Object Weirdness is a show by SuperSmashyCyber. It has 1 season and has 22 episodes. It consists of 20 contestants and a debuter.

There'll be a finale coming soon, some date possibly around April

Episode Links:

Ep.1 Splashed Away:

Ep.2 Bucket Buddies:

Ep.3 Racing Around:

Ep.4 Defeat That Bug?!:

Ep.5 Journey To Tahooki's Castle:

Ep.6 Mine Ore Day:

Ep.7 We're Gonna Get That Cash Prize:

Ep.8 Carrot 'bout The Snowman:

Ep.9 Brawl In The Mall:

Ep.10 Art Of Balance:

Ep.11 Break Time!:

Ep.12 Gotta Go FAST!:

Ep.13 Surrealistic Knowledge:

Ep.14 Cooking Fever:

Ep.15 Tahooki's Convention:

Ep.16 Object's Got Talent:

Ep.17 Crunch For Lunch?:

Ep.18 Sky-Flying:

Ep.19 And Then There Were Nephew:

Ep.20 Let The Viewers Decide!:

Ep.21 The Decision:

Ep.22 There Can Only Be ONE:

O.W The Finale: Coming Soon

Extra Stuff:

All Deaths In Order (Object Weirdness):

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