OI Episode 5-Sounds like a good idea.

Newest Episode

Episode 5 is where Brick and Romanian Flag got eliminated. The challenge was to get across a cliff. The team UFE was the Dimes.


Object Interview is a object show, hosted by Phone. It orginally had 18 contestants, but 2 debuted in episode 3. There is only 5 episodes. In Episode 5, the teams were split up into 3 teams of 5. In the middle of Episode 6, the show is planned to be rebooted due to copyright characters and very short episodes.

Elimination Order (Before Reboot)

  • 20th: Skittley
  • 19th: Diary
  • 18th: Gluey
  • 17th: Brick
  • 16th: Romania Flag
  • 15th: Door

Contestants Still in (Before Reboot)

  • Leah's Booksona
  • Police Hat
  • Tombstone
  • Mouse
  • Peanut Butter
  • Dollar
  • Gold Drop
  • DS Cartdrige
  • Bleach
  • Picture
  • Handy
  • Chicken Leg/Dragon
  • Pringles
  • Unknown

Contestants with pages


  • Dragon is actually Drago's Cousin (OLD)
  • LBS is a character based off of someone on YT.
  • The first character ever made in Object Interview is Diary.
  • Skittley was eliminated in a contestant vote.
  • Episode 5 had 3 different plots.
  • The AOL, AOL2, and The Contestant Graveyard were the eliminated contestant areas.
  • The AOL and AOL2 is similar to the TLC/LOL.
  • The show is made in Google Slides.


This was fan-made for the creator of this show! All credit for the pictures go to RobGaming YT!

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