Object shows are popular fictional reality web series that was invented back in 2010 about less or more contestants battling for a prize, Along the way, they do challenges and get eliminated

Each contestant has their own personality to understand who they are in backstories and stuff


Some object shows are made with animation software or used paper shaped objects drawn

Object shows usually begin in a world where objects inhabit going about their lives before the host arrives

The host arrives and explains the problem by hosting a competition

The host says that less or more contestants will be battling for a prize, To win the prize, He or she must do different challenges that means attempting to do something to win

The host decides to have the contestants pick teams with different names by standing on a color or other place, They call the team name correctly so the team members win the competition

The host then eliminates the object by giving them votes and the contestant with no votes is eliminated, then the host encourages viewers who are watching the show to vote for one of the contestants to leave their competition

Then another scene happens at night or other backgrounds

In a finale of a season, The contestants get to be the winner of the competition by getting the prize they received

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