... try. What is it?

Flashlight: I heard from Candy about what happened after I was eliminated.

Colored Pencil: Yeah?

Flashlight: That was... really great of you.

<Colored Pencil says nothing.>

Flashlight: You see... I feel really guilty right now. You saw Football today, right?

<Colored Pencil gulps, but nods.>

Flashlight: I heard from Candy Bar that Football hid your makeup under my pillow. He wanted me out of the picture to get Candy for himself. Well, I just talked to Candy, and now I know that this isn't true. Football didn't do anything.

<Colored Pencil looks down.>

Flashlight: No. It was you who hid your own makeup under my pillow. You knew what you were doing - you were angry and desperate, so you thought of a cheap way to get me out.

Colored Pencil: How do you know?

Flashlight: What you said to Candy kinda gave it away. She has no idea. It's for the best that she doesn't know.

Colored Pencil: Okay.

Flashlight: CP. I didn't come here to scold you. No - I came because I want to thank you. From the very bottom of my heart.

Colored Pencil: What?

Flashlight: You told everyone that Football did it. You moved the blame off of me. When this made Candy feel guilty, you consoled her. You shifted all of the animosity to an outside force. I don't know what your motives were with that, but... you've repaired all of the damage you could have caused before the damage was really done.

Colored Pencil: I guess I did.

Flashlight: I'm not sure what moved you to hide your makeup that week, but... it's changed me as a person. I've learned to be more respectful and open to others. I am beyond guilty at how I treated Football this past week, but that's in the past. I'm a different person now, and it's thanks to you. I won't ever be able to trust you again. But, I respect you in every fiber of my being. We won't be working together in the game, but I'd be more than pleased to meet you outside of it.

<Flashlight leaves without saying a word. Right when he gets out of the cabin, Acid and Sword are waiting outside fighting. He leads the two of them to his cabin.>

Colored Pencil: Bag, you can come in now.

<Bag enters the room.>

Bag: What did he say?

<Colored Pencil ponders the question for a split second.>

Colored Pencil: Nothing of importance.

Bag: Oh. Strange.

Colored Pencil: Definitely.

<Colored Pencil decides to take a nap. Bag heads to find Log and Sword.>

Bag: Oh, hello, guys! Log, I lost the shampoo in my cabin. Can you help me find it?

Log: Oh, sure, Bag.

Bag: Cool.

Sword: I think I saw the shampoo earlier, Bag.

Bag: Really? Could you help me out? Please?

Sword: Sure, why not?

<Acid gags as the three of them leave the cabin.>

Flashlight: Why is she so oddly nice?

Grape: She's a liar! She's not actually nice!

Acid: No, Grape, that's Sword.

Flashlight: You guys don't need to fight over it. Maybe she's just naturally nice?

Grape: That's what she wants you to think!

Folder: Oh, cut it out, both of you!

Acid: Sword's legitimately a liar, though. Believe me.

Folder: Then just vote for him next elimination!

Acid: Gladly.

<Flashlight stops for a moment, noticing something is off.>

Flashlight: Is Candy seriously by herself in the other room?

Folder: It appears so. She was cheering up last week.

Flashlight: Can you go ask her what's going on?

Folder: Sure.

Grape: Can I come?

Folder: Eh, what the heck. Sure.

<The two go to talk to Candy.>

Flashlight: What's this whole "Sword" business about?

Acid: You see, Bag had immunity, so it was me, Sword, Log, and Football up for elimination. Everyone could vote twice. The plan was for Sword, Football, and I to each vote for Log then have the second vote for one of the others. We distributed it up and everything, but Sword switched and got Football out.

Flashlight: Oh. Huh.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): It's getting really hard to trust anyone at this point. There's just lie after lie after lie... Folder's the only one that doesn't seem to be involved with anything. That's a lot like him.

Sun: We're running a bit late! Let's start the challenge now!

<The nine remaining contestants all head outside for the challenge.>

Sun: This challenge is simple. All of you will stand on a pole small enough to fit only one foot. The last person to fall off will win. Ready?

<The contestants all climb onto a pole.>

Sun: GO!

<The contestants begin to balance. After just a few seconds...>

Sun: Folder has fallen! Eight remain!

<A few minutes pass before...>

Sun: Candy is done! Seven left!

<A small amount of time later...>

Sun: Bag is off the pole. Six remain!

<Just a few seconds later...>

Sun: Acid's off! Five left! Keep hanging in there!

<Thirty minutes pass before...>

Log: I'm exhausted! I'm giving up.

<Log jumps off the pole into the pool of water below.>

Sun: Log, suit yourself. Four remain.

<Sword loses his balance and falls.>

Sun: Sword has fallen! Only Flashlight, Colored Pencil, and Grape are left!

<After an hour...>

Colored Pencil: This is seriously boring, Sun.

Sun: You can always jump off.

Colored Pencil: Can't you make this any more interesting?

Sun: Not really, no.

Colored Pencil: Fine. I'm done.

<CP eliminates herself.>

Sun: Colored Pencil has given up. We're down to just the two returnees! How odd!

<After an hour, Grape finally gets tired and sits down.>

Sun: Grape, it's not exactly fair for you to sit, so we'll hand the win to Flashlight.

Grape: Wait... what? You're kidding, right?

Sun: Nope. Flashlight, you've won immunity! You're automatically a member of the final eight! As for the rest of you, well... one of you's going to get voted off.

<The contestants all return to the cabins.>

Bag: So... what's the plan?

Log: Well, there are four people in the game we can vote for not in our alliance, so... Folder, Candy, Grape, and Acid.

Sword: I don't object.

Colored Pencil: I guess I can't really object.

Sword: So... it's settled? That easily?

Log: Guess so.

Bag: Let's see what the others are thinking.

<The four all head to where the other five contestants are located.>

Flashlight: Oh, hey, CP. Can I talk to you again?

Colored Pencil: Sure.

Flashlight: Great.

<The others in the room leave to the other room.>

Flashlight: CP... Candy's miserable. She cannot live with herself over what happened to Football because of her. It's not her fault, really... but she can't live with herself. She wants to get eliminated.

Colored Pencil: She really shouldn't give up. She has to keep on fighting.

Flashlight: CP... she can't. She's beyond sad. She can't stay here any more. Nothing will change her mind, either.

Colored Pencil: That's a real shame. This is my fault, isn't it?

Flashlight: No, CP. It's my fault. I'm going to have to live with this forever. You may think Candy Bar caused everything, but it's really all me. I caused everything, and I can't take it back. It's the best I can do to fulfill her wishes.

Colored Pencil: That's a really sad way to put it. I understand. I did the same with Chalk.

Flashlight: Is that the reason you hid your makeup?

Colored Pencil: Y...yes, it is. I was super mad about her elimination.

Flashlight: Once again, I caused that to happen. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry, CP.

Colored Pencil: You should talk to Candy about this. I'll grab her.

<Colored Pencil leaves the room. Candy enters.>

Candy: Flashlight...

Flashlight: Candy, everything that happened is my fault. I can't make it up to you, no matter what I do. You didn't cause anything. I understand why you want to leave, and I'll listen to you if it's what you truly want.

Candy: Flashlight... when I leave tonight... well... here's my number. Call me once you're gone, okay? I don't know if I want to get back with you any time soon, but... I appreciate your honesty. You're in a really sticky situation right now. Maybe we can meet up and chat.

Flashlight: I'll consider it.

<Candy hands Flashlight a small piece of paper before heading outside.>

Sun: Contestants! Please head outside!

<The eight contestants head outside.>

Sun: Originally, it was planned that we would have an elimination ceremony. However, Candy has told me that she wishes to exit the game. Tonight, we'll do something special. If you would like to honor her request, please stand to my right. If you disagree, please stand to the left.

<The contestants reluctantly head to Sun's right. Colored Pencil, however, heads to Sun's left.>

Sun: Colored Pencil, why do you want her to stay?

Colored Pencil: I need to pull her aside for a moment.

Sun: Well... go ahead.

<Colored Pencil and Candy walk out of earshot from the other contestants.>

Colored Pencil: Candy... I'm so sorry. I was the one that hid my makeup under Flashlight's pillow. I was blind, I was angry, I wasn't thinking. I ruined you as a person. However, you really need to get back with Flashlight. He's honestly a very caring person on the inside. I should have never deceived him. It was a mistake for sure. Despite that, I need you to recognize that Flashlight's a better person because of it. He'll be more respectful, more caring, and more honest than before. You guys really were meant to be, and I was a fool for splitting that up.

Candy: Thank you, CP... but my decision stands. I'm leaving. Despite what you've done, you were there for me when Flashlight couldn't be. I'm not sure how to repay you, really.

<Candy and Colored Pencil return to the group.> 

Candy: Thank you guys. Sun, this experience has certainly been... different. I'm no longer as innocent as I was before. Is that a good thing? I'm not so sure. However, I just have to move on with my life. That's what I'm doing now. I'm moving on from this game. Flashlight, I hope you stay in touch with me. Goodbye, guys!

<Candy leaves the game.>

Sun: Since Candy quit the game, there won't be elimination tonight. Flashlight, you'll get an advantage in the next challenge due to your unused immunity. Goodnight, everyone!

<The remaining contestants, including Bag, head reverently back to the cabins and go to bed without a word.>

Sun: With Candy's quit, only eight contestants remain. Who will rise to the challenge? Who will fall flat? Find out next week, on Once in a Blue Moon!

CANDY (FINAL WORDS): I've learned more than I could ever wanted from my experience in Once in a Blue Moon. Above everything else, though, I learned that the line between good and evil is not as simple as I once believed. One can do something heinous but still change people for the better. I learned through Flashlight that sometimes the bad in a person makes them more relatable, likeable, and agreeable. I'm still confused over the entire thing, but I'll be able to work it out in due time. It's been a good experience for me, that's for sure.

Episode 10: "The Devil's Facade"

Sun: Last time, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Grape and Flashlight re-entered the game, bringing the number of contestants to nine.

Sun: Colored Pencil and Flashlight dealt with Candy's problematic emotional issues.

Sun: Meanwhile, Grape and Acid tried to convince everyone that Bag and Sword were untrustworthy.

Sun: In the end, Flashlight's immunity didn't matter when Candy decided to quit the game.

Sun: More trickery, deceit, and betrayal than ever before is in store for this episode, where the merge truly begins. Who'll go home? Find out right now!

<The intro plays.>

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): With Candy unexpectedly leaving last week, it's time for the game to really begin. And, to be frank, I have no idea what I'm going to do.

<Folder finds Acid and begins talking with him.>

Folder: Acid, I was wondering... you seem capable enough. Maybe we could, y'know...

Acid: Pair up? Form a truce?

Folder: Yeah.

Acid: Sounds good... on one condition.

Folder: ...One condition?

Acid: You can never team up with Sword. Don't even think about it.

<Folder looks at Acid, but decides against questioning him.>

Folder: I won't, I guess.

Acid: Cool. So... we won't vote for each other?

Folder: Not a chance.

Acid: Nice!

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): I really hope Folder eventually comes to his senses about Sword. <Acid sighs for a moment.> How come no one seems to believe my side of the story? Everyone looks at me weird whenever I say anything negative about him. He's no god.

FOLDER (CONFESSIONAL): Acid is too attached to Sword. It's kind of weird.


Bag: All right, guys! Things are going great.

Sword: Yeah.

Bag: Okay. With the first merged elimination ceremony happening tonight, it's about time we reviewed Log's plan, yes?

Log: Ok.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): Come on, Bag! <Log smirks.> I'm almost disappointed that she didn't catch on to the one part of my plan that I didn't tell her about... I call it 'The Devil's Facade'. It's already time to put it into motion, and she's so... oblivious to it. I'm playing her game, and I'm re-writing all the rules. The first part of the Facade is to...

Log: ...Get someone... unexpecting out of the game.

Sword: Oh, um... question? Why does it have to be someone unexpecting?

Colored Pencil: Yeah, why not, say, Grape?

Log: If Grape goes, they'll catch on. They'll try their hardest to get one of us on their side. Who knows? They could succeed, too.

Bag: He's got a point.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): That just doesn't seem right to me. Log is smarter than the rest of us, but... he's smarter than the rest of us! That's it!

<Colored Pencil begins subtly glaring at Log as he details the plan through the rest of the game.>

Sword: ...Then it'll just be the four of us at the end!

Log: Mhm!

Bag: Okay. So... what we need to do right now is plant the seeds. We need to help someone 'pack their bags', so to speak.

Log: Yeah... who wants to do that? Colored Pencil?

Colored Pencil: I dunno... maybe Sword can do it?

Bag: No, CP, I'll take this one myself.

Log: Great idea, Bag! Sword, you should go with her in case something goes wrong. CP, stay here, please.

Sword: Ok. Let's go, Bag!

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): I'm really excited to get this plan into motion! I've been waiting for months for us to take this game by storm, and it's finally about to happen! We're unstoppable!

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I can't believe I didn't see it sooner! It makes so much sense!

<Bag and Sword leave the room where the alliance strategized.>

Log: CP.

Colored Pencil: What's this about?

Log: You must know what my plan really is.

Colored Pencil: You're going to pretend to discover Bag's secret alliance with Sword, expose it to the others, and watch as all hell breaks loose. That's what you wanted to do ever since Sword joined the alliance.

Log: Well done, CP! Impressive! So... do you think you deserve something for finding out?

Colored Pencil: I want to know something, Log. I know you wanted to throw Bag under the bus. You wanted Grape to be around to see it. Same with Sword and Acid. I wonder, Log... did you intend for the same reaction to happen between Flashlight and I?

Log: Oh, my... that's exactly what was going to happen. It doesn't have to, of course.

Colored Pencil: Well, if that was your plan, then... go tell Flashlight right now that I hid my makeup. I dare you. Bag already has blood on her hands. Sword has, too. Let me join them.

Log: It doesn't have to be like that. You know, you could tag along with me. We'd make a great pair at the end, wouldn't we?

Colored Pencil: Oh, it's not going to change anything if you tell him. I just want you to do it. Go ahead! Tell Flashlight!

Log: How do you know nothing will change?

Colored Pencil: He already knows, Log!

<Log stares at CP in shock.>

Log: You told him!?

Colored Pencil: Nope. He found out on his own.

Log: What...?

Colored Pencil: He thanked me personally for doing so. Says it humbled him in hindsight.

Log: So, what do you even want me to do!?

Colored Pencil: I say we see what happens. Let's go after someone 'unexpecting'. Just to see what the result is, you know?

Log: So... you're not going to do anything about what happened just now?

Colored Pencil: No.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Not now, Log; not now. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and you bet I'm serving it icier than your soul.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): She's... different, but if she's going to stay by my side for whatever stupid reason she's staying by my side... who am I to reject her?


SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): The plan is for Bag to stir up small talk with the others while I try to plant the seeds. I guess it's because Bag trying to plant the seeds would be too suspicious, even though she herself wanted to do the deceit.

