Object World Tour is MATT DB's second fanfiction. It features 18 objects from BFDI, all of whom are battling across the world to win a $5,000,000 prize. Each episode, the objects will visit a different destination, eventually arriving back in Goiky for the finale.

The contestants are:

Blocky Male Merged TBA 3
Coiny Male TBA 3
Flower Female TBA 1
Golf Ball Female TBA 0
Leafy Female TBA 0
Match Female TBA 0
Needle Female TBA 1
Pen Male TBA 0
Pin Female TBA 0
Ruby Female TBA 0
Tennis Ball Male TBA 0
Ice Cube Female Pink Parrots


2-1-1 vote

Nickel Male Blue Bulls


6-1-1 vote

Puffball Female Pink Parrots 14th

5-0 vote

Spongy Male Blue Bulls


4-2-2-1 vote

Yellow Face Male Blue Bulls


6-3 vote

Rocky Male Blue Bulls


9-0 vote

Firey Male Blue Bulls


9-0 vote


Episode 1

SPEAKER: Welcome, viewers! For the next few months, 18 objects will be battling it out for a whopping $5,000,000 prize!

SPEAKER: Each round, there will be a challenge where the two teams go head-to-head to try to win immunity. The losing team will face elimination.

SPEAKER: However, there are several twists this season, which will be revealed to the cast shortly. Before that, though, let's meet our competitors!

<A limo drives up to where the Speaker is standing. It holds six contestants: Blocky, Coiny, Firey, Flower, Golf Ball, and Ice Cube. The six of them leave the limo and walk up to the Speaker.>

SPEAKER: It looks like our first six contestants are Blocky, Coiny, Firey, Flower, Golf Ball, and Ice Cube. You guys are not allowed to talk.

<A truck heads up to where the Speaker is located. Inside are Nickel, Pen, Rocky, Spongy, Tennis Ball, and Yellow Face. The six males exit the truck>

SPEAKER: Here are the other six male contestants: Nickel, Pen, Rocky, Spongy, Tennis Ball, and Yellow Face! Let's meet the last six females.

<Right on cue, a helicopter lands. Leafy, Match, Needle, Pin, Puffball, and Ruby depart from the vehicle.>

SPEAKER: Here are the last six contestants: Leafy, Match, Needle, Pin, Puffball, and, last yet probably least, Ruby.

RUBY (C): OMG! I can't believe I'm here! This is AMAZING!!!!

SPEAKER: Okay, then. Now that all 18 of you are here, let's divide you into two teams of nine. Speaking of which, here's our first twist!

FIREY (C): It's been only a few minutes, and there's ALREADY a twist? This should be interesting.

SPEAKER: Instead of letting you guys pick teams, we're doing it ourselves. Could all the males please stand on the blue mat?

<The male contestants head towards the blue mat>

SPEAKER: You guys are Team 1, or the BLUE BULLS.

BLOCKY (C): Thank god it's an all-male team. I don't want to work with girls.

SPEAKER: Thank you. That means the females can stand on the pink mat.

<The female contestants head towards the pink mat>

SPEAKER: You guys are the PINK PARROTS!

MATCH (C): I'm, like, really glad to be a part of an all-female team. I never, like, get along very well with, like, boys.

FLOWER (C): Thanks to MY strength, the Pink Parrots won't lose a single challenge! The Blue Bulls don't even stand a chance.

SPEAKER: These are your teams. Now, with that out of the way, it's time to announce the SECOND twist!

<The entire cast is shown gasping, shocked that there are more twists.>

SPEAKER: Throughout this competition, we will be travelling ACROSS THE WORLD!

LEAFY (C): I've always wanted to travel, but I could never find the time. This is great!

PEN (C): No way! Visiting foreign countries for FREE!? There's no way this could go wrong!

SPEAKER: But. that's not all.

<Many contestants are visibly confused, some are waiting for Speaker's spiel to end, and still others can't get over the fact they're going on a free trip around the world.>

SPEAKER: There's just one more tiny little twist.

TENNIS BALL (C): Oh, great. It's going to be something huge. Speaker is always sarcastic.

SPEAKER: The winning team will vote someone off the losing team.

<Most contestants are completely shocked at this revelation>

GOLF BALL (C): What? There's no way! This twist is insane...

NEEDLE (C): I don't even know what to think anymore :/

COINY (C): Fiery's terrible at talking to girls. He's done for >:)

ROCKY (C): Bleh!

SPEAKER: Yep, that's right. It'll definitely be an interesting dynamic. First, though, let's get to the immunity challenge.

SPEAKER: Today's challenge will be simple. Each team will stand on one of these two small platforms, trying to knock the other team's members off. To do so, each contestant will use these marbles.

PUFFBALL (C): Umm, how are we supposed to knock off others using marbles? I don't get it.

SPEAKER: You can use them to make contestants slip, or you can use brute force to knock the other contestants off. However, there's one slight problem with this challenge.

ICE CUBE: What would that be?

SPEAKER: Well, you see... Puffball can fly, making this challenge unfair to the Blue Bulls. We've counteracted this problem by giving Puffball LIMBS!

Puffball: What? I've ALWAYS wanted limbs! YEA!

Speaker: Here you go, Puffball.

<Puffball spontaneously grows limbs, and is able to walk>

SPEAKER: With that out of the way, get up to your platforms so the challenge can begin!

<The 18 participants carefully ascend their ladders, and safely reach the platforms>

SPEAKER: On your mark, get set, GO!

<Match throws 20 marbles all across the Blue Bulls' platform, causing Firey and Yellow Face to slip>

SPEAKER: Just like that, the Blue Bulls are down 9-7!

<Nickel kicks several marbles, until one shatters Ice Cube>

SPEAKER: Ooh! The BBs are catching up to the PPs, but are down 8-7!

<Flower forcefully throws countless marbles towards the Blue Bulls, effectively knocking off Pen, Rocky, and Spongy>

SPEAKER: Eek! With that, the Blue Bulls are down to Blocky, Coiny, Nickel, and Tennis Ball!

<Blocky angrily releases a plethora of marbles, knocking Leafy and Match off the platform>

SPEAKER: The Blue Bulls are still in this! They're only down 6-4 now!

<Tennis Ball kicks ten marbles, which trip up Puffball. She falls off the platform>

SPEAKER: It's 5-4 now! Anyone's game!

<In desperation, Flower picks up Golf Ball and throws her at the Blue Bulls, causing Nickel and Tennis Ball to fall off in the process>

SPEAKER: With that odd strategy, the score is now 4-2, with the Pink Parrots winning.

<Blocky, without hesitation, follows in Flower's footsteps, throwing Coiny at the Pink Parrots. Pin, Ruby, and Needle fall off>

SPEAKER: Odd strategies from both teams now! We're down to Flower for the Pink Parrots and Blocky for the Blue Bulls!

<Both Blocky and Flower relentlessly throw marbles at each other, until the Blue Bulls' platform inexplicably collapses>

SPEAKER: Wow. I don't know how it happened, but it looks like the Blue Bulls' platform fell apart. I guess the Pink Parrots win.

<The Pink Parrots cheer while the Blue Bulls have expressions ranging from dissapointment to confusion to frustration.>

SPEAKER: Pink Parrots, you have an important job. Each of you will vote for who you want to leave the game. I'll let both teams interact for a while before you must make your choice.

PIN (C): I'm, like, really glad that we won, but it'll be hard to choose someone to eliminate after only knowing them for a little bit!

SPEAKER: Also, after this first elimination, we'll be heading to the United States! For 17 of you, you will get to experience at least part of the world. However, one will get to see absolutely nothing.

FIREY (C): I really, really, REALLY don't want to be the unlucky one who doesn't get to experience the world. That would suck!

<The 18 contestants head near the elimination area, where interactions commence>

PIN: Hey, Coiny!

COINY: Oh, hey.

PIN: You seem like a really cool guy. Want to be friends?

COINY (C): Having an alliance with the opposing team this early on will definitely help my longevity in this game. Besides, Pin is hilarious.

COINY: Of course! You seem really cool, too. Do you have any other friendships with other Parrots?

PIN: Well, Leafy and I are close. Leafy and Ice Cube are close to each other, too. Needle's involved in the formula as well.

COINY: Nice! Could I, um, ask you a favor?

PIN: Sure, what is it?

COINY: Could you tell Leafy, Ice Cube, and Needle not to vote for me?

PIN: Sure thing!

<Pin walks over to where Leafy, Ice Cube, and Needle are chatting about their everyday lives>

PIN: Guys, um, don't vote for Coiny, okay?


PIN: He could be an asset to us at the merge. He's interested in joining our alliance.

NEEDLE: That makes sense.

ICE CUBE: I'm not voting for Coiny.

LEAFY: I won't either!

PIN: Great. Thanks!

<Blocky and Flower are also conversing in private>

BLOCKY: Flower, look. We're obviously the strongest members of our respective teams. We might be threats in voting. If I watch your back, will you watch mine?

FLOWER: Hmm... fair enough.

FLOWER (C): If Blocky's going to keep me in the game, I'll do everything it takes to keep him in. I know a lot of the Parrots want Blocky out, but hopefully he can find a way to convince them otherwise.

BLOCKY: Great. Now, I feel like someone purposefully betrayed the Blue Bulls. In fact, I think whoever it was wanted me out of the competition. It was probably another Bull.

FLOWER: You really think so?

BLOCKY: I do. People will do anything to stay in the competition.

FLOWER: You know... that makes sense. I could see someone being evil enough to do that. I'll ask some of the Bulls if they saw anything.

<Flower walks over to Pen>

FLOWER: Hey, Pen.

PEN: What's up, Flower?

FLOWER: Did you see anyone doing anything suspicious to the Bulls' platform? Another Bull, perhaps?

PEN: I was too dazed from my fall to see anything, sorry.

<Flower proceeds to ask the group of Rocky, Spongy, and Yellow Face>

FLOWER: Did you guys see anything suspicious involving the Bulls' platform?



ROCKY: Bleh!

FLOWER (C): The more people I ask, the less I believe Blocky's story. There's still a few more Bulls I have to ask.

<Flower asks Nickel and Firey, who also claim to have seen nothing. Finally, she asks Golf Ball and Tennis Ball>

FLOWER: Hey, guys. Did you see anything suspicious happen to the Bulls' platform, done by another Bull?

TENNIS BALL: I assumed someone would ask by now.

