Object Anything is an online game concept created by ButterBlaziken230.


You can play as Object show characters, in a large map of different object show locations, with anyone who is also online. There are fun mini-games for you to play in certain locations, too. For playing these mini-games, you can get coins which can be used to buy other objects to play as (you start off by playing as Firey). In Yoyle City, you can even get your own house, which you can customise by also buying things from the shop.


Halloween 2019

In the Halloween 2019 event, the map was redesigned to have Halloween decorations. There was even a new mini-game called “Costume Swipe” where you would play a simple sliding puzzle to make a character in a costume. Also, on 16th October, 23rd October and 30th October, a staff member would show up in a location. Managing to be in the same area as him would get you the Pumpkin (Object Overload) character to play as and a dancing skeleton to add to your room.


Object Anything/Characters Page is an entire page for these characters.


Since this game is similar to games like ROBLOX, Webkinz and Club Penguin, there were bound to be some playground rumours. Here is a list of them.

The Blue David

In David Land, it was believed that amongst the white Davids where was a blue David. He would come out of hiding if you clicked 5 different Davids 50 times - resulting in having to click 250 times. 90% of the time, Blue David would give you a David Lamp (which was an item only obtainable by doing this), but in that 10% of the time, he would kill you. If he killed you, you would get a ban for 3 days. However, this was all fake, until it was actually added to the game, minus the killing part.

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