Object Super Battle is an object show made by The868guy / Tyler878 which has it's own wiki. [1]

In 2018, (unknown date) The868guy (Tyler868 at the time) shared a Scratch project with the original cast of characters, 30 of them, and the 2 original hosts. Someone commented on it, asking to make some fan art, or the first look at the animated characters. Then it was Lost..........................UNTIL JUNE 2019! The868guy (Tyler868's new account) Started making OSB 1a: A short Start. In 1b, Frame and Cheez-it became the host. 2a was the Team making challenge, 2b was when Gold was eliminated, 3a was a tunnel race challenge, (WAIT) before this continues, OSB 1a was released on June 29, 2019. (BACK) 3b was when 7-ball was eliminated, and 4a is a Smash bros challenge, split into 2 parts. 4a P1 is released and part 2 is still in progress.

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