Objects United is a fan fiction where 29 recommended characters that failed to join BFDI compete to win dream island.

Episode 1: LOL Escape

Dictionary: Hey guys, if we work together maybe we could push the LOL!

Others: Yeah!

(the LOL drops and the RC's get out of LOL)

Marker: Maybe we could make our own show!

Pie: But who's the host gonna be?

(a falling Glass ( My RC) lands than shatter and then he recovers in the recovery center)

Glass: Well, i could be the host.

Pillow: But who are you?

Glass: I'm Glass.

Glass: We will have to make 2 team, the team captain will be Bomby and Nickel. Since they are the top two who gets votes. Start Picking!

Bomby: I'll pick Bell.

Nickel: TV.

Bomby: Dictionary.

Nickel: Grassy.

Bomby: Taco.

Glass: Uh... this is getting boring! So you can pick three times once.

Nickel: Marker, Ruby and Saw.

Bomby: Pillow, Remote and Cloudy.

Nickel: Clock, Tree and Evil Leafy.

Bomby: Basketball, Fanny and Barf Bag.

Nickel: Balloony, Dora and Nonexisty.

Bomby: Eggy, Robot Flower and Pie.

Nickel: Naily, 8-Ball and Roboty.

Glass: That means Fries is in Bomby's team. The first challenge is... DODGEBALL! START!

Bomby: Guys, try to lit my fuse!

Fries: Why?

Bomby: You'll see!

Cloudy: Easy! (Strucks Bomby with his lightning).

(Bomby explodes and all the balls hits nickel's team)

Glass: Bomby's team wins. Nickel's team go with me.

Glass: You all contestants vote somebody to be eliminated.


Glass: Everybody got no votes except Dora, Naily and Roboty.

Glass: Dora, Naily and Roboty, in a 5-4-4 vote (Nonexisty couldn't vote) Naily and Roboty is safe. Dora, you'll have to go back to LOL.

Episode 2: Score #1 For The Objects

(Bomby recovers from last episode's explosion)

Bomby: Hey Glass! My team name will be Pinball Bouncers!

Nickel: And mine would be Crane Defenders!

Glass: Great! The next challenge is basketball. Start!

Fanny: Take the ball! And listen to me!

Fanny: Don't let the other team take the ball, or else i'll blow you away!

(Balloony takes the ball)

Fanny: Whoa!

Balloony: Help me climb Tree!

(Balloony climbs tree and dunks the ball)

Glass: Crane Defenders win! Pinball Bouncers, go to the elimination with me.

Glass: You contestants vote somebody else now.


Glass: Everybody got no votes except Fanny and Robot Flower.

Glass: Fanny and Robot Flower, with an 8-5 votes, Robot Flower was safe.

Fanny: What?

Glass: Sorry Fanny. Go back to the LOL.

Episode 3: Crossing Fun

Glass: The next challenge would be tightrope crossing.

Bell: But what about armless people?

Glass: They can't do the challenge.

All Armless People: Grrr...

Glass: Anyways, GO!

(Balloony tries to cross the tight rope until Naily pop him)

Nickel: What was that for!!??!

Naily: Umm.. Sorry.

Bomby: Cloudy, you can fly, so why didn't you do the challenge!

Cloudy: But Glass said armless people can't do it.

Bomby: Oh yeah, i forget it.

Remote: I think i could do this.

(After crossing)

Remote: Yeah, i do it!

Glass: Pinball Bouncers win! and Crane Defenders go with me.

Glass: Vote somebody on your team!

Results (Renember, Nonexisty couldn't vote!) :

Glass: Everybody is safe except Nickel, Ruby, Naily and Nonexisty.

Glass: Ruby and Nickel are safe with 1 vote.

Glass: One of you got 4 votes and the other get 6 votes. Nonexisty is safe with 4 votes. That means Naily is eliminated by 6.

Glass: Go to the LOL, Naily!

Episode 4: Sundae With Desert

Glass: Remote, you win an advantage token.

Remote: I only knew about win token.

Glass: This token will give you advanttage if you're team hard to do the challenge. Anyways, the next challenge named "Sundae With Desert"

Taco: Oh, Cool! So do we eat sundae and other desserts?

