episode starts with chills

chills: before we get to numba 1 my namea chills and i hope u enjoy my narorototitjfgjfj

four 2: nto funny didnt laugh

chills: these are the videod of peole being snapped by fhanos number 15

jah: guys my head is leaking chills

chills: xxxtentacion is leaking my chilld

O fa: i have no miouth i musta bust scrEEEEEEEEEEE

four 2: u fst u stole my scrrrch

gunmy bear: ohhhhh im a gummy bear im a gummy bear


four wall: guys im dyin becaus of baby shark oddodoodododododofgjxjfji

unfunny bunny hat pedo: guys lets sing revenge so i can have s

orangs: end the episode os we can get french fryyyyyy

jah: booooooooo no elieminations i wish i shpuld go up to the clouds and meet etika

etika: Too bad, man. You're not even dead before you can sign that contract to the black guys club with my mans, biggie smalls, tupac, michael jackson, and my black friends.

tentacion: bruh

lil nas x: brooooo old town roaddddddd tambllerktjdjhvruhxfydu

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