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This article is about all the Object Show Characters. I always wondered why object shows exist. This philosophy is called the ruck. Anyways, I will eventually delete a few sucky pages and the American public health association's top five times the American people who have been working with him to make sure it wasn't a guy punch in from Zimbabwe. ZIMBABWE IS FAKE


AndyThePrince703 On Scratch Has Made A Game Using These Idles. Oh cool

Check it out! http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/17416810, all right LETS DO THIS LLEEEEROOOOOY JJEEENNKIINSS

He Also Made A Sequel. Zimbabwe is fake hahahahhah https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/74030818

111robloxdude is also making an object show story choosing Path Game. Also he's a Roblox kid haha funy

SammyRammy is also creating a object show game show that will (hopefully) be playable in 2021. That's more development than teardown, teardown took about a year. Luckily it's good. htps//:www.Teardowngame.com


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