• Hello, users, contestants, and Gay Baby Jail inmates!
  • Recently, a user going by the name Williandimais drew us new poses! And to them, I would like to say thank you!
  • Hey! I didn’t get a new pose!
  • Well, you didn’t need one, silly! Us, though, we were just bad drawings in DeviantArt Muro until they remastered us!
  • Hello there!
  • I’m Book Daniel! Anyways, you can expect ON to come out on Saturday, December 15th. That day, we’ll introduce 4 new characters!
  • Also, as a reward to Williandimais, they have received a Full Hurt/Heal in Daniel’s Hurt and Heal Season 1! Plus, per request, Digby will show up in some episodes and eventually join Object NOPE 2!
  • So, yeah! Go vote for who should join!
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