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This article is about all the Object Show Characters.


  • Yoyle Jefferson - Cup's Pose, Bottle's Pose, Basketball"s Pose, Baseball's Pose, Boombox's Pose, Casey's Pose, Candy's Pose, Crayon's Pose, Boxing Glove's Pose, Coney's Pose, Clock's Pose, Asthma Inhaler's Pose, Butter's Pose
  • Croc2274 (Now SpongebobAtnight) - Metal Window's Pose, Kite's (OT) Pose, Blackcurrant's Pose, Bowling Ball's (OL) Pose
  • InsanipediaObjectMadnessWiki - Pickaxe's (OMN) Pose, Melody Star Reboot poses, and BotR poses.
  • SuperCDWorld- Pretty much all the big legged or shaded mouth ones
  • Adam Katz - Inanimate Insanity Character Poses
  • Michael & Cary Huang - BFDI Character Poses
  • milky.bunnii - Twisted Island Character Poses
  • Dom Erickson - Objects at War characters
  • D Casey - Battle Of Objects characters (all seasons)
  • Eliminator !!! - Island Of Mayhem and Planet of Puzzles Poses
  • BFTP14- Battle For The Palace Characters Poses
  • The real lizzy the tiger- Mega Objects Poses
  • Paper Terror ( a new show)- Panda Q
  • IslandInsanityWikia - Island Insanity Poses
  • SuperJ Animations05 - Land of Chaos and Logo Battle Poses
  • Legoguy31 - All Object Destruction Poses
  • Object Heros-111robloxdude
  • WeirdSpeakerBox - Battle For Food poses
  • BigIdeaFan Inc. - Battle For Immunity and Logo Battle II Poses
  • Jordan Baumann - When Objects Work Poses
  • TechnetObject - Object Adversity Poses
  • MrMenCentral - Object Trek Poses
  • ObjectOverblast2017 - Object Overblast Poses
  • EssenceWarOfficial - Owner of Switchy and Laser Pointer
  • K&K - Owner of Melody Star as well as all Melody Star poses
  • Highpows - Grass Block
  • AzUrArInG - Owner of Object Masters
  • ty&ninathebomb99 - owner of inanimate millions
  • Pingasoft - Owner of Battle for Youtube Google+ Extra Challenges
  • Octo ~{MysticFlame}~ - Owner of 'Inanimate Crisis'
  • Boris Crafts - Owner of Scratchlympics, Borguin Games, Extreme Island, The New York Camp, and The Ultimate Winner and their poses-
  • BonzillPlaysRoblox - Object Legendary creator
  • Enye Object Show Fan 13 - Object Attack Poses
  • Vince Doyen/Animator of Awesomeness - Inanimate Objects/Total Drama Objects (Inanimate Objects 2)/Inanimate Objects 3 Poses
  • The Original Shadow Files-Battle For Object Desination Reboot Poses


AndyThePrince703 on Scratch has made a game using these idles.

Check it out!,

He also made a sequel.

111robloxdude is also making an object show story choosing path game


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