During the events of Crushed Jelly's death...

Newspapery: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Crushed Jelly is dead!

Newspapery: Huh? What's that in the distance? *Screams and runs*

  • Whirling*

Screaming Buzz Doll: What is that sound? *Runs out of tent*

Screaming Buzz Doll: OH MY GOD, IT'S A TORNADO! 

Aero Bubble: *Screams* Can't you see i'm sleeping, you creep?!

Screaming Buzz Doll: LOOK OUTSIDE!

Aero Bubble: IT'S A TORNADO!

Screaming Buzz Doll: TOLD YOU!

Screaming Buzz Doll: Santiago, wake up! 

Santiago: How dare you wake me up. Now you must die.

Screaming Buzz Doll: Oh. Okay.

  • BANG*

Santiago: Santiago. 

   ​​​​​After waking everybody up...

Speed Weed: Quick! Everybody get into the basement!

Aero Bubble: DAMN IT! The basement's destroyed.

Speed Weed: Is that Crushed Jelly's corpse?

Santiago: No.

Francey: Hey guys! What's wron... Oh. 

Francey: Well, I guess Object Show's gone now.

Bonbon: *Signs cutely*

Francey: But, we can build the background again! 

Bonbon: *Jumps up and down happily*

Golden Speed Weed: Aww! Bonbon's so cute when she's happy.

China Flaggy: Wo huì ba ni men dōu tuī rù lóng juan fēng, wo huì kàn zhe ni men dōu si!

Aero Bubble: What did he say?

Francey: He said he wants to help us.

China Flaggy: Bù! Wo bú shì zhè me shuō de! 

Francey: I'll take that as a yes.   


            To be continued.

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