"Wait, WHAT! Object Highway (Object Camp) is Cancelled! Bring It Back!, NOW!" - Yellow Circle
Object Highway (Object Camp) is cancelled. Be aware that future updates on this article are unlikely to be seen, and additional information should be accompanied by a source to confirm it.


Object Highway is a Object Camp created by Techy The Robot Cat in 29th November 2016. This show is succeeded by Object Buddies


Between 29th November 2016 and 27th July 2017 the signups were introduced. The 24th July 2017 signup was closed and a part of it was open until all taken.


In 18th July 2017, Elimination Rules were explained for the Object Camp. in 30th July 2017, the challenge was to think of a Team Name and the best team names from the user are team captains. In 5th August 2017, Waw and Gelatin are team captains and had to choose the remaining contestants to be on their teams. In 15th August 2017 the challenge took place in Space and they had to choose a number of seconds they would breathe for and Cashy's User was X'quzed from this challenge due to Airsickness. In 24th August 2017, Skittle/Her User only breathed 1 second in Space and her team The Strikers lost. Two days later, the challenge was to pick a Box out of 25 boxes and Globe and Rocket's Users weren't active. 28th August 2017, Rocket and Globe were up for resign ups and Gelatin's Team (The Strikers) won and Waw's Team (Golden Falcons). The show was on a large break until September 2017. The show was back but it was having resign ups on Waw, Gelatin, Grapefruit, Rocket (OT) and Globe.


Final Episode was Resign Up Recruitment and the release date was 31st September 2017 and Object Highway is now cancelled as many of the Users in the camp weren't active enough from 2017 (2016) - 2018.

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