The show where I talk about secrets you probably never knew about OSC members! Also failed object shows.

Episode 1: Adam Katz Made Prank Calls?!?

Welcome to the very first episode of OSC Secrets, where I talk about secrets you probably never knew about OSC members!

Everybody knows Adam Katz is the creator of one of the very first object shows, Inanimate Insanity! But before II, he made a series of prank calls! Wait, what? Adam was an idiot back then, and he loved Happy Tree Friends, Total Drama Island (the inspiration of BFDI and object shows), and Annoying Orange (He even was one of the winners of their Picture Contest!). So he made prank calls with the Napolitano brothers, Derek and Justin, known for voicing Pickles, Cherries, Trophy, and Box in Episode 1 of Inanimate Insanity 2. The first prank call was to Dick's Sporting Goods. Adam was Doris, Derek and Justin took turns being Clyde, and an old friend of Adam known for eating a banana peel for his subscribers, JawzShark, played Barney. The second prank call was to Toys "R" Us, which was the first prank call by Adam to be requested by someone, and that was Krystle "KrisyChantel2015" C, but Adam erroneously thought she was a boy. The third prank call was to Justice. For some reason, Derek, Justin, and Jawz were on a ski trip, probably, so Adam's sister, Sam, also known at the time as 4EvaDanceChick, took on a prank call with Adam. The fourth prank call was to Walmart, but the video was never uploaded to YouTube. The fifth prank call was made during a ski trip with Adam, Derek, and Justin, because the fans of the prank calls wanted more. For some reason, Jawz didn't come. Derek and Justin took turns playing a nerdy iPod owner, and Adam played Johnathon. The sixth prank call, which was to Taco Bell, did not include Derek and Justin. Instead, an old friend of Adam, named Matt, took over. The next one wasn't a prank call, but rather a funny video. It had Adam messing up at bowling at AMF Babylon Lanes. And the description had a quote from Morgan "CrunchBar123" Hood, who would later go on to make a parody of Nicki Minaj's "Beez in the Trap" for her economics class at high school, called "Change In Demand". Derek and Justin returned for the seventh prank call, which was to Hot Topic. Another non prank call was filmed during a ski trip in New Jersey, Derek, Adam, and Justin went to the Grand Summit Hotel, and annoyed people who checked in. This video was called "Annoying People is Fun". The eighth prank call was to 7-Eleven. Derek, in a case of cross-dressing voices, played Eva, the spoiled, annoying, and rich female employee. And she chews bubble gum. The ninth and last prank call was to McDonald’s, which involved a six-year-old kid named Steven, who gets 5 Chicken McNuggets instead of 4, and breaks his leg. Then Mark, Adam's father, almost gets hit by a car, and gets Happy Meals, much to Adam, Derek, and Justin's dismay.

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Mini-Episode 1: "Battle for Dream Island Minecraft Skins"

Minecraft used to be Adam Katz's least favorite game, and many people make BFDI Minecraft skins. The very first BFDI Minecraft skin was Firey and Coiny, done by the same guy who recommended the BFDIA recommended characters, Pearl and Deadly. The second one is done by Wuggolo, and it was of Pencil. And yes, this is the same Wuggolo who created Object Lockdown. The last one was done by Antony Kos of BOTO fame, and he presented it in ObjectCon August 2013.

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