GOLF BALL: We did. I was sitting there, slightly dazed from my fall. I was the only one conscious near the Bulls' platform, so I decided to take a look around. Suddenly, I saw a silhouette knock over the platform.

FLOWER: Really? Do you know whose silhouette it was?

GOLF BALL: It was Firey.

FLOWER: No way! I'm going to tell the other Parrots.

TENNIS BALL: Please do. If he's going to sabotage the competition, he deserves to leave.

TENNIS BALL (C): I didn't see what happened for myself, but I can tell by Golf Ball's expression that Firey was indeed the one who sabotaged the challenge.

FLOWER: Ruby. Match.

RUBY: Huh?

FLOWER: Firey's sabotaging the competition. He's targetting Blocky, but he might target one of us next. He needs to get out.

MATCH: Are you, like, kidding me? What a jerk.

RUBY (C): OMG, this game is already heating up!

FLOWER: Leafy.

LEAFY: Yeah?

FLOWER: Firey's a jerk. He's sabotaging the competition. He needs to get out.

LEAFY (C): Firey and I were getting along nicely. I feel so betrayed by him!

FLOWER: Puffball.

PUFFBALL: What's up, Flower?

FLOWER: Vote for Firey. He's sabotaging the Bulls, and might sabotage the Parrots as well.

PUFFBALL: That sounds horrible!

FLOWER (C): I know that, if Firey's sabotaging the Bulls to get Blocky out, he could easily try to get me out next. Also, I want to ENJOY this stupid experience, not have it ruined by some weak little simpleton.

SPEAKER: Pink Parrots, it's time to vote!

<The Pink Parrots vote, one-by-one, until all 9 votes are cast>

SPEAKER: Okay. Blue Bulls, please report to the elimination area!

<The Blue Bulls assemble>

SPEAKER: Okay. If I call your name, you are safe. Coiny.

<Coiny breathes a sigh of relief>

SPEAKER: Tennis Ball. Pen. Nickel. Rocky. Yellow Face. Spongy.

<Tennis Ball, Pen, Nickel, Rocky, Yellow Face, and Spongy gladly accept their safety>

SPEAKER: That leaves Blocky and Firey. Blocky, you've already been proven to be a challenge threat. Firey, I don't know why you got a lot of votes, but some Parrots mentioned 'sabotage'. The person leaving is...

<Blocky stares at Firey in anger and disbelief, while Firey looks shocked at his accusations>

SPEAKER: FIREY! Funny thing, it was unanimous, too.

FIREY: WHAT!? SABOTAGE!? Where did this even come from?

SPEAKER: Eh, who cares. You're gone. Sucks for you!

<Firey is transported away in an ATV>

SPEAKER: Congratulations to everyone else. We'll be heading to the US shortly!

<The final 17 cheer in anticipation>

SPEAKER: Well, that's all for this episode. See you next time!

PREVIEW: Next time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: The 17 remaining contestants battle it out in the good ol' USA...

PREVIEW: ...And the game heats up even more! Who will leave? Find out next time, on Object World Tour!

FIREY (FINAL WORDS): I'm confused. I was apparently accused of sabotaging my team, but that's a lie! I know who it REALLY was. In fact, the saboteur is <The camera turns to static. a maniacal laugh is heard in the background>! Well, either way, the game was fun while it lasted. Good luck!

Episode 2

PREVIEW: Last time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: 18 objects arrived at the airstrip, and were divided into two teams based on gender.

PREVIEW: In the immunity challenge, the Blue Bulls mysteriously lost. Due to suspected sabotage, Firey was sent home in a unanimous vote.

PREVIEW: Who will win immunity? Who will leave the game next? And will the saboteur strike again? Find out tonight, on Object World Tour!

<The intro plays>

SPEAKER: Contestants, please head into the main cabin so we can begin our trip to Los Angeles!

RUBY (C): I've always wanted to go to LA OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

MATCH (C): Seriously, LA is glamorous. I can't wait to get there.

PEN (C): This trip sounds AWESOME!

ROCKY (C): Bleh!

<After a long time, the plane finally lands in Los Angeles, California.>

SPEAKER: Contestants, please depart from the aircraft immediately.

SPONGY: Woh, this is coohl!

COINY (C): I'm so glad I could enjoy this trip without Firey around.

ICE CUBE: Look, the Hollywood sign!

LEAFY: You're right, Ice Cube! Oh, wow...

NEEDLE: What is it, Leafy?

LEAFY: I'm very needy of an ice-cold drink...

NEEDLE: Don't call me--

SPEAKER: Stop the small talk. Follow me. The challenge is this way.

<The contestants follow Speaker, chatting along the way>

NICKEL: This is really cool, GB! I bet there's a lot of golf courses here.


NICKEL: What's wrong, GB?

GOLF BALL: Nickel, I'm a Golf Ball. Didn't you hear about my cousin?

NICKEL: No, what happened?

<Golf Ball runs away in tears>

TENNIS BALL: Her cousin was kidnapped and shipped to a golf course. He drowned in a water hazard.

NICKEL: Wow, that's terrible!

<Blocky and Flower are also chatting, but about strategy>

BLOCKY: Flower, are you tight with any of the Parrots?

FLOWER: Not really, actually. Those stupid chumps don't like me for some idiotic reason.

BLOCKY: Well, I'm friends with Pen, so he won't vote for you if I tell him to.

FLOWER: Fine, I guess.

<After an unprecedented amount of pointless filler, the contestants finally reach their destination>

SPEAKER: Welcome, contestants, to our own Performing Arts Studio!


PUFFBALL: Hehe, that was funny, Yellow Face.

NICKEL: Uhh, no, it wasn't.

PIN: Shush! Speaker, what is the challenge?

SPEAKER: Each of you will make a costume, which will be presented and scored out of 10. Whichever team has the lowest average score will lose. You have just five hours to do so, so GET STARTED NOW!

<The contestants rush into the theatre, find sewing kits, and start to make their costumes>

BLOCKY: Ugh, I'm terrible at crafts.

SPONGY: Wehll, Ih fihnished mihne already, soh can Ih hehlp youh?

BLOCKY: WHAT? How did you finish already?

SPONGY: Since noh one lihkes meh, Ih sit aht hohme and sehw for fuhn.

BLOCKY: That's amazing, fat f**k.


<After five hours, the contestants are finished with their costumes>

LEAFY: Omwow, Pin, yours is perfect!

PIN: Thanks, you really think so! <Pin looks at her costume, which is rainbow, has wings, and seems to be made of the finest fabric available>

LEAFY: Of course! It looks exactly like a Pegasus.

PIN: Thanks!

ICE CUBE: Pin! You're a natural.


PIN: Gee, I didn't know it was THAT good.

<Pin sets her costume down to check out the competition>

PIN: Nice costume, Pen.

PEN: Thank you very much, Pin. Where's yours?

PIN: I left it in the PPs side of the theatre. I'm really proud of it.

COINY: Hey, Pin!

PIN: Coiny, uhh...

<Coiny's costume is ripped and ugly, splattered with random colors of wet paint>

COINY: It's great, huh?

PIN: Ohh, yeah, sure.


<Pin glances around the room>

PIN: Hey, where's Rocky?

COINY: Rocky, he's right--

<Just then, a frantic Blocky enters the room along with Tennis Ball and Nickel>

BLOCKY: Have you guys seen Rocky?

TENNIS BALL: We've been looking everywhere.

NICKEL: He's nowhere to be found.

COINY: Guys, I have literally no idea.

PIN: Me neither! I just noticed his absence.

NICKEL: Oh, damn. Well, thanks for the help. By the way, Pin, what are you doing here?

PIN: Uhh... nothing...

TENNIS BALL: You should go.


SPEAKER: Contestants, it's time to show me your costumes.

<Blocky shows his costume off first>

SPEAKER: Blocky, that's a really good costume. 9/10.


<Coiny shows his off next, much to everyone's disappointment>

SPEAKER: Coiny, your costume is horrible. 1/10.

<As more contestants show off their costumes, Pin finds hers>

PIN: Wait, what? EWW!

PUFFBALL: What is it, Pin?

PIN: Ugh! It's all chewed up! This is disgusting!


SPEAKER: Pin, you're up next!

PIN (C): I have no idea what happened, but something or someone chewed up my costume. It's completely ruined! UGH!

<Pin reluctantly walks out to the stage in her destroyed costume>

SPEAKER: Pin, your costume is gross and hideous. 0/10. What even happened?

PIN: I don't know. It was perfectly fine, but when I went to get it on, it was all chewed up!

SPEAKER: Hmm. Not sure what to make of that.

<After Puffball shows her costume off, Rocky is called up>

SPEAKER: Rocky. Rocky... Rocky?


<Rocky jumps down from the catwalk and onto the stage>

SPEAKER: Oh, there you are. You don't even have a costume on, so you get 0 points.

ROCKY: Bleh!

<The few remaining contestants show off their costumes>

SPEAKER: That was everyone! Let me calculate the averages.

<After a moment, Speaker resumes talking>

SPEAKER: With an average of 6, compared to the other team's average of 5...


<The girls cheer, while the boys look confused and disappointed>

SPEAKER: Girls, you will once again get a chance to vote off another person from the Blue Bulls. But first, I'll give you a moment to plan. Blue Bulls, you will head to the elimination area, where one of you will have their journey cut short.

PIN (C): I was really nervous about losing due to my failed costume, but Coiny and Rocky were enough to give the Pink Parrots another win!

NEEDLE: Umm, Pin?

PIN: What's up, Needle?

NEEDLE: I saw something... interesting.

PIN: What was it?

NEEDLE: I saw Rocky running through our side of the stage. What was interesting was that he had a small piece of fabric on the corner of his mouth.

PIN: What? ROCKY sabotaged me! You're going to vote him off, right?

NEEDLE: Now that I think about it... yes, I will. Maybe HE was the saboteur after all?

LEAFY: What if he was just being derpy?

ICE CUBE: I'm not sure if Rocky has that in him.

NEEDLE: You guys are right, but, regardless, what he did was wrong, and he should leave. Besides, he's gross and annoying.

LEAFY (C): Everything seems so... suspicious. First there were the accusations against Firey, and now Rocky chews up Pin's costume? Odd.

<Needle and Ice Cube hurry off to tell the others about Rocky's misbehavior>

NEEDLE: Hey, Ruby. Hey, Match.

RUBY: OMG! What's up?

MATCH: Yeah, like, what do you have to say for yourself?

ICE CUBE: ROCKY chewed up Pin's costume! He was trying to get us to lose!

