Note: This show is not replacing BFSOBA.

Jigsaw: Um... like, did you just like, see what code I figured out?

Uggs: Like, Yeah!!!

Jigsaw: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ampersand: C'mon Raspberry, at least be nice to me-

*Raspberry kicks Ampersand*

Blueberry: C'mon Raspberry at least be nice to my friend.

Raspberry: Shut up Blueberry, your so round I can just BITE you without GETTING SICK!

*gets biten by Raspberry and gets recovered in the recovery center thingy*

Yo-Yo: Good job Raspberry! A job well done

Raspberry: Yeah! *high fives*

Daniel: I am going to be your host

The first challenge is walking the beam. You must not jump or be pushed off into the water. The first two people standing wins.

Raspberry: *kicks Yo-Yo on purpose*

Yo-Yo: *splash* Hey! What was that for?

Raspberry: *kicks Jigsaw*

Jigsaw: No!!! Uggs, come back!!!

Blueberry: Sorry for doing this, but... *kicks Ampersand*

Ampersand: It's ok!!!

Blueberry: *kicks Raspberry*

Raspberry: Nooooooooooooahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Daniel: Jigsaw (team leader), Uggs, and Yo-Yo are in the Green Galoshes. Blueberry (also team leader), Ampersand and Raspberry are on The Blue Bags.

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