Golf Ball angry

" I think I know what's going on, you bought Object Elimination Filmography, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Here was a list of Episode and shorts.



Name Characters
3-Ball beats Card 3-Ball(Debut),Card(Debut),
3-Ball broked the road 3-Ball
3-Ball gives Red Plate and Purple Plate a sticker 3-Ball, Purple Plate (Debut), Red Plate (Debut)
Table’s Hiccups Table (Debut), 3-Ball, Orange Plate (Debut), Purple Plate, Magic Wand (Debut)
Doctor 3-Ball takes care of Corn Doctor 3-Ball (Debut), Corn (Debut), Orang Plate (Cameo)
Jumping at the clouds Card, Magic Wand
Episode 1 - Appearance 5000 Steps 3-Ball, Rainbow Face (Debut), Card, Magic Wand]], Purple Plate, Orange Plate, Red Plate

Bowling Pin (Debut) Y (Host) (Debut), Fry (Debut), Evil Sunglasses (Debut), Anvil (Debut), Sunglasses (Debut), Table, Doctor 3-Ball, Blue Pokeball (Debut), Bun (Debut), Broom (Debut), Barf Balloon (Debut), Pink Ball (Debut)m Evil Anvil (Debut), Hat (Debut), Lamp (Debut), Nail Clipers (Debut) }}

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