MATCH (C): I hate Rocky enough already due to how gross he is. Now that he's also a jerk, I have more of an excuse to vote for him!

<Needle and Ice Cube run off to tell Puffball and Golf Ball about what they saw>

GOLF BALL: Wow, really? That's intolerable.

PUFFBALL: I can't believe he would do that! I always thought he was a kind soul... shame.

GOLF BALL (C): Rocky is disgusting on the inside and out.

<Finally, Flower is informed of Rocky's wrongdoings>

FLOWER: This again? What is WITH all these traitors? I'm going to CRUSH that ugly little stone!

NEEDLE: Uhh... you go do that.

SPEAKER: PINK PARROTS! It's time to vote!

<The Pink Parrots vote, one-by-one, until every vote is cast>

SPEAKER: Alright, Blue Bulls. The results are in. Whoever gets the most votes will be launched back to Goiky FOR GOOD. Now, with that said, let's reveal those who are safe.

<All of the Bulls are nervous, unsure of who will be sent home>

SPEAKER: Pen, you're safe.

<Pen gladly accepts his safety in the game>

SPEAKER: Tennis Ball, you're safe as well.

<Tennis Ball breathes a slight sigh of relief>

SPEAKER: Nickel. You're also safe.

<Nickel smiles>

SPEAKER: Yellow Face. Blocky. You guys are still in it to win it.

<Blocky and Yellow Face relax>

SPEAKER: That leaves Coiny, Rocky, and Spongy.

SPEAKER: Coiny. You did terrible in this challenge, and also knocked off several of the Parrots in the first challenge.

SPEAKER: Rocky. You're gross. I'm not sure what else people voted you for, but sabotage did come up. <The other Bulls surprisingly glare at Rocky, who is smiling relentlessly>

SPEAKER: Spongy. You're fat and smelly, and also happen to be a threat when it comes to sewing.

SPEAKER: COINY, you're safe.

<Coiny angrily glares at Rocky as his name is called. Spongy tenses up even more. Rocky's expression does not change.>

SPEAKER: The Bull leaving us tonight is...

SPEAKER: ROCKY! Another unanimous vote, may I add?

<Rocky is flung at a very high velocity over the horizon>

SPEAKER: Congratulations, guys, for making the Final 16! Our next destination is Nicaragua!

SPEAKER: With Rocky gone, will the Bulls finally win a challenge? Also, who will be sent packing? Find out next time, on Object World Tour!

SPEAKER: Next time, on Object World Tour...

SPEAKER: Many surprised contestants are left scrambling to stay in the game...

SPEAKER: And our DEADLIEST challenge yet comes into play! Also, another contestant will leave the ranks. Until then, goodnight!

ROCKY (FINAL WORDS): Bleh! BLEH! BLEH! BLEH!! <Rocky coughs up a white tablemat, and writes on paper "I DID NOT CHEW UP PIN'S COSTUME" before being suddenly cut off>

Episode 3

PREVIEW: Last time, on Object World Tour!

PREVIEW: With Firey gone, both teams felt ready to begin their global adventure.

PREVIEW: The contestants flew to Los Angeles, where they participated in a costume-making challenge.

PREVIEW: Although the Pink Parrots' best costume was destroyed, they still managed to beat the inept Blue Bulls.

PREVIEW: At elimination, Rocky was eliminated unanimously for allegedly destroying Pin's costume.

PREVIEW: Will the Blue Bulls finally end their losing streak? What tricks will the contestants have in store? And, most importantly, who will be eliminated next? Find out tonight, on Object World Tour!

<The intro plays>

BLOCKY: Bulls! Team meeting.

NICKEL: What amazing advice do you have for us today, Blocky?

BLOCKY (C): I don't know what's up with Nickel, but his attitude is starting to get very grating. He's hurting the team morale.

COINY: Shut up, Nickel! This is important.

PEN: What's up, Blocky?

BLOCKY: Guys, I know we're behind, but we aren't out of the game yet. We need to beat the Parrots next time.

TENNIS BALL: Well, duh, but... how?

YELLOW FACE: Yeah. How WILL we beat them?

BLOCKY: I'm not sure what the challenge has in store, but... give it 110%. Spongy -


BLOCKY: Surprisingly, you're our strongest competitor. If we have to pick a team member to do something, you're the one to do it. Be prepared!


TENNIS BALL: What happens if we lose?

COINY: Well, we shouldn't, but if we do...

BLOCKY: We have no control over who goes. Let's just hope it's not one of our stronger members.

PEN: I think we need to think of who the weakest link is. That way, we can help improve the team!

COINY: Huh...

BLOCKY: Well, Spongy and I have both done really well in both challenges. Pen's been doing fine, Tennis Ball's okay...

COINY: What about me?

BLOCKY: Fine, it's not Coiny...

NICKEL: hmm?


BLOCKY: Ugh. Nickel. Yellow Face. Both of you need to focus more. You guys are hurting the team morale.

NICKEL (C): I'm as weak as YELLOW FACE!? Is this a joke? UGH!

YELLOW FACE (C): Why not just buy some of my chain strengthener?

<The camera cuts to the Purple Parrots>

FLOWER: Guys, we're all doing great!

PIN: Yeah!

LEAFY: I don't think there's a single weak link. All of us are contributing equally!


PUFFBALL: Uhm, guys...

RUBY: OMG! So true! We just need to, like, um... keep being strong.

MATCH: Like, totes!

GOLF BALL: Yeah, we're a very well-built team. The Bulls don't stand a chance.

PUFFBALL: Uhm, guys...

FLOWER: Girl power!

LEAFY: Yeah!


PUFFBALL (C): I never feel like my voice is heard. I'm not a pushy person, but ANY recognition would be nice. Oh, well... :/

SPEAKER: Contestants! We've arrived in Nicaragua! Please depart from the aircraft!

<The contestants leave the plane to see that they're on a floating platform 300 feet from the shore>

PIN: Uhh, why are we right here?

SPEAKER: I'll get to that in a minute. But first, Parrots - you're decimating the Bulls. Keep up the good work. Bulls, you need to step up your game, or none of you will be left.

NICKEL: Thanks for the genius observation, Speaker.

SPEAKER: Wow, you're annoying. Anyways, on to the challenge! This part of Nicaragua is well known for it's very dangerous currents. Your challenge today is to swim to the shore without being swept away. Whichever team has more people on the shore after three minutes wins immunity. However, since the Parrots have extra people, two women will sit out.

<The women discuss amongst themselves who should sit out>

FLOWER: We have decided that Puffball and Ice Cube will be sitting out.

PUFFBALL (C): I never got a say in that! They just excluded me without asking me first. Ugh!

SPEAKER: Okay. Your three minutes starts... NOW!

<In a flash, Blocky, Spongy, and Flower ferociously swim towards land>

SPEAKER: Oh no! Things look bad for the Parrots!

<Just as Speaker talks, Golf Ball sinks to the bottom of the water, unable to move>

SPEAKER: Well, I don't see how she could have survived that. Looks like she went the way of her cousin!

TENNIS BALL: Wow, Speaker. You're a jerk.

SPEAKER: Shut up and swim already.

<After a minute, the first few contestants reach the shore>

SPEAKER: Blocky's there. Flower's there. Spongy and Pen have made it, too! The Bulls are finally winning a challenge!

<Some of the slower contestants reach the shore in exasperation>

LEAFY: Ugh, what a hard swim!

NEEDLE: Yeah...

RUBY: I'm just glad I made it!

TENNIS BALL: Ugh, that was tiring.

SPEAKER: The Bulls and Parrots are tied with 4 swimmers each! Golf Ball is out of commission, and I can't see Yellow Face anywhere.

<With just 30 seconds left, Coiny and Pin each reach the shore>

SPEAKER: It's a tie with both teams having 5 swimmers! The only swimmers left that I can see are Nickel for the Bulls and Match for the Parrots.

<Ten seconds are left.>

SPEAKER: Match has reached the shore! Nickel, you need to reach the shore soon in order to tie the score back up!

<Just as Nickel is about to reach land, he finds himself unable to move>

NICKEL: Ugh! My foot is snagged!

SPEAKER: Five... Four... Three...

NICKEL: What is this? What is my foot stuck on?

SPEAKER: Two... One... ZERO!

NICKEL You've GOT to be kidding me!

NICKEL (C): Something odd and round was stuck to my foot. Could it have been... oh no...

SPEAKER: Sorry, Blue Bulls, but Nickel's sudden inability to move has costed you the win.

NICKEL: Guys, there was something round preventing me from walking up the shore! I think it was...

BLOCKY: A coconut?

NICKEL: What? Why would it be a coconut?

TENNIS BALL: I saw a coconut land right on your foot...


<Nickel looks upwards and notices something odd>

NICKEL: Wait, how did a coconut fall on my foot? There aren't any palm trees above us at all.

<The other Bulls and the Parrots look upwards and see that, in fact, there are no palm trees in the immediate area>

RUBY: OMG! I think I have an idea!

RUBY (C): The only way a coconut could have fallen on Nickel is if someone THREW the coconut at him! But who would do that?

FLOWER: What? Tell us already!

RUBY: Guys... the only way a coconut could have landed on Nickel's foot is if someone threw the coconut in his general direction!

<Everyone gasps>

SPONGY: Wehl, ahl of uhs were accounted fohr except for Gohlf Bahll and Yehllow Fahce.

SPEAKER: Well, Golf's Ball's dead.

LEAFY: That means...

FLOWER: YELLOW FACE! He's going down!

SPEAKER: By the way, I probably need to recover Golf Ball.

<Speaker enters G-O-L-F-B-A-L-L into his built-in HPRC, recovering Golf Ball. When he tries to do the same for Yellow Face, the HPRC tells him that Yellow Face is still alive.>

GOLF BALL: Whoa! What happened?

MATCH: Yellow Face, like, sabotaged the Bulls.

GOLF BALL: Ugh, really? That's very unsportsmanlike.

TENNIS BALL: You said it.

SPEAKER: You guys have been talking long enough. It's time for the Parrots to discuss who they'll vote off.

<The 15 present contestants walk into the airplane. Yellow Face leaps out of the Nicaraguan forest and swims over to join them>

YELLOW FACE: Hey guys, I was hunting for coconuts, what happened.

COINY: We lost, thanks to you.

YELLOW FACE: Oh, really? What a shame. Want to buy some of my Winning Powder?

BLOCKY: Take your Winning Powder and shove it up your <expletive>, you TRAITOR!

