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" I think I know what's going on, you bought Objects in OCR, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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This is setting page.
Pure blood original show's character are older generation.


  • Balloony: Balloony Pham
    • Not true name, reference is Andy Pham used Balloon in some Camps in YouTube.
    • He is ObjectTuber and mainly uploads react video.
  • One of Book: ??? Markrot
  • Bracelety: ???
    • Child: Bracelette
      • Having mix language sign. Yup, she is student.
  • Cloudy: Claus Ondo-mino
  • Coiny: Moneta Cytrus
  • Fanny: ???
    • Child: Fannel
      • Like Kamen Rider.
  • Firey: Fuoto Pinecest
    • Child: Fuotel Pines
  • Gelatin: Gellow
    • However, he is parallel timed. His appearance become nightmareish, but mind is not.
  • Ice Cube: ???
    • Child: Sharbet Cube
    • Blood connected grandchild: Sharbet Dice(Rokuto Hojo)
  • Liy: Liy Stardom
  • Lollipop: ??? Tenessin
  • Naily: Nailin
  • Marker: Viela Markrot
  • Match: Fian Mifero
  • Pen: Ben Fortunate and ...?
  • Pencil: Matita Vester
  • Pin: ??? Tenessin
  • Puffball: Palter Solfa
    • "Solfa"’s reference is sound cipher.
  • Tree: Nerdy Tantsir

Inanimate Insanity

Battle/Brawl of the Objects

OCR Original

  • Dics: Dics Fliplow
  • Ethyl: ???
  • Fez: ???
  • Flauty: Flein Lumias
    • "Lumias"’s reference is Lumious from MeteosOnline.
  • Fuotel: Fuotel Pines
  • KeyBlade: ???
    • Father is Blade, Mother is Key with SCP-005's ability
  • Lollipopin: Licolas Tenessin
  • Sharbet Dice: Rokuto Hojo
  • Shooty: Shanoa Lattice
  • Veuta: Veuta Libus
  • WaterAlert: ???
  • Wiretap: Wiretap Thieflophone
  • Yosuke: ???
    • Parent is Yo-yo and Headphone.
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