Bally, Female

Bally is a Mary Sue, that spends time with friends, and likes to help out.

Bino, Male

Bino is a pair of binoculars that has extremely good sight, making him useful in challenges where you need to find something.

Caterpillar & Sludge, Female

Sludge is a puddle of toxic waste, but is usually very nice, but disabled in a way. She likes to hang out with Caterpillar.

Duct Tape, Male

Duct Tape, at first glance, is a murderer that kills everyone as a hobby!......Until you find out his true, peaceful nature.

Frying Pan, Male

A hard cook with an ambition of using his winnings to open a world famous diner, where he can express his hobby.

Hole Puncher, Male

Legless? Check. Nice(ish)? Check. Alright this is Stapy. NOT! Hole Puncher doesn’t want to be confused with Stapy in any way!

Laos Flag, Male

This guy is a real Jerk. Need I say more?

Maroon and Navy, Female

Two brothers who are terrifying PRANKSTERS! Got yelled by the airhorn? Sat on a whoopee cushion? Yep, these two are behind it.

Spike, Male

This guy just wants a good sabotage of the competition.

Sweden Flag, Female

Sweden Flag just wants a second on the camera...or maybe a minute...or an hour.

Episode One

Mage Hat:Hello everyone! Welcome to my new object show. The contestants are in they’re seperate section, so let’s get started!


Mage Hat:It’s time to pick teams! This die will tell us.

(The die lands on Sludge and Frying Pan)

Sludge:I pick Caterpillar.

Frying Pan:Spike.


Frying Pan:Hole Puncher

Sludge:The twins.

Frying Pan:Sweden!


(Frying Pan looks at the remaining contestants)

Laos:(puts laxatives in Mage Hat’s Coffee)

DT:(Holds a butterfly on his hand but he looks in fear as it is dead)

FP:Duct Tape.....

Navy:Whoop de flipping doo!

Mage Hat:First Team challenge! Offense & Defense!

One team will have one of their members will throw balls at their teammates, guarded by the other team, and they’ll try to stop them from catching the ball. If they do catch it, they join their member, trying to throw the balls. When time is up, well count how many people are still non ball handed.


Sludge’s Team will throw and catch, while Frying Pan’s Team will guard.

Bino:(throws 3 balls)

Spike:Heh, this should be-CMON!

Sludge:I have it!

(Bino throws another ball)

FP:(catches it and throws it back)

Caterpillar:(gets squashed by one of Bino’s Balls)


Caterpillar:(gets recovered and crawls to the ball place)

Maroon:Brother! (Catches ball and throws it at him)

Navy:All right! (Goes to ball center with Maroon)

Mage Hat:TIME IS UP!

Sludge’s team wins!

Vote for one of the following!

Frying Pan:I need the money for my diner! Please!!!!!


Duct Tape:I didn’t hurt anyone!

HP:I’m not Stapy.....

Sweden:A lil to-(camera closes)

Voting ends tomorrow!

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