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Object battle platformer is going to come out very soon.

What Object battle platformer is.

Object battle platformer is my (TheScythe99's) object show that will come soon in 2020. there will be 16 contestants battling for a prize obviously. Eliminations are the regular voting in the comments section.


The characters will be, Amethysty, Music note, Cranberry, DVD, Glue bottle, Impact explosive, Lemonade Magnety, Magnifying glass, Paintball, Pink ball, Purple Ball, Sapphire, Sucker, Triangle and Volleyball.

The host is glassy and Medal might be a character up for candidate.


I am 0.07 percent done because the other first episode was very, VERY BAD! I made it on powerpoint. Im making the newer episode on adobe animate.

Screenshot 20191228-165157 Video Player
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