This article is about the OC made of OO characters.. You may be looking for the BFDI version of the Tri.

OO Tri is an OC by Insanipedia based off of The Tri.


Unlike the Tri (which are just characters made into a 3-headed thingie to have revenge over things), OO Tri don't even care about revenge.

OO Tri has three heads composed of Clock, Tissue, and Top Hat.

It's two arms are Crayon and Boombox and it's legs are Marble, Toothy, Pumpkin, and Lighter.

It's torso is Gamey.


OO Tri's personality is basically a mixture of Clock, Top Hat, and Tissue's personality, with the personality co-responding with the heads.


  • The OO Tri was insipered by an OC called "The Tri," except instead of a mesh of BFDI bodies, it is a mesh of OO bodies.
  • OO Tri used to compete in GUACAMOLE (the reboot), but was later dragged out when Insanipedia left the camp.
    • Part of the reason why Insanipedia left GUACAMOLE was because she made OO Tri, a character made out of characters from another object show (unoriginal characters), join a camp.


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