Bag: What's up, Acid?

Acid: Oh, nothing much, why?

Bag: I'm kind of bored, to be honest. The weather isn't very nice today!

Acid: Yeah... that's sure a shame, isn't it...

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Bag is seriously the hardest person to talk to on earth. She is too nice and too boring to even talk to for more than thirty seconds. How in hell did Sword end up spending hours upon hours talking to her and Log? I don't get it.

<Acid notices that Sword has entered the room.>

Acid: Sword!

Sword: Acid... I'm not in the mood to fight with you again.

Acid: Then why are you even here?

Sword: I came here to talk... <Sword smirks to himself>... to Folder.

Folder: Uhm...

<Folder sees Acid glaring at him, and begins to get nervous.>

Folder: What do you want, Sword?

Sword: Can I talk to you in private? It's kind of important.

Folder: Just for a minute, okay?

<Folder and Sword walk into the neighboring room, much to Acid's confoundment. Meanwhile...>

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Candy's quit has got me thinking lately. While it seems almost too easy to blame Colored Pencil for everything that's happened, I can't help but think that something greater is behind it all. Colored Pencil plays with her heart. She could never orchestrate something so terribly... brilliant, yes, but terribly evil, too. Her simple action of hiding her makeup under my pillow has caused unending tension. It still hasn't dissipated fully.

<Flashlight continues walking through the rain, almost enjoying the terrible conditions.>

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): I've talked to CP plenty of times since I've returned to the game, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. She appears to lie so often yet doesn't have the heart to do so. I keep thinking like some entity, or even another competitor, is motivating her outside of her comfort zone. I can tell she's hating it, but she's doing it because she has to. I honestly want to get to the bottom of it.

<Flashlight sees Log leave one side of the camp and enter the other. He ends inside the cabin.>

Flashlight: Colored Pencil?

Colored Pencil: Yeah?

Flashlight: I was wondering something...

Colored Pencil: I think I know what you want to know. I can't tell you.

Flashlight: You can't? Honestly?

Colored Pencil: No. If you really want to know... you're going to have to do something really hard.

Flashlight: ...Really hard?

Colored Pencil: As in, the fact that I have to do it is why you still have a chance. There's something bigger going on, Flashlight. I want to end it. But, as in life, you have to make sacrifices.

Flashlight: What are you going to do, CP?

Colored Pencil: You have to vote Folder out tonight. If you don't, there is no chance of either of us reaching the end.

Flashlight: ...Why?

Colored Pencil: You'll find out in a few weeks' time, hopefully. I hate to keep secrets from you, Flashlight, but this is really important. Trust me... when have I let you down?

<Colored Pencil laughs for a moment. Flashlight doesn't find her 'joke' to be funny.>

Flashlight: This won't backfire on me, will it?

Colored Pencil: If luck's on our side, you'll be in a great position by the final five. As for me? I have no clue. I'm probably not going to stay around much longer.

Flashlight: Okay. Well, good luck. Thanks, by the way.

Colored Pencil: Don't thank me. It's the least I can do.

<Flashlight silently departs from his eerie encounter, and he begins to ponder CP's motives even more furiously. Meanwhile...>

Sword: Folder... why was Acid glaring at you just for talking to me?

Folder: Well, we kind of made a pact earlier this morning. I promised I wouldn't trust you.

Sword: Why?

Folder: Acid said so.

Sword: You listened to him?

Folder: Well, yeah. I need someone else I could depend upon in the game, you know? I didn't really have a plan going forward.

Sword: Well, here's a plan for you: don't trust Acid. He's a snake even greener than the goop that gives him his namesake. He builds trust with people, then betrays their trust just when those people feel secure.

Folder: He says the same about you.

Sword: Yeah, well, we don't exactly get along very well. Can't you trust me?

<Folder looks very conflicted.>

Folder: Uhh... I dunno... I guess?

Sword: Great! Well, I'm kind of tired. I think I'll take a nap. Good talk.

<Sword and Folder both leave the room, returning to the common room in the cabin.>

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Now to brag in Acid's face about my 'strategy sesh' with Folder. He's not going to take that nicely, is he. Folder doesn't deserve the backlash he's going to get, but... it's what's needed. Sorry, buddy!

Acid: How was the makeout sesh?

Sword: Shut up, Acid. Folder wasn't interested.

Acid: Oh, that's a shame. Log's always here when Folder can't fulfill your needs, Sword.

Sword: I was kidding, dude. And don't be all passive-agressive.

Acid: Oh, my bad... I guess I'm the evil one.

Sword: You're just jealous that Folder wants to strategize with me and not you!

Acid: Folder...?

<Acid gives Folder a shocked look.>

Folder: We didn't strategize...

Sword: Folder, it's fine to admit that you think Acid's a liar and that I'm trustworthy.

Acid: FOLDER!?

Folder: ...Okay, maybe we talked a little strategy... just a little, though!

Acid: If you're going to talk strategy with Sword, how do I know you're not aligned with him?

Folder: I'm not.

Acid: How do I know you aren't?

<Grape looks up from her newspaper>.

Grape: While you're at it, how do you know they both aren't also aligned with Bag! They could all be in a huge secret evil alliance!

Acid: Folder! Is this true?

Folder: What? No!

Grape: That's what Bag would say! Mmph!

Acid: Yeah, if Bag really is "evil" as Grape says, he probably is aligned with Sword! And Folder's with them, too!

Bag: W-what? I'm not "evil", guys! Grape, why are you always so mean to me?

Grape: Now's not the time for your fake <expletive>, Bag!

Folder: I'm not in an evil alliance!

Sword: Nor am I!

Acid: Bull!

Grape: Bag's lying!


<The five of them stop bickering.>

Log: I don't know what's going on, but you all need to calm down! If you don't trust someone, just vote them off! At the very least, you should politely explain why you want them gone instead of screaming at each other!

<They all look down, guilt-stricken - Bag and Sword are acting it, though.>

Log: Okay. Are we all ready to behave and function like we're over the age of four?

<The others nod.>

Log: Good. By the way, where are Colored Pencil and Flashlight?

<Flashlight walks in.>

Folder: Oh, hey, Flashlight. Where were you?

<Flashlight cannot bring himself to look at Folder.>

Folder: Is something... wrong?

Flashlight: I'm just a bit... shaken after last week.

Folder: Oh. That makes sense.

Grape: Well, Flashlight, if you need help, you can always come to me. I'm skilled in psychology!

Flashlight: Thanks, Grape, but I think I can manage.

Grape: Okay. Don't forget my offer.

Flashlight: ...I won't.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): Where in the world is Colored Pencil? With Flashlight walking in the room depressed after both of them not being accounted for and after what Colored Pencil told me makes me worried. I need to do something about this.

<Log fabricates an excuse and rushes to the cabin where Colored Pencil is sleeping.>

Log: Colored Pencil...

Colored Pencil: Yeah, Log?

Log: Did Flashlight come here?

<Colored Pencil pauses for a moment.>

Colored Pencil: Yeah.

Log: Did you guys talk?

Colored Pencil: We did.

Log: About?

Colored Pencil: I told him to vote for Folder.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Lying to Log is only going to make things worse. I might as well tell the truth, but not all of the truth, of course...

Log: Oh, you did? Really?

Colored Pencil: Yeah. I told him that his game depended on it.

Log: Nice job, CP!

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): What? She's actually being loyal to me!? I can't complain, really, but it's so bizarre that she's done nothing so far despite figuring out my master plan which involved throwing her under the bus. I might just keep her around because of that.

Colored Pencil: Thanks. I thought that maybe you'd keep me around if I stayed loyal to you.

Log: You definitely thought right.

Sun: Contestants! It's time for the challenge!

<The eight remaining contestants head outside for the second merged challenge.>

Sun: Welcome! Since it's rainy outside, our challenge today is going to be short and very simple. For immunity today, we're playing Bump.

<Acid's face beams with joy.>

Sun: Here's how it works. All eight contestants will line up behind the basketball hoop. At any given moment, the person in the front of the line is trying to make a shot from where they are standing before the person right behind them makes it in. If the person in front makes the shot first, he or she will pass the ball to the third person in line and move to the back of the line. If the person who is second in line makes the shot first, though, the person in front of him or her will be eliminated. Play does not stop, so, if you're second in line and the person in front of you makes their shot, you can keep shooting as if nothing has happened.

Sun: Flashlight, since you didn't get to use your immunity last week, you will be given an additional chance, meaning that if you are "eliminated" for the first time, you will just move to the back of the line instead of sitting out.

Sun: You guys can line up in alphabetical order.

<The contestants get in line.>

Sun: GO!

<Acid and Bag both try to get a shot. Acid makes the shot and passes the ball on to Colored Pencil.>

Sun: Play continues!

<Bag and Colored Pencil continue shooting. After a few attempts, Colored Pencil makes a shot, eliminating Bag.>

Sun: Bag, you're out! Seven remain!

<Flashlight and Folder begin shooting. Flashlight makes the shot first.>

Sun: Play continues.

<As Grape gets ready to shoot, Folder makes his shot.>

Sun: Play continues!

<Grape and Log both struggle to make a shot. Finally, after quite some time, Log 'scores'.>

Sun: Grape, you're out! Six remain!

<Sword and Acid begin shooting. Sword manages to bump Acid's basketball away and makes a shot.>

Sun: Nice move by Sword! He manages to stay in the game!

<Acid makes his shot soon afterwards.>

Sun: No one is eliminated!

<Colored Pencil and Flashlight compete to make the shot. Colored Pencil barely beats Flashlight to it.>

Sun: Keep going!

<Flashlight soon follows Colored Pencil.>

Sun: There are still six left! Flashlight has yet to use his second chance!

<Folder and Log both shoot for a while until Folder makes it.>

Sun: Don't stop, Log!

<Log keeps trying to shoot, but Sword is quick to make his shot.>

Sun: Log is out! Five are left: Acid, Colored Pencil, Flashlight, Folder, and Sword!

<Acid makes his shot on the first try yet again.>

Sun: Acid's in a steady rhythm here!

<Colored Pencil bumps Flashlight's ball away and makes her shot.>

Sun: Smart play by Colored Pencil!

<Folder manages to make his shot before Flashlight can recover his ball.>

Sun: Flashlight would be out, but his advantage keeps him in the game.>

<Sword makes his shot just before Acid's can go in.>

Sun: Sword's quick movement is preventing Acid from eliminating him!

<Acid makes his shot soon afterward.>

Sun: Quite some time has gone by without any eliminations!

<Flashlight gets revenge on Colored Pencil by bumping her ball away. He then takes a shot and makes it.>

Sun: Colored Pencil, you're out! Four remain!

<Folder manages to get his shot in before Sword.>

Sun: Folder knows he could be eliminated soon! He's working extra hard!

<Acid bumps Sword's ball away and makes his shot on his first try.>

Sun: Sword, you're out! Three remain: Acid, Flashlight, and Folder!

<Flashlight makes his shot.>

Sun: Flashlight's still in this!

<Folder makes his shot.>

Sun: As is Folder! The competition is getting fierce!

<Acid makes his shot.>

Sun: There's no sign of anyone giving up! This is going to be a battle to the bitter end!

<Folder makes his shot before Flashlight can.>

Sun: Unbelievable! The tall and slender Flashlight eliminated by Folder!

<Acid makes his shot.>

Sun: Just Acid and Folder left!

<Acid bumps Folder's ball away, scowls at him, then makes his shot.>

Sun: It looks like Acid has won immunity! Congratulations!

Acid: YES! I DID IT!

Sun: Acid cannot be voted for tonight. Everyone else, though, is fair game. You guys will have time to discuss who you want to vote off.

<The contestants return to the cabins.>

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Keeping immunity from Sword and Folder was very important today, and I barely managed to do it. I'm not sure if Sword's just trying to push my buttons, but I'm not taking any chances with him. If there's a chance Folder is with him, well... Folder's got to go, then.

Acid: Hey, Grape...

Grape: What?

Acid: I'll vote Bag if you vote for Sword and Folder, okay?

Grape: Huh? Oh... sure, I guess.

Acid: Thanks! Spread the news, okay?

Grape: Sure...

<Grape heads to where the other contestants are.>

Grape: Psst. Log.

Log: What, Grape?

Grape: Will you vote Bag if I vote Folder?

Log: Um... sure?

Grape: Awesome! Spread the news, okay?

Log: All right.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): I didn't even put my alliance up to this! The "Folder going home" thing is spreading fast. It's really getting too easy at this point. However, next week, things are going to heat up. Oh, are they ever going to heat up.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Quick survey: everything's going to plan! Folder going is the sentiment, and Log says he has a huge blindside planned for next week. He's not sure exactly who to target, but I'm betting on Acid since he's our biggest danger at the moment.

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): It's weird how Folder went from universally loved to universally hated so fast, almost without warning. He didn't even do anything, really, but who am I to try and dissent against the group? That'll only get me into hot water again.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I'm still not sure how to deal with Log quite yet, but I know that I have to go along with him tonight. There's no point in risking anything yet.

Sun: It's time for the elimination!

<The eight contestants head to the elimination area.>

Sun: Okay. In a similar fashion to the eliminations before the merge, all of you will vote for three people you want eliminated. You guys can't vote for Acid, in case you forgot. Other than that, you guys know the drill by now. You can vote.

GRAPE (VOTING): <holds up a vote for Bag, amongst others> I really wish you were leaving tonight, but it seems almost idiotic at this point to keep trying to convince everyone that you're a liar. Only Spoon has believed me, and it's far too late for that to help me now. I hope that, if I just go with the flow, I might go unnoticed and make it to the end.

LOG (VOTING): <holds up votes for Flashlight, Grape, and Folder> Soon. Very, very soon.

COLORED PENCIL (VOTING): <holds up a vote for Log, amongst others> What you've been doing to this game is horrible. You've destroyed everything. I thought that Candy Bar had done it. I thought that I had done it. No - it was you. You caused all of the turmoil, all of the chaos, all of the fighting, and all of the heartbreak experienced in the game after Chalk's exit. You're an evil shrew and though you'll probably wind up victorious in the end, I still hate your guts and wish you the worst in life. I hope this vote knocks you to your senses, because, darling, you need it.

Sun: Time to tally the votes!

<Sun tallies the votes.>

Sun: Well, as you all know, Acid won immunity, so he's safe.

<Acid nods.>

Sun: Someone got zero votes! That person is...

<Dramatic pause!>

Sun: Colored Pencil! Congratulations, you're in the final seven!

<CP is shocked to not have been voted for, but smiles.>

Sun: Six of you are left, and there are also 24 votes left. With two votes...

<Dramatic pause!>

Sun: Log, you're safe, too!

<Log does not show any reaction at all.>

Sun: Two contestants got three votes. They are...

<Another dramatic pause...>

Sun: Sword and Bag!

Grape: No way!

Acid: Come on guys!

Sun: Come on, Acid... it's raining, I'm setting soon, and it's cold outside! Can we get on with it, please?

