Object Totality is an object show made by Boris Crafts on YouTube. The series has yet to release its first episode, though it will likely release in July or August 2019.

Contestants (I'll get images soon)

  • Ake, the overlord of memes
  • Buttery, the easily killed
  • Cardy, the magician
  • Corny, the punster
  • Dollary, the sidekick
  • Earth, the mystical girl
  • Lego, the kind and jovial
  • Lightbulb, the bright one
  • Log, the usually bored
  • Lyra, the musically inclined
  • Maple, the nature enthusiast
  • Mapy, the kind of average guy
  • Mars, the silent
  • Mirror, the overly nice girl
  • Papyrus, the one hated by everyone
  • Pin, the tough one
  • Signaly, the one who sounds like a siren
  • TNT, the bomb


  • TBA
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