Object Last Devised Stand is based of off town Attack so 2 pair up an make an team See the elim order for the teams! Chart


Credit to Scrap For makeing Muneybags And Balsaleafy's Oc's

Teams that need more screen time chart over episiode 1 Flashing Ligths Go Ice Cube The Gamables Cleaner Lemon's Clone's Of evil

Episode 1 Red's Season

Welcome Pepole To Object Last Devised Stand Say hello to our fans out their

  • Grape Juice:Hello I Am grape juice the winner of "Gets cut of form red velvet cake" Next!
  • Latte:Hello And I Love everyone good luck even if you do lose!
  • Poker Card:Hello And i love to gamable
  • Fork Spray:Do I Have to talk -HAHAHA I An rip off sierra form total darma HAHA
  • Teardrop:Awkard
  • Broom:Hello and i love cleaning
  • Dab police badge:Hello and i arrest Dabber's form the Lol gang

So the challenge is to Pair up Go to the ticket box read it go to the Stage to perfrom and dance and then race to the finsh line to win -Everybody pairs up but broom td grape juice and Lemony Broom "I Guess i have you Lemon" "Lemony:adfggsdd in code Okay Horsay" Grape juice just you and teardrop Grape Juice"nooooo" Go! All teams but Bad girls and dab Police don't go anber Dabs Dab Police badge:Hey Missress no dabing" They run skip the challenge -BACK TO THE CHALLENGE- Teams Go Ice cube Smoke heights Gossip Lady's and Flashing Lights Arleady cross the dab police and bad girls cross it "Hey you two din't even cross it 15Min Pleantary 2 Hours later what is takeing for ever oh wait yeah 3 teams have cross Includeing 7 Orthers that i forgot to count i don't care down to Strawbelly Iceing And The Gamables and the gambles cross the line any last word's latte "yes uhhhhhh" haha i said word oh i din't oh umm goodbye latte and your speech

Episode 2 Why Cook This!

Episode 3 Boxin Stare

Episode 4 The Cleaning Fanzy

Episode 5 Water' Away

Episode 6 Fame Or Shame?

Episode 7 A Nazi! Or Just me

Episode 8 Torture Or Fourante

Episode 9 The Old Wise Tree

Episode 10 Dine in Or Dine out

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