Sega Saturn: Am I late? Am I late?

PlayStation: Yes, imbicle. You're late.

Sega Saturn: I don't care!

Speed Weed: Stop fighting, guys! I'd like to stay but I gotta juice!


Francey: Welcome to Object Show! The show were objects compete against each other to win $1,000000000000! 

Nintendo 64: That's a lot of money! 

Francey: So let's show the votes. 

Nintendo 64: But this is the first day! Nobody voted!

Francey: Then, here's some auditions. (Shows auditions)

  • Santiago: Vote for me or I'll kill you!
  • Crushed Jelly: Hewwo! Vote fow me, pwease! :3
  • Brussels Sprout: Why is my life a thing? Oh yeah, vote for me.
  • Nintendo 64: Vote for me! I'm everybody's favourite game console! Look! Four controller ports! 
  • PlayStation: Don't listen to her. Vote for me. I use discs!
  • Sega Saturn: Nobody likes me, but vote for me anyway.
  • Speed Weed: I'm very fast! Vote for me! *Zoom*
  • Screaming Buzz Doll: V-v-vote for me!

Francey: All right, let's get started.

Francey: So, the first thing we'll do is make the teams. So, it's up to you guys to choose.

 Choosing The Teams

Sega Saturn: Hey, Nintendo 64, let's make a team! 

Nintendo 64: That's a great idea!

PlayStation: I'm in it!

Nintendo 64: No you're not, PlayStation.

PlayStation: LET ME IN IT! (Kicks Sega Saturn's leg)

Sega Saturn: Okay, fine. You're in our team. But be nice!

Francey: Have you named your team, yet? 

Nintendo 64: Yeah! Let's call it...

PlayStation: (Interrupts Nintendo 64) The Consoles!

Francey: Good.  

Speed Weed: Alright, let's make our team! 

Speed Weed: So who should we choose? 

Screaming Buzz Doll: Let's choose Crushed Jelly! She's so adorable that's she makes me puke rainbows!

Crushed Jelly: Thank you vewy much, Scweaming Buzz Doll!

Screaming Buzz Doll: Uh-oh! H-here it comes! BLECCH!

Francey: Someone get a paper bag! 

Crushed Jelly: Let's name ouw team: The Happy Team!

Francey: That's a cute name, Crushed Jelly!

    After Naming The Teams

Francey: Did everybody name their team?

Everybody: Yes!

Francey: Good. Now, let's move on.

Francey: Now, this is the challenge. 

Brussels Sprout: (Depressed) A challenge? Wow.

Everybody has to run through this obstacle course without getting hit by objects, or falling into the lava.

Speed Weed: This should be easy as pie.

Brussels Sprout: Don't you mean, 'easy as pi'?


Francey: On your marks, get set, GO!

Speed Weed: *Runs through the obstacle course at supersonic speed*

Brussels Sprout: *Tries to keep up, fails, faints*

Crushed Jelly: Oh wo! Bwussels Spwout's down! *Runs up to first aid kit* *Grabs it* *Runs back to Brussels Sprout* 

Crushed Jelly: Cleaw! *Buzzing sounds*

Brussels Sprout: *Gasps* 

Crushed Jelly: Sowwy!

PlayStation: I must keep up with them! *Takes our jet pack and hides it* 

PlayStation: Good thing I kept this jet pack with me! 

Speed Weed: *Running* 

PlayStation:  *Zooms past Speed Weed*

Speed Weed: What was that?

PlayStation: I won everybody! 

Francey: Oh no you didn't.

PlayStation: What?

Francey: Did you try to hide a jet pack? I can still see it!

PlayStation: Uhh... No?

Francey: You cheated! 

PlayStation: Okay, I did! 

 Francey: Shocking. 

 Francey: Speed Weed, you won the race.

 Speed Weed: Thank you, sir! 

Francey: PlayStation, I declare you eliminated.

Francey: *Kicks PlayStation into the lava*

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