Object Blowout is an object show created by Hunter Jacobs aka cannibal hunter. The show involves around 32-later 33-inanimate objects competing for a trillion dollars and a yacht. The show had some technical difficulties during production, as the show was supposed to be released in 2013, but got delayed after the creator lost the original files.

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"Oh my gosh, this is exciting!" - Lightning
This tale has been told! It's done!


In a small suburb of Seattle, 32 objects were lounging around until a MePhone5-not the same MePhone5 from Inanimate Insanity Episode 18-proposes an idea for an object show where the contestants battle for USD$1,000,000,000,000 and a yacht named the 'S.S. Inanimate'.


Production started in 2012 after the cancellation of the original Object Blowout. The show was animated in Anime Studio. There was a bit of a problem with production of Episode 1 due to the computer Hunter was using at the time crashing and deleting all the original files. Due to that, Episode 1 was delayed from August 27, 2013 to St. Patrick's Day 2014.


Team Tremendous

Cherry - Male - Voiced by cannibal hunter

Taser - Male - Voiced by ObjectOlympicOfficial

Fireball - Male - Voiced by DuncanCrayon

Stop Sign - Male - silent

Juice Box - Female - Voiced by Elizabeth Jacobs

Q-Tip - Female - Voiced by cannibal hunter

Ping Pong Racket(PPR) - Female - Voiced by cannibal hunter

Soup - Female - Voiced by AsaphDaKing

Pact Pristine

Cigarette - Male - Voiced by The Sydney Pops(Martin)

Comic Book - Male - Voiced by cannibal hunter

Luxo Jr. - Male - Voiced by Nicholas Michael

Magnet - Male - Voiced by Jacob Fairclough

Denmark - Female - Voiced by Andrea Ølsif

Building Block - Female - Voiced by Samuel Thornbury

Heart - Female - Voiced by Anko6theanimator

Luxo Ball - Female - Voiced by cannibal hunter

Alliance Awesome

Macaroon - Male - Voiced by ULTRATOONS(Episodes 1-4) and ObjectOlympicOfficial(Episodes 5- )

Peanut Butter - Male - Voiced by The Sydney Pops(Daniel)

Top Hat - Male - Voiced by cannibal hunter

Tree - Male - Voiced by XanyLeaves

Magazine - Female - Voiced by Elizabeth Jacobs

Key - Female - Voiced by cannibal hunter

Twig - Female - Voiced by The Sydney Pops(Lilian)

Milk - Female - Voiced by DuncanCrayon

League of Legitness

Beer - Male - Voiced by cannibal hunter

Whipped Cream - Male - Voiced by thewugglejack

Microphone - Male - Voiced by Alex L'Abbe

USB - Male - Voiced by ULTRATOONS

Cookie - gender unknown - Voiced by cannibal hunter

Whicky - Female - Voiced by Elizabeth Jacobs

Cuppy - Female - Voiced by XanyLeaves

Kite - Female - Voiced by Cary Huang

The male contestant, Coyote was introduced after the merge and is voiced by cannibal hunter.


  • The majority of the female characters are voiced by Hunter's sister, Elizabeth.
  • The character, Macaroon went through 3 voice changes. In the original Object Blowout, he was voiced by cannibal hunter. From episodes 1-4, he was voiced by ULTRATOONS. And from episode 5 onward, he was voiced by ObjectOlympicOfficial.
  • The winner of the episode 22 paintball contest was bounced around from Soda, Mace, Coyote, Penny, then back to Coyote.
  • Beer was the first OB character to be created.
  • In 2016, cannibal hunter made a second season.
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