Bakkwa: Comment!!! Comment!!!

Comment: What.

Bakkwa: I have few votes last episode today, I hope I'm not eliminated!

Comment: You're votes have f-

Four 2.0 closed Comment's mouth and screech at him.

Four 2.0: EEEEEE

Crab Arm: At least I have n-

Four 2.0: EEEEEEEE

Crab Arm gets screeched.

Ginger Breadman: I have no votes.

Four 2.0: Eliminate or Death!

'intro starts'

Four 2.0: Satanser, you'll lost last episode, that's means one of you will be eliminated.

Crab Arm Jr.: AH!! I HOPE I HAVE NO V-

Four 2.0: EEEEE

Four 2.0: Each will get a balloon. If you don't, no more games for you!

Chopsticks: C'mon! Show us the votes.

Finn Hat: Yeah, like we so.

Four 2.0: Shouldn't you two in the other team.

Chopsticks and Finn Hat: Oh.

Chopsticks and Finn Hat gets launched.

Four 2.0: Anyways, everyone had 0 votes except for Comment and Bakkwa.

Everyone gets a balloon except Comment and Bakkwa.

Bomb Coiny eats a balloon.

Bomb Coiny: yUM YuM!1 ThAT SO G00d!!!!111

Crab Arm: You disgusting.

Four 2.0: It's down to Comment and Bakkwa.

Bakkwa: *sigh* I hope I'm not el-

Four 2.0: Comment is safe with 1 vote!

Bakkwa: WHAT?!

Comment get a balloon.

Four 2.0: Bakkwa, you're out with 4 votes.

Four 2.0: Any last words?

Bakkwa: *sigh* I was trying to help my team.. But I should blame my bakkwas for eating it alot everyday.. Yes.. I don't want to share but I'm only hungry for bakkwas, but if you want to eliminate me.. Do it

Four 2.0 locked Bakkwa in a cage.

Four 2.0: Second challenge is to-

A portal randomly appears.


A person in a portal is coming in.

???: Ha, remember me Four 2.0

Four 2.0: Oh no, it's can't be.. X 2.0?!!?!!

X 2.0: That's right, and the challenge is to against me. If you're team not enough people after being defeat by me, you loses.

Four 2.0: GO!

Sink uses the water.

X 2.0 gets damaged -2

X 2.0: Ha, -2 isn't enough.

Fourth-Wall uses lightning.

X 2.0 gets damaged -7

X 2.0: It's easy to defeat you, this plot is odd.

Fourth-Wall dies.

Blackboard: Oh, it's my turn!

Blackboard uses knife chalk.

X 2.0 gets damaged -32

X 2.0: Woah, impossible!

Blackboard: Ha! -32 is enou-

X 2.0 shoots Blackboard and he dies.

Crab Arm: MY TURN.

Crab Arm uses black hole.


X 2.0 gets damaged -55

X 2.0: Jesus Christ, -55 is pretty enough..

X 2.0 uses the X 2.0 launcher to defeat Walkie-Talkie, Sink, Pizza Steve, Bomb Coiny, and Comment.


Crab Arm Jr. uses claws.

X 2.0 gets damaged -6

X 2.0: Jesus hell, I have only 1 health so far..

X 2.0 defeat Crab Arm Jr. with a power crowbar.

Four 2.0: Look like Satan Is Against You lost again!

Crab Arm and Ginger Breadman: Oh no! We'll lost a few members now!

Four 2.0: Vote to one who will get eliminated, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.


X 2.0: Oh, and also. Recommend a character here!

Recommended Characters

Recommending ends after the episode was released.

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