Acid: Fine. Go ahead.

Sun: Okay.

Sun: There are sixteen votes left, but only three contestants not declared safe. With four votes...

<Grape, Flashlight, and Folder are all nervous.>

Sun: Flashlight, you're in the final seven as well!

<Flashlight exhales with relief.>

Sun: All right. Grape. Folder. One of you two will be eliminated. The contestant eliminated, with seven votes, is...





















Sun: Folder! Grape, you're safe with five votes.

Folder: Ugh, I guess I saw it coming. Sword, that was a little tricky of you.

Sword: Sorry dude, I just didn't want Acid to have a leg up is all. If you don't hate me yet, maybe we can hang out once the game ends? I want to make it up to you. It really wasn't personal, I promise.

Folder: I get it, Sword. I'm not mad at you. Hey, maybe you can join Chalk and I for some coffee?

Sword: I'd love that.

Folder: Great! Acid, you kind of suck, not going to lie.

Acid: What?

Folder: Sword may have gotten me out, but it was because of your paranoia and general meanness, really. I don't know if you can make it up to me, personally.

Acid: Whatever, I don't really like you anyways.

Folder: Wonderful. Pleasant. Great to hear that. Well, I certainly had fun, and my journey did end unexpectedly. Colored Pencil, I wish you luck as always.

Colored Pencil: Thanks. Say hey to Chalk for me!

Folder: No problem. Bye guys! Nice meeting you!

<Folder waves goodbye and leaves the game with a smile on his face.>

'''Sun: After a surprisingly smooth goodbye, what will happen with only seven contestants left in the game? Could the power flip? Could a major blindside occur? Or will the elimination be surprisingly predictable? Find out next week, on Once in a Blue Moon!

FOLDER (FINAL WORDS): That was definitely a nice play by Sword. He really got me out with style! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little bit mad at him, but I'm more mad at Acid for being such a psychopath. Yeah, we get it, Sword can be a trickster. He proved that today. Heck, I believe Acid's story at this point. However, when you act all insanely passionate about your hatred for him publicly, no one's going to want to be on your side no matter how right you are. Good luck to Colored Pencil. I hope Sword loses, but I'd love to get to know him better outside the game. He's a nice guy at heart.

Episode 11: "Poetic and Vague"

Sun: Last time, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Colored Pencil discovered Log's plan to betray their alliance, but chose to keep quiet.

Sun: Meanwhile, Sword helped orchestrate a plan to eliminate the unsuspecting Folder from the game.

Sun: Colored Pencil told Flashlight to go along with Sword's plan "for his own good".

Sun: In the end, Folder was eliminated from the game, leaving only seven contestants.

Sun: Who will win immunity? What will become of the plans circulating through the game? Who will be eliminated? Find out right now!

<The intro plays.>

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): I've been thinking hard about Colored Pencil's behavior last week, but nothing seems to fall into place! Why would she want Folder out? The two of them were quite close as far as I could tell. I've asked her what's up, but she keeps saying that she has to wait for the right time... it's all really confusing.

<Flashlight walks into the girls' cabin. Bag isn't there.>

Flashlight: Uh, Grape?

Grape: What's occuring currently, Flashlight?

Flashlight: Uh... I need to talk to Colored Pencil. You know... in private.

Grape: You do? Oh, well... last time I questioned something, I got kicked out. Proceed.

<Grape leaves the room.>

Colored Pencil: What do you want?

Flashlight: You know why I'm here, CP.

Colored Pencil: ...

Flashlight: Why did you want Folder out?

Colored Pencil: ...

Flashlight: Can you still not tell me?

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): It's time. Today, Log's going to spill the beans. I know he will. I have to warn Flashlight before it's too late.

Colored Pencil: I didn't want Folder out.

Flashlight: What?

Colored Pencil: I really didn't want him out, Flashlight.

Flashlight: Then, why-

Colored Pencil: I had to. If I didn't... we'd both be out.

Flashlight: What do you mean?

Colored Pencil: There are plans going on that you don't know about.

Flashlight: Oh, please! Stop being all poetic and vague and get on with it! What do I have to know?

Colored Pencil: Fine. Kill the suspense.

<Colored Pencil takes a deep breath, nervous to tell Flashlight about Log.>

Colored Pencil: I'm in a four-person alliance.

Flashlight: You are!?

Colored Pencil: Well, I was. I'm not associating with them any more.

Flashlight: Why'd you leave the alliance? Who was even in the alliance?

Colored Pencil: You'll find out the others soon enough, but Log's in the alliance. Well, was.

Flashlight: Care to explain?

Colored Pencil: Well, technically speaking, he was only in the alliance for a week or two. As far as I know, he joined up with another member during Week 4. However...

Flashlight: What happened?

Colored Pencil: A third member joined Week 5. No, it wasn't me. At around that time, he started getting... ideas.

Flashlight: What kind of ideas?

Colored Pencil: Well, he's the reason why I hid my makeup under your pillow. He's also the reason why Folder left.

Flashlight: So... he's the mastermind behind everything?

Colored Pencil: After Week 4, yes.

Flashlight: That's kind of cool. You basically had a ticket to the final four!

Colored Pencil: Not exactly.

Flashlight: Why?

Colored Pencil: You see, Log's plan all along was to built trust with several people before jumping ship and sending them all home. He's going to reveal my alliance and watch as the three of us all get sent home. At least, that's what he would do...

Flashlight: How did you find out?

Colored Pencil: It just makes so much sense. First, Acid pretty much knows that Sword tricked him and Football during Week 8. Second, Grape is certain that Bag is an 'evil mastermind'. And, lastly but so untruly, you should be livid at me for tricking you with my makeup. When he tried to get Folder out so that his neutrality to it all wouldn't affect his master plan, I realized what he was doing. He confirmed it to me, too. He knows that I know. I got you to vote out Folder so that he'd view me as loyal and maybe keep me around for a week. It worked! I'm still here!

Flashlight: So... Bag and Sword are the other two alliance members... that's genius.

Colored Pencil: Yes, it is, but it can't happen. He can only take two others with him into the final three, and I doubt he'd take you over, say, Grape.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): ... I don't know how to react. Log? All this time? I almost want to reward him for his genius, but, at the same time, CP's right. We have to do something about him.

Flashlight: So... what's the game plan?

Colored Pencil: I'm still not sure. I know I've got to tell Bag or Sword. I think it's for the best that Grape and Acid find out in the way Log intends, don't you?

Flashlight: I guess, but... what should I do?

Colored Pencil: Try to convince Grape and Acid after Log spills the beans that Log is also involved in our scheming. Maybe they'll throw in a vote for Log tonight. If not, we still have a lot of time to get him out.

Flashlight: True. Okay. I'll start thinking about what I should do.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): This is beyond risky. Grape and Acid could very well not vote for Log, which would send either Sword, Bag, or me home. It's a risk worth taking, though, and that's all that really matters.


Bag: Who should we go for next, Log?

Log: I'm not so sure. In my eyes, Flashlight is the biggest threat, though Acid's a strong physical player as well.

Sword: I say we go for Acid. He could easily ruin our operation, don't you think?

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): I'm waiting for the perfect time to crush their hopes and dreams. Today is the day, that's for sure, but I have to find a chance to sneak out and drop the bombshell.

Bag: That's a really good point.

Log: Yeah, it is, but I'm still not so sure.

Bag: Well, we have to decide on someone to throw under the bus.

Sword: Yeah, Log, let's go with Acid. His time should have been up long ago.

Log: Hmm... I think it'd be a good idea to talk to the non-alliance-member contestants and see where their heads are at.

Bag: Shouldn't we get Colored Pencil's input first?

<Like clockwork, Colored Pencil walks in.>

Sword: Speak of the devil!

Log: 'Sup, CP?

Colored Pencil: Not much. I was just asking around, talking to the pedestrian contestants.

Log: Oh... you were?

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): Are you <expletive> kidding me, CP? Honestly? What am I going to do now?

Colored Pencil: Yeah.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): This is so fun! I can see the anger in his eyes...

Bag: That's great! Log was just about to do that himself. What did you gather?

Colored Pencil: Well, based on my conversations with them, Acid seems like the biggest threat to our survival in the game.

Sword: That makes a lot of sense. He knows what I'm up to at this point.

Log: Are you sure about that, CP?

Bag: What has gotten into you, Log? She's a member of our alliance. Her analysis seems pretty accurate to me!

Log: How can you be sure?

Bag: You're being a jerk, Log...

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Log's been acting strange lately, especially in the past week. He's been hunting for excuses to leave our group and talk to the non-alliance members. CP must be noticing it, too, because she's trying to keep Log firmly in his place.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I think the power's gone to Log's head. Yeah, we have a majority at long last, but he shouldn't get all excited or overzealous about it. He's pissing us off.

Sword: Ugh. Log, if you really want to talk to Flashlight and Acid so bad, go ahead. I'm not sure what damage you could cause.

Log: Ugh, finally.

Sword: Be back in five minutes or less!

Log: Okay!

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): Hahaha... it's time to say goodbye to your 'precious' alliance, Bag. No more coasting along, Sword. CP? Eh. You already know what's going to happen to you. You've almost accepted your fate. This is way too easy!

<Log leaves, heading around camp to tell the others about Bag's alliance.>

Bag: That was weird.

Colored Pencil: Thank God he left. I have to tell you guys something urgent.

Sword: What...?

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): The way CP said that makes me very nervous... something's gone wrong.

Colored Pencil: Log's 'plan' is worse than you think.

Bag: What do you mean?

Colored Pencil: Right now, he's telling the others about our alliance. I'm not even kidding: our games are all being destroyed as we speak.

Bag: No way! That can't be true!

Colored Pencil: It is. He confirmed it to me last week. I kept quiet so I would be around this week to stop him.

Sword: Why would he do that!?

Colored Pencil: Well-

Bag: He's obsessed with discourse. The reason did the things I did? I was just trying to win. I was being competitive in the best way I could. I'm not that terrible of a person in my every day life. Mind you, I'm no angel, but that's besides the point. Log is a true sociopath. He obviously revels in the downfall of others. I bet he's planning on sabotaging the final challenge, too.

Sword: Wait, why did he wait so long to carry out this plan?

Colored Pencil: He wanted all of the neutral parties out. He knew that Folder could easily side with us and stop him in his tracks, so he got rid of him. Now, he thinks the only people not in our alliance would very easily spite us.

Bag: So... do you think he rigged the rejoin?

Colored Pencil: I think he tried. At one point, he tried reading the number on his card himself instead of letting Sun do it. He could have switched a card in order to keep Flashlight or Grape in. I'm not sure. However, there's one fatal flaw to his plan that is the key to our success.

Bag: Huh?

Colored Pencil: You see, his plan relies on the hatred that Acid, Grape, and Flashlight will have towards us. The problem with this is that... well, Flashlight already knows what I did. In fact, he thanked me personally for it.

Sword: Why'd he do that?

Colored Pencil: He says the whole experience helped him improve as a person. Anyways, I told Log this in order to stop him, but he obviously didn't believe me.

Bag: So...

Sword: We're not screwed!?

Colored Pencil: We should be good. Flashlight knows about our alliance, too.

Bag: You told him?

Colored Pencil: Just now, for our own good. He's going to stick on our side. He's also going to pretend like Log's 'revelation' is news to him.

Bag: You helped thwart Log's plan all by yourself?

Colored Pencil: I guess I did.

Bag: You're the best! I can't thank you enough!

Sword: Really, CP. You're the MVP.

Colored Pencil: It's really not a problem. You guys helped me cope with Chalk's elimination and stayed with me wholeheartedly ever since. I'm only repaying you.

Bag: So... you're sure we're fine?

Colored Pencil: Not 100%, but we should be if all goes well. Let's hope for the best.

Sword: Yeah.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Colored Pencil is a hero. Who knew that her moody and hot-tempered self could be so patient, brilliant, and vigilant? If what she says is true, we dodged a huge bullet.


Flashlight: Why did you gather us here?

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): I suppose this is Log's "big reveal". I just hope he doesn't take a century giving it.

Log: You guys are all in danger.

Acid: Because of Sword, right?

Grape: No, it's Bag!

Flashlight: Why are we in danger, Log?

Log: Flashlight, before I continue, CP hid her makeup under your pillow.

Flashlight: She did what!?

Log: That's what I thought, too. She went way too far to try to get you out.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): A few high school acting classes never hurt anybody. >:-)

Log: Along with that, Bag, Sword, and Colored Pencil all formed an alliance to get you guys out. They think I'm in their alliance, too, but I felt wrong working with them.

Grape: I knew it!

Acid: I knew it!

Flashlight: That's horrible! Wait... Grape was betrayed seven weeks ago. If this has been going on for so long, why didn't you say anything?

Log: What? Oh...

Grape: That's a good point! If you lived with Bag and Sword for eleven weeks, and this has been going on since Week 3, by the way, why didn't you say something before?

Log: Uh, well...

Acid: You, Sword, and Bag would spend hours talking every day since Week 5! You didn't bother saying anything to us! If you had done something, Football wouldn't have left to get beaten up by Flashlight!

Flashlight: If you had done something, I wouldn't have even been eliminated, so Football couldn't have been beaten up either way!

Acid: <Gasps.> That's true! Why didn't you do anything about that?

Log: I had no idea that would happen, guys.

Grape: When I was eliminated, you said straight to my face that my ideas about Bag were stupid! You knew all along, but you kept it a secret in order to spite me!

Log: I didn't know about their alliance until after I said that, Grape.

Grape: Uh-huh. Sure you didn't. How can we trust you if you lied to all of us for almost three months? Huh?

Log: You guys, I never said I wasn't involved. I'm joining your side, though! I'm with you! If we work together, we can get them out! If you guys go for me instead, you won't stand a chance!

Grape: I guess that makes a bit of sense.

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): Yeah, what he says does make sense, but I still feel like giving him one of my votes just because he's a slimy little snake. I'll still have votes left over for Bag and her cronies.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): If he had spoken up sooner, Football wouldn't have been beaten into a bloody pulp! He's a capital S-N-A-K-E snake. 

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Oh, poor Log! Not everything's going perfectly to his cute little plan! Let's all shed a tear... :'(

Log: At least consider it, okay? They won't be merciful to you guys.

Acid: All right.

<As Log leaves, Acid rolls his eyes.>

Acid: Granted, I hate Sword's guts for his betrayal, but... Log's doing the same thing to them, don't you think?

Flashlight: Yeah. I say us three stick together. We've all been wronged in the past, and it's time we fought back.

Grape: That's a great idea! We can pretend like Log's with us for however long he even lasts.

Acid: Good idea. I'm still voting for him, though. He won't be getting votes from the other three. It'll just be a warning, that's all.

Flashlight: I like that plan.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): The three of us? We're a solid group. We've all ended up together through our own failure.

Acid: Aye, Grape...

Grape: Yeah?

Acid: I'm sorry for not believing you seven weeks ago.

