Object Turmoilus is an Object show made by ChalkJ19, it was released on January 28 2018. It had only 7 episodes before being cancelled.

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Whats Object Turmoilus

Object Turmoilus is a show where 14 contestants are battling for a Ticket to Hawaii, each episode there is a challenge where one team will win and other will lose, the losing team faces eliminated and person with most votes from viewers be eliminated.


Lol there's No voting cause episode 5 has no Voting


if you want to have to chat with any players in the OT group on discord, the link is here.

Scrapped Contestants/characters

  • Dodgeball - A Male Red Dodgeball. He is a nice character who likes to run and is really fast, he was close to be in cast but due to 14 limit he was scrapped
  • Amethyst - A female who is nice and Happy. However she was scrapped in favor of Peridot and her personality moved to Peridot
  • Dollar - A dollar bill and brags how much he costs, but was scrapped. He was replaced by Book.
  • Mirror - A Female who is meaner than Lollipop and is a Fashion Girl. She was scrapped beacause Lollipop was mean character.
  • Milk - A Female contestant who is a pushover and loves people. She was scrapped in favor of Mountain Dew.
  • Cup - A guy who thinks he's awesome, but he is nice. He was so close to be in show but was scrapped and replaced with B.


  • OT is one of Object shows that are recorded by Screencast-O-Matic. The Others are Inanimate Objects and TBFAIMOC (The Battle for an island made of candy)
  • So far B, Chalk, Mountain Dew and Target are only ones who appeared on the Preview of the show.
  • The Hosts eyes are white, making him one of the few characters to have white eyes, the others are TV from BFDIA, Computer from Object World

Scrapped Ideas

  • Speech Bubble wasn't Going to have Mouth but Creator added her Mouth
  • Peridot was Going to be Male but Peridot's gender was changed to female because ChalkJ19 thought there weren't enough Females on the show.
  • The first episode was gonna split into 2 parts but ChalkJ19 decided to make episode 1 and 2 instead.
  • OT was originally going to be called, Object Opposition, but ChalkJ19 decided to change it.
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