YELLOW FACE (C): Traitor? I just want to sell my newest product! Everyone here is just so... weird.

<The Parrots are shown collectively talking>

FLOWER: It has to be Yellow Face, agreed?

<Several of the Parrots nod>

MATCH: If we, like, don't vote off Yellow Face, won't, like, the Bulls just keep losing?

MATCH (C): Don't, like, get me wrong, I HATE Yellow Face, but, like, shouldn't we try to keep winning?

PUFFBALL: You have a good--

ICE CUBE: So what? He could betray one of US down the line? It's a bad plan to keep him around.


GOLF BALL: I agree. Down with traitors!

PUFFBALL: Excuse me--

PIN: We need to vote of a strong competitor, girls! How about Spongy? He's been dominating the challenges.


MATCH: Exactly, Pin!

PUFFBALL (C): <crying> I just want to give my two cents! How come no one pays me any attention? It isn't fair!

SPEAKER: Parrots. It's time to vote!

<All nine of the Parrots vote>

SPEAKER: Welcome, Bulls. This is your third elimination in a row.

NICKEL: Yeah, yeah. We know.

SPEAKER: Shut up. Anyways, what do you guys think would help your team win?

SPONGY: Weh need to geht rihd of dehdweight.

SPEAKER: Who do each of you think is the biggest deadweight?

BLOCKY: Yellow Face for sure.

COINY: Yeah, Yellow Face.

NICKEL: Yellow Face. Is there any other acceptable option?

YELLOW FACE: Uhh... you're not that great yourself, Nickel.

NICKEL: At least I don't sabotage my own team!

YELLOW FACE: What are you even talking about?

PEN: Pfft. YF, you know exactly what.

TENNIS BALL: Your damage control could have been better, Yellow Face.

SPONGY: Seeh, Speahker, Nihckel's ahttitude is whaht's bringing thihs team down. Yehllow Fahce is sihmply mahking iht even worse.

SPEAKER: Well, let's see if the Parrots agree.

SPEAKER: Pen, since you did literally nothing this entire episode, it's pretty obvious you're not going home.

<Pen graciously accepts safety yet again>

SPEAKER: Tennis Ball. You also did very little, so you're safe, too.

<Tennis Ball also gladly accepts his safety in the game>

SPEAKER: Coiny. You didn't do much either, so you're not going today.

SPEAKER: That leaves Blocky, Nickel, Spongy, and Yellow Face. Not all four of you received votes, but I could understand why someone would vote for you.

SPEAKER: Blocky. You're a huge challenge threat, and are also slightly aggressive and misogynistic.

BLOCKY (C): Whatever "misogynistic" means, I better not be leaving after what Yellow Face did today.

SPEAKER: Spongy. Much like Blocky, you're a surprising challenge threat. Also, I doubt the girls like how badly you smell.

SPONGY (C): Ih've nehver beehn so nervous! Ih hohpe Ih'm sahfe.

SPEAKER: Yellow Face. You've been accused of sabotaging the Bulls, since the other contestants who could have done it were either present while it happened or dead.

YELLOW FACE (C): I came here to sell some products for my company. Being accused of sabotage... it hurts.

SPEAKER: Finally, Nickel. You have a horrible attitude and an inflated sense of entitlement. Neither of those are admirable character traits.

NICKEL (C): Ugh, this is so stupid. Just tell me I'm safe already.

SPEAKER: Nickel, you're safe for now.

NICKEL (C): Yes! I knew it!

SPEAKER: Blocky, you're also safe. Congrats.

BLOCKY (C): Ugh, that was TOO close!

SPEAKER: It's down to our two bright yellow contestants: Spongy and Yellow Face. Both got votes, but one got more than the other. The final person safe is...


















SPEAKER: SPONGY! Yellow Face, it's time for you to fly!

SPONGY (C): Wohw, Ih wahs reahlly nervous! I cahn't lie, though. Yehllow Fahce deserved thihs.

SPEAKER: Sorry, Yellow Face, but people don't take it too kindly when you throw coconuts at your teammates.


SPEAKER: Too bad. Goodbye.

<Yellow Face is violently thrown over the horizon, much to the relief of most of the Bulls>

SPEAKER: Bulls, you need to catch up to the Parrots if you want a chance in this game.

TENNIS BALL: Trust me, Speaker. They won't know what hit them. :)

SPEAKER: Will the Bulls finally get redemption, or will the men be picked off one-by-one? Also, what strange destination will our 15 contestants visit next? Find out next time. Until then, goodbye!

PREVIEW: Next time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: ...The Bulls try their hardest to beat the Parrots in a far-out Brazilian challenge.

PREVIEW: Also, discourse among the Parrots find them eager to finally lose a challenge.

PREVIEW: Also, watch one more contestant get launched back to Goiky.

YELLOW FACE (FINAL WORDS): I had a lot of fun during this competition. Although being accused of sabotage is a terrible experience, especially when you didn't do it, I still enjoyed what I got to see of the world. Best of luck to Spongy.

Episode 4

PREVIEW: Last time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: Both teams worked their hardest to improve team morale.

PREVIEW: However, Puffball began to get upset when her team wouldn't listen to her.

PREVIEW: The challenge was neck-and-neck, but the Bulls lost due to a coconut landing on Nickel's foot.

PREVIEW: At elimination, Yellow Face was eliminated in a 6-3 vote due to suspicions of sabotaging the challenge.

PREVIEW: With the Bulls finally win? Will anyone crumble under the pressure? Most importantly, who will be eliminated? Find out tonight, on Object World Tour!

<The intro plays>

PEN: Bulls...

NICKEL: Ugh. What now?

BLOCKY: Guys, we really need to step up our game. We're down three members now!

SPONGY: Yeh. Weh need to hahve a pohsitive ahttitude.


NICKEL: Wow, what inspiring advice. I'll SURELY take it to heart.

TENNIS BALL: Nickel, you're not helping anyone. Try to help out the team more.

NICKEL: Ugh, fine.

BLOCKY: Seriously, Nickel! If you harbor too much negativity, there's no chance that we'll win.

NICKEL: Whatever...

PEN (C): Nickel's pure apathy is starting to get on everyone's nerves. He'd better hope we win, or the Parrots could easily vote him off.

NICKEL (C): I'm sick and tired of the "omgee just work as a team and everything will be PEACHY" mentality. I'm just being realistic. We're never going to win.

<Puffball is shown sitting alone>

PUFFBALL (C): I'm falling apart here. I'm normally fine and happy, but none of my teammates seem to care about me! I just want to feel... wanted. Loved. I just want to know that someone cares.

<Golf Ball and Ruby see Puffball sobbing by her lonesome>

RUBY: Wow, GB... Puffball doesn't look so good.

GOLF BALL: Should we talk to her? She seems so lonely.

RUBY: OMG! That's a great idea!

GOLF BALL: Hey, Puffball. What's wrong?

PUFFBALL: Uh... huh? Why would you care?

RUBY: We care about your well-being, Puffball. We really do.

GOLF BALL: Yeah, PB! Tell us what's up!

PUFFBALL: Well, until right now, no one has ever listened to what I have to say! I feel excluded.

GOLF BALL (C): I never knew PB felt like that. She always seemed so careless and happy-go-lucky! I'm glad she told me.

RUBY: Is anyone specifically making you feel like an outcast?

PUFFBALL: Well, Leafy, Ice Cube, Needle, and Pin have formed a sort of 'inner circle' and make me feel ostracized. Match hasn't been too kind, either. You guys and Flower are the only people that have even bothered to hear me out!

GOLF BALL: Don't worry about them, PB. Leafy and her gang are self-righteous, and Match is a bona fide mean girl. They're never nice to anyone but each other. Remember, though, you always have us if you need to talk. :)

PUFFBALL: Wow... really? Thank you.

RUBY: No problem!

RUBY (C): I really do think Puffball feels better. We'll definitely be listening to what she has to say in the future.

SPEAKER: Guys and girls, get ready for an exotic Brazilian challenge! We'll be arriving shortly.

MATCH (C): Wow, Brazil! I, like, heard it has beautiful coastlines. I, like, hope the challenge is by the beach again!

<After a while, the plane lands in the middle of the Amazon rainforest>


NEEDLE: Aww, seriously?

NICKEL: Oh, yaaaaay. The Amazon.

SPEAKER: You guys bother me. Anyways, your challenge is to be the last one to be in the river and still live. If you die or exit the river, you're out of the challenge, to make things fair, three Parrots will sit out. Discuss.

FLOWER: Guys, we need our strongest competitiors to compete.

RUBY: Right. So, Flower, you're in.

GOLF BALL: Same with Ruby, Needle, and Leafy.

MATCH: Can, like, I participate?

LEAFY: Yeah, Match. For the last person to participate, how about Pin?

RUBY: No. We need to put someone in who sat out last time! It's, like, only fair.

ICE CUBE: I agree! I should participate!

GOLF BALL: What about Puffball? She seems strong enough.

<Puffball smiles at Golf Ball>

NEEDLE: You've GOT to be kidding me, right? Ice Cube it is!

RUBY: Guys--


SPEAKER: Parrots, who will be sitting out?

FLOWER: Pin, Golf Ball, and Puffball.

PUFFBALL (C): UGH! I HATE Needle! How dare she treat me like a doormat! I'm getting really tired of my team...

SPEAKER: Okay, then. The twelve of you not sitting out will jump in the river in 3... 2... 1... GO!

<All of the Bulls and six of the Parrots reluctantly leap into the dangerous water>

COINY, NICKEL: What is that? Is that... an EEL?

<Coiny and Nickel get electrocuted by an electric eel and die>

SPEAKER: The Bulls are already down to just four members!

<Pin cleverly uses her point to stab and kill Spongy>

SPEAKER: Cunning tactics from Pin! The Bulls are down to three members!

LEAFY: AGH! Are those piranhas!?

<A school of piranhas feast on the Parrots, killing Leafy, Needle, Flower, and Ruby>

SPEAKER: Yikes! The Bulls have Blocky, Pen, and Tennis Ball, while the Parrots are down to just Ice Cube and Match. Could the Bulls finally win?

<Blocky picks up a rock from the river's floor and throws it, shattering Ice Cube>

SPEAKER: With that, the Parrots are down to Match and Match only. She needs to do something fast, or the Parrots will lose!

<On cue, Match throws her dangerous phone into the water near the Bulls, electrocuting them>

SPEAKER: I don't know how Match managed to break the laws of physics, but all the Bulls are dead! The Parrots win!