Grape: Thanks, Acid. That means a lot. I'm sorry for not really believing your story about Sword, too.

Acid: Eh, that's okay. I was too pushy about it. That's my fault.

Grape: Say... Flashlight, how come you never suspected Colored Pencil to be behind your elimination?

Flashlight: I assumed it was Football all this time. I really need to apologize to him when I get the chance.

Acid: If you don't get the chance, I can always tell him for you. I have his contact information.

Flashlight: Why don't you just give me his contact information?

Acid: Oh, yeah... I forgot I could do that.

<The three of them reminisce and talk about their past in the game, marveling at the odd circumstances. Meanwhile...>

Bag: Okay. We've got to act like nothing happened. I hope you two are good actors.

Colored Pencil: Eh, I'm good enough.

Sword: I think I can fool Log... I hope, at least.

<Just then, Log returns.>

Bag: You're back!

Log: Yeah.

Sword: So... did you find anything out about your discussions with them?

Log: Uhh... to me, Acid and Flashlight are a dead match. I'm leaning more toward getting Flashlight out.

Colored Pencil: So... if Flashlight wins immunity, Acid's the target?

Log: I believe so, yes.

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): It's almost funny. They don't suspect a thing. They're so secure about their positions in the game, oblivious to how hard they're going to fall. Now, I'm not sure which of them I want out... maybe Colored Pencil? She knows about my plan and she lied to me about Flashlight's "awareness". I have to do something about her before it's too late.

Sun: It's time for the challenge! Everyone come outside!

<The seven remaining contestants head outside, eager to begin the challenge.>

Sun: Okay. This challenge is simple. I will go around asking people questions one at a time. The person answering the question will be decided at random. If you get the question right, you will cut the ropes of one of your fellow contestants. If you get it wrong, the question will be transferred to someone else. If all three of your ropes are cut, you are eliminated from the challenge. The last contestant left standing will win immunity and a spot into the final six! Let's begin!

<The contestants head to an area with twenty-one ropes divided into seven groups. Each contestant chooses a group of three ropes.>

Sun: First question goes to Colored Pencil. CP, has anyone been eliminated without a unanimous vote? If so, who?

Colored Pencil: Not an easy question. The answer is Candy Bar, who got 2/4 votes during his elimination.

Sun: That is correct! Please slice someone's rope.

<Colored Pencil slices Flashlight's rope. She winks at him so he knows it's part of her plan.>

Sun: Next question... Flashlight. Flashlight, what is the highest amount of votes anyone has recieved during elimination, and who got those votes?

Flashlight: Door got eight votes during the second ever elimination.

Sun: Correct again! Slice someone's rope.

<Flashlight slices Colored Pencil's rope. Log grins slightly.>

Sun: Next... Acid. Acid, what is the lowest amount of votes anyone has received during an elimination?

Acid: Zero.

Sun: Sorry, let me rephrase that... what is the lowest amount of votes someone has gotten to be eliminated?

Acid: Uhh... Candy Bar only got three during his elimination.

Sun: Sorry, but that's incorrect. Candy was eliminated without getting any votes.

Acid: What? I said zero the first time?

Sun: Yes, but it wasn't in response to the actual question. You don't get to slice any ropes.

Sun: Next... Log. Log, can you name every contestant that was involved in a tie vote, excluding the actual voters?

Log: There was a tie between Door and Chalk and a tie between Folder and Candy Bar.

Sun: Correct! You may slice a rope.

<Log slices Flashlight's rope and winks at him so he knows it's part of his plan.>

Sun: Flashlight, you only have one rope remaining.

Sun: Next... Bag! Bag, who placed third in the rejoining challenge?

Bag: Uhh... Candy Bar?

Sun: Correct! That's not an easy one. You may slice a rope.

<Bag slices Flashlight's final rope.>

Sun: Sorry, Flashlight, but you're already out of the challenge. Six are left. Everyone else has three ropes left except for Colored Pencil, who has two.

<Flashlight sits on a nearby bench.>

Sun: Grape, you're next. What is the elimination order so far?

Grape: Easy. Dorito, Door, Frame, me, Spoon, Chalk, Flashlight, Football, Candy Bar, Candy, and Folder.

Sun: Correct! You may slice a rope.

<Grape slices Bag's rope.>

Sun: Sword, you haven't gone yet, so this question is for you: How many votes did you get in your first elimination?

Sword: Zero.

Sun: Right. You may slice a rope.

<Sword slices Acid's rope.>

Sun: Okay. As it stands, Log, Sword, and Grape have three ropes left. Bag, Acid, and Colored Pencil have two. Flashlight has been eliminated, so he has zero.

Sun: You have all asked one question, so it's time for the first group question. Everyone who gets this one right will get to cut a rope.

Sun: Show on your hands: how many votes has the lowest vote-getter gotten in the game?

<Acid and Sword show five fingers. Colored Pencil, Bag, Log, and Grape show four.>

Sun: The answer is four. Candy has only gotten four votes throughout her entire stay in the game. Sword is the next lowest vote-getter, with five.

Sun: Colored Pencil, Bag, Log, and Grape may all cut a rope.

<Grape cuts another one of Bag's ropes. Colored Pencil and Bag each cut one of Acid's ropes. Log cuts one of Bag's ropes.>

Bag: Hey!

Log: What? It's a competition!

Sun: Interesting. Bag and Acid have both been eliminated. Sword, Log, and Grape still have all of their ropes, while CP has two left.

<Acid and Bag both sit beside Flashlight.>

Sun: Okay. Next question... Log. Log, how many challenges have been held?

Log: There have been thirteen challenges. Nine immunity challenges before the merge, the rejoin challenge, and three individual challenges after the rejoin challenge if you include this one.

Sun: Correct. You may slice a rope.

<Log slices one of Sword's ropes.>

Sword: Hey! Grape has three, too!

Log: Hey, it's just an immunity challenge.

Sun: Log and Grape still have three. The others still in have two.

Sun: Next... Grape. Grape, how many votes has Colored Pencil gotten throughout the game?

Grape: That's super tough! Umm... ten!

Sun: No, sorry... she's only gotten nine. You don't get to cut a rope.

Grape: Ugh!

Sun: Next... Sword. Sword, how many votes has Acid gotten so far?

Sword: Eight?

Sun: Yeah.

<Sword cuts one of Log's ropes.>

Log: What?

Sword: Just returning the favor.

Sun: Grape is the only one with three ropes. The rest of you have just two.

Sun: Colored Pencil, you have the next question. Out of everyone still in the game, who has gotten the most votes?

Colored Pencil: Well, since she got eliminated early on, probably Grape. I have no clue.

Sun: You're right! Slice a rope.

<Colored Pencil slices one of Grape's ropes.>

Sun: Everything's equal! Next question... Grape. Grape, how many votes has Bag gotten so far?

Grape: Oh god. Umm... <Grape counts on her fingers for a moment.> Is it fourteen?

Sun: It is! Amazing job! You may slice a rope.

<Grape slices one of Colored Pencil's ropes.>

Grape: Payback.

Colored Pencil: Don't act like I won't get you back!

Sun: CP is down to just one rope. Everyone else has two.

Sun: Next... CP! CP, which eliminated contestant has gotten fourteen votes in all?

Colored Pencil: Oh, boy... well, it's not Door, Dorito, or Frame...

Colored Pencil: Is it... ugh, I don't know... Football?

Sun: No, Football got only ten votes in total. It's Spoon.

Colored Pencil: Ugh!

Sun: Next... Log. Log, which contestant still in the game has gotten thirteen votes so far?

Log: Uh... is it me?

Sun: It is!

<Log slices one of Grape's ropes.>

Sun: Grape and CP are down to just one rope. Sword and Log have two.

Sun: Sword, which contestant still in the game has gotten twelve votes so far?

Sword: There haven't been any questions about Flashlight's vote count, so... Flashlight?

Sun: Yeah... you're right.

<Sword slices one of Log's ropes.>

Sun: I see some strategy going on! Sword is the only contestant with two ropes left. Grape, CP, and Log have one rope each.

Sun: Since all of you have answered three questions, it's time for another group question.

Sun: The title of the first episode is "You'll Literally Break the Bunk". Who said that?

<Colored Pencil, Log, and Sword all say Chalk. Grape says Dorito.>

Sun: Grape, you're incorrect. Everyone else is correct, and may slice a rope.

<Log and CP both slice Sword's ropes. Sword slices Log's rope.>

Sun: With that, both Sword and Log have been eliminated! CP and Grape both have one rope left.

<Sword and Log sit beside Bag, Acid, and Flashlight.>

Sun: Whoever is the next to get a question right is the winner.

Sun: Grape. Including tiebreaker votes, how many votes have been cast in all?

Grape: Oh god... <Grape begins counting in her head.> Is it... 178?

Sun: That is...

<Sun pauses for dramatic tension.>

Sun: CORRECT! Grape, you have won immunity and a spot in the final six! Congratulations!

Grape: Yes! Thank you!

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): Those were really hard questions, especially towards the end. I'm super glad to have won immunity!

LOG (CONFESSIONAL): Thankfully, Colored Pencil didn't win immunity. At long last, I can get her out of this game.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Log basically lost himself that challenge today. Sucks for him.

Sun: As for the rest of you, well... someone's going home tonight. Try your hardest to make sure that isn't you.

<The contestants head to the cabins.>

Log: I'm going to try and make Flashlight feel as if he isn't leaving tonight. Is that okay?

Bag: Uhh... go ahead, I guess.

Log: All right, cool!

<Log leaves his alliance.>

Colored Pencil: He can't be up to any good.

Bag: Yeah, no chance.

Sword: Should we do something?

Bag: Nah. Just let him tank his own game.


Log: Hey, guys.

Flashlight: Huh?

Log: Congrats on immunity, Grape!

Grape: Thanks!

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): Yeah, he's pretty damn fake.

Log: Can I ask you guys a favor?

Flashlight: What?

Acid: Yeah! Didn't you already ask us a favor today?

Log: I don't know how you're going to vote, but make sure one of your votes is for Colored Pencil. She's determined to get all of you guys out of the game.

Grape: Is that all?

Log: Yeah. Make sure you vote for her!

Flashlight: I'm not against that!

Log: I knew you wouldn't be. See you guys at elimination!

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Why is he locked on to Colored Pencil? Is it because she knows his plan? Eh. I'm not sure if I should warn her or not. She probably knows that Log's gunning for her. But... what if she doesn't? What if she's not ready to stand up for herself? But if I do something when it's unnecessary, her entire plan could fail... ugh, I don't know what to do!

<Log walks into the room where his "alliance" is relaxing with a fake panic.>

Log: Guys!

Bag: What's wrong, Log?

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): More like "what stupid lie do you have in store for us, Log?". I'm pretty sure he's not in an actual panic.

Log: When I went over there, the three of them were all ignoring me. I asked why, and they said that they know about our alliance!

Sword: What!?

Log: I know, right! I asked how they knew, and they said that CP told them.

Colored Pencil: Oh, come on! I didn't do a thing and you know it!

Log: Tell that to the others!

Bag: CP... did you tell the others about our alliance? Honestly?

Colored Pencil: Of course I didn't!

Log: Liar! You realized that you were fourth place in this alliance and tried to throw us all under the bus!

Colored Pencil: Oh, yeah? Then how come you told me yourself that Sword was number four?

Sword: Hold on! Am I fourth in this alliance?

Log: Of course you aren't! CP, I never said that!

Colored Pencil: Oh, yes you did! I asked you "Is he-" and you interrupted me by nodding! You told me yourself!

Log: OH, that's what you were asking! I thought it was something else...

Sword: What is this "something else"?

Log: You're gay, aren't you?

Sword: What!?

<Sword leaves the room in a huff.>

Bag: Log...

Log: What? I thought he was...

Colored Pencil: That doesn't matter, you <expletive>! We have something important to deal with!

Log: Oh, yeah... how you threw us all under the bus!

Colored Pencil: Ugh. There's no point in trying to convince you. You're going to keep lying. It was you who revealed the alliance, and we all know it. Stop trying to fool us.

Log: Why would I do that?

Colored Pencil: It's your lust for power and your sociopathy. You are desperate to watch the downfall of others at your own hands. You were scared you'd lose against the rest of us, so you acted on that and threw us, especially me, under the bus!

Log: That's ludicrous! Bag, don't you agree with me?

Bag: Well... you have more to gain from betraying us than she does...

Log: Unbelievable.

<Log storms out of the room.>

Bag: Uhh... he's lying, right?

Colored Pencil: Of course he is. You can ask one of the others if you don't believe me.

<Bag decides to follow CP's advice.>

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Wow, Log! You've got a great social game! There's no chance Sword's going to vote with him, that's for sure. I hope Bag sides with me as well.

<Sword storms back into the room.>

Colored Pencil: Hey, are you okay?

Sword: Yeah...

Colored Pencil: I can't believe Log would do that. I didn't think he was that low.

Sword: You know... he's not wrong... I just acted out to scare him.

Colored Pencil: Oh. Huh.

Sword: Yeah.

<The two of them sit awkwardly for a moment.>

Sun: It's time for the elimination!

<The contestants head to the elimination area. Log is pissed, Sword is expressionless, and Bag looks confused.>

Sun: Okay. As you know, Grape won immunity, so you cannot vote for her. Everyone else is fair game. You guys will cast three votes each, including Grape. You may begin voting.

BAG (VOTING): <holds up votes for Log and Colored Pencil, along with another> For some reason, the testimonies I got were mixed. I guess it's safer to vote for both of them than to chance it and vote for the wrong person.

SWORD (VOTING): <holds up a vote for Log, amongst others> You, sir, are a total <expletive>. You didn't need to betray us, and you certainly didn't need to out me in front of Colored Pencil. It's time for you to go.

GRAPE (VOTING): <holds up a vote for Bag, amongst others> You've lasted far too long in this game, and now I've got the dirt on you I've been craving for so long. I don't know if it's your time tonight, but I sure hope it is.

<The votes are tallied.>

Sun: Okay. The votes have been counted. Grape, since you won immunity, you're the first member of the final six.

Grape: Awesome!

Sun: As for the rest of you... all of you guys got votes. The second member of the final six, with one vote, is...

<Dramatic pause...>

Sun: Flashlight!

<Flashlight graciously accepts his position in the final six.>

Sun: The third member of the final six, with three votes, is...

<Dramatic pause once more...>

Sun: Acid! Congratulations.

<Acid is happy to be safe, and happier to see Sword and his alliance not safe yet.>

Sun: There are four of you left, and only three spots remaining. The fourth member of the final six, also with three votes, is...

<Everyone not still safe tenses up.>

Sun: Sword! Great job making it this far!

<Acid groans.>

Sword: Oh, poor Acid, he has to deal with the Big Bad Sword! :(

Acid: Sun, can you just get on with it, please?

Sun: Very well, then. The fifth member of the final six is...

