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"And On The Run is dead!" - Bottle (BFDI)

On The Run is cancelled. Be aware that future updates on this article are unlikely to be seen, and additional information should be accompanied by a source to confirm it.

WARNING: The following fanfic will have a lot of nonsense, reader discretion adviced.

Um...hi! This object show will have A LOT of object show characters (and some OCs).

115 characters are ready to fight!


Episode 1: RESTART

Mario Hat:'s been a while since we last had an episode...

Luigi Hat: Yeah, everyone is waiting.

Mario Hat: Didn't this get removed from the wiki?

Luigi Hat: Oh yeah.

Mario Hat: I think that's why we haven't had a new episode in a while.

Luigi Hat: You're right!

Yoyleberry: Hey, what's that portal over there?

Pepper: Salt! Look! That portal's, like, getting larger

Salt: OMG! OMG! Someone help us!

-The portal engulfs the entire world-

-Almost everybody reappears on a creepy forest-

Signy: Owch...what happened?

Souly: Who knows? There's some people missing, like Pen, for example.

Electric Box: Huh? I'm...alive?

Puffball: Yes! We're back!

Book: Well, some of you are back, at least.

Portal Gun: Look! People!

Gramophone: Ugh. Where are we?

Igloo: This forest is giving me the creeps!

To be continued...

Additional characters/OCs that will appear in a future episode

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