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"Well, yeah, but like, Object Needies n’ Greedies Season 1 is already infinitely small, being a singularity-" - Black Hole
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”The Start of it all!”

“Sixaxis, Sixaxis, I wanna ask you something!” A tiny frosted strawberry pop tart named Pop Tart Bite runs over to Sixaxis, a camouflage PS3 controller. “Ugh, what is it, Pop Tart Bite?” Sixaxis says. “Have you noticed it’s a lot weird around here lately?” “I don’t care, PTB.” The controller responds. “Fine, then i’ll ask Cutting Board!” She replies, then runs over to Cutting Board, a board you use for cutting up things. “Hey Cutting Board!” She says to him. “Wha? AHH! MONSTER!” The timid board yells. “No, Cutting Board, it’s me, Pop Tart Bite!” PTB says. “Have you noticed some remote that just came here?”

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