Paper: I walk upstairs I suddenly see balloon and suitcase dead. I complained, "Oh, great! They are dead Ice cream!"

Ice Cream: I replied, "I know." I go upstairs and see Baseball, Mephone4, Mephone4S, and Mepad dead.

Basketball: I walk to floor 5 saying my last words, "this is bad luck!" Then I die.

Paper: I say my last words, "basketball is dead!" Then I die.

Ice cream: I see basketball and paper dead I ask Nickel, "who killed balloon, suitcase, baseball, mephone4, mephone4s, basketball, and paper?

Nickel: I answered, "I don't know!" Then I die without ice cream looking.

Knife: I answered, "Mephone-" Then I die.

Ice Cream: I asked, "What mepho-" Then I die.

Trophy: I see yinyang, cherries, mario hat, and luigi Hat dead. Then I die.

Episode 2 comes out in thanksgiving!

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