<All of the Parrots except Puffball and Golf Ball cheer for Match>

SPEAKER: Bulls. For the fourth time in a row, one of you will be going home. Parrots, it's time for you to decide who that will be.

<The Parrots meet in a room and discuss>

FLOWER: So, girls, what are some possible targets?

GOLF BALL: Spongy's very strong in challenges, not to mention how badly he smells.

MATCH: I, like, completely agree with GBGB.

ICE CUBE: Uhh, Blocky's good in challenges too.

LEAFY: Yeah, IC. You have a point. Besides, he's pretty rude.


NEEDLE: Shush. How about Nickel? His attitude is getting awfully grating.

RUBY: Hmm, fair point. Puffball, did you want to say something?

PUFFBALL: Well, I was thinking that Coiny is a social threat.

NEEDLE (C): Puffball is an idiot. Every inane suggestion she creates is more painfully stupid than the last. I wish she would stop talking altogether.

NEEDLE: Puffball, that's a dumb idea, not going to lie.

GOLF BALL: Actually, she has a point, Needle.

NEEDLE: Pfft. As if. When has anything Puffball's said been of value?

RUBY: OMG! You're kidding, right?

NEEDLE: You think I'm kidding? You're just as dumb as Puffball. Shame.

GOLF BALL (C): Needle is absolutely INSUFFERABLE. I hope we lose next time so she can get OUT of this game already. I can't stand her.

PIN: Needle, you have a point, but shouldn't we all work together in harmony?

NEEDLE: All the PEOPLE on the team should. Puffball's just a worthless object.

FLOWER: Needle, seriously. You've gone over the top. Pin's right, we need to work IN HARMONY. Or we'll lose.

NEEDLE: Ugh, really? You think that the Bulls will ever beat us? Those bozos are toast.

RUBY (C): I've never wanted to strange anyone as much as I want to strangle Needle right now. She has issues.

PUFFBALL (C): I am DONE being treated like rubbish! Needle will regret how she's been treating me.

SPEAKER: Girls, enough fighting, it's time to vote.

<All of the Parrots vote>

SPEAKER: Welcome, Bulls. This is your fourth time here. Tonight, another one of you will be eliminated. Let's reveal the results.

SPEAKER: Pen. You didn't get any votes yet again.

<Pen shows his gratitude for being able to scrape by every single elimination without danger>

SPEAKER: Tennis Ball, same with you.

<TB graciously accepts safety for the fourth time>

SPEAKER: Shockingly, the four of you all got votes.

SPEAKER: Blocky, you're a challenge threat and killed Ice Cube in the challenge.

SPEAKER: Coiny, you're a social threat and have managed to stay under the radar until now.

SPEAKER: Nickel, your attitude annoys everyone, including me.

SPEAKER: Spongy, you're the nicest contestant here, but your smelliness and strong performance make you a threat.

SPEAKER: Nickel, you're safe. Same with Coiny.

<The two coins both breathe heavy sighs of relief>

SPEAKER: That leaves just Blocky and Spongy.

BLOCKY (C): What!? I can't go this early! I'm an ASSET!

SPONGY (C): Wehll, Ih had fun.

SPEAKER: The final object safe is...


















SPEAKER: BLOCKY! Sorry, Spongy, but you've been eliminated.

SPONGY: Oh wehll. Ih'll mihss you guys.

TENNIS BALL: Bye Spongy! :'(

PEN: We'll miss you!

<Spongy is launched over the horizon>

SPEAKER: Will the Bulls FINALLY win a challenge? Will Puffball and Needle butt heads? Who will be eliminated? Find out next time!

PREVIEW: Next time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: ...Puffball finally stands up for herself.

PREVIEW: Also, a difficult European challenge leaves the contestants stumped.

PREVIEW: Furthermore, find out who will be the next object eliminated! Until then, goodbye!

SPONGY (FINAL WORDS): Ih honestly saw thihs coming. Ih've nehver been pohpular with the gihrls, ahnd Ih've done wehll in the challenges. Here's to hohping the Buhlls finally wihn!

Episode 5

PREVIEW: Last time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: Puffball found friends in Ruby and Golf Ball, and butted heads with Needle.

PREVIEW: Also, in a deadly Amazonian challenge, Match led the Parrots to their fourth victory in a row.

PREVIEW: Due to his smelliness and challenge ability, Spongy was voted off in a 4-2-2-1 vote, much to the dismay of the other Bulls.

PREVIEW: Will the Bulls finally bounce back? Will Puffball seek vengeance on Needle? Most importantly, who will be eliminated? Find out tonight, on Object World Tour!

<The Bulls hold another discussion>

TENNIS BALL: Wow, we're aren't doing so well.

NICKEL: You don't say?

PEN: Nickel, we don't have time for this! There's just five of us left!

NICKEL: I can count, dimwit.

COINY: Nickel, please, just listen to us for ONCE. You aren't helping the situation AT. ALL.

BLOCKY: Yeah, seriously Nickel, it's getting old. I know you're thinking realistically, but we need some spirit.

NICKEL (C): Ugh, I hate to admit this, but Blocky has a point. I could very well be voted out next with such a low amount of people left, so we could use some positivity.

NICKEL: You know what? I agree. We need more positivity. I'll try to brighten up.

PEN (C): FINALLY! After long last, Nickel has decided to have a brighter outlook. I could see the Bulls finally catching up to the  Parrots!

TENNIS BALL (C): I'm glad Nickel is more open to the idea of team spirit. He might not be so bad after all!

<Meanwhile, Puffball confronts Needle>

PUFFBALL: Um... Needle?

NEEDLE: What do you want, scum?

PUFFBALL: Oh! I am NOT scum!

NEEDLE: Pffffffft.

PUFFBALL (C): If Needle wants to treat me like that, well... SHE'S GONNA GET IT.

PUFFBALL: Needle, stop being a <expletive> and treat me with some respect.

NEEDLE: Hmm, let me think about that. Ha, NO.

NEEDLE (C): I wish Puffball would go shrivel up and die already. I have a better solution, though. I'm getting her OUT of this game once and for all.

NEEDLE: Go and talk to your friends. Oh, wait, you have none.


<Puffball hunts down GB and Ruby>

PUFFBALL: She... she... I can't STAND her!

RUBY: I'm getting quite sick of her, too.

GOLF BALL: She's awful.

PUFFBALL: I want to DO something about it, but... I can't! That's not who I am! Could you guys tell her off for me?

RUBY: OMG! I LOVE to tell people off!

GOLF BALL: I don't, but she deserves it.


LEAFY: Yeah, he actually said that!

ICE CUBE: Wow, what a jerk.

FLOWER: I know, right? Snowball is abhorrent.

MATCH: Like, totally. Um... Leafy?

LEAFY: What's up, Match?

MATCH (C): I want to have an alliance with someone. Although I fancy Pen, Ice Cube seems like the easiest recruit.

MATCH: I want to show Ice Cube something really cool.


LEAFY: Okay, that's fine.

PIN: Ooh! Can I come!

MATCH: I don't think you'd like it. It's something Ice Cube would relate to, though!

PIN: Oh, okay.

<Match and Ice Cube walk into a seperate room>

ICE CUBE: What is it, Match?

MATCH: Ice Cube, look. I, like, need other people to have my back in the game. Since you, like, are really nice and stuff, I thought I would align with you.

ICE CUBE: Wow! I'm in!

MATCH: Wonderful.

ICE CUBE (C): Wow! I'm in an alliance! This is cool! Get it?

MATCH (C): Perfect.


GOLF BALL: Hey, Needle!

NEEDLE: What's up, GB?

RUBY: I'll tell you what's up!

GOLF BALL: Ruby, calm down. Needle, I know you don't like Puffball, but you have to get along with her or we'll lose!

NEEDLE: If we lose, I'll get rid of her faster. Besides, getting along with her is like living with a mental patient. She's horrible.


GOLF BALL: Needle, you'll regret being a jerk to her... she isn't taking it too kindly, you know.

NEEDLE: Good. She deserves to suffer.

GOLF BALL: Why do you hate her so much?

NEEDLE: She just sucks, okay? It's that simple.

NEEDLE (C): sigh... My hatred for Puffball is complex. I don't want to reveal that to anyone... they could judge me. :/

<Golf Ball and Ruby storm away in disgust>

RUBY (C): OMG. I've never seen anyone with such vitriolic hatred towards someone else. There has to be something else to this.

GOLF BALL (C): I almost pity Needle. She seems so petty.

SPEAKER: We've arrived!

BLOCKY: What? We haven't even reached solid ground yet.

PIN: Cool! Where are we?

SPEAKER: We're high above the Alps. Just get off the plane. You'll understand.

<The 14 contestants depart from the plane and see a series of small platforms>

SPEAKER: For today's challenge, five contestants from each team will stand upon one of these platforms. Over time, the platforms will shrink. The last one left on a platform wins for their team.

SPEAKER: Parrots, since you have four extra members, four of you will sit out. Decide amongst yourselves who those will be.

<The Parrots begin to discuss>

FLOWER: Well, if we lose our balance, we need arms to grab onto the edge of the platform. Any armless contestants shouldn't participate.

<Puffball, Ice Cube, and Golf Ball frown, since all three had sat out before>

FLOWER: I'll sit out, too, since I'm larger than the other girls.

SPEAKER: Parrots, which of you will be participating?

PIN: Match, Leafy, Needle, Ruby, and I will be participating. Flower, Ice Cube, Golf Ball, and Puffball will sit out.

PUFFBALL (C): When will I ever get to participate in a challenge? I'm never able to do anything!

<The ten participating contestants each find a platform to stand on>

SPEAKER: The platforms will start shrinking in 3...2...1... GO!

<Immediately, the small platforms begin to get smaller>

BLOCKY: Ack! They're shrinking quickly!

<Fifteen minutes pass with little movement and action>

SPEAKER: After fifteen minutes, nothing has happened. The platforms are so small that only one foot can be placed on them!

<Blocky loses his balance and falls>

SPEAKER: Blocky has fallen! That probably hurt.

<Tennis Ball hilariously slips off of his platform>

SPEAKER: That clumsy Tennis Ball is no more. The Parrots lead 5-3!

SPEAKER: Ruby is the first Parrot to fall to her death! The Parrots still lead.

<The platforms stop shrinking. Twenty minutes go by without anyone falling>

SPEAKER: These seven competitors refuse to give up! They're fighting for their lives, both in the game and out!

