Fan Fictions

Fan Fiction Author
ABOLFFSNR Thirsty Skunk910
A Book's Story Blue Tennis Ball
A Leafy's story Phuocphuc46 ,Bumblebee the Transformer
Amazing Objects (show) Atomu Lee
Anthony's BFDI/II Camp (videos) AnthonyBFDI
Ball Pool Invasion JoeJoeTheAnimator
BAGUETTE (cancelled) carykh
Battle For $1,000,000 Ebs103
Battle for Ancient Castle Dj17
battle for awesome island Aiden11271
Battle for Big Prize Wyrwal69
Battle For Cake Kingdom EpicCDLand2
Battle For Creation Island JCYoutube
Battle For Dream Inanimate Insanity Anonymous User
Battle For Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity Voting Tournament Vv cephei a
Battle For Dream Island Insanity Again Camp(cancelled) TheAwesomeYellow
Battle for Dream Mansion (BFDM) GamerGirl124
Battle for Dream Island's Next Top Object! Austin01227
Battle For Dream Planet TheSwoobatNinja
Battle For Gold Palace SalamenceJacketJeans
Battle for Gravy Sea BM44
Battle For Green Towers Oshawott3
Battle For Ice Citadel BeAwesomeOne2
Battle For Luxury Island Joeandbill203
Battle for Mossy Beach
Battle for Object All Stars User:NLG343
Battle For Recommended Island (BFRI) SuperNin10
GelatinStar's Battle for Sandwich Country Camp Teal3400
Battle For Sleep Land Bluesarethebest
Battle for Dreams Come True Doomes.desean
Battle For Space Palace Souleaternom
Battle For Super Object Battle 100 FrappyTheBOAS
Battle For Super Object Battle 101
Battle For Super Object Battle 102
Battle for the Diamonds Cedricblocks
Battle For The Earth 23lemmconn
Battle for the Emeralds (S2) Cedricblocks
Battle for the Orange Islands (BFDI + Pokemon) Randomphoenix03
Battle For The Overload Universe Yoyle Jefferson
Battle for the Stars Rhinobuddroblox
Battle For Total Drama Island NLG343
Battle for Total Drama Island Battle For Dream Island All Stars
Battle For Umbrella Corporation! Dj17
Battle For Whipcream Island 1111qqqq(ScienceStorm1)
Battle for Wish Bush PartyTime808
Battle For Yoylecity Dj17
Battle Island Cedricblocks
Battle on Volcanic Isle Qmanthegamer
Battle of the Sweets Novakobx22
Before BFDI Yterbium
Ben1178's BFDI Brandon1998
BFDI: Veterans vs. Newbies Limblesspin
BFDIA Episode 6 (Bubble's story) Thefreesmarter bfdia/Phoenix and Leafy
BFDII Dragonballnc
BFDIA Do-Over Age1135
BFDIA 6: Jigsaw HeadTrip Age1135
BFDI junior Pen island123
BFIUMOI NoNameUltimate
BFDI Voting:Likes and Dislikes Challenge 1 Pina Colada Best
BFS Hurt and Heal Nmcconnell
Boot Camp Souleaternom
BOTO's Night Contest - Brawl of the Objects Nmcconnell
BOTO's Own BFDI - Brawl of the Objects Nmcconnell
Brawl for The Moon CaptainFrostedFlakes
B.O.A.T Brandon Sky
Battle for A Gum Bfdi is the best
Battles For Lafodono Island Thuyenthegreat
Battle for Nightmare Island Minh6969
Battle For Real Objects ScotchTheNewObject
Battle for Dream Island: The Reboot Wesley Vianen
Chatting With OCR Laclale
Conflict Of Random Nut Heads (CORN) Camp Pacothediscoking
C.O.L.O.R. Katycatomg
Contest to Win 8-Bit Resort PikminComet
D.I.C.T.I.O.N.A.R.Y ElementalRaccoon/Yoyle Jefferson
Disney's Needle TheConeZone
Double Trouble Insanity Souleaternom
Drop Me Right Electric! Mr. Yokai
Extreme Madness MeeksMan
Epic Battle for Grand Metropolis Milkboy05
Everlasting Elevation (The Strive For The Million 6') Nmcconnell
Fight For Poo-Lols Jeelhu77
Fight for Cheese Manor ElementalRaccoon
Fighting Of Inanimateds THE BEST FAN OF BFDI(A)!!!
Fire Grove Pizza User:GhostFactor999
Game for Fame Plantsvszombiesfanatic
Gamey Battle InsanipediaObjectMadnessWiki
Gender-Sensitive Sleeping Gas (Inanimate Insanity II Parody) Nmcconnell
Gimme The Money News Joeandbill203
If only I had arms... Jamal7868
Inanimate Insanity II Episode 7' - The Tiring House Nmcconnell
Inanimate Insanity II Episode 8' - Returning with Sweet Gifts Nmcconnell
Inanimate Insanity II Episode 9' - Skylark Flight Nmcconnell
I.D.T.F.E.P.A.T.N.F.M.E.T.I.C.G.M.O.A.W Dogew121
Inanimate Insanity Island Russelrules44
Inanimate Insanity Camp Alexed77
Inanimate Insanity 2(my way) Age1135
Inanimate Craze Dogew121
Inanimate Madness Anonymous User
Island of Objects Da Killah Bunnyz
In a Permanent Burn Blue Tennis Ball ,TheTwistedMangle
Incredible Objects ElementalRaccoon
Just be Friends... Thefreesmarter bfdia
JustPlayHockey1's Inanimate Insanity Camp HockeyHero954
Joeandbill203's Object Hunger games Joeandbill203
Joeandbill203's Object Camp Joeandbill203
Leafy's in the digital world CAMERONEXO
Legendary Objects GetiniPvZ
LFFSBTJTM InsanipediaObjectMadnessWiki
Love is in the air! Puffbubble 732
Mission: Win The Battle HockeyHero954
MechaTaco Hi367/BenEpic
No Teams, No Problem - Brawl of the Objects Nmcconnell
The Noter




