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Featured Poll (September 2017)

Best Token?

Built-in Polls (Created by AnthonyBFDI)

Poll 9 (expires January 1, 2018)

Just to let you know, I need to know whatever if I can add the camp series called Battle of the Color Box. I want to add this camp series into the Wikia, but I actually not sure, because it might not relate to objects. However, some say that blocks are objects, so there is a possibly that I can add this series without getting it deleted.

Please watch the following to determine it:

Polls (Created by everyone else)

Anyone who want to join in my camp?

Which Object Show tops them all...?

Wich Fanfic is the best?

Brawl of the Objects Fan Fiction Wiki

Other than BFDI and II, which shows should be involved here?

awesome island s2

The cancelling of BFMT

Which fanfiction tops them all...?

Best admin?

I love potatoes, right?

=Who should be the next admin?

Do you want the 2nd Season of RFVP?

Thoughts on D.I.C.T.I.O.N.A.R.Y being rebooted?

What do you think of object shows?

Say Yes


Who do you hate the most=

Who should be the next admin?

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