Francey: Alright, this place is built! Hey, China Flaggy, you missed all the fun!

China Flaggy: You qù?! YOU QÙ?! Wo wéi yī de lè qù jiù shì xián dàng!

Brazilly: Hey, Francey! What's going on?

Francey: Hey, honey! We rubuilt the Object Show background!

Brazilly: Why?

Francey: It was destroyed by a tornado in the morning, honey.

China Flaggy: QīN ÀI DE?! NI YOU YÍ GÈ GĀI SI DE QĪ ZI?!

Brazilly: Did Bonbon find a new friend?

Francey: She did.

Brazilly: That's so cute! 💕


Francey: I must check on Bonbon and Blue Bonbon!

Francey: *Goes inside tent, sees Bonbon and Blue Bonbon sleeping together*

Francey: Oh would you look at that! It's snowing! Oh! I forgot to check on China Flaggy! *Goes inside tent* 

China Flaggy: *Wakes up* NI ZEN ME GAN JIÀO XING WO!

Francey: *Screams and runs*

China Flaggy: HUÍ LÁI! *Grabs chainsaw*

Francey: *Runs up to car* We gotta go!

Brazilly: Why?

Francey: China Flaggy's after me! With a chainsaw!

Brazilly: Step on it, honey!

China Flaggy: HUÍ LÁI! (Giant snowball falls on top of China Flaggy)

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