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Object Oblivion is a written episodic object show by JDancer2017. It's first episode, 'Hello... Are You My Friends?', was released on January 20th, 2019. It can read here.

I will still post episodes here... but any update from other Object Oblivion content has been transferred to the official wiki: Click me to see wiki

The show is basically 12 objects fighting on an island for $10 million dollars, with the last one standing getting the prize.


  • Envelope - She is s fun fellow who always has a good time; whether you like it or not.
  • Crayon - While he tries to be the good fellow, he gets upset easily by just one thing... idiots!
  • Soda - Living in the Fast Food Farm his whole life... he has a lot of problems trying to make friends... but with a heart for everything... he always finds a way
  • Prism - She is a princess of all prisms around the world... si she demands pretty much EVERYTHING! Just watch your back as she'll take anything she wants by force... even if you say no.
  • Mp3 - She is a party freak who will do anything to party and listen to music; She's also strong and helpful... long as she is paying attention
  • Snakey - She is a skilled competitor who is very unique to this competition as she is one of the animals to be in an object show... wait, has any animal competed in an object show before?
  • Comic Book - A nerd... a superhero fan... a sci fi fork... etc. Also the butt of everyone's joke he wanders into.
  • Fruitcake - He is... hated by pretty much everyone... including Envelope, and she's friends with everyone!
  • Basketball - He tries to say he is the original basketball of all object shows... but do they listen... of course not. We wouldn't.
  • Toothbrush - She... doesn't take funny business at ALL! Make one small joke, and she'll target on you.
  • Bricky - She is always eager to a friend... is also good at good sportsmanship and speaking french... if only she knew how to speak it actually.
  • Bowling Ball - Quiet and sane, he is one that never ever gives up, even when he is suppose to do so.


  • The host of the show is Blue Spirit, a floating blue orb. It is unknown where he comes from.



ObjectOblivionEveryone JDancer2017OO

All of the cast (plus TNT now) inside a box, with the exception of Blue Spirit


Player Icon Status Team Place Merge? Total Votes Recieved
Comic Book
Eliminated 2nd from Shooterz Yelling Yellow 14th No 5
Eliminated 3rd from Queen of Broken Hearts Yelling Yellow 13th No 9
Disqualified 4th from Queen of Broken Hearts Pretty Pinks 12th No 0
Eliminated 5th from Call of Duty: Object Oblivion Edition Pretty Pinks 11th No 19
Eliminated 6th from Never Ruin a Queen Cover Yelling Yellow 10th No 33
Eliminated 7th from Objecto 500 Pretty Pinks 9th Yes 32
Eliminated 8th from F on Failure Yelling Yellow 8th Yes 41
Eliminated 9th from Get Lost! Pretty Pinks 7th Yes 90
Joined in Queen of Broken Hearts, 10th eliminated from A Rock In The Middle Yelling Yellows 6th Yes 132
Eliminated 1st from Bowling Balls Can't Jump, rejoined in Objecto 500, reeliminated in Thirteenth Episode Is Quick This Time Pretty Pinks 5th Mixed 47
Candy Cane
Joined in Escape Room Episode, Eliminated in Surprises Surprises N/A 4th N/A 139
Eliminated in Surprises Surprises Pretty Pinks 3rd Yes 49
Bowling Ball
Runner-up Yelling Yellow 2nd Yes 20
Winner Yelling Yellow 1st Yes 28


  1. "Hello... Are You My Friends?" (challenge: Run a mile to the cabins): Winner: Yelling Yellows
  2. " Bowling Balls Can't Jump" (challenge: Obstacle Course): Winner: Pretty Pinks
  3. " Shooterz" (Challenge: Basketball): Winner: Pretty Pinks
  4. "Queen of Broken Hearts" (Challenge: Board Game): Winner: Tie (Game was never completed due to Mp3)
  5. "Bake It & Afraid" (upcoming episode)
  6. "Call of Duty: Object Oblivion Edition" (upcoming episode)



Despite being a family friendly story, many people criticize the show for being in Furaffinity and consider it Not Safe For Work.

Jdancer2017's commentary on the action: "I know Furaffinity isn't the most kid friendly site I know of, but if you judge something kid friendly just because it is on a certain unkid friendly site; it doesn't mean you can complain that the story is not kid friendly."

Vote for prizes

Now you can vote for prizes as of Shooterz. It can be found here


  • According to JDancer2017, this is from the writer of 'Cycle of Luv' a furry webcomic
  • Currently: Envelope, Mp3, Toothbrush, Fruitcake and Bowling Ball are the only contestants that received Zero votes
  • This is one of the few Object Shows to feature animals competing
  • This show is hosted on the Object Show Community Wiki and Furaffinity
    • This marks it the first time an object show is hosted on a furry site
  • This show features a character from the LGBTQ community (Toothbrush)

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