Francey: Okay. So what do I need to rebuild this place? Oh! I know! I gotta...


Francey: Sorry. 

Francey: So we need bricks, driftwood and chairs. 

Aero Bubble: Where are we gonna find all that stuff?

Francey: At the D.I.Y. store. 

Francey: Hey China Flaggy, why aren't you doing something?

China Flaggy: Ò, wo huì zuò yì xiē shì qing, hao ba, wo huì ba yì gēn rán shāo de huo chái sāi dào ni zi lui! 

Francey: I have no idea what that means, but I think that means yes. 

China Flaggy: BÙ, NI ZHÈ GE BÁI CHĪ! 

Francey: Let's get started.

Francey: Hey Bonbon, you look lonely. Here's a friend you can play with!

Bonbon: *Gasps and hugs Blue Bonbon*

Francey: Awww! Aren't they already adorable together? <3


             To be continued.

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