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Object Legacy is an object show with 25 contestants


Redstone (Labeled, The Cool Gangster)

Whipped Cream (Labeled, The Hacker)

Recycling Bin (Labeled, The Sarcastic)

Skittle (Labeled, The Hyper)

Lunchbox (Labeled, The Bully)

Axe (Labeled, The Negative Psycho)

Nintendo Switch (Labeled, The Guesser)

Pillow (Labeled, The Fork Resistant)

Pen (Labeled, The Swag)

Pizza (Labeled, The Great One)

Falafel (Labeled, The Smelly)

Grassy (Labeled, The Annoying)

Stool (Labeled, The Bored Hipster)

Lava Lamp (Labeled, The Hypocrite)

Binder (Labeled, The Smart One)

Key (Labeled, The Clue Guy)

Windows 7 (Labeled, The Weird)

Google Plus Icon (Labeled, The YouTuber)

Cooler (Labeled, The Frozen)

Hand Sanitizer (Labeled, The Cleaner)

Pomegranate Juice (Labeled, The Sourmouthed)

Soda Can (Labeled, The Lazy)

Headphones (Labeled, The Singer)

Calendar (Labeled, The Shy)

Lunchable (Labeled, The Insane)

Taki (Labeled, The Blind)

Hammer (Labeled, The Strong)

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