Female Sign

Glass Door

Hall Pass

Male Sign

Notice Warning

Paper Bag


Ep. 1:The Best Show Ever

Paper Bag:Hey Sickle, wanna-

(Sickle rips Paper Bag)

NW:Come on! Now I have to recover her.....

(The Recovery Cup turns tan, and forges into Paper Bag)

Hall Pass:Hey Collar!

Collar:Hey HP!

Female:I hate you!

Male:I hate YOU.

Female:I hate you more than anyone

Male:I hate you more than the thing I hate most!

GD:Doo doo doo,

Scarf:Heya there! Im looking for contestants to participate in my new object show!

Blacklight:Whats the prize?

Scarf:A ticket to The Object Show Movie!


Scarf:Whos in?

(Everyone raises their hand)

Scarf:The first challenge is to push eachother off the platform.


Scarf:SHUT UP! So, 3 2 1 GO!

Hall Pass:(Knocks Sickle and PB off)

Collar:Lets form an alliance to the Final 2!

Hall Pass:Ya know, thats not a bad Idea.

Notice Warning:(trips off the platform)

Glass Door:(pushes Male and Female off)

Male:This was YOUR fault!

Female:No, YOURS!

(Glass Door trips and pushes Collar Off)

Collar:(gasp) You wouldnt......(pushes GD off)

Scarf:And Collar wins! Vote for anyone BUT Collar. Voting ends tomorrow.

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