<Super dramatic pause.>

Sun: Bag, with four votes! Congratulations!

<Bag is somewhat shocked to be safe, but accepts her safety nonetheless.>

Sun: Log. Colored Pencil. Only one of you is safe tonight. That person happens to be...





















Sun: Colored Pencil, with four votes!

Log: WHAT!?

Bag: So... Log, did you reveal our alliance to the others? Did you?

Log: Ugh... yeah, I did.

Sword: I knew it!

Log: Shut up!

Sword: You deserved to be eliminated even if you weren't a backstabbing snake.

Log: Aww, did I hurt your sensitivities? Poor Sword...

Sword: Uh...

<Sword stares at Log in shock.>

Colored Pencil: Log, could you not? Could you be civil for once? All you do is cause problem after problem after problem. It's your fault that Football got beaten up. It's your fault that Grape and Flashlight were eliminated. You orchestrated everything. You were the alliance's true leader, yet you backstabbed us. You tried to make us look like the bad guys, when you were doing most of the scheming in the alliance. It was all you. Don't try to blame Sword for everything because he got pissed at you for being an <expletive>, don't blame me for telling Bag and Sword about your plan, and don't blame Bag for starting the alliance in the first place. You caused your own elimination, and it's ironic and glorious. In conclusion, go to hell.

Log: But-

Bag: Log, I can't believe what you tried to do. We were really close. I really liked being your friend. I even started developing something more, but you destroyed everything. You destroyed the empire we had created. You don't feel any remorse about it, either. I hate you.

Log: Okay, Bag... I am honestly sorry for what I did to you. I don't care about Sword or Colored Pencil in the slightest, but you... you're the true innocent one in all this. Isn't that funny? Bag, the self-proclaimed "evil mastermind", is the innocent person in the situation. I hate that you hate me. I really do.

Bag: I can't believe you! I'm not innocent. I don't want to pretend like I'm innocent. No, the innocent ones are Flashlight, Grape, and Acid. You know why? They didn't make an alliance then trick people to get them out of the game! They played without getting dirt on their hands. Well, for the most part, anyways. None of us are claiming to be innocent. We just think that you're even worse than we are.

<The other contestants, sans Log, clap upon hearing her testify.>

Log: Very well, then. I'm glad to be out of this hellhole.

Sword: It was only a hellhole because you were here.

Log: I'm leaving now.

Colored Pencil: Then go already!

<Log leaves angrily and in defeat, while the rest of the contestants cheer and celebrate.>

Sun: Well, it appears as if some of the animosity has been drained away. I hope you guys sleep easier now.

<The six remaining contestants head back to their respective cabins to sleep.>

Sun: What strange twist will affect the game's outcome? Who will win immunity next? Who will be eliminated? Find out next time. Goodnight!

LOG (FINAL WORDS): I can't believe my plan failed. It was working so perfectly! I had everything set up just as it needed to be, but then Colored Pencil destroyed the beauty of it all. Damn you, CP. I hate being outsmarted. I still can't believe she found out about my plans, and acted upon that knowledge just when I was about to succeed... almost as if she was taunting me. Sword was a complete <expletive> before my exit, and I'm appalled that Bag wasn't blinded by loyalty and took my side. In fact, no one really took my side! Everyone voted for me! I wasn't expecting for the others to get pissed at me for revealing my alliance so late. I guess I'll keep that in mind the next time I try to pull of something like this. Oh, well, what's done is done. I wish good luck to no one. Goodbye!



Episode 12: "Unwanted Divide"

Sun: Earlier, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Colored Pencil was fed up with her team, and teamed up with Bag, Log, and Sword to save herself.

Sun: She decided to hide her makeup under Flashlight's pillow, eliminating him from the game.

Sun: Afterwards, Acid and Football noticed how little time Sword spent with them, and became suspicious.

Sun: Meanwhile, Colored Pencil and Folder teamed up to get Candy Bar out once and for all.

Sun: In a surprise double elimination, Football was betrayed by Sword, while Candy Bar was eliminated in a tiebreaker vote.

Sun: After the double elimination, the two teams merged, and Flashlight and Grape rejoined the game.

Sun: While Acid tried to get Sword eliminated and Grape wanted Bag out, Flashlight found out what really happened during his elimination. Shockingly, he thanked Colored Pencil for her deceit.

Sun: Candy, however, became increasingly depressed due to her guilt involving Football and Flashlight, and decided to quit the game.

Sun: Once Candy was eliminated, Log set a plan in motion to get his own allies out of the game. Colored Pencil caught on but pretended to stay loyal.

Sun: Log and Sword got Folder kicked out of the game by setting off Acid's paranoia.

Sun: Once Folder had left, Log figured that the others in the game would turn on his own alliance.

Sun: However, Colored Pencil told Flashlight, Bag, and Sword about Log's facade, which lead to arguments and an unexpected alliance between Grape, Acid, and Flashlight forming.

Sun: In the end, Log's facade backfired horribly, and he was eliminated unanimously.

Sun: After eleven crazy episodes, only six contestants remain. Who will come out on top? Who will fall flat? Find out in Part III: The Final Fall.

<The intro plays.>

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): At long last! The heavens have opened up, the sun has risen, and the clouds have dissipated! Really, the game has been rather calm once Log was so righteously eliminated. Despite that... I fear for what's to come.

Sword: So... any plans yet?

Bag: Plans?

Sword: On what to do next, that is?

Bag: Hm... CP, any ideas? I honestly didn't expect Log to betray us.

Colored Pencil: Well, as it stands... it's an even split. It's us three against the others.

Sword: Yeah, we know that... is there any way to break the split?

Bag: CP, you're close with Flashlight, aren't you?

<Colored Pencil's eyes light up, but then she looks down.>

Sword: Yeah! Do you think we could get him to flip to our side?

Colored Pencil: I don't know, to be honest. We're on good terms, yes, but... he said he didn't want to work with me.

Bag: Is that because of your betrayal?

Colored Pencil: Yeah. I feel as if he'll stick with Acid and Grape for the long haul.

Bag: That's a shame...

Sword: Maybe you could get him to vote for one of his friends instead of you. That way, we should be good.

Colored Pencil: I don't think he's dumb enough to do that, guys. He knows he's toast if it's us three and him in the final four.

Sword: Good point. Should we just hope for the best, or are we going to do something?

Bag: I kind of want to do something. We shouldn't just give up because Log's gone!

Colored Pencil: You have a point... we need to keep fighting. The game isn't over yet.

'<Just then, Acid walks in.>'

Sword: What are you doing here?

Acid: I want to talk to Colored Pencil. Now.

Colored Pencil: You... you do? Why?

Acid: I think you know why.

<CP looks down in shame.>

Bag: What's this about?

Colored Pencil: Guys... could you step out for a minute?

Acid: Oh, no, Sword can stay, too. Bag, you have to leave.

Bag: Why me?

Sword: Why do I have to stay?

Acid: Just... go. It'll only take a minute.

<Bag sighs and walks out of the room.>

Sword: What's this about again?

Acid: You know better than anyone, Sword.

<Sword frowns.>

Colored Pencil: Acid, I'm really sorry. I honestly didn't know that would happen.

Acid: So? If you hadn't ran your mouth and covered your back, Football might not have been tenderized!

Colored Pencil: I was really angry, Acid. I had no other option!

Acid: Really? Honestly? You didn't have to pin it on Football!

Colored Pencil: Yes... yes, I did.

Acid: Oh, really? Why!?

Sword: May I interject?

Acid: You most certainly may not! Colored Pencil, give me an answer!

Colored Pencil: I needed to take the blame off of Flashlight.

Acid: And you had to direct it at Football?

Colored Pencil: They wouldn't have believed me if I told the truth!

<Colored Pencil fights back tears.>

Acid: W- I'm sorry, CP. I'm just being protective, that's all.

<No one talks for a moment.>

Acid: Sword, I was going to interrogate you, too, but-

Sword: My answer is the same. I had no choice in the matter.

Acid: Why not?

Sword: Log was adamant about his pretty little plan to control the game. He told us we would be eliminated if we didn't follow it. Looks like we would have been eliminated anyways, though.

Acid: Resorting to threats, huh... why'd you guys even stay in the alliance?

Sword: Log acted like an angel around Bag. I suspect he had a raging crush on her. Bag wouldn't believe anything negative about Log. She was blinded with loyalty. Ironic, isn't it? It took a lot of proof to convince Bag he wasn't loyal, and even then, Bag wasn't sure.

Acid: So... a foolish mistake on your guys' part led to a deal with the devil is what you're telling me?

Colored Pencil: I guess it is.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Do I like them? No. Do I feel as if they had to throw Football under the bus? No. Do I feel sorry for them? Eh... a little bit. They know they aren't innocent, which is why they feel terrible about it... I guess I could see that sucking.

Acid: Ah. Well... thanks, guys. See you later.

<Sword decides to joke with him.>

Sword: Hate you!

Acid: Hate you, too!

<Acid smirks a little before leaving.>

Colored Pencil: Bag... you can come back, now.

<Bag reenters the room.>

Bag: What'd I miss?

Sword: Eh. I don't think he hates us as much anymore.

Bag: Good. Why?

<Colored Pencil shakes his head at Sword.>

Sword: Forgive and forget, I think.

Bag: Ah. That's great, though!

Colored Pencil: He won't be teaming up with us any time soon, though. Don't get your hopes up.

Bag: Makes sense.


FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Well, I'm stuck. I don't want to vote for CP, but I definitely don't want to betray my new alliance. Why do I have to deal with all this?

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): After the whole Log fiasco, everyone really seems to get along. We may not like the other alliance, but we can respect them a little bit.

<Acid returns from his "walk".>

Grape: Are you okay?

Acid: Yeah, I'm fine.

Grape: Oh. Ok.

Flashlight: Where'd you walk?

Acid: Just around the campground. Through the woods. I did some thinking...

Flashlight: Really? About...?

Acid: Flashlight, I'm sorry that you had to get stuck in the whole Log-Colored Pencil-Sword mess. Same with you, Grape.

Grape: Same with you.

Flashlight: Thanks.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Acid kind of spoke my mind. I always wonder to myself why was the one CP chose to involve in this mess. It's destroyed me but it's also created me anew. I guess that's my logic behind not being mad at her.

Flashlight: Honestly, guys... I was never mad at Colored Pencil for what she did. Yes, she ruined me and everything I had, but the experience was almost a rebirthing in a way.

Acid: I think that's a nice way to think of it, actually. I've learned quite a bit from Sword's betrayal of me. Namely, not to trust someone you've just met.

<Grape and Flashlight laugh.>

Grape: Same with me. I trusted Bag over my own friend, and it backfired on me. Hard. I guess every mistake you make is a life lesson, huh?

Flashlight: Yeah. That's very true.

Acid: I also learned not to judge a book based on its cover, you know?

Grape: Very true. I guess that goes along with trust, huh?

Flashlight: Yeah. It does.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): You know... maybe Sword isn't such a bad guy after all. It sounds crazy, but... we all have reasons, and he isn't one to be... sociopathic.

Grape: So... are we going to do any scheming? Or are we just going to be laidback?

Acid: What's wrong with being laidback? I'm loving it out here now!

Flashlight: I think I'm going to go for a walk. Is that okay?

Grape: Go ahead.

Acid: Yeah, dude. It's fine.

<Flashlight leaves his company.>

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): I've got to figure out what I need to do. The game's not over yet.

<Flashlight heads into the other cabin.>

Colored Pencil: Oh, hey, Flashlight.

Bag: What's up?

Flashlight: Guys... I'm not sure what to do. I'm aligned with the other guys, but I don't really want to vote against CP either.

Bag: Well, we're obviously going to want you to vote with us instead of them, so you're not going to get very good advice.

Colored Pencil: You could consider siding with us, though we understand if you don't want to. We played dirty.

Flashlight: Hell yeah you did.

Sword: We do feel guilty about some of the stuff we did, though, if that makes it any better...

Flashlight: I'm sure you are. I probably won't vote with you guys, to be honest, but there's a tiny chance.

Bag: Is there?

Sword: Really?

Flashlight: Well... I don't know. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do. Honestly, I'm going to wait until the immunity challenge to make a decision.

Sword: Yeah, that makes sense. We like your honesty... we need some after what Log did.

<Sword chuckles awkwardly.>

Flashlight: Can I talk to CP?

Sword: Oh? Sure.

Bag: In private, I assume...

Flashlight: Yeah.

Sword: Well...

Bag: Meh. Go ahead.

<Bag leaves the room, gesturing for Sword to follow her.>

Flashlight: Okay, CP. I know I said I wouldn't work with you, but...

Colored Pencil: But what?

Flashlight: I definitely won't be voting for you.

Colored Pencil: I don't think I'll vote for you, either. Can't be sure.

Flashlight: Well, I understand if you have to. You're very loyal to Bag and Sword. I'm barely loyal with Acid and Grape, so I can bend my loyalty a little bit if I have to. Hopefully they don't find out.

Colored Pencil: Yeah. Well, thanks for not voting for me...

<The two awkwardly laugh for a moment before Flashlight leaves.>

Bag: What happened this time?

Colored Pencil: He said he won't vote for me!

Sword: Really! Girl, that's awesome!

Colored Pencil: Yeah.

Bag: I'm guessing that's the closest you'll get him to teaming up with us, huh...

Colored Pencil: Yeah. You've got to take what you can get, though.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I hope that this doesn't backfire on Sword and I... I think one of us has to win immunity. Preferably Colored Pencil...

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): I'm happy for her, but I'm a bit nervous as well. I'm not going to betray her, no way. I'm a little apprehensive, though. I can tell Bag is as well.

Sun: Contestants! It's challenge time!

<The six remaining contestants head outside for the challenge.>

Sun: Okay, guys... we're going to change it up a little this time.

<The contestants look confused and nervous.>

Sun: Instead of an individual challenge, we're going to split the six of you up into two teams of three.

<The contestants are shocked and unhappy.>

Sun: Yeah. Whatever you had planned for this week has gone out of the window. Oh, and another thing? You guys will NOT be able to discuss at all before the elimination.

Sword: Seriously?

Sun: I'm dead serious.

Acid: Ugh...

Sun: You're just going to have to live with it. I have already drew the teams at random. Team 1 consists of...

<Sun pauses for dramatic effect.>

Sun: Grape...

<Grape walks over to Sun's left.>

Sun: Flashlight...

<The two smile, happy that their alliance is all on the same team.>

Sun: And Colored Pencil.

<Grape remains smiling, while Flashlight's mouth is agape.>

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): Well, despite this being a very unwanted divide, I'm glad that I'm already in the majority on my team. Flashlight may not hate Colored Pencil, but he'd never actually vote with her.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Of course. I just hope we win so I don't have to betray someone's trust... ugh.

<Colored Pencil walks over to where Flashlight and Grape are standing.>

Sun: That means that Bag, Sword, and Acid are Team 2.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Thankfully, Sword and I have an easy majority on our team. We should be perfectly fine no matter what.

