Object Shows Unite is a fanfiction on Wattpad created by Boggy-lord. It is based on the Nickelodeon crossover game "Nicktoons Unite!" from 2005 and 2006. The story can be read here.


From Wattpad: "Storm has a new scheme involving 34 bad guys from 34 other Object Shows. Now Syringe and 34 heroes must go through the shows to stop them from conquering the Object multiverse. Featuring classic Object Show characters like Firey, OJ, Kite, Daisy and Oodle."


Main Protagonists

Side Protagonists

Supporting Characters

Main Antagonists

Side Antagonists


Chapter 1: The start of everything

The story begins in Syringe's world 10 years after Battle for Dream Island was released. Syringe, Circus Ball, and Hammer are hanging out with each other and enjoying themselves, when Storm appears with a flying machine filled with many weapons. The three battle against him and win, with Syringe throwing his detachable needle tip into the machine's cockpit, blowing it up. Humiliated by his defeat, Storm storms off.

In his lab (StormCorp), Storm laments how much he hates Syringe, with his mutated minion Chrome Blob suggesting to him that he should hire henchmen. Taking it as a great idea, Storm builds a portal to other universes which he used blueprints copied off from Spectacles and forms an evil league from 36 different objects from 34 different object shows.

Chapter 3: Enter the multiverse

After gathering Syringe and 34 other objects (each from a different object show) and telling them their main objective of destroying the generators from each of their worlds, Spectacles introduces the newly formed hero team to OBI forensic analyst and Object Land contestant Swabby, who will guide them. The first world they will be going to is the Battle for Dream Island world, and Spectacles takes them there using his flying machine, the Multiversal Minivan.

When they travel through time and space to enter the BFDI world, Spectacles warns the group that he forgot to completely fuel up the Minivan. It soon runs out of fuel and the vehicle crash-lands, startling Blocky and Leafy. Syringe tells his fellow heroes to search around.


Writer Signups

If you want to help write Object Shows Unite, you may do so here. You must have a DeviantArt account in order to help write the story.

Original Heroes/VIllains

These are characters that were supposedly the original designated heroes/villains of each world, but were either cut or pushed into minor roles.


  • Globe (Paper Puppets Take 2): Unknown why his role was changed/cut. Replaced with Glass Shard.
  • Bouncy Ball (Yet Another Gameshow): Unknown why his role was changed/cut. Replaced with Monitor.
  • Server (Open Source Objects): Unknown why his role was changed/cut. Replaced with Guarana.
  • Nabla (Animated Inanimate Battle): Role change suggested by Blue Tennis Ball (Its-Paige-Of-TIM), when Boggy-lord misinterpreted her request to replace Pitchfork with Alef as the villain. Replaced by Alef, then Album as a suggestion, and finally Oodle, and was given a minor role instead.
  • Water (Object Insanity): Unknown why her role was changed/cut. Replaced with Perfume.
  • Alef (Animated Inanimate Battle): Suggestion to replace Pitchfork with Alef ended up with Boggy-lord making him one of the heroes at one point. Was originally suggested to be replaced with Album, but Oodle ended up taking the role. He was put in the Evil League.
  • Album (Animated Inanimate Battle): When Blue Tennis Ball showed off her ideas for the fanfiction, Album was suggested to be the hero since Oodle would be in the suggested hubword (the Doodleverse). However, when Boggy-lord told her his idea for the hubworld (which became the Link Heart), the idea of putting Album on the hero team was ultimately scrapped in favor of Oodle. It is unknown if she will have a minor role.
  • Paint Palette (Object Lockdown/Lockout): Suggested by Blue Tennis Ball to be a villain given her suggestive villainy in Object Lockout, but this suggestion was misinterpreted by Boggy-lord and it caused the character to replace Yarn as the hero at one point. Eventually added to the Evil League, making Yarn return.
  • Coiny and Pin (Battle for Dream Island): Would have joined as designated heroes for Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, but were ultimately replaced by Shopping Cart, who was replaced by PDA last-minute.
  • Shopping Cart (Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two): Almost made it in, but was replaced by PDA last minute. Their hero title was "The Happy Roller."


  • Lighter (Object Overload): Possibly cut due to not being too interesting. Replaced by Crayon.
  • Sign (Object Insanity): It is unknown why he was cut. Replaced by TNT. Since he was listed in the Evil League journal entry prior to the first chapter's release, this was most likely a last-minute desicion.
  • Inhaler (Open Source Objects): It is unknown why he was cut. Replaced by Graffiti.
  • Pitchfork (Animated Inanimate Battle): Cut due to a suggestion by Blue Tennis Ball where Alef should be the designated villain instead, which ended up happening.
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