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Painty is very creative, and she draws and/or paints the best drawings and/or paintings out of her entire team, being the most useful for painting and/or Drawing challenges. She also is seen supporting her Best Friend(BF, For Short), Sketchy, whenever she tries leading the team to victory/victorie(s) and/or win (s).


Painty is a paint bucket, with the lid slightly opened, wich she calls her hair, as she actually styles, and she lets others (either friends or teammates, really anyone nice ) style it, aswell as the exception of knight Helmet and Bug Netty and Plungery, Being some of the teams close allies. She has blue paint in side, but it, for some reason, changes red immediately after it would leave the residence of Painty, possibly being her own blood, or... someone else’...creepy. but she has blue paint labeled on the front of Painty’s face, right above her face, possibly acting as her Forehead. And she also likes to carry art supplies, such as paint brushes, erasers, crayons, chalk, etc. No one really knows WHY she likes it, all because Painty likes to keep that a secret and/or mystery to the publicity around the world around her.


  • The blue paint inside her may be a reference to the way blood inside human bodies works, being mainly linked to and/or because of the fact that blood inside the human body is blue, but when it comes out due to a cut or injury, the air makes the blood matter change, making it turn blue.
  • Painty is the twelfth OC IVE ever created/made.