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): I kind of hope we lose so that I can get Acid out, but... at the same time, I don't really hate him any more...

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): <expletive>! How am I supposed to survive? Winning is imperative, that's for sure...

Sun: You guys all look thrilled. Anyways, the challenge for today is a relay race. Each member of each team will run through the forest, grab a plastic replica of the Blue Moon, and bring it back to each team's retrieval bucket. Once the third member has brought back the third Blue Moon replica, the team must run over to me together with the Blue Moon replicas. The first team to return to me with all three replicas will win immunity, while the other will immediately go to elimination. You guys will run in the order in which I announced you. Go!

<Grape and Bag both rush into the forest, dodging branches and roots the whole way. They remain neck-and-neck until Bag trips over a root. Grape manages to get ahead. Eventually...>

Sun: Grape has returned the first replica! Flashlight has started running!

<As Flashlight darts into the forest, Bag finally returns with her replica.>

Sun: Sword has started running! Can he catch Flashlight?

<Sword closes the gap between him and Flashlight, but Flashlight is still in the lead.>

Sun: Flashlight has returned the second replica! Colored Pencil is off!

<Sword is back very soon afterwards.>

Sun: Acid can start running!

<Acid and Colored Pencil run at the same pace. Colored Pencil gets blocked by a large branch, allowing Acid to catch up.>

Sun: Both teams are tied right now! They're coming back with their replicas!

<Both teams place their replicas in their buckets simultaneously.>

Sun: Okay! We have Sword and Acid carrying Team 2's bucket, while Team 1's carriers are Flashlight and Colored Pencil.

<Bag and Grape run along with their teams. Sword and Acid are slightly ahead of Flashlight and Colored Pencil.>

Sun: It's super close! Who's going to come out on top?

<Flashlight trips.>

Sun: Oh no! Flashlight has tripped, causing his team's bucket to fall!

<Sword, Acid, and Bag reach Sun.>

Sun: Just like that, Bag, Sword, and Acid have won immunity!

<The trio cheers.>

Sun: Congratulations, guys! You are all safe, and may return to your cabins.

<Bag, Sword, and Acid return to their respective cabins.>

Sun: As for you guys, well... you guys have lost the challenge. One of you will be eliminated. Go get your bags and meet out here within five minutes. No discussion is allowed.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I'm very nervous about this elimination... Flashlight promised to not vote for me, but Grape is a fellow rejoiner and in his "alliance". How do I know he'll stay true to his promise? It's not a very good decision gameplay-wise... but I hope he messes up and keeps me in.

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): I don't know what I'm going to do. I did give Colored Pencil my promise to not vote for her, but I didn't think something like this would happen. If Acid notices Grape's absence, he'll hate me. If Bag and Sword notice Colored Pencil's absence, they'll hate me, too. What am I to do? This is not an easy decision, that's for sure.

GRAPE (CONFESSIONAL): Colored Pencil seemed like an okay gal. It's a shame that her time's ending in such an unfair and unexpected way. I hope she has good luck in life...

<Colored Pencil, Flashlight, and Grape grab their bags and head to the elimination area.>

Sun: You guys know how elimination works by now. Each of you will only cast one vote. That's all - just a single vote. You guys can start voting now.

COLORED PENCIL (VOTING): <holds up a vote for Grape> It's not really a choice for me. You're the only person I can really vote for. Sorry, I guess. I don't even know you that well, to be honest.

GRAPE (VOTING): <holds up a vote for Colored Pencil> Bye, CP. Log really did destroy your game. I don't feel too bad, to be honest. You seemed nice, though, so... good luck in whatever you do after this.

FLASHLIGHT (VOTING): <holds up an unseen vote> Sometimes people say to listen to your gut. Others say you should listen to your head. Really, though, it's neither of those things. You've got to listen to your heart sometimes. That's what I'm doing here. Both of you are nice gals, but I'm pretty sure this is the right choice.

<Sun tallies the votes.>

Sun: Okay. With zero votes...

<Not-so-dramatic pause...>

Sun: Flashlight, you're safe. Congrats!

Flashlight: Thanks. Before you go on, Sun... Grape, Colored Pencil, I feel indebted to both of you. Please don't take this vote personally. I voted with my heart, and I trust that it's the right decision. I'd love to meet both of you outside the game!

Grape: Those are nice words, Flashlight.

Colored Pencil: Yeah.

Sun: Yeah, that's touching and all, but I'm setting soon. The last person safe, with one vote, is...






















Sun: Colored Pencil.

Grape: What!?

Colored Pencil: What!?

Flashlight: I'm so sorry, Grape, but I feel as if Colored Pencil has done more for me than you have. I might regret my vote in the future, but... I feel that, morally speaking, this is the right choice.

Grape: You're kidding me, right?

Flashlight: I'm so sorry.

Grape: I'm your alliance, Flashlight! How could you just throw me to the side so easily?

Colored Pencil: I'm honestly shocked you voted for her, Flashlight. Thanks, I guess.

Flashlight: No problem. I'm a little shocked, too.

Grape: Ugh. Getting betrayed once is bad enough, but twice? Inexcusable. I really need to stop trusting people so easily.

<Grape leaves the game.>

Sun: With Grape shockingly eliminated, a measly five contestants remain. Will Acid and Flashlight follow Grape out the door, or will the alliances shift? Find out next time. Good night!

GRAPE (FINAL WORDS): Ugh... I can't believe this happened TWICE. I must be really damn gullible to fall for this again and again. I'm probably going to come out of this game with trust issues that won't ever go away. Thanks, Bag. Thanks, Flashlight. You guys are just AWESOME. Ugh. I guess Acid's the only one who I still trust, so... good luck to him, I guess. Unbelievable.

Episode 13: "Caught in a Pickle"

Sun: Last time, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Bag and her alliance became worried after losing their majority.

Sun: Sword and Colored Pencil tried to make amends with Acid.

Sun: Meanwhile, Flashlight promised Colored Pencil that he would never vote for her.

Sun: In the challenge, the six remaining contestants were split into two teams. The team of Flashlight, Colored Pencil, and Grape lost.

Sun: At elimination, Flashlight betrayed his alliance with Grape in order to fulfill his promise to Colored Pencil. Grape was eliminated.

Sun: With only five contestants left, there is nowhere to hide. Who will rise to the occasion? Who will fall flat? Find out right now!

<The intro plays.>

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): Voting Grape out may have been a huge mistake on my part. Not only do I have to go against a three-person alliance, but Acid's been livid since elimination and hasn't talked to be once outside of screaming and yelling.

Acid: Can I ask you something, Flashlight?

<Flashlight notices the tone in Acid's voice.>

Flashlight: Uhh... what is it, Acid?

Acid: Why the <expletive> did you betray me? We were barely aligned for a week before you threw our promises out! You <expletive>!

Flashlight: Dude... Grape was only weighing us down. She's a liability. No one else would ever trust her...

Acid: So what!? That wouldn't matter if there were three of us and only two of them! I swear, you're the dumbest little <expletive> I know.

Flashlight: Can't you at least see it from my point of view?

Acid: Your point of view!? There were no advantages to voting her out, and you know that!

Flashlight: That's not true.

Acid: What-

<Acid figures it out.>

Acid: Oh-oh, I see! You'd rather team up with them than me, huh? You'd rather hang around with the very person who got you eliminated than the people you pledged allegiance to! You make me sick.

Flashlight: Acid-

Acid: I don't want to hear any more of your <expletive>, Flashlight! You're going down. Hard.

<Acid storms away from Flashlight.>

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Unbelievable. Every single week, it feels as if my trust is betrayed. It's a constant cycle - someone new befriends me, I align with them, and then they stab me in the back just a few weeks later! Screw alliances. Screw it all. I'm on my own now, and I'm going to fight until the bitter end.


SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): As time goes on, CP is drifting closer to Flashlight and farther from Bag and I. I really feel caught in a pickle. Should I just stay where I am and hope for the best, or I should I hitch a ride with CP and ensure my success? I can't just betray Bag after being close to her for eight weeks... can I?

Sword: Say, Bag...

Bag: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I'm terrified that CP's going to go a different route after everything she's done for us. Despite everything that's happened, the three of us could still make the end together. I'd hate to see her jump ship.

Sword: That CP's getting further and further from us?

Bag: Yeah...

Sword: It's kind of worrying me... what if she turns on us?

Bag: I'd say it's inevitable. I'd venture to say that going with Flashlight is better for her game anyhow.

Sword: I agree, but... that kind of sucks, don't you think?

Bag: Obviously. We have to convince her to stay aligned with us for at least this week.

Sword: That goes without saying... should I-?

Bag: Go ahead. At the very least, you should check to see where her head is at.

<Sword leaves Bag on her lonesome.>

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): I should be pissed at her. Really. I should be waving my fists and campaigning for her to get eliminated. Yet... if it wasn't for her, neither Sword nor I would still be here to begin with. She's been such a great help that I almost understand if we went our seperate ways. <Bag shakes her head rapidly.> What am I saying? She can't possibly leave us!


COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Flashlight made the dumbest choice last week. He's a very emotional person, and it's been showing recently. If he wants to keep me in despite every disincentive, though, I couldn't be happier. And... to be honest, I might've done the same for him.

Colored Pencil: Where's Acid, by the way?

Flashlight: Oh, yeah... he's not the happiest right now.

Colored Pencil: Why?

Flashlight: Didn't we go over this? We were aligned with Grape, I voted Grape off...

Colored Pencil: So... your alliance with him is gone.

Flashlight: Basically.

Colored Pencil: So... you're all alone now?

Flashlight: Actually, CP... remember when I said I would never align with you a few weeks ago?

Colored Pencil: Uhh...

Flashlight: I take it back. We need to stick together.

Colored Pencil: ...

Flashlight: Think about it! Sword and Bag aren't going to get rid of you this week. Assuming I'll still be here next week, we could easily make the finals!

Colored Pencil: I don't know, dude... it's risky, don't you think?

Flashlight: Not really! Acid's never going to team up with Sword, so he's pretty much done this week. Then, we'll have an easy shot to the finals!

Colored Pencil: The vote's just going to be tied. We'll have to do a tiebreaker...

Flashlight: We could always take someone else along with us...

Colored Pencil: I don't see Bag or Sword throwing the other to the side for us.

<Sword enters.>

Sword: Hey... Colored Pencil, could I talk to you?

Flashlight: Why only her?

Sword: It's only for a second, Flashlight... calm down...

Flashlight: Whatever you say to her you can also say to me!

Sword: That's not how life works, Flashlight.

Flashlight: Ugh, fine... make it quick. We were in the middle of something.

Sword: I'm sure you were.

<Flashlight leaves.>

Sword: CP, I need you to be honest with me. Are you going to drop Bag and I for Flashlight?

Colored Pencil: It's a really big possibility...

Sword: Why? Don't you trust us?

Colored Pencil: Actually, Sword, you kept a huge part of yourself a secret from me for a long time. Something you shared with Bag but never bothered to clue me in on. How do I know you don't have more secrets that you've conveniently hidden?

<Sword is taken aback.>

Sword: CP... it wasn't like that. That's not something that's very easy for me to share.

Colored Pencil: So? I'm your closest confidant. You've always known that you could trust me, that I'm reliable, yet you trusted Log more than me!

Sword: I understand how you feel, CP. I get your frustration. However... you'll never understand mine. I'm constantly battling myself with my own thoughts... how am I to know if others won't do the same with their words? It's a cruel and scary world we live in.

<CP is unable to respond.>

Sword: It's okay to be mad. I get it. Despite that, though... don't throw our friendship away because of this. Honestly... I already thought you knew anyways, so I just kept it quiet.

Colored Pencil: Sword...

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Sword is so... sensitive underneath his thick exterior. He's almost inspiring in a way, but... it's selfish of me to be mad at him, isn't it?

Colored Pencil: You need to know that I'll always be there for you. There's so much to you that I never knew was there... is everything okay?

Sword: ...

Colored Pencil: You've never talked about your life outside of the game.

<Sword breathes heavily.>

Sword: When I was seventeen... my family kicked me out of the house. They stopped loving me. They cared more about themselves than about my well-being. Since then, I've been homeless, searching for any job I could get my hands on... on my twenty-first birthday, I saw an ad for the show. I thought that I'd be able to make enough connections in order for me to sustain some sort of normalcy in my life.

<Sword begins to tear up.>

Colored Pencil: Oh my god... why didn't you ever say anything?

Sword: I've only ever been met with rejection. I thought that no one would care about my life, that I'd just be troubling everyone else with another useless sob story...

Colored Pencil: Well... you could always crash with me if you have trouble finding somewhere to live. You know that.

Sword: Really? Would you actually do that for me?

Colored Pencil: Of course I would! No one deserves to be homeless, especially at such a young age...

Sword: Thank you so much... 

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Mom... Dad... if you're watching this... I want you to know that I still love you. Your little boy is doing just fine... I want to get in contact with you guys again. I can't stand for us to be separated. I get that you don't want anything to do with me. I disappointed you. But... just contact me, okay? I miss you...

Sword: You know, I was thinking...

Colored Pencil: What's up?

Sword: Bag sent me to convince you from aligning with Flashlight, but... I kind of want to join up with you guys. We'd make a killer final three, don't you think?

Colored Pencil: Yeah... yeah, we would.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I'm shocked. Sword manages to act happy-go-lucky almost 24/7, but his life's been awful for almost four years now. How he does it is beyond me, but... I have a new respect for him.

<Meanwhile, Acid enters the girls' cabin, where Bag is sitting alone.>

Bag: Hello?

Acid: Hey.

<Acid sits down.>

Bag: What's going on?

Acid: I'd like to warn you about Flashlight...

Bag: Because he betrayed you?

Acid: No... because he only cares about CP. He'd be very capable of taking CP with him, leaving you and Sword in the dust.

Bag: You know... I think that's already happening.

Acid: Is it? Aren't you going to do something?

Bag: I don't know what I can do. CP, in the end, is going to have the final decision. If she chooses to stay with me, great. If she leaves... I'll just have to dea with it.

<Acid looks strangely at Bag.>

Bag: Well, Sword's trying to convince her to stay loyal, though.

Acid: Huh.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): It'd be weird if Sword ended up helping my game... of all the people! I hope he's just as good at tricking CP as he is at tricking me. <Acid laughs.>

Acid: Well... try to get rid of Flashlight. That's my request. Consider it.

Bag: I will.

<Acid leaves.>

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Damn! Everyone's more involved in the game's happenings than I am... a weird twist of fate, to be sure, but one that I can't let happen. I've got to step up to the plate once again.

<After a few minutes, Sword returns.>

Bag: Oh, cool! You're back. What happened?

Sword: Oh, not much, really. CP says that she's not planning on running away from us with Flashlight. She says she's just trying to get close to someone to help her game out, you know?

Bag: Great.

<Bag pauses for a moment before laughing.>

Bag: We were so crazy for thinking that CP would jump ship, weren't we? She'd never do that!