<Ten more minutes pass>

SPEAKER: 45 minutes in, and seven still remain! Will anyone fall?

<Just then, Leafy tires out and tries to sit down, falling off in the process>

SPEAKER: There goes Leafy! That's GOT to hurt! Both teams are tied.

<Soon after, Coiny loses his balance and falls backwards>

SPEAKER: Coiny's dead now! Since only five remain, I'll recover the dead contestants.

<Blocky, Tennis Ball, Ruby, Leafy, and Coiny are recovered>

SPEAKER: We have Needle, Match, and Pin for the Parrots, and Nickel and Pen for the Bulls! The Bulls are losing yet again!

<Both Pin and Match fall of the platform in quick succession>

SPEAKER: Yikes! With that, the Parrots are down to just Needle, while the Bulls still have Nickel and Pen!

<Pen slips>

SPEAKER: We're neck-and-neck! Who will survive: Needle, or Nickel! Let's recover the dead contestants.

<Pin, Match, and Pen are recovered>

NEEDLE: This sucks. I'm going to win, Puffball's going to stay another day, and the Bulls will cry themselves to sleep. Shame.

PUFFBALL: Why are you so mean to me?

NEEDLE: You know very well why, PB.

PUFFBALL: Ugh! You...

<Just then, Needle feels a sharp blow to her side, causing her to fall>

SPEAKER: That was interesting. Even more interesting, though, is that THE BULLS FINALLY WON THANKS TO NICKEL!


TENNIS BALL: Is this happening? :D

COINY: Great job, Nicky! I knew you could do it!

NICKEL: NEVER call me "Nicky" again, Coiny.

NICKEL (C): Hopefully, now that I helped the Bulls finally win, that the hate train for me will end. Who knows?

<Needle is recovered and Nickel is teleported to a larger and safer platform>

NEEDLE: Ugh! You... YOU!

PUFFBALL: What do you want now?

NEEDLE: You knocked me off! TRAITOR!

PUFFBALL: What? That wasn't me!

PUFFBALL (C): Believe me, if I was the one to knock off Needle, I would be very glad. I didn't though. In fact, I have no idea who did!

NEEDLE: Pfft. Tell it to the judge, SABOTEUR.

NEEDLE (C): I can't believe she stooped so low. What a little shrew.

RUBY (C): I thought Puffball was better than that. Shame.

<For the first time since the game began, the Bulls discuss who they should vote off>

COINY: Well, it's pretty obvious.


PEN: She deserves to go.

COINY (C): I'm assuming Puffball was the one to betray the Parrots. I just can't accept that, despite how mean Needle is to her. She can't stay in this game anymore.

BLOCKY (C): I understand what Puffball did, but she does need to learn a lesson. She can't go around and killing her teammates.

TENNIS BALL (C): Puffball seemed to be honestly confused by the accusations, and I am close to her by proxy, but I don't like making waves. Besides, getting rid of her is the most effective solution to the bullying fiasco going on with the Parrots.

NICKEL (C): The general group consensus is that Puffball is leaving, and I do agree. What she did was unacceptable.

PEN (C): Puffball's time is up. Sorry, girl, I feel bad for you, but there's lines that you've crossed.

SPEAKER: Welcome, Parrots, to your first elimination. Let's reveal the results.

SPEAKER: Leafy, you're safe.

<Leafy isn't surprised>

SPEAKER: Same with Pin, Ruby, and Golf Ball.

<The three whose names were called also seem unsurprised, although Ruby and Golf Ball look disappointed>

SPEAKER: Ice Cube, you're safe, too. Same with Match.

SPEAKER: That leaves just three contestants: Flower, Needle, and Puffball.

SPEAKER: Flower, you're safe.

<Flower is shocked that she's not the first voted out of her team like in most other fanfictions>

SPEAKER: Needle. You've been a jerk to Puffball this entire game.

NEEDLE (C): No one's going to vote for me after what that simpleton did to me.

SPEAKER: Puffball, there's good reason to suspect that you're the one who caused Needle to lose the challenge.

PUFFBALL (C): Things are definitely looking bad for me. There is reason to suspect me, but I honestly did nothing to Needle. I would never stoop that low. This is really unfortunate.

SPEAKER: Surprising absolutely no one, Needle, you're the last one safe.

<Needle angrily looks at Puffball, happy that she's been eliminated after her supposed betrayal>

SPEAKER: Puffball, goodbye.

PUFFBALL: Remember, guys, whoever did this to Needle is still among you and the Bulls. Try to find out who did this. I want to thank them. :)

<Puffball is launched back to Goiky at a massive speed>

SPEAKER: With Puffball gone, will the Bull's comeback continue? How will the Parrots fare without her? Who will be eliminated next? Find out all this and more next time. Until then, goodbye!

PREVIEW: Next time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: Golf Ball and Ruby begin to lose their patience with Needle...

PREVIEW: ...while Nickel's positivity begins to get over the top.

PREVIEW: Also, another contestant will be cut from the game!

PUFFBALL (FINAL WORDS): It's a shame that I had to go out in such a manner, but I am glad that someone decided to attack Needle. Although false accusations are horrible, at least I got to see Needle fall thousands of feet onto a frigid mountain. I wish the very worst of luck to Needle. I hope she gets frostbite. Golf Ball or Ruby better win this for me, and take out Needle in the process.

Episode 6

PREVIEW: Last time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: Puffball, with the help of Golf Ball and Ruby, began to fight harder than ever against Needle.

PREVIEW: Meanwhile, Nickel decided to adopt a more positive outlook on the game.

PREVIEW: At the challenge, Needle was knocked off of her platform by an unknown contestant, resulting in the Bulls' first challenge victory.

PREVIEW: Puffball was unanimously eliminated due to suspicions of her knocking Needle off the platform.

PREVIEW: Will the Bulls continue their comeback? Will new alliances form? And, most importantly, who will be eliminated? Find out tonight, on Object World Tour!

<The intro plays>

BLOCKY: Wow, guys! I still can't believe we won!

PEN: That was AMAZING. I hope we win again; winning is AWESOME!

TENNIS BALL: We all did amazingly. We just need to keep up the great work!


COINY (C): Ever since we won the challenge, Nickel's almost turned into a new person. It's very refreshing.

<The Bulls sit around for a while, being mostly silent. After a while, all of the Bulls except for Blocky and Pen fall asleep>

BLOCKY: <Whispering> Psst. Pen.

PEN: <In a quiet tone> What?

BLOCKY: Follow me.

<Blocky starts walking towards the hallway between the Bulls' and Parrots' cabins, and motions Pen to follow him>

PEN: Where are we going?

BLOCKY: Shh! We're almost there.

<The pair walk a bit longer and encounter Flower and Match>

FLOWER: Ah, I see you've arrived.

PEN: What is this?

MATCH: Yeah, like, what are we doing?

BLOCKY: Guys. We're four very strong competitors who will likely face opposition during the game.

FLOWER: We need to stick together, or we'll be picked off!

PEN: So... we're an inter-team alliance now?

BLOCKY: Yep, that's what's happening.

MATCH: That's, like, super cool!

<Pin awakens to hear soft whispers from outside the cabin. She peaks out of the door and listens>

FLOWER: We're going to make the final 4. The others don't stand a chance.

BLOCKY: What should we name ourselves?

MATCH: What?

PEN: C'mon, Blocky, an alliance name? That's kinda dumb.

BLOCKY: Ugh, fine. No alliance name. We meet here after every elimination, alright?

MATCH: Yeah!

PEN: I'm in.

BLOCKY: Good. So, who are possible targets?

FLOWER: I don't know about the Bulls, but Ice Cube could potentially be a threat. She's tight with plenty of the Parrots already!

PEN: Okay. Ice Cube it is.

MATCH: Oh...

MATCH (C): I already have a final 2 pact with Ice Cube. I can't break that promise! I'm not sure what I should do, though. If I back out of this alliance, I'm also screwed. Wow, this sucks!

<Match, Flower, Pen, and Blocky head back to their respective cabins to sleep>

PIN (C): There's not much I can do about THAT right now, but they're definitely on my radar...

<When Pin hears Match and Flower heading in, she quickly jumps into her bed and pretends to sleep>

MATCH: Well, like, there's one thing about this, like, adventure that's undeniably fabulous. We get, like, BEDS!

FLOWER: Yeah! I definitely need my beauty sleep.

<Match and Flower fall asleep>

PIN (C): I'm going to inform my alliance of this... information tomorrow.

<Pin falls asleep. After several hours, Speaker wakes up the contestants>

SPEAKER: Good morning, contestants!

NICKEL: Wow! What beautiful weather!

COINY: Uhh... what?

COINY (C): We're flying through a huge storm, and Nickel says we have BEAUTIFUL weather!? Is this some advanced form of sarcasm?

TENNIS BALL: Not really. It's pretty gross outside, Nickel.

NICKEL: Why are you so negative? You need some positivity in your life, Tennis Ball!

TENNIS BALL: I have quite enough, thank you.

<Meanwhile, Pin walks over to her friends to tell her about Blocky and Flower's alliance, when she sees a bright flash of light>

PIN: Ack! What was that?

NEEDLE: What's wrong, Pin?

PIN: I don't know... I can't remember. I was walking over here to tell you guys something, then there was a flash.

LEAFY: Hm. What did you want to say?

PIN: Uhh, I... I can't remember!


PIN: I have no idea, but it was really important.

LEAFY: Huh. That's odd.

NEEDLE: Oh, well.

NEEDLE (C): I could tell that Pin needed to tell us something, but she forgot for some reason. :/

<Coiny walks into the Parrots' cabin>

MATCH: Eww! A boy!

COINY: Shush!

PIN: Coiny?

COINY: Shouldn't we have an alliance discussion?

LEAFY: Oh, sure.

COINY: We need to get rid of Nickel. He's starting to get on my nerves.

ICE CUBE: What about threats? Shouldn't we focus on Blocky or Pen?

COINY: I don't think I can live with Nickel anymore. Please, get rid of him if the Bulls lose.

NEEDLE: Okay...

LEAFY (C): Hm. Nickel seems really positive lately, so I don't see the annoyance. Then again, I've spent little time with him.

COINY (C): Nickel's positivity is starting to transform into insanity. He needs to leave FAST.

SPEAKER: Enough chitchat already! We need to get to the challenge.

NICKEL: Where are we? This is awesome!

SPEAKER: We're in a cemetary in Switzerland, you oddball.