N's Return NoNameUltimate
Object Elementary Dogew121
Object Saga Rhinobuddroblox
Object Shows Unite Boggy-lord
Once in a Blue Moon MATT DB
Object 12 TheConeZone
Object Madness Russelrules44/Dylannotebook100
Object Shows All-Star Nadiya2000
An Object Show Host Object Show (AOSHOS) Nmcconnell
Object conflict camp Joeandbill203
Object Confict
Object Space Craft (Camp On Youtube/Wikia)

Object Crossovers

Object Highway Techy The Robot Cat
Object Interview RobGaming YT
Object Theater This Way Out Official
Object Ultraverse BrownFamily1108
Objects United Teal3400
Object World Tour MATT DB
Objects Fighting (Camp on YouTube) THE BEST FAN OF BFDI(A)!!!
One Way to Go (BFDI, Ice Cube Life Story) (THIS IS OLD) InsanipediaObjectMadnessWiki
Pencil Returns Anonymous User/Yterbium
Pencil vs. Batman
PowerPointninja's Object Camp Satanchu
Running for Vice President (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)(11)(12)(13) (14) (info) Thefreesmarter bfdia
Running for Mayor (2)(info)
Return of the Objects Brandon1998
Revenge of the Island - Brawl of the Objects CubeyBFAS
Rooting For President Lich22
Riot Objects Teal3400
ScienceStorm's BFDI Camp 1111qqqq(ScienceStorm1)
Shieldy's Vision - Brawl of the Objects Nmcconnell
Sleeping OO Characters Nmcconnell
SonicBlaster203's Game Joeandbill203
Soul Wars Satanchu
Still Awake Nmcconnell
Sunscreen & Bugspray - The Movie CubeyBFAS
The Battle For The Ka-Ching Green Mations
The Battle of Drama AlexIron
The Battle For Dream Island Water Park! MrMenCentral
The Epic Battle For The Promised Land Weliplayer
The Fight for the win Rhinobuddroblox
The Richest Object Jeelhu77
There are Zero Contestants NoNameUltimate
Table top terror camp Superspark12
Total Drama Dream Island LGTVProductions
The Inanimate Smackdown Thegreenskyofbfdi
The Fight For Non-Existy Country Lich22
Total Battle For World Tour Dj17
TV Channel Objects Undhee/U4Again
The Walking Objects Joeandbill203
Tennis Ball's Dimension Firey
Twenty Five Objects SoaPuffball
The Island Of The Objects Eviruth10
Ultimate Objects MLBert
Ultimate insanity Cartoonfan123
Untitled Fanfic Vv cephei a
Battle For Yoyleland by Kalasi97 Oshawott3

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Battle for Dream Island

Blocky, Bubble, Coiny, David, Eraser, Firey, Flower, Golf Ball, Ice Cube, Leafy, Match, Needle, Pen, Pin, Pencil, Rocky, Snowball, Spongy, Teardrop, Tennis Ball, Woody

Battle For Isle Sleep

Alarm Clock, Beachball, Bowling Ball, Brownie, Bugspray, Camera, Candle, Carrot, Charlie, Dodecahedron, Eggy, Febreze, Lamp, Lemonade, Napkin, Radio, Rubber, Sunscreen, Thread

Inanimate Insanity

OJ, Taco, Pickle, Apple, Bow, Marshmallow, Bomb, Paintbrush, Salt, Lightbulb, Pepper, Balloon, Nickel, Knife, Baseball, Paper


Baguette, Big Orange Chicken, Boat, Boombox, Chocolatey, Hot Dog, Party Hat, Pear, Pinecone, Pizza, Popsicley, Scissors, Shelly, Shieldy, Slurpy

Object Division

Bar of Soap, Coiny, Dorito, Flower, Globe (OO), Grapejuice, Lightbulb, Paper, Smiley, Soap, Tack, Taco, Tea, Tree



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