Sword: Haha, yeah...

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): Well, <expletive>. I can't just lie to Bag, either! She's been one of my closest allies for eight weeks now! It'd be horrible for me to betray her... but, at the same time... I'd feel terrible for voting CP out, too. I know at this point I've got to choose one or the other, and it's a choice I'm really dreading. Ugh...

Bag: Is everything all right, Sword? You seem a little... different.

Sword: Nah, I'm good. I'm just worried that I might have to vote for either you or CP...

Bag: Well, if one of us wins immunity, that shouldn't be a problem!

Sword: Good point... we need immunity.

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Sword said it. We need immunity more than anything at this stage. Sure, CP said she wouldn't go with Flashlight, but... what if she's lying? If Sword or I win immunity, though, there's nothing to worry about.

Sun: Contestants! It's time for the challenge!

<The five remaining contestants head outside for the next challenge.>

Sun: This is amazing. Only five left... congratulations to all of you for making it this far. It's not an easy thing to do, that's for sure.

<The contestants nod.>

Sun: Unfortunately, another one of you will be leaving tonight. Before that, though... the challenge. Today's challenge requires speed and agility.

<The contestants look nervous but excited.>

Sun: Today's challenge actually consists of four mini-challenges: the 100-m dash, the 110-m hurdles, a 400 m run, and, finally, a 100-m free-style swim. Each round, the contestant who competes the worst will be eliminated from the challenge. In the end, whoever does better in the swimming competition will win immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final four. We'll start with the 100-m dash.

<The contestants head to the track to begin the race.>

Sun: Runners, on your marks...

<The contestants brace themselves>

Sun: Get set...

Sun: GO!

<The contestants blast off from the starting point and sprint to the finish.>

Sun: Sword and Colored Pencil are in the lead!

<Flashlight speeds up and manages to overcome CP.>

Sun: They're nearing the finish!

<Acid is not far behind CP. Bag trails behind.>

Sun: Sword has finished!

Sun: Flashlight is done!

<CP pushes herself.>

Sun: CP's still in!

<Acid finishes right after.>

Sun: Acid has made it! Bag, I'm sorry, but you won't be winning immunity today.

<Bag angrily walks to a nearby bench.>

Sun: Congratulations to you four. You will all compete in the second challenge - the hurdles.

<Sword, Acid, CP, and Flashlight all head to the hurdles area.>

Sun: Okay. Runners, on your marks...

<The contestants brace themselves once more...>

Sun: Get set...

Sun: GO!

<CP quickly runs to the front of the pack, jumping over the hurdles with ease.>

Sun: CP has a quick lead!

<Sword misses the first hurdle, and falls to the back.>

Sun: Sword is trailing only a little bit!

<Acid is right behind CP, but trips on the eighth hurdle.>

Sun: Acid's tripped! He's fallen to the ground! A hard loss of time to recover!

<Flashlight bursts ahead of Acid.>\

Sun: CP has finished!

Sun: Flashlight has finished!

<Sword barely manages to pass Acid.>

Sun: Sword has finished! Acid, I'm sorry, but you have lost immunity.

<Acid dejectedly joins Bag on a nearby bench.>

Bag: Rooting for Sword. You?

Acid: Eh.

<Sun removes the hurdles from the track.>

Sun: Okay. The next competition is the 400-m dash, which is one circuit of the track.

<Flashlight, CP, and Sword get into position.>

Sun: Runners, on your marks...

<The three remaining competitors get ready>

Sun: Get set...

Sun: GO!

<The contestants run at a near sprint.>

Sun: They're neck-in-neck!

<At the first turn, Flashlight loses momentum.>

Sun: Flashlight has fallen behind! He has to work extra hard to stay in the competition!

<Sword manages to get ahead of CP.>

Sun: Sword is in the lead!

<As time goes by, the gap between Sword and CP grows, while the gap between CP and Flashlight shrinks.>

Sun: Sword has finished! Flashlight and CP are practically neck-in-neck!

<At the final stretch, Flashlight manages to sprint ahead of CP.>

Sun: Flashlight's done it! He's still in the challenge! Colored Pencil, I'm sorry, but you will not win immunity this week.

<Colored Pencil joins Acid and Bag on the bench.>

Bag: You were so close!

Acid: Yeah! You almost had it...

Colored Pencil: I was exhausted from the hurdles. That swim's gonna be hell for those two.

<Flashlight and Sword head to the pool.>

Sun: Okay. Each length of the pool is 25 meters, so you'll need to go down and back twice in order to complete the race.

<Flashlight and Sword get on the blocks.>

Sun: Ready...

<They brace themselves>

Sun: GO!

<Sword and Flashlight dive off the blocks. Sword has trouble.>

Sun: Flashlight has an early lead! Sword almost looks as if he's sinking!

<Sword begins to get the hang of it, but is far behind Flashlight.>

Sun: Flashlight is 25 meters in!

<Sword manages to pick up the pace.>

Sun: Sword's only a few seconds behind!

<Flashlight does not slow down.>

Sun: Flashlight is 50 meters in!

<Sword is finally going at Flashlight's pace.>

Sun: Sword is 50 meters in as well!

<Sword closes the gap a little bit, but is still behind.>

Sun: Flashlight's 75 meters in! Sword's only a second behind!

<Sword closes the gap further.>

Sun: It's very close right now!

<They finish.>

Sun: Well, by about a tenth of a second...

<Everyone tenses up, nervous about the outcome.>

Sun: Flashlight has won immunity! Congratulations!

Flashlight: Yes! I did it!

Sun: Sorry, Sword, but you came up short.

<The contestants all return to the main campground.>

BAG (CONFESSIONAL): Damn! Sword was so close to winning! With Flashlight immune... our entire alliance is in jeopardy.

Sword: So... what do we do now?

Bag: I don't know. Both of us will have to vote for one of the alliance members...

Sword: Oh! How about I vote for CP, CP votes for you, and you vote for me? It works out fine!

Bag: As far as I know, that didn't work out well the last time you tried it...

Sword: Come on, Bag... I won't betray you, I swear.

Bag: Okay. I'm a little apprehensive, but Acid's going to get a vote from anyone anyways.

Sword: True. I'll tell CP about the plan.

<Sword leaves to find CP.>

Bag: I hope this isn't another instance of deja vu...


Colored Pencil: Sword?

Sword: CP, vote for Bag and Acid tonight.

Colored Pencil: Why?

Sword: I told Bag we'd do a round-robin voting thing. You vote Bag, Bag votes me, I vote you. That way, Acid should go.

Colored Pencil: Are you actually not planning on pulling anything?

<Sword ponders this.>

Sword: I don't know. No matter what happens, though, Acid should get four votes. It'd be best if he left, wouldn't it?

Colored Pencil: But... what if Bag finds out about our pact with Flashlight and ruins everything?

<Sword ponders this, too.>

Sword: That's a very good point, CP... I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

Colored Pencil: Well... whatever you do, make sure it's what's best for you, not for me or for Bag. It's okay to be a bit selfish.

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): I'm basically stuck between choosing to go with Bag or Colored Pencil. Either way, someone's going to be pissed and it could easily come back to bite me. Why am I the one stuck in the middle?

<Sword leaves and finds Acid.>

Sword: Hey, Acid... can I talk to you really quick?

Acid: What do you want?

Sword: I just want to tell you... Bag wants you out. Bad. I'm not sure if I want to go along with her or not, but... she's not friends with you. Don't trust her.

Acid: ...Really? I was trying to get her to stray from voting me, and I thought I'd convinced her pretty well. Why Bag?

Sword: If you don't vote for her, there's no way you could possibly stay in the game.

Acid: Really?

Sword: I'm serious. You're eliminated if you decide not to vote for her. There's no way around it.

Acid: Well... okay...

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Why does Sword want Bag out all the sudden? Seems super fishy to me... well, if it keeps me in the game, why would I go against it?

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): If I want voting Bag out to be a possibility, I have to make it a possibility... it's not like I was lying, either.

Sun: It's time for elimination!

<The contestants head outside.>

Sun: Okay. Before we vote, I'll remind you that you can only vote for two people this elimination. Also, you cannot vote for Flashlight. Start voting.

SWORD (VOTING): <holds an unseen vote> I really hope this is the right decision in the end. I've got to start fending for myself and making my own decisions.

FLASHLIGHT (VOTING): <holds a vote for Acid, among another> Well, Acid, if you're going to yell at me for an entire week, I'm not going to keep you around. See ya.

<Sun tallies the votes.>

Sun: Okay. Flashlight, since you won immunity, you're safe.

<Flashlight smiles.>

Sun: Now, to the votes. With one vote...

Sun: Colored Pencil, you're safe. Congratulations.

<CP doesn't react.>

Sun: There are three of you left, but there are also nine votes left. The next person safe is...

Sun: Sword, with one vote. Which means...

Bag: What!? Are you kidding me!?

<Sword looks at CP and Flashlight with a devious smile. Flashlight cracks up.>

Sun: Nope. Acid and Bag are both tied at four votes.

Bag: Sword!

Sword: I'm sorry, Bag... I'm with them now.

<Sword points at CP and Flashlight, who are straight-faced.>

Sun: Okay. To settle the tie, the three contestants not in the tie will cast a vote against one of you guys. Whoever gets more votes is eliminated for good. Flashlight, who do you vote for?

Flashlight: I vote for Bag.

Sun: Colored Pencil?

Colored Pencil: Sorry, Bag, but keeping you around now is a terrible idea. I have to vote for you.

Sword: I vote for Bag as well. Sorry, sister, but I'm not playing for you. I'm playing for myself.

Bag: Ugh. After everything I've done for you guys!

Sword: CP's done far more for me than you have.

Colored Pencil: Sword's done more for me than you have, too. Bag, don't get me wrong, I still love you, but... I've also got to play for myself. This is a game, after all.

Bag: Ugh... I guess I understand, but... I can't believe that you guys turned away! It's all a shock.

Sword: You'll learn to cope with it. Bag, I still want to be friends with you. I don't want this to split us apart.

Bag: Very well. I still hate that you lied to me, though! You guys are such tricksters!

<Bag begins laughing. CP and Sword follow suit.>

Acid: Thank you, Sword.

Sword: No problem. I don't like the animosity between us anyways.

Acid: Yeah, me too. I wish everything was back to the way it was before, don't you?

Sword: Definitely.

Sun: Well, Bag, it's time for you to go.

Sword: See ya!

Colored Pencil: Bye! Thanks for everything!

Bag: You too!

<Bag leaves with relatively high spirits.>

Sun: With only one more challenge and elimination until the finale, how far will the contestants go to stay in the game? Who will be eliminated? Find out next week. Until then, goodnight!

BAG (FINAL WORDS): Well, I'm definitely shocked and a little mad, but... I know how the game works. I did the same to others, so I don't really have a right to be mad. Plus, everyone has to part ways at some point. It sucks that it had to be now, but... it was inevitable. I wish them the best of luck with their new alliance. God knows they'll need it without me. Heh.

Episode 14: "One Step Away"

Sun: Last time, on Once in a Blue Moon...

Sun: Sword had to choose between his alliance with Bag and his alliance with Colored Pencil.

Sun: Eventually, Sword came clean to Colored Pencil and Flashlight about his past and considered loyalty to them.

Sun: Meanwhile, Acid became angry with Flashlight over his betrayal the previous week, and vowed to get him eliminated.

Sun: In the end, Sword recreated his trick with Football to get Bag eliminated in a tiebreaker against Acid.

Sun: Only four contestants remain. With just one elimination ceremony left 'til the finale, how will the contestants fare? Find out right now!

<The intro plays.>

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Final four... how the hell did I make it this far? I've never had a solid alliance at all throughout the entire game, yet... here I am... I think I should get some revenge while I still have the chance.

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): I think it's safe to say I've made it to the finale.

<The four contestants all sit in the same room, silent...>

Flashlight: So... what now?

Acid: I'm still here...

Sword: Yeah, not for long.

Acid: Shut up, Sword!

SWORD (CONFESSIONAL): This is going to be breezy. If Acid loses immunity, he's gone. If he wins, Flashlight's gone. Simple.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): I'm going to make sure this week goes anything but to plan.

Flashlight: Can't we get along for the last two weeks we spend with each other? Please?

Acid: Maybe I would if you weren't a traitorous <expletive>, Flashlight!

Sword: Oh, poor you...

Acid: I thought we made up!


<Everyone goes silent.>

Colored Pencil: We only have to spend just ten more days with each other. Can't we live in peace for once? Seriously, guys, save the fighting and arguing for the upcoming elimination where it'll actually mean something. We've all been through too much together to start attacking each other right now!

<The room stays silent.>

Flashlight: That's a ... good point, CP...

Acid: Yeah... sorry, guys...

Sword: Me too.

<Sword stretches and heads outside.>

Acid: Guys. Listen to me.

Colored Pencil: What?

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): It's time that controlled the outcome for once.

Acid: I say we vote Sword out tonight.

Flashlight: Why?

Acid: The finale consists of two challenges! He's super smart, very athletic, and he can sing... you guys would be screwed against him no matter what. If you take him to the end, he'll beat you both!

COLORED PENCIL (CONFESSIONAL): Acid brings up a very good point, but... after everything he's gone through? I don't know if it'd be right of me to kick him to the curb.

Flashlight: That... actually makes a bit of sense.

Acid: Well, consider it, okay?

FLASHLIGHT (CONFESSIONAL): That's definitely something to consider. Sword is a challenge beast in almost every field. We wouldn't stand a chance against him, but... there's an emotional aspect to the decision, too. I'd feel awful if I voted him out, and I'm sure CP would, too.

ACID (CONFESSIONAL): Well, it's their decision in the end, but I'm positive they'll make the right choice. ;)

Sun: Time for the challenge, guys!

Sword: Already!?

Sun: Just come outside!

<The contestants head outside.>

Sun: Welcome to your final immunity challenge of the entire competition. In celebration of such a milestone, this challenge will consist of every single merge challenge. If you win one of the challenges, you get a point. There are five challenges in total: The Pole Stand, Bump, The Rope Slice, The Relay, and The Elimination Triathlon. Acid and Colored Pencil will be one team in the relay; Sword and Flashlight will be the other team. We'll start with the Pole Stand. Get on your poles!

<The four contestants each pick a pole.>

Sun: The challenge has begun.

<The contestants stand on the poles for a long time without anyone falling.>

Sun: It's been 90 minutes, and no one has budged!

<Sword loses his balance.>

Sun: Sword has fallen! He will not get the first point!

<Another 30 minutes go by...>

Sun: Amazing! Even after two hours, only one contestant has fallen!

<Flashlight slips.>

Sun: I stand corrected. Flashlight, you will not a get a point, either.

<27 minutes go by...>

Sun: It's been 147 minutes, and Colored Pencil and Acid are still in it to win just a single point!

Colored Pencil: This, honestly, isn't worth it. I give up.