SPEAKER: Anyways, today's challenge is a treasure hunt. Each team will explore this large cemetary with the goal of finding five goblets. Once a team member finds a goblet, they will return here with it then search for more.

SPEAKER: If you somehow get lost or killed, you will be out of the challenge. If both teams are gone before one finds five goblets, whichever team has found more will win. 3... 2... 1... GO!

<The Parrots and Bulls set off in seperate directions>

FLOWER: Alright, girls! We've got this in the bag. We need to split up in pairs, alright?

RUBY: OMG! That's a great idea!

FLOWER: Okay. Ruby and Golf Ball, you two are a pair.

GOLF BALL (C): Ruby and I have become close in the game, so I'm glad we could pair up! Flower's leadership is paying off.

FLOWER: Leafy and Ice Cube, you two are a pair. Needle and Pin, you're also a pair.

MATCH: Which, like, means I'm with Flower?

ICE CUBE (C): I'm glad to be with Leafy :)

PIN (C): Needle and I get along very well. I'm glad to be with her.

MATCH (C): Although I don't like Flower much, we're allied together, so us being paired is probably the best solution.

FLOWER: Okay! Ruby and GB, go that way. <Flower points right>

FLOWER: Needle and Pin, go <Flower points left> that way.

FLOWER: Leafy and Ice Cube, go <Flower points diagonally to the left> that way.

FLOWER: Match and I will go straight.

<The Parrots head off in their selected directions>

BLOCKY: Uhh... there's five of us, and five goblets, so we should all split up.

COINY: There should be one pair, though.

BLOCKY: Fine. Uhh... Coiny and Nickel, you guys should pair up.


BLOCKY: Let's head out!

<The Bulls all head off in seperate directions>

RUBY: It sure is quiet around here.

GOLF BALL: Yeah... it's kind of creepy.

<GB hears a low moan>


RUBY: What?

GOLF BALL: Did you hear that?


GOLF BALL: It was <Golf Ball points to the left> that way.

RUBY: Should we follow it?

GOLF BALL: Hell no! What if it's a monster?

RUBY: Come on, Golf Ball, monsters don't exist.

<A loud scream is heard>

RUBY: W... w... What was that!?

GOLF BALL: I don't know!



<Needle watches in horror as Pin is eaten alive by a large monster>


<Coiny and Nickel hear the cries for help>

COINY: Nickel, did you hear that! Someone needs help!

NICKEL: Huh, what? Everything's fine, Coiny.

COINY: What about that scream?

NICKEL: It was nothing. Let's just find the next goblet.

<Meanwhile, Needle runs as fast as she can from the monster, until it is out of sight. She then trips on a strange object>

NEEDLE: What was that!? Oh, cool! It's a goblet!

<Needle picks up the goblet>

NEEDLE (C): Yay! I got a goblet!

<Needle walks for a while until she sees the starting area>


<After a few minutes, the other Parrots find Needle at the starting area>


LEAFY: We're winning! Wait...

ICE CUBE: Where's Pin?

NEEDLE: Oh... she got eaten by a monster. I barely managed to escape.


MATCH: Ruby, we need to, like, stay calm and keep searching, k?

GOLF BALL: Match is right.

RUBY: Okay, then. Same pairs?

FLOWER: Same pairs. Let's go!

<The Parrots head back out into the cemetary. Meanwhile...>

PEN (C): I am beyond scared right now. I'm all alone, and I heard terrible screams a few minutes ago. I hope everyone's okay...

<As Pen walks nervously, he sees a shiny object on the ground>

PEN: Cool! A goblet! I'll return this to the starting area.

SPEAKER: Attention, contestants! After fifteen minutes, each team has found one goblet! All five of the Bulls are conscious, while only seven Parrots remain. Keep going!

BLOCKY: Phew, all the Bulls are still okay.


LEAFY: Well, it's still a tie game. We need to hurry up if we want to beat them!

ICE CUBE: Alright, Leafy!

<All of the sudden, a monster jumps out of the ground, swallowing Leafy whole>

ICE CUBE: What the <expletive>!? LEAFY!

<Ice Cube runs from the subterranean monster, sobbing the whole way>

ICE CUBE (C): My best friend just died in front of my eyes!


NICKEL: Hey, Coiny, wanna play I Spy?

COINY: Not really...

NICKEL: Fine. What about Nickel Says?

COINY: I'll pass, thanks...

NICKEL: Hmm. How about Tag? Pass? Hide 'N' Seek?

COINY (C): I want Nickel to just GO AWAY already!

COINY: Hide 'N' Seek sounds great! Here, you hide. I'll count to 100. 1... 2... 3...

<Nickel runs far away into the cemetary, until he's out of earshot of Coiny>

COINY: Pfft, what a tool.

<A monster quietly sneaks up behind Coiny>

COINY: Ahh. Finally. All alone. Wait... what's that behind me?

<The monster grabs Coiny>


<The monster eats Coiny>

NICKEL: Was that... Coiny? Is he in trouble? Oh no!

<Nickel keeps walking, until he bumps into Blocky>

NICKEL: Oh, hey, Blocky.

BLOCKY: Where's Coiny, Nickel? You're supposed to stick together!

NICKEL: I think he got eaten. No biggie.


BLOCKY: That's horrible, Nickel!

<Pen and Tennis Ball, following the screams, also run into Nickel and Blocky>

TENNIS BALL: Oh, phew, you guys are safe.

PEN: Where's Coiny?

BLOCKY: Apparently he got eaten by a monster. Nickel managed to escape somehow.

PEN: Huh. He need to find more goblets. Let's all stick together.

<The quartet head onwards through the dense forest in the cemetary. Meanwhile...>

RUBY: I'm starting to get bored.

GOLF BALL: Yeah, this isn't a very fun or exciting challenge.


<Ice Cube runs straight into a tree right next to GB and Ruby>

GOLF BALL: Umm... hey, Ice Cube.


RUBY: OMG! What?


GOLF BALL: Ice Cube, I don't see a--

<The monster leaps out of the earth, swallowing Ruby and Golf Ball>



FLOWER: There's been quite a lot of screaming lately. I hope the other Parrots are okay.

MATCH: Me too. Hey, is that a goblet? <Match points towards a strange golden object on the ground>

FLOWER: Wow, it is!

MATCH: C'mon! The starting area is just a ways away! Let's go!

<Match and Flower return to the starting area>

MATCH: Like, Parrots! Head to, like, the starting area!

<After a few moments, Needle and Ice Cube emerge from the thick woods>

FLOWER: Where are Ruby, Golf Ball, and Leafy?


NEEDLE: What? That's horrible! :/

SPEAKER: Attention, contestants! Each team now has just four members that are conscious. The Parrots have retrieved two goblets, while the Bulls are still at one. Hurry up, Bulls!

TENNIS BALL: Guys, you heard that, right?

BLOCKY: We need to hurry!

<Pen, not paying attention, walks straight into a monster>

PEN: ...

<The infuriated monster eats Pen and Tennis Ball>

BLOCKY: Nickel, we need to run! Let's go!


BLOCKY: Because--

<The monster proceeds to grab Blocky>

BLOCKY: Nickel, get out of here while you can! It'll eat you!

<Nickel begins to run right as Blocky is eaten>

NICKEL (C): My whole team is gone now. What am I going to do? I need to find goblets FAST.


FLOWER: Girls, there aren't many of us left. Let's stick together!

ICE CUBE: Good idea!

<The four girls venture out in search of more goblets. However, it's not long before things get creepy>

MATCH: Guys... like... what is that!?

<Match sticks her fingers in a strange liquid>

NEEDLE: Eww, is that...

MATCH: It's, like, blood! ICK!

<Flower hears a quiet breathing sound>

FLOWER: What was THAT?


FLOWER: I heard... something.

NEEDLE: I didn't--

<A deafening roar interrupts Needle>


<The monster uses a frog-like tongue to grab on to Flower, Match, and Needle>

MATCH: Ice Cube, you have to keep going! Run and don't stop running!

ICE CUBE: ...Okay... :(

ICE CUBE (C): All the Parrots are dead except me. I have to keep finding goblets, or the Bulls could win again.


NICKEL: Hey, look! It's a goblet! The Bulls will be able to catch up now!

???: I don't think so, Nickel.

NICKEL: Who are you? Oh, hey. I got scared for a moment. Wait... why are you holding that?

<The unrevealed figure whacks Nickel with a frying pan, knocking him unconscious>

SPEAKER: Attention, Ice Cube! Since you are the last contestant to fall unconscious, and the Parrots have already found more goblets, you win for your team!


SPEAKER: Since I can't get Nickel, as he's still alive, I'm going to release a poisonous gas to kill all living things within the cemetary.

<Speaker releases the poisonous gas, killing Nickel, Ice Cube, and the mystery figure. He then recovers everybody.>

BLOCKY: Ugh... what happened?

GOLF BALL: Who won?

SPEAKER: Since Nickel fell unconscious, the Parrots win yet again! Bulls, one of you will be leaving very shortly.

<After a quick discussion amongst the Parrots, the Bulls are summoned to the elimination area>

SPEAKER: Bulls. This is your fifth time here. After tonight, only four of you will be left, meaning that the Parrots will be twice the size of you. That's not good for you, is it?

BLOCKY: Get on with it!

SPEAKER: Okay, jeez. Tennis Ball, you didn't get any votes yet again.

<Tennis Ball gratefully excepts his safety>

SPEAKER: Pen, you also didn't get any votes. You're safe.

<Pen, for the fifth time in a row, is grateful to not get a single vote>

SPEAKER: That leaves just Blocky, Coiny, and Nickel.

SPEAKER: Blocky, you're a challenge threat.

BLOCKY (C): I hate being in the bottom so much! What did I do wrong?

SPEAKER: Coiny, you're a social threat.

COINY (C): I know I'm going to be safe, since I told my entire alliance to vote for Nickel. That's already four votes. Assuming both Blocky and I got votes, Nickel's going home. EZPZ.

SPEAKER: Nickel, your positivity is getting on people's nerves.

NICKEL (C): I love everyone here! I don't care if I go. I had fun!

SPEAKER: Coiny, you're safe at one vote.

COINY (C): Bye bye, Nickel!

SPEAKER: The final person safe is...





















SPEAKER: I'm just kidding. Blocky, you're safe at one vote. Nickel, with a whopping six votes, you're done for. Goodbye.

NICKEL: Oh, one small thing. Another contestant in this game hit me with a frying pan to knock me out.