Glass: No, I'd say desert not dessert.

Taco: Oh man...

Glass: START!

Nickel: Come on before it melted!

Clock: I could eat it!

(Some time later...)

Glass: Crane Defenders win and Clock gets a disadvantage token. It will give the other team disadvantage. Come with me.. Pinball Bouncers!

Glass: Vote someone.


Glass: Everybody except Remote and Eggy gets vote.

Glass: Taco, Pillow, Fries, Basketball and Barf Bag Got 1 each.

Glass: Dictionary, Bomby and Cloudy got 2.

Glass: Bell and Robot Flower, in a 2-3 vote Bell is safe. Goodbye, Robot Flower!

Episode 5 - Token Battle

Glass: This challenge is a weight lifting, go!

Clock: I'll use my token.

(Pinball Bouncers barbel become heavier)

Remote: Then i'll (cough) use my token!

(Pinball Bouncers barbel become a puffy, light barbel and the team wins)

Glass: Crane Defenders, go with me for a double elimination.

Grassy: Double elimination?

Glass: Yep, two of you will be eliminated. Vote starts now!

Results (Excluding Nonexisty):

Glass: All of you is get votes except TV, 8-Ball, Marker and Ruby.

Glass: Grassy, Saw, Tree and Nickel is safe with 1 vote.

Glass: Balloony, Clock and Nonexisty, two of you will be eliminated in 5-2-1 vote(s). Balloony,

Balloony: Yeah?

Glass: Congratulations you are safe!

Balloony: Yes!

Clock: Oh man!

Glass: We'll miss you two.

Episode 6: Reach For The Fuels

Glass: Next challenge is to get fuels.

Eggy: But where is the fuels?

Glass: You have to cross an obstacle course to get it. Start!

Nickel: Come on, team!

Saw: Aaahh!

Tree: What was that?

Saw: A missile!

Everybody: Oh no!

(Everybody jumps and save except dictionary and bomby)

Pie: Oh no! Dictionary and Bomby hit the missile!

Marker: That's the fuel!

Saw: Get it!

(Crane Defenders get the fuel)

Glass: Pinball Bouncers, now you can vote a contestant to get a prize to. Start!


Glass: The prize first. Only Basketball, Barf Bag and Fries get like votes.

Glass: Barf Bag got 2, Basketball got 4, and Fries got 5.

Glass: Fries, congrats. You get a disadvantage token.

Glass: For the elimination, only Dictionary and Bomby got votes.

Glass: In a 7-4 vote. Dictionary, Go back to your home.

Episode 7: Mystery Magicman (Non-elimination)

Chapter 1

Glass: Alright everybody! Go to sleep and see you tommorow.

Basketball: I'm so sleepy.

Taco: Me too. You too right Pillow?

(Pillow already sleeps)

Taco: Oh well.


Pillow: Hey guys! My limbs is gone!

Every Pinball Bouncers Except Pillow: What!

Barf Bag: We gotta find out who is this!

Chapter 2

8-Ball: (After waken up by other team's scream) Let's go back to sleep.


8-Ball: Guys help me!

TV: Why?

8-Ball: I've been turned into 7-Ball!

Bomby: Hey! you're more okay, my friend lost his limbs! (Shows Pillow)

Nickel: I've call this situation Mystery Magicman!

Cloudy: And we'll find out who is this!

Chapter 3

Glass: What? Then your challenge is to find him!

Fries: Hey, he's teleporting!

Grassy: Catch him!

Ruby: Got you!

Mystery Magicman: Nooo!

Glass: Now tell me, who you are!

(Mystery Magicman reveals)

Announcer: It's me!

Everybody: What?

Eggy: So you're the one who steals Pillow's limbs and 8-Balls um... 8?

Announcer: I just see that Glass is hosting this show and i made him a co-host with Pillow's limbs and 8-Ball's 8. And his name is Lasagna.

Balloony: But how do 8 and limbs make him?

Announcer: Magic.

Glass: Oh, Ruby for winning the challenge you get an advantage token.

Annouuncer: I will get back now and you two got your belongings to.

(Announcer walks away)

Everybody: Weirdest thing ever.

More coming soon!

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