<Colored Pencil jumps off the pole into the pool below.>

Sun: Congratulations, Acid! You've won one point. Everyone else has no points.

Sun: Everybody! Head to the basketball courts!

<The contestants all head to the court.>

Sun: All right. You guys are going in alphabetical order. Begin!

<Acid swiftly makes his shot.>

Sun: Play continues!

<Colored Pencil makes his shot.>

Sun: Keep going!

<Flashlight makes his shot as well.>

Sun: Don't stop now!

<Sword makes his shot.>

Sun: Everyone's still in it to win it!

<Acid makes his shot.>

Sun: Nice streak!

<Colored Pencil misses. Flashlight manages to make his shot.>

Sun: Sorry, CP, but you've lost this challenge. You don't get the point.

<Sword shoots a basket.>

Sun: Three remain!

<Acid makes his shot.>

Sun: Play continues!

<Flashlight shoots horribly, and has to run after his ball. Sword misses twice, but makes his third shot.>

Sun: Sorry, Flashlight, but you've lost as well. You don't get the point.

<Acid makes his shot.>

Sun: Just Acid and Sword left! Keep going!

<Sword makes his shot and bumps Acid's ball away.>

Sun: Nice play by Sword!

<Sword fails to make another shot. Acid comes back and makes his.>

Sun: Play continues!

<Sword manages to make his shot.>

Sun: This is getting intense!

<Acid makes his shot.>

Sun: There's a definite rhythm happening!

<Sword makes his shot.>

Sun: Nice streak once again!

<Acid makes his shot.>

Sun: Neither Sword nor Acid shows any chance of giving up!

<Sword makes his shot and bumps Acid's ball away once again.>

Sun: Can Sword make his shot this time!?

<Sword manages to make the shot.>

Sun: Sword has won Bump! He gets a point! Acid and Sword have one point, while CP and Flashlight have none. Next challenge!

<The contestants head to a nearby field.>

Sun: Okay. I'm going to ask a question, and you'll give me an answer with your fingers. If you get it right, you may slice a rope. Everyone has two ropes.

Sun: First question... how many votes has the lowest vote-getter out of the four of you gotten?

<Sword and CP hold up nine fingers. Acid and Flashlight hold up ten.>

Sun: Sword and CP are correct. You both may slice a rope.

<Both of them slice Acid's ropes.>

Sun: Just like that, Acid's out of this challenge! Three remain. All of you have all of your ropes.

<Acid sits on a nearby bench.>

Sun: Next question... how many votes in all has Frame received?

<Everybody holds up seven fingers.>

Sun: Correct. Everybody may slice a rope.

<CP slices Sword's rope. Sword slices Flashlight's rope. Flashlight slices CP's rope to even it out.>

Sun: Everybody has one rope left. Next question... what episode # is titled "Thinking Ahead"?

<Sword holds up five fingers. CP and Flashlight hold up seven.>

Sun: The correct answer is Episode Five. Sword, you may slice a rope.

<Sword slices CP's last rope.>

Sun: CP, you're out of this challenge as well. Next... which episode title is not actually said in the episode?

<Sword holds up seven fingers. Flashlight holds up four, uncertain.>

Sun: Sword, you're correct once again, meaning you've won this challenge as well. Sword has two points, Acid has one, and CP and Flashlight have none. Next challenge!

<The contestants move a few yards to the west of the field.>

Sun: Instead of three Blue Moon replicas, there will be only two for each team. Other than that, this challenge is identical to the original one. Acid and Flashlight will go first for their teams. Go!

<Acid and Flashlight sprint into the forest. Flashlight is in the lead.>

Sun: Flashlight has an early lead on Acid!

<Flashlight grabs the replica and leaves the forest.>

Sun: Flashlight has returned! Sword, you may go now!

<Acid returns just a few seconds later.>

Sun: Colored Pencil may go! If Sword's team wins, Sword will win immunity!

<Flashlight ponders this for a moment.>

Sun: Sword has returned! You guys may carry your replicas over to me!

<Colored Pencil is back soon after. She and Acid pick up their replicas.>

Sun: Flashlight and Sword have a lead over CP and Acid!

<Just then, Flashlight purposefully trips, dropping the replicas.>

Sword: Are you kidding me?

<CP and Acid pass them and reach the finish.>

Sun: It looks like Acid and CP won that one. Sword and Acid each have two points. CP has one; Flashlight has zero. Flashlight, it is impossible for you to win, but you can still compete in the next challenge if you'd like to.

<Flashlight decides to compete.>

Sun: All right. You guys will compete in the 400-m run, the 110-m hurdles, and the 100-m freestyle swim. We'll start with the run.

<The contestants get into position on the track.>

Sun: Ready...set...GO!

<The contestants race ahead. Sword and CP are in the front; Flashlight and Acid trail behind.>

Sun: CP has an early lead!

<Acid falls behind Flashlight.>

Sun: Acid's lagging behind! If he loses this challenge, he may lose immunity entirely!

<Acid kicks into higher gear, and closes the gap between him and Flashlight. Meanwhile, Sword and CP are almost finished.>

Sun: Sword and CP are nearing the finish line!

<CP finishes first; Sword finishes right behind.>

Sun: They've both finished! Only Acid and Flashlight remain in the race!

<Acid catches up to Flashlight, but does not pass him.>

Sun: They're neck-and-neck! Flashlight cannot win immunity, but Acid can!

<Flashlight realizes this, and slows down slightly.>

Sun: Acid's passed Flashlight! Flashlight's gotten tired!

<Acid finishes.>

Sun: Acid's still in it! Sorry, Flashlight, but you won't win this point or immunity.

<Flashlight sits on a nearby bench to watch the rest of the competitions.>

Sun: Next, we have the hurdles. Get in position, please!

<Sword, CP, and Acid get into position.>

Sun: GO!

<The three all start off strong, but Sword trips on the fifth hurdle.>

Sun: Sword has fallen! This is a terrible loss of time!

<CP hears this, and "trips" on the eighth hurdle.>

Sun: CP's tripped as well! Sword is catching up!

<Acid finishes.>

Sun: Acid's finished! He's going to compete in the swimming race!

<Sword passes CP as she "struggles" to get up.>

Sun: Sword's finished! Sorry, CP, but you've lost both the point and immunity.

<CP heads to the bench with Flashlight.>

Sun: Sword. Acid. You guys will both compete in the final swimming race. Whoever wins this challenge will win immunity into the final three.

<Sword and Acid head to the blocks.>

Acid: Haha! I'm just one step away!

Sword: Sure you are, Acid... sure you are.

Sun: Begin!

<The two both dive into the water.>

Sun: Despite all of the physical impossibilites, both Acid and Sword are swimming at a very solid pace!

<Acid manages to get ahead of Sword by a slight amount.>

Sun: Acid's leading!

<On the first turn, Acid messes it up. Sword passes him.>

Sun: All of the sudden, Sword's in the lead!

<Sword maintains his lead as he turns once more.>

Sun: Halfway through, and Sword is ready to take the final immunity!

<Acid works furiously and manages to catch up to Sword.>

Sun: It looks like it's been tied once more!

<Acid fares better on the final turn, but Sword does better and takes the lead once more.>

Sun: Sword's leading once more in the final 25 meters! Can Acid catch him?

<Acid works overtime and closes the gap between him and Sword.>

Sun: It's getting close!

<Acid manages to overtake Sword at the last second.>

Sun: Could it be? Yes! Acid has won final immunity!

Sword: Are you kidding me?

Acid: YES! I did it!

Sun: As for Sword, CP, and Flashlight... one of you guys will be going home tonight. Since that challenge took forever, there isn't enough time for you to discuss. Head to elimination.

Colored Pencil: But... it's not even nearly dark yet!

Sun: I know what I'm doing, CP... just go to elimination.

<The contestants head to the elimination area, only to see the twelve eliminated contestants.>

Sun: Before you guys vote, the eliminated contestants will testify. This is the only chance they have at swaying the outcome. Dorito, give your piece first.

Dorito: Thank you, Sun. I see that Acid's won immunity. Fair enough. Uhh... Flashlight, you voted me out, so I don't exactly like you. You yelled at me that one time, too, so... not going to help you out here. Sword... I barely know you. You seem like an okay guy, and definitely less annoying than Candy Bar was. Maybe you could teach me a thing or too. CP, though... you hate Candy Bar, too! I'm glad you see where I'm coming from. I have a great ability to read people, and I only see good in you. I'd urge all three of you to not vote for CP. She deserves to win in my mind. I'd like you guys to vote for Flashlight, but that's just me. See ya.

<Dorito sits back down.>

Sun: Door, it's your turn.

Door: What can I say? None of you guys really wronged me. I don't really have a suggestion of who to vote for, but... CP, thank you so much for helping Chalk be her true self. We've grown really close ever since her elimination, and that wouldn't be the case without your intervention. You're a really sweet gal, and I only want the best for you.

<Door sits back down.>

Sun: Frame?

Frame: Uh... Sword, I can't believe you voted me out. How did you believe Grape? Why did you believe her? At least CP and Flashlight voted her back out again... I don't really know any of you that well, though, but I could have if Sword had trusted me instead of Grape. Ugh.

<Frame sits back down.>

Sun: Spoon?

Spoon: Sword, <expletive> you. I heard about what you did to get me eliminated. Since you're the only Bag crony left that actively got me out, I hope you're voted out. You're a nice guy, but you're a <expletive> trickster. You can't be trusted with anything.

<Spoon sits down.>

Sun: Chalk?

Chalk: CP, you know that I'll always be supporting you. You've changed my life immensely. Thanks to everyone here, actually. All of you, for better or for worse, shaped me into the person I am. I love myself now, and even the worst of you helped that to happen. CP, best of luck to you. I hope you're the winner! You really deserve it.

<Chalk sits back down.>

Sun: Football?

Football: Ugh. Sword... really? I don't care if Log manipulated you into getting me out. You still went through with it, and you got me BEATEN INTO A PULP. You might be nice and innocent at heart, but I honestly don't give a <expletive>. You got me beaten up by a NERD. I hate you.

<Football angrily sits down.>

Sun: Harsh words. Candy Bar?

Candy Bar: Uh... CP, you kinda suck. I don't know why everyone's extending you their most heartfelt praises, because you were unpleasant and antisocial your entire stay in the game. You'd make a terrible winner. You'd probably just sell the Blue Moon at a pawn shop and get even more money for it than it's worth. You're... slithery like that. Flashlight, I guess you're okay, but you've befriended CP, so I can't really advocate for you, either. Sword, maybe we can meet up sometime?

Sword: Uhh... no thanks, Candy Bar...

Candy Bar: Very well, then.

<Candy Bar sits down.>

Sun: Candy?

Candy: Really, all of you are good people. Despite what everybody's been saying about you guys, all of you are very nice and I'd love to see any of you win. Flashlight, I want to make things right with you, though. I know you're sorry for everything you've done, and I'm sorry as well for what I've done to you. I have no idea why we hate each other so... I want that to change. Thank you.

<Candy sits down solemnly.>

Sun: Folder?

Folder: You guys are a bunch of tricksters... I want to say my piece about Acid, but I'm trying to stay positive and I'm only allowed to address those up for elimination anyhow... you guys are tricky in your own special ways, but I love all of you. Sword, you're a fun guy. CP, you're like my #1. Flashlight, we may not have gotten along perfectly, but I think you're a good person at heart and you've tried very hard to change your ways and make up for what you've done wrong, and I commend you for that. Congratulations to all of you!

<Folder smiles and sits back down.>

Sun: Log?

<Log flips the contestants off and sits back down.>

Sun: ... Grape?

<Grape does the same.>

Sun: ... Bag?

Bag: Well... congratulations, guys. As a player of the game myself, I commend you all for knowing when to get rid of me to better your own games. I wish I could have stayed, though! Whatever. All of you played very well and deserve to move on. I'll be sad to see you guys go. If I had to pick one I'd eliminate, I'd say Flashlight since he didn't play quite as well as the others. Flashlight, you still did very well, though! You manipulated Log into eliminating himself, that's for sure. Good luck to all of you!

<Bag sits back down.>

Sun: Okay. With that out of the way, it's time for you all to vote. You can only vote for one person, and you cannot vote for Acid. Proceed.

<The contestants all vote.>

Sun: Okay. Acid, you're immune, so you're safe.

<Acid smiles.>

Sun: Colored Pencil didn't get any votes, so she's safe.

Colored Pencil: Really!? Thank god!

<CP sighs in relief.>

Sun: We're low on time, so let's cut to the chase.

Sun: Flashlight is safe with one vote. Sword is eliminated with three.

Sword: Ah... nicely played, guys... I guess I can't really be mad at you. CP, thank you so much for your constant support. I'm really gonna miss you.

Colored Pencil: I'll miss you, too!

<Sword leaves.>

Sun: With that, our final three has been decided! Who will win the $1,000,000+ prize? Find out in the two-part finale!

SWORD (FINAL WORDS): I guess I should've seen that coming. Oh, well. I really hope Colored Pencil wins the whole thing. That's all I can really say... I'll miss this game a lot. It was a blast!

Contestant Table

Contestant Team Status Votes Received Gender
Acid Merge Competing 15 Male
Colored Pencil Merge Competing 15 Female
Flashlight Merge


14 Male
Sword Merge


4th Place

12 Male
Bag Merge


5th Place

25 Female
Grape Merge


6th Place

17 Female
Log Merge


7th Place

19 Male
Folder Merge


8th Place

16 Male
Candy Merge


9th Place

4 Female
Candy Bar Left


10th Place

10 Male
Football Right


11th Place

10 Male
Chalk Left


12th Place

16 Female
Spoon Right Eliminated

13th Place

14 Female
Frame Right


14th Place

7 Female
Door Left


15th Place

10 Female
Dorito Left


16th Place

7 Male

Episode Title Quotes

PART I: "A [Fragile] Hierarchy" Log

Episode 1: "You'll Literally Break the Bunk" Chalk

Episode 2: "I'll Try My Hardest to Come Out On Top" Bag

Episode 3: "She's Just Calming Down to Stay in the Game" Colored Pencil

Episode 4: "I Don't Blame You for Not Believing Me" Chalk

Episode 5: "Thinking Ahead" Sword

Episode 6: "Discourse Is Golden" Bag

PART II: Deceit and Disorder [N/A]

Episode 7: "The Tables Have Turned" Colored Pencil

Episode 8: "Something Fishy" Acid

Episode 9: "I Feel Guilty" Flashlight

Episode 10: "The Devil's Facade" Log

Episode 11: "Poetic and Vague" Flashlight

PART III: "The Final Fall" ???

Episode 12: "Unwanted Divide" Grape

Episode 13: "Caught in a Pickle" Sword

Episode 14: "One Step Away" Acid

Episode 15A: "Fierce Competition" ???

Episode 15B: "Unexpected Conclusion" ???

EPILOGUE: "For Better and for Worse" ???

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