BLOCKY: Really? Who was it?

NICKEL It was--

<Before Nickel can finish his sentence, he is launched over the horizon>

SPEAKER: Bad timing right there.

SPEAKER: Will the Bulls continue to lose more members? Will the Parrots continue to dominate? Who will be eliminated right before the merge? Find out next time, on Object World Tour!

PREVIEW: Next time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: With just one elimination before the merge, the games heats up more than ever!

PREVIEW: Trust will be broken, and another contestant's dream will be tragically crushed.

PREVIEW: Until then, goodbye!

NICKEL (FINAL WORDS): I'm FINALLY out of this stupid game! Trying to be positive to please those idiots was a NIGHTMARE. Although I'm upset that my game was ended at the hands of a lunatic with a frying pan, I'm glad to finally be done with this terrible experience. I hated all of you. Take care :)

Episode 7

PREVIEW: Last time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: Flower, Blocky, Match, and Pen formed a secret, inter-team alliance.

PREVIEW: Pin caught them in the act, but mysteriously forgot the next day.

PREVIEW: In the challenge, several scary monsters in a Swiss cemetary ate all of the contestants except for Ice Cube and Nickel. Nickel almost tied the score for the Bulls, but was knocked out of comission by a mystery contestant with a frying pan.

PREVIEW: In the end, Ice Cube won and Nickel was sent home for his overbearing positivity.

PREVIEW: Will the Bulls stop losing for once? Who will leave before the merge? Find out tonight, on Object World Tour!

<The intro plays>

PEN (C): This is getting really difficult. The Parrots are twice our size, and, with just four people left, there's nowhere to hide anymore. I could get voted off soon! :S

TENNIS BALL: Guys, I know it looks bad, but the merge has to be soon! If we win the next few challenges, we'll be set.

BLOCKY: Tennis Ball's right. We can't get disappointed. We have to fight harder than ever to win! We can do it, guys!


COINY (C): I'm starting to lose hope that we'll have a repeat victory. Our team is tiny, and I've been at the bottom a few times already. I don't want to go home :/


FLOWER: Girls! We're TWICE the size of the Bulls!

GOLF BALL: Yeah... that's great.

GOLF BALL (C): We've barely gone to elimination at all, so there's still plenty of my teammates I want to see gone. Especially NEEDLE. She's just as insufferable as ever!

NEEDLE: GB! Come here!

GOLF BALL: What's up, Needle?

NEEDLE: Speaker's coffee is too cold! Make me a new batch!

GOLF BALL: Why don't you just heat it up?

NEEDLE: Why don't you just make me a new batch? Hurry up, GB!

GOLF BALL (C): I have no idea when Needle started to be a giant <expletive>, but she better stop soon. I can't take it much longer.

<Golf Ball and Ruby meet up>

GOLF BALL: Ruby, what should I do about Needle? She's been bossing me around this entire time!

RUBY (C): Golf Ball getting bossed around? OMG, what a twist!

RUBY: She's awful, GB. Just ignore her. There's nothing she can really do to you.

GOLF BALL: I don't want her telling her friends to try to get rid of me!

RUBY: Please, GB. All of her friends are other Parrots. They can't vote you off.

GOLF BALL: What about the merge? They can vote me off then!

RUBY: Hmm. Well, just make her happy for now.

GOLF BALL: Fine...


GOLF BALL: Coming...

<A few hours pass>

SPEAKER: Hey, contestants.

COINY: What's up, Speaker?

SPEAKER: Do you know where we are?

BLOCKY: We're still in Europe, right?

SPEAKER: Yeah. More specifically, though?

TENNIS BALL: Hmm... wait, I know! This is Estonia!

SPEAKER: Uhh... that's correct, Tennis Ball. You get absolutely nothing.

SPEAKER: Attention, contestants! We'll be landing in 30 seconds.

<The plane lands in Estonia. The 12 contestants depart from the plane to find themselves in a large, snowy wasteland>

FLOWER: Where ARE we?

LEAFY: Yeah, Speaker! Where?

ICE CUBE (C): I love it here! The temperature is perfect!

FLOWER (C): Wherever we are, its f-f-f-freezing!

SPEAKER: We're at The Middle of Nowhere, a popular Estonian tourist attraction.


SPEAKER: That wasn't funny, Pen. Anyways, the challenge is a snowball fight. Since the Bulls suck, four of the Parrots will sit out. I get to decide this time, since last time resulted in death.

SPEAKER: The randomizer picks...

SPEAKER: Needle.



MATCH: Oh, great. I, like, so totally love to get wet.

MATCH (C): Matches can't, like, get wet. That's, like, common sense.

SPEAKER: Ice Cube, you'll be participating.

ICE CUBE: This is MY type of challenge!

SPEAKER: The last contestant participating is...


PIN: Oh my pin factory!

SPEAKER: 3... 2... 1... GO!

<Blocky forcefully throws snowballs towards the girls, who have built a stable fort. None of the snowballs hit them>

MATCH: Pfft. It that, like, the best you've got? Puhleeze.

<Tennis Ball desperately tries to make snowballs with his feet as Coiny cleverly hits Pin>

SPEAKER: Pin, you're out.

PIN: Ugh!

PIN (C): First out? Really? This is lame.

<Pen narrowly misses Needle>


SPEAKER: Girls, you might want to throw some snowballs back.

<Needle, mad she almost got it, throws a snowball extremely hard, knocking Pen over>

SPEAKER: Wow! Pen, I'm sorry, but you're out.

PEN: Nice throw, Puffball PUFFBALL: Thanks!

<While Needle's distracted, Blocky hits her with a snowball>

PUFFBALL: Ugh! Really?

SPEAKER: Nice trick, Pen! Puffy, you're out of the challenge\ puffball: ok... :/

<Coiny continues the Bulls' lead by hitting Match, who's too tall to duck under the shelter>

SPEAKER: Match, you're out. The Bulls still have Blocky, Coiny, and Tennis Ball, while only Ice Cube remains for the Parrots.

ICE CUBE (C): While everyone else was attacking each other, I made about 250 snowballs. I'm going to throw all of them at once!

<Ice Cube picks up her colossal pile of snowballs, throwing all of them at the Bulls simultaneously>

SPEAKER: Whoa! What happened?

SPEAKER: Would anyone who's been hit on the Bulls come over here?

<Blocky and Tennis Ball walk towards the Speaker. Coiny heads over too, causing Ice Cube to celebrate>

ICE CUBE: Yeah! We won again! The Parrots rule! The Bulls drool!

<As Ice Cube leaves the safety of her shelter, Coiny throws a Snowball at her>

COINY: Pfft. I didn't get hit by your barrage, sweetie.

ICE CUBE: WHAT!? Speaker, that has to be cheating!

SPEAKER: It's not, Ice Cube. The Parrots lose.

ICE CUBE (C): WHAT!? You've GOT to be kidding me.

GOLF BALL (C): Frankly, I'm glad we finally lost. I'm tired of several of my teammates.

NEEDLE (C): Well, it's probably going to be me that's eliminated. We should have won! UGH!

SPEAKER: Bulls, you have a short amount of time to discuss who you'll vote off before the elimination.

<The Bulls head inside their cabin to discuss>

BLOCKY: So, who should we vote for? Any good targets?

PEN: Well, Flower and Needle are the best at challenges. Needle's also a jerk. However, I'm not a fan of how Ice Cube acted at the challenge...

<Pen winks at Blocky>

COINY: Yeah, she's a bad sport. I'm still not sure if that's a good enough reason to vote for her, though. We need to keep winning, after all.

TENNIS BALL (C): I want to vote off a physical threat, regardless of any unsportsmanship-like behavior.

<Blocky, Coiny, and Pen leave to vote. As Tennis Ball prepares to leave, Golf Ball enters the room>

GOLF BALL: Psst. TB. Needle. lost


GOLF BALL: She's a threat! Besides, she bosses me around all the time. I can't stand living with her.

TENNIS BALL: Hmm... I'll consider it.

GOLF BALL (C): I hope and puffball are safe. I really stand her anymore.

TENNIS BALL (C): I'm going to listen to Golf Ball. After all, she's my friend!

<The Bulls vote>

SPEAKER: Welcome, Parrots, to your second elimination. Let's just get to the results.

SPEAKER: Ruby, you didn't get any votes.

RUBY: Whew!

SPEAKER: Same with Leafy.

<Leafy smiles with relief>

SPEAKER: Six of you left, but only five will be safe. Pin, you're not going home.

<Pin takes a deep breath>

SPEAKER: Match and Golf Ball, you guys are also safe with zero votes.

<Match and Golf Ball sigh with relief>

SPEAKER: That leaves just Flower, Ice Cube, and Needle.

SPEAKER: Flower, you're a challenge threat.

FLOWER (C): I know Blocky and Pen didn't vote for me, but what about Coiny and Tennis Ball? :S

SPEAKER: Ice Cube, you said that, and I quote, "...The Bulls drool!". I doubt that many of the Bulls took that kindly.

ICE CUBE (C): Getting eliminated over THAT would be silly. I hope I'm safe.

SPEAKER: PUFFBALL, your the nicest contestant, and you're also very good at challenges.

PUFFBALL:I'm safe already!

SPEAKER: Flower, you're safe at one vote.

FLOWER: Thank god!

SPEAKER: Ice Cube Puffball. One of you will be eliminated. The last person safe is...























SPEAKER: Ice Cube, at two votes, you've been eliminated.

ICE CUBE: What? Are you kidding me!? Needle forced Golf Ball to make her coffee! Needle called Puffball scum! Needle knocked Pen over today! And I'M eliminated? WHAT!?

SPEAKER: Yeah. Stuff happens. Goodbye.

<A confused Ice Cube is launched all the way back to Goiky>

SPEAKER: With just eleven contestants left, who will become the first member of the jury? Who will win individual immunity? Find out next time, on Object World Tour!

PREVIEW: Next time, on Object World Tour...

PREVIEW: ...The two teams merge into one.

PREVIEW: Also, a lengthy endurance challenge tests the contestants' patience.

PREVIEW: Find out the winner of individual immunity, as well as the first member of the jury! Until then, goodnight!

ICE CUBE (FINAL WORDS): This is probably the dumbest way to go out. Saying just one rude remark? Really? I do like Needle and all, but she really should have been to one to go. Just missing out on the merge is the worst feeling ever. I'm rooting for my alliance to show the other contestants how it's done.

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