Object Show Dream Stars! is a 2020 Rhythm game Created by SakuraSkipHeart.


Objects distant and universal come to honor 10 years unitedly in Object City by operating a big promenade! But, corruption comes to carnage every object in the cosmos.

So five objects come together to stop the corruption, and save the world! Or is it too late?


In gameplay, there are 4 Modes to play on.

Story Mode

In  Story Mode, there are 8 chapters to play on. if it's a special part of the story, you get a song and a coordinate to match, different parts involve different object shows. when you purify a character, you will get a chibi variant of said original and their starting coordinate. talking about Lives we should talk about...

Live Mode

In Live Mode, you get to perform with your characters, to different songs. there is also a Multi Live where you get to play with different people.

Event Mode

You get to play the newest event story in Event Mode. As of right now, we don't have a lot of events.

Gacha Mode

You get to press your luck on new coordinates for characters from 2 stars to 4 stars. There is also an event gacha for the latest event.


Character Type Starting Coord Japanese Voice Actor
Firey Cool Burned Flame Coord
OJ Pop (Don't ask) Summer Juice Coord
Ice Cream Cute Sweet Cream Coord
Shieldy (BOTO) Sexy Prince Knight Coord
Leafy Cute Humming Leaf Coord
Paper Cute Folding Song Coord
Map Cool Navigator Coord
Shelly Cute Beach Day Coord
Bubble Pop Popping' Colors Coord
Party Hat Pop Party Time Coord
Pizza Cool Cool Pizza Coord
Chocolatey Pop Milk Choco Coord
Cherry Pop PomPom Cherry Coord
Slurpy Cool
Flower Sexy
Match Sexy
Pencil Sexy
Cake Cute
Loser Classic
Cup Cool

More Characters Coming Soon!

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