Object Elementary Main Characters

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Character 1 : Pen : ROLE : Protagonist

Character 2 : ??? : ROLE : Antagonist

Chapter 1

The last thing I could hear were conversation of teachers.

Hi, I'm Pen, I am a pretty average student. I usually get A's or B's. Though I'm not exactly that average object.

I'm not exactly excited to be going to school, because this is the day, THAT bully would slap me up in recess.

Recess was the last thing in school, so I'm lucky I'll be able to get home after a hitting, so I won't be tortured after a tense amount of paperwork.

Pens stuff.png

Objects gather on the 112 BUS, so I decided to blend in, but hide the damage that he did, and gosh did it hurt. I sat at the end because nobody goes there, and I'm glad because nobody questioned, or looked at me on why I was screaming inside.

Mom, and Dad weren't there so, I just made myself some macaroni and cheese, because that's literally what I could have if Mom and Dad were gone.

I had nothing else other than sleep, but luckily the new meme section came out, so I think I'll be good for the whole night.

The Alarm always hurts my ears, because its way too loud. I put it nearby myself so i can hit it instantly, but if it was just remote controlled, I'd be okay, but we aren't able to afford remote-controlled alarms despite they are like, 120$.

Chapter 2

Pen: Ok, lets do a great Tuesday by doing math!

Pen does math, in trimester 2 of 4th Grade, which is some equivalent fractions and cross multiplying fractions. Yes, the Common Core Standards.

Pen: Oh! a field trip, interesting! We will go to Dream Island!

The objects get on the bus. After 35 minutes, some glitch happens.

Mage Pen the Bus Driver: Wait, a glitch, where are we going?

The bus escapes the dimension and breaks the 4th wall and goes inside an article.

Fiery: Woah, what's this, classmates?

Leafy: What the!? This is telling about what happened yesterday and today!today!

Fiery: My schedule form yesterday is in here! Does stuff from previous days fall in this demension?

Leafy: What? Why is chapter 1 in prose instead of the drama format?

Bubble: I dont know whatever this Object Show Fanopedia thing is, but is this a website were trapped in telling about us and our school stories.

Pen: Random page? Whats that?

Pen ends up in a article called bfb roleplay

Pen: What, i saw me!

Pen: Im escaping out of this page.

Pen clicks on the logo.

Pen: Alright, what is this, some stories about trending news?

Pen: Lower IQ, thats probably someone who wants to be born in the past.

Fiery appears.

Fiery: Hmm... Why does BFDI Rocks! look like Leafy, Ice Cube, and other objects?

Pen: What? There is a page about me in this recently updated section?

Fiery: This website is not about our stories, this is about objects!

Pen: BoogieBLeafy97 looks like Leafy, weird!

Fiery: Let's check out BFDI Rocks!.

They check out his global contributions, and they went in the Sneaky Sasquatch Wiki.

Fiery: What Sneaky Sasquatch Wiki? Let's find out.

Pen: Alright I see Sneakysasquatchfan, and SneakySasquatchRocks again.

Fiery: Oh, whats the explore wikis sections all about, this is an great field trip so far!

Pen: I give it a 4.5/10 because this is weird.

Fiery and Pen go in Universal Conquest Wiki.

Fiery: Where is the others?

Pen: Problaly confused, looking the page about us.

Fiery: Ok, Universal Conquest, looks like some site about creautres fighting.

Pen: I dont want to get bullied here, lets go to Let's Go Luna Wiki!

They enter the Let's Go Luna wiki.

Pen: Alright, Some objects that look like an white ball.

Fiery: Let's check about whoever Leo is.

They enter Leo (Article).

Fiery: The actions he done is cringy.

Fiery and Pen spend time looking at the wiki.

Fiery: This seems cringy, let's get out.

They accidentally clicked an article in the fan feed in The World Of The BFDI Wiki.

Pen: Strange world. Let's click random article.

The couple went into an article called MrFlamerBoy.

Pen: Cool name, MrFlamerBoy.

Fiery: Awww, I feel bad that he almost died.

Fiery: Let's click random article.

They enter an article called BFDI Rocks!.

Pen: Our user also has a page.

Pen: Did not know that!

Fiery: I dont know, lets get out.

Fiery and Pen had a hard time navigating back to the Object Show Fanopedia. They finally arrive back.

Bubble: Oh, I knew what you were doing because an update happened when it got published, and you entered a cringy wiki!

Mage Pen: Let's go back! That was the weirdest field trip in my life!

Pen: Huh, a new update says, "Chapter 3 Comming Soon!". Is this some trap? Or maybe this is just a dream? Or maybe its just what the glitch led to.

The objects get back on the bus and drive to the school.

Chapter 3

Pen: A fresh Wednesday at school!

Pen and the objects walk on the bus.

Mage Pen: Let's go to Dream Island, it should work again.

The bus drives to Dream Island, and the corrupted glitchy wall is still there.

Mage Pen: Hmm, this again.

The objects get out of the bus and go through the wall.

Fiery: Alright, let's go take a look around this fandom group again!

Pen: Yea!

Fiery: Oh, Random Wiki Generator, where will we end up in next?

Pen and Fiery click on Random Wiki Generator and ends up in Rachet and Clank Wiki.

Pen: Rachet and Clank, what's this all about?

Fiery reads the introduction and explores with Pen.

Pen: So, some game.

Fiery: Alright, let's check around.

Fiery and Pen look around Rachet and Clank Wiki.

Pen: Let's Return back.

They return to this page in the Object Show Fanopedia.

Mage Pen orders the objects to get back on the bus.

Mage Pen: Let's go back.

The objects arrive back at their school, Goikejct Elementary School.

Mrs.Bow the teacher: Oh, it the end of school because of your glitchy field trip.

The students ride the bus back to their home. Pen arrives at his home and types up fandom.com

Pen: Oh, a 599 Error, it says, "Error 599 This webiste is not available in your dimension, or could be only be accessible to another dimension.

Pen: Uhh, only VPNs could connect to the earth in this object dimension, not the other dimensions.

Chapter 4 Comming Soon!

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