Francey: Hey, everybody! I would like you to meet my niece.

Nintendo 64: Who is she?

Francey: Say hello, Bonbon! 

Bonbon: *Stops hiding behind Francey's legs, waves shyly*

Everybody: AWWW! (Except Santiago)

Francey: This is Bonbon. She is four years old.

Francey: And we also have a new contestant.

Golden Speed Weed: *ZOOM!* Hey guys!

Speed Weed: Hey, it's Golden Speed Weed. My sister!

Francey: Hey, where's Crushed Jelly?

PlayStation: She's in the basement, crying.

Santiago: Yes....

PlayStation: Yes what?

Santiago: How dare you listen to me when I'm talking, now you must die.

PlayStation: Oh okay. 

Francey: So let's start the first challenge!

The First Challenge

Francey: Alright, here's a strength tester. Who ever can pick up this giant weight, is the strongest on Object Show.

Golden Speed Weed: Easy! *Picks up giant weight using her fingertip*

Francey: Golden Speed Weed wins this round!

The Second Challenge

Francey: TUG OF WAR! 

Screaming Buzz Doll: There is no way you're going to win!

Santiago: I already did.

Screaming Buzz Doll: What?

  • Bang*

Santiago: S A N T I A G O.

Francey: Santiago wins! 

The Last Challenge

Francey: Alright, it's 11 p.m. This is the last challenge. 

Golden Speed Weed: This will be easy!

Francey: Pool. 

Golden Speed Weed: *Gulp* You know, Francey. Pool isn't my strong side.

Francey: What are ya talkin' about? You're speedy and strong! You can do it!

Golden Speed Weed: Okay.

Golden Speed Weed: Alright, here's the pool cue and the ball...

Speed Weed: I'm an expert at pool! 

Santiago: Move outta the way! 

  • Bang*

Francey: Well, actually nobody won this. What a crappy episode. The only good part was when I showed you guys my adorable niece.


Francey: Good night, everybody! See you, tomorrow! 

Francey: Let's go home, Bonbon! *They both walk away*

Santiago: Ha. Ha. Ha. *Grabs blue, white and red paint*

Santiago: *Walks up to basement* 

Santiago: What's wrong?

Crushed Jelly: I'm cwying!

Santiago: Why?

Crushed Jelly: Because you fowgot about me!

Santiago: Here's a picture of PlayStation.

Crushed Jelly: PwayStation! Thank you vewy much! *Hugs picture*

Santiago: Goodnight.

Crushed Jelly: Goodnight! *Continues hugging picture* *Ticking* Huh? *Explosion*

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